Apex Footwear: Help for Painful Feet

help for painful feet issues

Happy Monday and U.S. Labor Day, everyone!  Today, I am excited to introduce you to Apex Footwear: Help for Painful Feet.

My regular readers know that I do need help for painful feet issues (I call them my funky feet).

The hammer toes and bunion issues have become so predominant and painful that I need surgery before the end of the year.

I spend most of my time lately wearing flip flops so the toes can bend pain free….nevertheless, that is also a problem as the shoes affect my walking and balance.

Plus, I have several friends in San Antonio who have family with diabetes and are in need of help for painful feet.

So, I was thrilled to hear from Apex Footwear and meet a brand just for those of us who need help for painful feet issues.


help for painful feet issues

This is the first time I have been asked to review a shoe specifically made as help for painful feet.

According to their website: APEX FOOTWEAR….is Peak Comfort, Pinnacle Style and Easy Relief From Foot Pain.

“Apex Foot Health offers doctor-recommended functional shoes that provide unlimited comfort and support. APEX shoes for men and women are designed to help with painful foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Heel and Foot pain, bunions, corns, calluses, and neuroma, and products for individuals with diabetes, arthritis, and Neuropathy. 

APEX shoes are designed for people looking for comfort shoes, diabetic shoes, therapeutic shoes, arthritic shoes, orthotic shoes, foot orthotics, removable insoles, seam-free socks, non-binding, and non-constrictive socks.

APEX Foot Health offers a diverse selection of diabetic shoes, inserts, socks, and compression legwear. Let us make life with diabetes and other foot health issues easier for you with our products and services.”

I can confirm that the toe box is spacious and the mid-sole is excellent providing me confidence with balance which I desperately need prior to surgery.

help for painful feet issues

These shoes are so incredibly comfortable that I do not want to take them off. 

And that is OK, because sneakers are in and go with almost anything these days.

I can remember, in the not so distant past, when women over 50 had very painful feet issues that the shoe options were not that stylish.

These sneakers are comfy and cute!

This is the Women’s Lace Walking Shoe – X Last – in White/Grey.

If you are in need of help for painful feet, like I am, you may just want to give Apex Footwear a try.


help for painful feet issues

Now, these walking shoes are on sale, but I can assist you with more savings.

Just use the code at checkout….pamover50feeling4010…for a 10% savings on your order.

Spend some time on the website and see what you think about Apex Footwear…I know I will be walking through fall with happier funky feet!

help for painful feet

If you have a need for help for painful feet, it is worth your time to consider APEX.  

My dog is ready for me to be walking more!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I am an affiliate for this brand and was also provided product for review.  These words are my own.

help for painful feet


  1. Hi Pam,
    I have had foot surgery 4 times, 1970, 1980, 1987, 1990. I still have issues but IT WAS WELL WORTH IT! Born with funky feet and actually looked like yours. I will say, stay the course, don’t ever wear high ar pointed shoes especially those that crowd your feet. Thank the Lord styles are sensible and also cute! Keep those APEX shoes to support after surgery as well, the feet need time to readjust to normal and create a new balance. I am praying for your wonderful recovery. 🥰

  2. Thanks, Sandra. Good to know that it was all worth it. I am sure I will be sharing more when I actually have a calendar date for this happening.

  3. Pam, I like the shoe! Alas, the website doesn’t have my size. I live in Boerne. Did you purchase at a local storefront? I’d be willing to in person shop if you know someone who Carrie’s them in stock….thanks so much…

  4. That is so disappointing, Sally. They sent the shoe to me. I do not see them at a local retailer. You might look at a sight called ShoeMall.com. or even call their customer service. I am so sorry they did not have your size.

  5. My feet are always in pain. Terrible neuropathy but I don’t have diabetes so I don’t know the cause. I would like to invest in these shoes but Pam do you have any others who have tried them. Are they really that comfortable?? I know it’s a little late for a response to this but just curious. I did buy the Easy Spirit shoes you recommended and love them. But need something that covers my whole foot.

  6. Hi Paula, I sent you an email with a lot more information since you mentioned two brands here. Hope it helps.

  7. I’ve had 3 bunion surgeries… so I sympathize with the foot pain! Took about a year for my feet to feel normal/not swollen after each surgery but everyone is different. But shoes–oh my goodness you HAVE to try Oofos. I have 2 pairs of flip-flops and the slipper mule now. The sneakers are on my list next. They help with foot pain and my back actually relaxes when I put these shoes on. I have a friend with plantar faceitis who stopped considering surgery after finding relief with the Oofos brand. 😀

  8. I bought the periwinkle and white pair in a 7 wide. We measured three times in three different socks! This is still the size I wear in Skechers as well. I pronate pretty bad and have neuropathy so a lot of pain and need a good structured walking shoe. I read all the comments and their literature so I have high hopes.

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