Style Tips: how to style a faux leather jacket

style a faux leather jacket

Happy Style Tips Saturday, everyone!  Thank you for being here for Style Tips: how to style a faux leather jacket.

Hope you are all ready to offer your best style tips on two blogs today!

Jennifer and I find fashion displays that make us wonder what you would do with the pieces we decide to highlight.

Today, I am all about how to style a faux leather jacket I discovered recently.

You are the the fashion stylists on Saturdays, and remember, this is your best advice for you or someone else on how you would style a look.

It is not about would you wear it…just…what are your style tips and how you would style this faux leather jacket.

So let’s get our creativity and brains going today…and offer our best style tips.


 style a faux leather jacket

Recently, I saw this unique faux leather jacket at Chico’s.  Please notice that it is a navy blue they call the Travelers India Ink.

This is the TRAVELERS COLLECTION FAUX LEATHER JACKET, and it is machine washable.

Think about the design of the jacket.  What style tips challenges does this design present?

How does it differ from traditional faux leather jackets?

How many different style tips can you offer for how to style a faux leather jacket like this?

Do you like the navy blue offering… what style tips challenges come with that?


style a faux leather jacket

In case you want to know, the necklace is FLORAL PENDANT NECKLACE, that is only available now in silver.

On this display is the popular TROUSER JEANS…which is also a top seller on this blog this past week. 

I purchased the Lotus Indigo color.

Faux leather is really on-trend this fall.  To assist you with style tips, here are more jackets currently on market:

So, fashionistas, how would you style a faux leather jacket like you see here?


style a faux leather jacket

It seems like many of you are joining me as we dream of fall.

The other best selling items on the blog last week included these SUEDE STUDDED LOAFERS, and the LEOPARD SPARKLE PULL-ON JEGGINGS.

I do love that Smoked Paprika color, and would also love to hear your style tips for the jeggings, since so many of you decided to add them to your fall style.

There is more to see in yesterday’s post, TRY-ON FOR THE SEPTEMBER COLLECTION AT CHICO’S.

I am sure you are aware that animal prints are returning in a big way this fall...they come and go…and this year is a GO.

I love all of my animal print shoes and wear them often.

Here are a few currently available in this slideshow….

Now, it is your turn.  What are your best style tips for how to style a faux leather jacket?

Then head over to A Well Styled Life and comment on Jennifer’s display.

Thank you for being here…I hope to see you tomorrow…and make sure that you always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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style a faux leather jacket


  1. If I were styling this jacket for you, I would switch out the tee to one of your favorite autumn colors. I would choose a long sleeved tee and have you wear it untucked so the color would peek through all of the holes in the jacket. I like how the floral necklace echoes the flowers in the jacket. For you I would request that Chico’s restock that necklace in a gold tone. I think you would look terrific in the trouser jeans.

  2. Thanks for starting us off today,Linlee. That is kind of you to style the look for me, but I want to remind everyone that Saturdays are for you to help each other with style tips…not really for me.
    I did get a pair of the trouser jeans and cannot wait for a little cooler weather to wear them. Happy Saturday!

  3. Oops…so sorry. You say above…”what are your style tips and how you would style a faux leather jacket for me.”
    I guess I didn’t understand. I thought you were suggesting we style the look for you, Pamela. At any rate, it was a fun thing for me to think of styling something for you.

  4. I would do a T – either long sleeved or sleeveless. Otherwise the first layer will will peek through the sleeves of the jacket unevenly.

  5. Such a unique piece. I would definitely change out the t-shirt for one of Chico’s white no iron shirts. The current styling is too dark and matchy for me.

  6. This leather jacket speaks to dramatic entrances I think. Not really me but I would advise the woman who will wear this jacket to keep the pant or skirt (with high boot) to a simple straight line. No flounces, no cuffed pants.

  7. I like this styled as shown. I love a tonal look. The jacket is a statement piece but, the navy top underneath keeps it from being over the top. Because of my “just one piece” style rule I would lose the necklace. We already have one large graphic element in the jacket. I would replace the necklace with smaller scaled, layered chain necklaces. I have a question for your readers – this jacket is distinctive and from a mass market retailer. You may “see” yourself wearing this. Does that bother you?

  8. I think this is a fun piece and I’d lean into it. I’d put a vibrant tee under it, wear some slightly distressed or frayed hem jeans, some chunky or western booties. I would keep the tee and other pieces in solid colors so the jacket could shine. On another body type, I’d advise a satin slip skirt. Lots of turquoise rings on multiple fingers, stacked silver bracelets, and I’d go for dinner and some live acoustic guitar, a folk concert, or a an outdoor festival for dancing.

  9. This is a very interesting jacket and I do love that they chose navy. I would like to style this over a cream colored sheath dress with slim long sleeves, nude hose and simple nude low-heeled pumps. It could be worn to any event or out for a fancier than usual dinner. I am more drawn to the cream colored peplum jacket. That could be styled the same way and be very elegant, and because the jacket sleeves are solid one could sub in a sleeveless dress with ease, and in any color at all. It would also look great over a simple tee, straight jeans and a low heeled tan suede bootie, matching handbag. With the floral cut jacket, I would worry about snagging the fabric on a cabinet pull, chair arm, or something. Those are my most usual downfalls with openwork cardigans.

  10. I hear so many women in the second half of life who say they feel invisible, but yet may shy away from bold fashion statements. If you want to tell the world you are fun, creative, dramatic, current, or any messages along those lines, then take a step out of your comfort zone and wear the pieces such as this one. Of course…with confidence and a smile on your face, you will be seen in the best possible way. The question then becomes…how many different ways do you believe this jacket can be styled? I ask that in order for you to think about it and offer several different ideas. Thanks for asking, Lily.

  11. That is how to have fun with it, Linda. Visualize the places you would wear it and how.

  12. I think the jacket speaks for itself. No necklace needed, maybe earrings instead. Definitely a long sleeved shirt or tee underneath. But the jeans bother me. They don’t seem right with the jacket. I think the outfit would look better with regular pants. Then the jacket becomes the statement.

  13. I think this needs to be styled with very simple pieces because it’s so visually busy. I opt for a tee and pants in the same shade. No necklace just tiny earrings.

  14. If you’re going to wear a showboat piece like that, why not make it the star of the show? I’d suggest a column of color underneath in a contrasting color. Neutrals like white and camel would work, or go bold with your favorite bright color.

  15. The faux leather floral jacket is stunning! A statement piece like this needs to shine, and doing a solid column of color underneath it, in my opinion, is the way to go. I’d remove the belt. It’s distracting. And repeating the floral theme in the pendant necklace is really cool. Add some booties in a taupe suede and a coordinating bag. You’d be good to go!

  16. While I am usually a fan of tonal dressing I don’t care for the way this gorgeous jacket is styled on the mannequin. The blues are too close but not close enough. I also like the idea of a column of color beneath. Depending on the person wearing it I would suggest cream jeans (or pants depending on the style personality) and matching tee, or the same combo in light grey. Plus booties to match the pants. I would skip the belt or use one without any metal to keep the column of color unbroken (the buckle seems like a bulls eye to me). I do love the necklace though the jacket is dramatic enough without it. It draws the eye to the face. If this jacket was tan rather than navy it would be in my shopping cart already.

  17. Interesting jacket and fun as it is poly and washable. It would not be warm to wear nor would it work for hot weather, so definitely a spring or fall piece. I would style with a long sleeve crew neck t-shirt or simple blouse to not busy up the sleeves with a break in color. I would style with a flowing pencil skirt or wide leg flowing pants instead of jeans. My one worry about a poly piece at this price point is that I would grow tired of it quickly. But then, one can grow tired of any piece of clothing (except old comfy PJ’s, I guess). I hope Chico’s continues with this idea. Perhaps a jacket with some embroidery rather than all over would appeal more to my classic, tailored adjectives. But if I saw this on anyone else, I would think it was very cool!

  18. To wear as casual wear and for column dressing; I would tweak the pieces changing the top to a long sleeve, choose straight cut tapered dark washed jeans, nix the necklace, add simple earrings the same metal as the belt buckle and footwear would be simple loafers or pointed toe flats in one of the shades of blue. Whereas another option for styling could be; a straight (clean line) midi/maxi denim skirt, the navy belt be replaced with a a cognac or burgundy one with matching heeled mid shaft boots (or booties) allowing the laser cut patterned jacket to still remain as the star. -Brenda-

  19. Love Brenda’s ideas. I see this jacket as dressy. A simple silk long sleeve dress in a paler blue, silver earrings and shoes.

  20. Love the studded shoes!
    The faux jacket is just so beyond my thing I have a hard time styling it but think the women that suggested a column of color and ditch that competing necklace would have a good vibe — spotlight the jacket!

  21. I agree with those who have said a solid colour column base underneath is the way to go. Although I can not wear it I think the burnt orange colour you showed the other day would be stunning with the jacket.

  22. I also would style over a column of color and would ditch the jeans, the necklace, and the belt. I don’t like the mix of denim jeans texture with the texture of the jacket: it’s kind of jarring. The belt is especially dangerous because it could so easily snag the jacket. Someone mentioned a pale blue sheath — love that idea. I also think the jacket would be lovely over a silver slip dress with a silver bag and heels.

  23. Love your blog today. I work part-time at Chicos and right now the wider leg denim is a huge seller. In denim, black and a rust tone. Just love the fall colors!! Another big item is the color Peacock Teal and it would look great under the faux leather jacket.

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