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Happy Saturday, all!  Welcome to Style Tips…with a weekly styling challenge on two blogs.

On this day, my friend Jennifer and I ask for your style tips for how to style items we discover on fashion displays.

I believe I have something very interesting for you today that will provoke some thought and creativity with your style tips.

So, I hope you are ready…let’s get started because I cannot wait to read what you have to say.


style tips

I recently discovered this display at Nordstrom, and I asked a young sales associate to show me where the jacket was located.

She said, “Oh, the barn jackets are over here…..”

A barn jacket is defined as,

“an informal style of jacket originally designed for doing rough work outside, made of strong material that protects the wearer against rain, often brown or black in color, and with a layer of warm material inside: The candidate swapped his gray suit and tie for khakis and a barn coat.”

During the pandemic, The Wall Street Journal wrote that the barn jacket had been a staple for hunters, farmers, and politicians, but during a time when fashion trended more casual the barn jacket style, previously made famous by J.Crew, was growing in popularity with city and suburban women.

I personally enjoyed wearing barn jackets last year during colder weather times with my jeans. 

I have two…one in military green, and one in gold.  I was known to dress them up or down.

style tips

This jacket is from Free People and is the Madison City Twill Jacket.

You see it hear on the display styled with joggers, a sweater and boots.  A very stylish look, not necessarily for outdoor labor!

However, when searching other barn jackets currently on the market, I found a variety of different jackets.

Here are a few:

When considering how to style a barn jacket, tell us if you would wear it for outdoor casual, or style it for a fun stylish outfit.

Would you go with a fashionable boot like you see here, or a more casual boot or shoe?

Where would you most likely wear a barn jacket?

Also, remember if you would not wear what you see on the display, then tell us how you would style it for someone else.

Pretend like a friend just asked…How would you style a barn jacket?


style tips

In the last seven days, several items has sold well on over 50 feeling 40.

This Talbot’s Casual Jacket (not a barn jacket) sold to many of you, ladies in the green color.

It fits differently from a barn jacket.

style tips

Another top seller, is this Zenergy UPF Neema Leopard top

And the Chico’s Trouser Jeans are still selling very well here.  Also, it looks like they have re-stocked the darker color, Chestnut Rinse Indigo, which was sold out.

style tips


A reminder that JJill denim is on sale right now…..25% off jeans and jewelry.

I really liked these High-Rise Boot-Cut Jeans from yesterday’s try-on session of new fall arrivals. 

Now, it is your turn budding fashion stylists….how would you style a barn jacket…bring your best style tips today.

Other women, love to read the ideas……then visit A Well Styled Life to see Jennifer’s display…and always, always….



By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I would style the barn jacket with a white v neck t-shirt and dark navy or black straight leg jeans. The boots are great! Happy Saturday!

  2. I too like the idea of pairing a barn jacket in olive green with white—either a white crew or V neck tee and dark wash slight boot cut jean or even a straight slim leg black jean. Booties with pointed toe and slight heel too! A long simple necklace ( not too fussy ) might also look nice and slightly elevate the total look.
    Ideally I’d shorten my barn jacket if possible or order in petite. I don’t like them overly long.

  3. I’d style it for someone else with brown boots and a baseball cap, scarf, and gloves in the burnt orange colour you have shown along with a dog leash and a dog of choice.

  4. I have a barn jacket and pretty much consider it outdoor wear, as in, I wear basically anything under it and take it off as soon as I arrive. As an outfit, I would style it with boot cut jeans to lengthen the leg (as I feel it cuts me off in the middle, a place that visually shortens my leg). I would also wear attractive, sleek boots, and a dark turtleneck, or cowl neck or split turtleneck, which is more flattering on my shorter neck. Because this is an elevated sporty look, I’d wear some smaller hoops and a cuff or bangle bracelet.

  5. If someone gave me this outfit, I would pair the jacket with dark wash denim, a light weight white sweater and my leopard booties. To the rest of the outfit, I would change to my new navy sweater blazer.

  6. I love the tonal, autumnal look of the mannequin. In keeping with my “just one piece” style rule (in this case oversized), I would swap the pants for slim leg jeans in the same color. The look is a blank slate for accessorizing. I have a number of silk scarves in this colorway. A brass or copper cuff bracelet would work. The big pockets of the jacket could hold a smattering of fun brooches. Overall a great look.

  7. Thank you, Lily! As I said, I own a couple of barn jackets and I am going to put a brooch on one this fall! Love that idea

  8. I’d change the pants to ones that aren’t gathered at the ankles. I don’t own a barn jacket but they’re really popular this year so I may look for one.

  9. Like Linda M I have a barn jacket for outer wear. Its from LL Bean and I purchased it in the late 1970s or early 1980s. Its Light Khaki and pretty much identical to the one LL Bean is selling now. Its a little frayed around the cuffs but otherwise in good shape. It comes out of the wash looking as good as new except for the cuffs. I’d style a lighter weight barn jacket like this with jeans and a ribbed turtleneck in a color that suited the person wearing it and chunky ankle boots. A messenger bag in brown leather would be a smart accessory. I would size down a couple sizes. The look on the mannequin looks sloppy to me. The oversized fad is finally beginning to die out. Can’t end too soon for me. 🙂

  10. I wear a barn jacket (e.g., the LLBean one you have in your list) to work in the yard. It needs to be durable and lined, preferably, flannel lined. This looks like a shacket to me. I would style it by going down a size in the jacket, changing the column of color to navy (or black). I’d wear cognac boots and bag and maybe tie a short scarf to the bag. I love Linda D’s suggestion of adding a dog! My daughter’s dog has a bright purple leash, and it would add a pop of color — and the dog would add a lot of energy – LOL

  11. I love Linda D’s suggestion! Walking the dog helps visualize the purpose for the outfit. I have been wanting to add a dog to our fairly empty nest (just the cat is left at home) ever since we completed the big remodel a couple years ago, but then my husband’s health went sideways and we’ve held off. So, with that in mind, I am picturing myself, sometime next spring, still in the drizzly months, wearing this outfit with the pant legs tucked into my floral rubber rain boots which have a navy background. To that, I would add a navy and olive plaid scarf. At my heel would be my new little Corgi 🐶 pup, bouncy and full of mischief. He might sport a plaid collar and leash, and maybe even a little khaki rain cape. Oh, that would be a happy day! 😊

  12. I love out little dog so much. I have him on my Instagram today since it is National Dog Day….our neighbors have a Corgi they just adore. I hope you can fill this spot in your family soon, Connie. Your recipe is featured in tomorrow’s post…thank you so much for sending.

  13. I would ditch the pants shown for a jean or casual pant with a slimmer leg. I would pick a less oversized sweater or opt for long sleeved tee. Since I would only wear a barn jacket for casual wear, I would choose a different style of boot or wear a loafer or sneaker. I would wear a barn jacket to an outdoor event in cooler weather or perhaps running errands.

  14. Hi Pam: Just a note that I did not receive the email link to this post. This is the second time this week that I have not been sent the email link. I do know how to get to your site etc, just letting you know.

    Barn jackets would be very cool with your favorite jeans and a turtle neck and scarf in cooler weather. I would prefer one in navy.

  15. I have to agree with Maeve (above) as do not consider the style as a ‘barn jacket’ as IMHO lacks the design elements to be one. Now with that said and call it what you will regarding the mannequin’s pieces and how I would style them, I would lean towards ‘casual out door wear’ by — a) Ensuring its sizing would accommodate the underpinning of a camisole top and/or a long sleeved (light weight) turtle neck to wear under the sweater if need be. b) Would change out the current pants to a straight slim cut pair of bottoms in the same color family. i.e.: Denim or Heavy Cotton Twill or similar. c) Replace the footwear with either a pair of Wellies (in the common olive color) or a Combat Boot (tucking the pant leg in) or a Chelsea or Hiking boot. d) Introduce some pattern and extra texture by adding a lightweight woven ‘patterned’ scarf (perhaps in a plaid) that shares the same color wave but also introduces a contrast color. (A deep red works beautifully with olive/gold tones.) e) Plain lightweight, one-size fits all mini gloves in one of the colors. f) Jewelry would consist of only earrings, watch and rings. g) As the outfit would be strictly for outdoors; type of handbag would be to carry minimal essentials and depend upon activity. -Brenda-
    P.S.: As I live in Canada our Fall weather can be cool!

  16. Hi Pam! Like Mary, I didn’t receive my email from you today. I linked from Jennifer Conelly. My 20+ barn jacket from LL Bean is a denim blue with the leather look collar and is still like new. In my climate I wear only outside on cool days with jeans and sneakers. A cotton sweater with smock neck in navy and I would love a little dog walking beside me.

  17. I am working on the email issue, everyone. Just spent time with the email company and with a tech company…hope to get any issues solved.

  18. Barn jacket posts make me giggle, my barn jacket I bought at resale about 20 years ago, it’s red made by the ” united colors of benetton” so that let’s you know how old it is. I wear it with a heavy hoody, jeans and low rubber boots to garden or walk the dog or work in the barn. It washes up and hasn’t faded very much. Too bad quality like that is so hard to find now

  19. Oh my goodness, I have my son’s brown J. Crew with plaid lining barn jacket from his college days…he’s now 50! I haven’t been able to donate it because I love the style. It’s huge on me but I wear it with the sleeves rolled and with jeans and long-sleeved tee and small gold hoop earrings. It’s the rolled sleeves that bother me, but who cares because the jacket is now again in style.

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