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today's news

Happy Wednesday!  Most of you know that Wednesdays are the time for Today’s News for Women Over 50.

This is a weekly lifestyle newsletter that I curate into one location just for the fabulous women over 50.

I did attempt to watch some of these headlines over vacation…but I guess it would not be vacation if I watched it super closely.

There are more and more news articles concerning longevity these days.  

I am trying to balance them out and not include too many…but I really try best to read and see if they offer different angles on the topic.

Also, I just noticed I have a lot under the kitchen section…maybe it is because I ate so much on the cruise!

So, let’s see what headlines I did pull for you in Today’s News……


today's news

Longevity Technology:  Garlic’s golden secret: Power Packed benefits of raw on empty stomach consumption

Fortune Well:  The best time of day to exercise and it may lead to better results

Science Alert: Spanish Study Reveals Secrets to Superagers’ Long Lives And Sharp Minds

Economic Times: Secrets of Longevity: Daytime habits of the world’s longest-living people – People in the ​Blue Zones


Today's News

CBS Sunday Morning:  Donna Mills on the best moment of my entire life

CNBC: As Macy’s stock struggles, the retailer bets on private brands with more modern looks

The Glam: ‘Hair Tapping’: The Easiest Technique To Encourage Scalp Health And Hair Growth

Brunette from Wall Street:  Jeans in fashion for fall 2023



Today's News

USA Today:  What are the healthiest beans?

Today Show:  GI doctors share how to keep your digestive system healthy

Eat This Not That: 9 Best & Worst Ranch Dressings on Store Shelves, Say Dietitians

Daily Meal:  What is blue wine, and how does it get its bold hue

All Recipes:  How to freeze peppers so you can enjoy them all year

Yahoo:  The delicious sparkling sweet tea juice that can heal your gut and speed weight loss

The Kitchn: I Made the Now-Famous “Devil Cakes” Recipe That Won Over Joanna Gaines, and I Have a Lot of Thoughts

Sally’s Baking Recipes:  How to Make Perfect Peach Cobbler

Southern Living:  This classic Southern dessert has more than 100 names and some are hilarious

Eating Well:  Herbed Tomato Au Gratin

My French Country Home:  Lemon Tart


Today's News

My French Country Home:  The Great Trees of Paris

The Discoverer:  6 fairytale castles in the U.S.and 5 most luxurious train rides


Today's news

Martha Stewart:  10 Indoor Trees that Thrive in Low Light

House Digest: Epsom Salt Is Good For More Than A Relaxing Bath, Just Ask Your Grout

Bob VillaHow to keep squirrels out of the garden

Homes & Gardens:  Entryway trends in 2024: 7 looks designers predict will reign supreme

Veranda:  This modern mountain house has a secret folly

Better Homes & Gardens:  How & When to harvest carrots

Well, ladies, that is it for Today’s News for Women over 50…as always, feel free to leave your thoughts or questions.

I have a special reminder tomorrow…and Friday, I take you to the gardens!  Hope to see you then and join me as we…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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Today's News




  1. Macy’s new house brand has some seriously cute items and very good prices. Just ordered a shirt and a sweater as a little birthday present from me to me. Thanks for the tip. We don’t have Macy’s here so I never would have known except for your post.

  2. The new line at Macys, designed for women up to “age 50,” looked like it had some nice things, particularly the cardigan. We have a Macys here, but if you get out to see it, I’d love a report. I was really impressed to hear they are focusing on higher quality fabrics and universal sizing, two things I’d like to see from any retailer. In the past, I’ve had good luck with the Alfani brand there. As for the jeans article, no way to cargo jeans! I have some light cargo pants and like them, but cargo jeans would weigh 10 pounds! And add a lot of width to my body.

  3. I will get out to Macy’s soon, Linda. I agree with you that it would be nice to see from other retailers. I promise to check it out.

  4. My favorite article has to be Chocolate Delight, finding an old family recipe for a yummy sounding dessert. I’ll have to sub whipped cream for Cool Whip (I don’t eat Cool Whip) however I hope I don’t ruin it. I loved how they found an assortment of old recipes tucked away in two really adorable jars.

  5. I was encouraged by the article & photo of Macy’s new house brand. With what I had previously read, I was concerned that they were moving more towards fast fashion & overly trendy looks, & the news that they had or were discontinuing some of my favorite brands was even more discouraging. There were several pieces in the photo that appealed to my classic taste. I will be looking forward to your take when you actually see & feel the pieces because I know you will review them honestly.

  6. I am going to try my best to find this new collection…but it appears that it is not in every store just yet. I will do some research and see if I can get a local manager to give me more information.

  7. I liked the way they were tucked away as well, Paulette. I think most of us are avoiding Cool Whip these days so going for the whipped cream may be the best option for all of us.

  8. It’s hard to beat real whipped cream. (Ouch, I can’t believe I wrote that!) Anyway, whipped cream is the best. I add it to fresh berries for dessert if I am feeling decadent. I missed the article, so thanks, Paulette. The jeans article was a hoot — a big ‘no’ to bulky cargo pants == and I don’t need to wear unisex styles, thanks very much (haha).

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