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would you wear it

Happy Tuesday, ladies! Welcome to our new version of Would You Wear It…today discussing a sequin midi-skirt.

Last week for Would You Wear It, we had a great discussion on fashions which age us. (See WOULD YOU WEAR IT – FLORAL AND PINK)

Many of you joined in and I so hope we can keep that going.

Today as we decide about WOULD YOU WEAR IT – SEQUINED MIDI-SKIRT, I want to add another thought provoking statement.

Is all fashion AGELESS or even should all fashion be ageless?

You see many influencers discussing the advantages of ageless fashion and how everything is appropriate for every age….or is it?

I personally believe that there are some styles that would further age me if I were to wear them, because they are designed for much younger women.

There are also styles that I choose not to wear because of my age…and the incontinence which accompanied it…and that would include the jumpsuit in this picture.

But, as I was last week…I am open to hearing your thoughts about the phrase AGELESS FASHION…and

Would you wear this sequin midi-skirt…always please explain your answers.


would you wear it

This display features styles from Macy’s new On 34th brand, clothing designed to mix and match with sizes and styles for all women.


The skirt is styled with ON 34TH WOMEN’S GO FORTH & BE FIERCE TEE….please say how you would style it if you would wear it.

Now, just to be clear…I am not implying with my opening comments that sequins age us.

With my “creative” adjective and occasional touch of the dramatic, I have been known to step out in a sequin or two…or three…you get it.

However, I am so curious to hear what you have to say about this particular sequin skirt, and would also love to hear how you would style it.

As well as, what you think about the phrase ageless fashions….I know that is a lot of homework…but you brought it last week…let’s do it again!


would you wear it

There are new arrivals hitting our favorite retailers daily, so I have some picks for you…..

There are for sure some on the market that if I wear asked…would you wear it…I would answer a resounding YES!

I have given you a lot to ponder and consider in today’s Would You Wear It?

I cannot wait to read your responses…remember the comments often help other women here….now, also…



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would you wear it

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would you wear it


  1. I began this exercise by thinking of the word ‘ageless’. Is there even such a thing? No…of course not. There are stages to life and while many conditions may affect women of all ages, some are more common among older women. Incontinence, saggy breasts, fragile skin, loss of muscle tissue, etc. affect older women more. I would not wear this sequined skirt because my skin has grown so fragile and I feel best in soft fabrics. I am more comfortable saying wear what makes you feel good, no matter what your age is.

  2. I agree with Linlee..I would not wear this skirt. I have some of the conditions that she mentioned and I too feel better in softer fabrics. If I were to wear this skirt I think I would feel I had a costume on. I can see that it is beautiful and on some women even women my age it would look amazing but it would not make me feel confident or amazing. It would make me feel like I was trying to hard to be someone I am not anymore..

  3. Count me among those who would not wear the skirt. Honestly I don’t think I would have worn it at any age. Its a long midi on a 5’10” model and would be dragging the floor around my ankles. Even if the length was correct for me, like Lucinda I would feel like I had a costume on. While it ticks my dramatic box its not right for the minimalist in me. I’m not sure that age is all that important. It seems to be a matter of personal style and lifestyle. I can certainly see it on someone tall who can manage strappy high heels. And I do feel the need to comment on the tshirt. I am so tired of another retailer constantly using the term “fierce” in their ads. Now Macy’s has jumped on that. Why in the world use this adjective? OK, off the soapbox. LOL.

  4. The skirt outfit, no not for me. But, I love the pink blazer. I noticed it a few days ago but sadly my size is already gone. That would be a beautiful pop of color thru the winter. Second comment, glad to see mannequins with some size and shape to them. As always, thanks for a great article.

  5. I think that the skirt could look nice with a black turtleneck – long or short sleeve, depending on the weather and ballet flats.
    The thing that I cannot understand is the fascination with graphic tees. Especially on “older women”. I guess it is kind of similar to people who have to have signs and mottos in their homes.
    Just does not sit right with me!

  6. I might wear it on New Year’s Eve if there were a neighborhood party. I’d probably pair with tall slim black boots ( Dec -Jan is cold here!) and an appropriate black or grey cropped sweater – I could see myself trying on several different sweaters so the top is just right!
    Again- I might wear it if it was flattering.

  7. I would wear the skirt for a holiday party with a black cashmere sweater. I would not buy it because of limited use and taking up closet space.

  8. I would also have to say that I would not wear the skirt, but I do know some people that would, and would look amazing in it. Right away, though I was drawn to the pink blazer outfit as that as more my preppy style I do think if someone was to wear the sequins skirt, something a little bit nicer than the gray T-shirt would be good. Maybe if you’re going casual I’m more fitting tea or a silky tank. I would be more appropriate with some kind of chain.

  9. I think a sequined blouse and a flowny skirt in the same or complimentary color would be a better choice. I have a hard time thinking of sitting down with all those sequins on the skirt!

  10. I would definitely not wear this. Skirts like this are heavy and sticky, and as a shorter (5’5”) woman, the midi skirts cut me in half. And while I enjoy contrast dressing, the sequin trend with the graphic tee feels forced, overdone, and trendy to me. Interestingly, I never see fashion like this on the street around here. Fashion to me is a fine line between confidence and enjoyment, and looking good as you … well, age. Women of every age try to cover what they see as flaws, and I prefer to cover some of the ones common to aging. I do think it’s important to look youthful in some way, so as to project that you are engaged in life. I look at blogs of younger women, and try not to do all my shopping in stores that cater to mature women. Some of those stores have fashion that I think, in its subtle detail, appeals only to older women and can really date us. So, bottom line: is all fashion ageless? My one piece swimsuit says no :).

  11. I would definitely wear a bronze, not silver, pencil sequined skirt to an appropriate affair. I would pair it with a tank and cover up my arms with either a short open edgy jacket or a short pretty cashmere cardigan. Depending on the look I ended up with, I would wear short dressy boots or low heels. Where or where have these opportunities gone to? I can picture a wedding, a dressy holiday party, a special concert? I can also picture mingling with people with polo shirts and jeans. This leads to the discussion on style. I will chime in on that later!

  12. Haha, okay, I’m busted! Last year I made a rose gold, sequined, wrap midi skirt (I’m 5’9″) to wear with a Willie Nelson t-shirt. I’ve found I like to wear band t-shirts of bands that were of my generation (I’m 63). For my own personal style, I’ve also found that graphic t shirts can make a “serious” outfit look less so. I think many wardrobe pieces can be timeless, depending how they fit into one’s personal style. IMO, styling is key. I have four daughters and have told them to warn me if a cross any lines-ha!

  13. Thanks for starting us off today, Linlee. I just returned from the gym and there is alot to read here…I appreciate you getting us going.

  14. Thanks for joining in, Lucinda. I do agree that garments covered in sequins can be scratchy.

  15. Retailers and designers usually test phrases and words with focus groups. I can see how the word fierce resonates with some women in the career world and athletics. I also agree that I do not think I would wear it on a tee, but would never say never.

  16. And thanks for joining in,E. I have seen lots of pink for fall, so have hope that you can find another blazer.

  17. Thanks for joining in Carole. I do not really know why, but I have always loved wearing some graphic tees under a blazer with jeans. Just like the style. But, I am picky about the tee.

  18. I can also see how you styled it here for New Year’s Eve…but a flattering fit is a must.

  19. Perhaps if it was gifted to you…I can also see it with cashmere on the right woman. But the cost per wear would be high.

  20. I always think of looking youthful as looking current with my style adjectives. I want to look fresh, joyful and youthful…it is a garment by garment decision…there is no way to broad brush it. Thanks Linda.

  21. Bronze sequins…that sounds lovely to me. And I like the idea of a discussion of where you see wearing something. Thanks Deborah.

  22. Hi Kim, would you mind telling this audience why you chose the word “Fierce” for your blog? It might help some in looking more favorably at the word fierce.

  23. Yes, I would wear the sequined skirt. With the smocked ruffled blouse from Loft or the chiffon blouse from Chico’s in your slideshow. Stunning with kitten heels in black patent. One of my adjectives is FUN, and that hits it. The practical ME says the length might be wrong, I wouldn’t wear it enough, etc. But just for fun, it would be great!

  24. I love what Marcus said. I personally might try to make it work for me as I do find it fun. Remember when adult women were pithy here wearing tu Ty’s. I loved that ladies were confident to that and I might have followed them but bad a plus size petite almost 70 year old woman, who it would not flatter.
    I really had to think on the ageless style. I come from a strict upbringing and I have found myself judging other women as clothes being too tight or too short at any age. But, guiltily I have been known to say that a woman is too old to be wearing something. We need to be more open. Hey, if it makes you happy, why not? I find myself wearing pink. Not my best color but pink makes me happy. Thanks for pushing us to really think,Pam

  25. 100% I WOULD wear this skirt. My reasoning is: it is flowy for sure and high enough that I could wear a cute cropped (not belly showing short, just shorter) knit tank in either black or white or maybe a deep blue. I would wear either super fabulous earrings or a long simple but cool pendant. I would wear … hmmm, not sure for shoes.. I don’t own nylons, tights anything like that so I guess maybe black sandels… not to strappy.

  26. I would not wear any of these clothes because Macy’s does not acknowledge Petites. Why offer Plus sizes but no Petites?! I don’t understand why retailers do this. Okay, off my soap box. Macy’s has styled the skirt online with a pink sweater. This style of heavier sweater with chiffon, satin, etc. skirts was popular last year too. Not my favorite, but I’m getting used to it. I wouldn’t wear the skirt b/c I never have worn sequins. I think nature can be ageless but not people. Aging faces tell a story, and aging bodies should be acknowledged. When it comes to fashion, we’re all different but we know what’s inappropriate (in our own opinions) when we see it. One blogger who models clothing, often with her DIL, often looks wildly inappropriate to me, but to each her own, I guess, but being on-trend and looking good are not the same thing. We should choose clothes that suit our current bodies — and always check what we look like from the back – LOL

  27. That is why I write about using the three way mirror at the store. We should look behind as often as possible. LOL
    Thanks Maeve.

  28. I AM ALSO IN THE GROUP WHICH WOULD NOT wear this…it is cute maybe for some, but I do Not go anywhere this would work. I agree that the gathers & shine add width and heaviness. I Might go with a shirt or top0 in the sequins or at least an accent of them in a design. I do have or had a shell with some sequins and in silver and gray and wore it under a gray velveteen blazer for New Years at one point. As an artis almost age 74 a shell would still be fun. with heels instead of the leather boots I wore due to cold and snow in Wyo.

  29. When my Mr. B was an officer in the Florida National Guard we often attended very dressy events, and one item I wore was a gold flowing skirt with which I wore a soft, black blouse and black heels. That was many years ago and since then we rarely have dressy events like that though I still have that skirt. I would wear this sequined skirt were I to have such a dressy event as we used to attend. I’d probably have it shortened for my 5’2” petite body but again would wear it as I did before…with a soft, black blouse and heels.

  30. I’ll address the “ageless” thought first. There are certain pieces that I consider to be timeless, & I suppose could be considered ageless. Items such as classic blazers, white shirts, & well-fitting trousers or jeans come to mind as timeless. Now on to the midi skirt, I would not wear it for several reasons. It does not fit my adjectives of classic or simple, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it. I don’t wear midi skirts of any kind because I have a longer waist & shorter legs. Midi skirts make my legs look even shorter. If I were the right portions to wear it, I think I would pair it with something other than a gray graphic tee, perhaps a silky sweater or satin tee.

  31. Coincidentally, I was thinking about the “Would You Wear It – Floral and Pink” post earlier today. The adjective that came to my mind for that look is “matronly”. One of the reasons for my assessment is the fit and coverage of the pieces. These mannequins are an excellent example of that. My favorite look, hands down, is the hot pink blazer look. Miss mannequin is showing off her figure here. The jeans are slim fitting. She has unbuttoned her blouse to show some skin at the neckline. The shirt, tucked in, gives waist definition. This “sexier” mannequin looks ageless/timeless. This could be worn from age 20 -100. The pop of color adds some personality. It commands attention in a good way. My adjective for the sequin midi is “eccentric”. I would wear sequins in a shorter, more form fitting sheath dress, but only for a holiday party. As someone else mentioned, not a very good return on one’s investment.

  32. Hmm. I just realized that I changed the shape of the skirt in my above contribution. I would love a sequined pencil skirt, which is better for my body type. I used to have a knifte pleated black knit and lined midi skirt that I donated when I gave up that color. The beauty of it was that the pleats didn’t begin at the waist. They began about 8″ down, which is a real plus for those who are concerned with the pleats puffing out from the waist. I guess the style would be called a drop pleated skirt. It was lovely, and a friend who was a petite looked great in it, too.
    This leads to a comment about style, which I could discuss for hours. but I don’t trust my computer to not drop this comment box. (Still having issues with that!) I look at pictures of me over the years and I am still wearing the same natural, classic styles. I have Breton tops, slim (or bell bottomed) jeans, sweater dresses, skirts and cardigans… but they aren’t as short, or the styles are a bit tweaked now. My style is an evolution of perhaps different cuts, but it is still consistent. Rules for the 70 year old me are bendable. I would love the ‘right’ crazy t-shirt to mix things up a bit. A few years ago I was sitting at a wedding with a gal who was very dressed up, but with a Bob Dylan t-shirt. It looked edgy and terriffic with her classic pieces. I have never forgotten it!

  33. I would wear a sequined skirt for a special occasion if it were in one of my colors. Gold, copper, or bronze would be lovely.
    I really want to talk about the age appropriate idea. I will be 69 in about 6 weeks and do think there is such a thing as age appropriate. Like most of us, I have started to do the majority of my clothing shopping online. I cannot begin to count how many times I have seen a dress whose fabric, color, and print I like that I will immediately discount because it is a mini. My legs are frankly my best feature. I am of average weight and like many middle aged women, I find that my legs have held up better than other parts. But, I will not wear a skirt that hovers more than a couple of inches above the knee. I feel like it’s mutton dressed as lamb. I think it is aging and smacks of trying hard to be something one is not – i.e, a kid! I am 5’4″ tall. I prefer my dresses and skirts to be around knee length. I feel frumpy in most skirts that are too long. I have a couple of midi skirts that look flattering, but the margin for crossing into the frumpy zone is large. I neither want to dress as a teenager or a 90 year old.
    Another fashion that has been popular for the past few years are tops and dresses that remind me of little girls’ pinafores. To me it smacks again of mutton dressed as lamb. I have seen the style modelled by some older influencers who can “get away “with it. These women are petite, thin, and small-boned. They have a girlish appearance about them, so even though they have passed the mid-century mark, they look good in the girlish styles. I, even though I am on the shorter side and average weight, feel ridiculous in the “pinafore” styles. Maybe it’s because I wear a 34DDD bra. Those styles put a lot of emphasis on the chest, which I do not need! I will be glad when the little girl styles fade away.
    I want to look like the grown woman that I am, not a teenager or an elderly person. I refuse to wear styles that are really only appropriate (in my humble estimation) for kids- minis, pinafores, belly baring tops, cartoon tees – or for the very elderly – pants with baggy seats, shapeless dresses, orthopedic-looking shoes. I had my time as a teen. It is now over and that’s okay!

  34. On the most part pleated skirts unless fitted through the hips is something I avoid however as the fabric in this skirt appears to be a soft drape it is something I might consider for evening attire or that for a special occasion. i.e.: Dinner out, a cocktail party, a live theater performance, etc. As to a top; purpose would dictate what I would choose (camisole/cold shoulder/long or short sleeved etc.) but in each case would be plain in a soft drape (nylon, crepe, silk viscose etc. and their blends) that could be tucked in but slightly blousened over its waistband or cropped to that point as at age 76 years I don’t have the waistline like I use to. Last but not least to keep it current; footwear most likely would be a pointed toe version and other accessories would be decided upon by the top chosen. -Brenda-
    Footnote: I could also see this skirt appealing to the younger generation to wear as a statement piece whom might choose a bare midriff top (cropped) and their favourite chunky boot (combat/chelsea etc.) to wear with it.

  35. Forget the sequins at any age for me but the the pink jacket outfit is me absolutely! I don’t think of age as much as I look at what does a women like and feels comfortable in no matter her age!

  36. I love the skirt and would definitely try it on. If I looked or felt silly wearing it, then I wouldn’t keep it. But I love the idea of wearing what we like and what we feel good in regardless of what we should be wearing at a certain age. As far as styling it, I’d probably stick to black shoes and top since the skirt has so much going on.

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