My essential travel wardrobe from Talbots

essential travel wardrobe

Happy August 1, friends!  I want to start off this new month with a post about my essential travel wardrobe from Talbots.

It turns out that Talbots travel essentials were the ones I wore most often and worked best for layering.

There were two days on this July Alaskan cruise that I was not prepared for….one excessive heat day in Seattle, and one very cold, wet day at the Medenhall Glacier.

The other days I fluctuated between levels of cold…that is why the Talbots layers became my most worn pieces.

Here is a little more about my essential travel wardrobe from Talbots…..


essential travel wardrobe

Navy has become my go-to neutral, and was the foundation for many of my looks during this Alaskan Cruise.

When I wear pieces often, then I can easily call them essential to my travel wardrobe.

In my recent post on the Talbots Red Door Haul, I showed these OUT & ABOUT STRETCH JOGGER pants which ended up being the exact weight of fabric I needed for warmth and comfort.

I was so thankful I had these pants!

essential travel wardrobe

I began this day cold, so I wore the Mockneck Jacket  (still on sale) over the jogger pants, and a Zenergy top from Chico’s last year, which I also wore on my Cabo trip.

After breakfast though weather warmed up in Victoria, so I switched the jacket for a lightweight navy Quilted Vest…(also on sale, but not in navy.)

I like this vest, still on sale and it would go with my navy….Quilted Vest – Medallion.

In the very top picture, I wore the vest one day with one of the long sleeve knit St. John’s Bay Womens V Neck from JCP top in Oregano.

We have discussed these tops before…I have several colors and love this essential travel wardrobe piece….it is on sale for $13.60 with the code 4SAVINGS and comes in 23 colors and petite sizes.

essential travel wardrobe

I also wore this top with the pants during a travel day onboard the ship.

When we walked outside, I wore the navy best over it.

This is the Cozy Crush Half Zip Pullover In Tropical Fronds.  A little out of my best colors, but worked well with all of the essential travel wardrobe pieces.

These items in the sale are at great prices!


essential travel wardrobe

Here is another essential travel wardrobe piece I am so glad I found at Talbots in the sale.

I am wearing the Cropped Field Jacket in Spring Moss…and there are a few left on sale.

On this day, I styled it with the Solid Pima Bateau Neck Tee in Golden Honey (also in the sale), and with the same jogger pants.

essential travel wardrobe

On this day, we went into Skagway, AK….and for me…it was cold.  Mr. B had a jacket in his backpack.

I really like my Talbots jacket and it is a perfect weight for our light fall and winter seasons in San Antonio.

I believe I will wear it often; and, this is one of the reasons I shop summer sales for fall and winter where I live.

Rarely do I need a heavy piece of warmth down here.

I did, however, wish I had a sweater or two on this journey for the colder days.  I experienced a few shivers and had to purchase gloves.

There are still some great looking garments in the Talbots sale…here are a few you might want to see….

I send a big THANK YOU to Talbots for supplying essential travel pieces that served me well on my July Alaskan adventure.

I will have more clothing to discuss with you in posts to come…but wanted to begin with the essentials.

Thanks for stopping by on your first day of the month…tomorrow is Today’s News…and then back to posts from the trip…now, remember (no matter the weather) to always ….


By Pamela Lutrell

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travel essentials



  1. You look great! When we cruised Alaska two years ago we had snow in Juneau and heavy rain at the Mendenhal glacier! I regretted not bringing lightweight hiking boots for those muddy days off the ship but I survived without them. Anxious to see your dinner outfits!

  2. Living in a hot climate, I am always cold in chilly summer climates. I am glad to read this and know what weather you experienced on your cruise to Alaska. Did you need a fancy outfit for meals or events? I no longer dress up like I used to!

  3. I am going to speak more about that on Friday, Babs. I will discuss what I took and how I made my decisions and what I observed. Thanks for asking!

  4. Traveling to different climates illuminates how acclimated we are to our own area. I’m from the PNW and practically swoon when I visit Texas or Arizona. 😆

  5. LOL…I wish I could’ve brought the cool, low humidity with me. It was glorious!

  6. Just bought the forest green jacket. I had it in my cart and from your recommendation Pam, bought it. It is lovely! And what a great price!

    Isn’t Alaska so very pretty? My brother lives there and just yesterday sent me a video of a bear and her two cubs in their yard.

    Excited to hear more of your adventures!

  7. I liked the jacket too! I also liked the linen sweater but also nothing in petite! I am keeping my eyes open for a navy linen cardigan in petite. Only very light sweaters needed here for air conditioning. The monsoons have arrived here finally which gives us rain cooled nights. I hope they arrive for you too. I would have purchased a fluffy oversized warm sweatshirt to keep warm in on cold days in Alaska. I have done it here in Colorado on visits to the high country where summer can turn to blustery in a heartbeat!

  8. I would love those rain cooled nights, Sydney…send them down. We are spending much in water these days just trying to keep landscaping alive. I would welcome all rain.

  9. You looked fab, Pamela. Glad to see more pictures (Talbots has provided me with workhorse pieces for over 30 years) and hoping Mr. B feels better. I can think of better souvenirs! Sorry to hear you were cold. I think it is sometimes difficult for people who live in hot regions to pack for much colder ones. Your sense of cool/cold is probably much different of what the reality of cool/cold is in Maine where I live, for instance. Well, the beauty and specialness of your trip made up for it. Such memories!

  10. We have rarely experienced biting cold, and when it happens now, I usually do not go out in it. The day I was most cold, was when we were out and about in the rain and wind. But I was determined not to miss a moment. Also, walking at times on the track at the top of the ship was in wind that to us was cold, but often I am cold and my husband is not. So, far I have not caught his “souvenir” and though I am really, really tired, I am thankful to be free of COVID.

  11. I’ve been waiting to see how you’ve packed for this Alaska. cruise and to learn what you’ve worn actually. ( I often pack items I never put on….not once). Does that ever happen to you?
    Youlook so pretty and happy too on this special vacation- love the quilted vest with scarf and striped sweater.
    In the picture with Mr B you look ready to start your day!

  12. Pamela,
    It’s such a coincidence coming across your article. I’m from San Antonio, always have to pack a little something extra in case I get cold and am packing for our upcoming riverboat cruise. Talbot’s has been my go-to for years since they carry timeless styles that come in petite sizes! Navy is MY new color as well. It matches my vest and jacket which are the ones you mentioned in your article! 😂 Some our family literally just returned from the Alaska cruise having brought back the same souvenir as your husband! Hope he’s better soon!

  13. Thank you, Shannon! Appears many brought it back…I have heard from others and I am so thankful that I do not have it. I am always excited to have another San Antonio reader comment! Thanks for sharing!

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