Try-on for the September collection at Chico’s


September collection at Chico's

Happy Fashion Friday, all!  Today, I go back for a try-on for the September collection at Chico’s.

I know I was just recently there, but a knowledgeable sales associate told me to come back today for the September collection at Chico’s.

She said, “You are going to like these colors.”  She was right.

The real stars of the September collection at Chico’s are smoked paprika, peacock teal, deep woods….and black!

I tried on so many new pieces and could’ve done more…but I did not want to overwhelm the staff.

So, for this round, here is my try-on for the September collection at Chico’s.


September collection at Chico's

The TWEED COATIGAN , which comes in paprika and camel is truly a statement piece in the September collection at Chico’s.

This is a great little jacket for those of you blessed with cooler weather.  

I like the paprika color, but I think if I were to purchase one it would be the camel…very chic.

I used Traveler’s pants for most of these outfits today….both the NO TUMMY PANT IN COCOA BEAN (BROWN) and the NO TUMMY PANT IN BLACK

Of course, this pant comes in other colors.  I wore it often when I worked out of my home, and still wear them…very comfortable and always look nice.


September collection at Chico's

Throughout the September collection at Chico’s, you will find the star colors mixed and stirred together in a variety of ways…from clothing to accessories.

This is the ABSTRACT PRINT SHIRT which is created around black.

There is so much black in the September collection that I wanted this try-on to include pieces for those of you who love to wear it.

September collection at Chico's

This is a great shirt!  I really like the design, but you will need a tank underneath it.

This is the COTTON CUTWORK SHIRT in smoked paprika…also comes in black.

Underneath, I have on the MICROFIBER TANK in smoked paprika, or you can find a similar color in a V neck…The SPUN RAYON V-NECK TANK.

September collection at Chico's

I love the peacock teal color in the September collection.


Here are all of the TOPS IN PEACOCK TEAL…lovely. 

I tried the sweater on with the BRIGITTE LACE TRIM ANKLE PANTS.

These pants are also very nice In the smoked paprika color.

September collection at Chico's

As I said, the September collection at Chico’s features many stunning black pieces.

I turned on this one just to show you the fun sleeve detail.  It is a lightweight top and perfect for the warmer climates going into fall.


September collection at Chico's

The next two tops are part of the Zenergy September collection at Chico’s.


I told you that leopard/animal prints are back in big ways this fall.  I needed to update a leopard top I have, so this one came home with me.

This is will be a casual top that I will wear often.  I had $15 worth of reward points to spend!  Score!

September collection at Chico's

Also featured in Zenergy is this ZENERGY BUNGEE ANIMAL PRINT SWEATSHIRT...that doesn’t really feel like a sweatshirt, but lighter.

It has adjustable bungee details at the hem for a better fit. 

A fun athleisure wear design.


September collection at Chico's

The September collection at Chico’s includes several different designs and colors in faux leather jackets. 

Due to time, I decided I most desired to see the fit of one with a peplum.  I will actually have more about this in tomorrow’s Style Tips post.


The fit is very nice and flattering for those of us with more hips than others!

September collection at Chico's

I also tried it on with this wonderful dress…which for me requires a topper to cover my arms.

This is a great dress…high quality and so comfortable. 

This is the PONTE RIB TRIM MAXI DRESS in the smoked paprika color. It would look very cute with a denim jacket…great casual dress.

September collection at Chico's

Knowing how much some of you love kimonos and ruanas, I did not want to leave without showing you what is in the September collection at Chico’s.

This is the ABSTRACT PRINT LONG KIMONO.…again featuring those star colors.

I am wearing it over a column of black from the Traveler’s collection.

September collection at Chico's

This is the NATURE PRINT KIMONO, over black Traveler’s pants and a cayenne tank…both linked above.

September collection at Chico's

If you go by your favorite location, check out the jewelry on sale…there are fun pieces just marked down.

OK, everyone….the SEPTEMBER COLLECTION AT CHICO’S is full of inspiration to get us thinking of fall and many fun pieces.

Of course, speak up if you have questions on anything I have said or showed you here.

I hope you will join Jennifer and I tomorrow for Style Tips….and make sure on this Friday that you ….


By Pamela Lutrell

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September collection at Chico's


  1. You look great in that animal print top and in the cutwork shirt too. Those dramatic pieces are just wonderful on you. I was at Chico’s yesterday and tried on the cutwork shirt but I’m 5’3″ and the sleeves simply overwhelmed me. I spent a lot of time debating between the paprika and camel tweed coatigan. Loved the paprika color but decided the camel would go with more of my current wardrobe. I highly recommend this piece. I bought the last size 1 in camel and the manager said she’s getting call to hold pieces.

  2. Thanks, Peggy. I am thinking about it….but can’t think too long, lately Chico’s sells out of what I love the most quickly!

  3. I am smiling! I’m at our beach cottage on Cape Cod! Waking up to the smell of fresh salty air feels good!
    You look great in everything here Pam! I especially like the double breasted jacket and the camel sounds perfect , the teal pieces and that muted black blouse with cut out (?) design on sleeve. I also love that multi colored shirt with white, teal,and other smashing colors. A beautiful collection!

  4. I am envious…love to wake up to the ocean. This is a great collection and all the pieces work so well together. Enjoy your salty air, Paulette.

  5. I liked the teal top. It met my “interesting” adjective while not being puffy or frilly. I loved the leopard shirt the most and am glad you took it home. I think it’s super versatile, could go way up or way down in formality, depending on bottoms and accessories. I also like the shorter length. I simply cannot tuck (or even half tuck) a shirt due to a puffy tummy, and this length helps when styling a fuller pant. I love the jacket, but feel it fits my working lifestyle better than my retired lifestyle. One of the toughest lessons I learned in retirement was how few times I wear dressier or more structured clothes. They have a place in my wardrobe, but it’s a very small place.

  6. For ladies like us with puffy middles, Linda, these curved hem tops are great. I am glad to see more on the market these days.

  7. Thanks Deb. I really like it. I just saw an article in our local newspaper about how San Antonio may not need a sweater until after November. That’s a long time to wait to wear such a wonderful jacket.

  8. It remains warm here until November. I only have one linen blend sweater from the Loft and it works for AC. I love the Peacock teal color! They were out of my size 2P in the pants! Hopefully more will come in. You looked great in everything today! Thank you for the preview.

  9. Not my colors or style but you look lovely. I have purchased a few shirts & some fantastic jewelry from Chico’s. Thanks for giving us great info, Pam

  10. After seeing these clothes, I can skip Chico’s this year. Nothing looked pretty to me, I’m afraid. Many of my clothes come from Chico’s, but there are collections that turn me off completely, and this is one of them. You saved me a trip. Thank you.

  11. Wow, Carroll. That would be a huge mistake to base the rest of the year on what I showed you here. First of all, there are many, many pieces in this collection that you do not see here. Also, this is only the September collection…not the three months after. I would encourage you to be more open minded and not make snap decisions on what I show in these few pieces.

  12. Chicos missing sales because they do not have petite tops. Regular tops way too long and out of proportion all over. Unfortunate because I like the styles and colors every season but nothing fits if you are less than size 10.

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