Fall outfits to fall for at JC Penney

fall outfits at JC Penney

Happy Fall Fashion Friday, Friends!  Today, let’s have fun and look at fall outfits to fall for at JC Penney!

A friend of mine who is currently living in Ohio, texted me this week to tell me that temperatures in the mornings were already in the 40S!

This reminded me that I needed to find some fall outfits for those of you in cooler weather.

And going to JC Penney was the perfect way to begin.

There are plenty of fall outfits at JC Penney for those of us looking to find casual style.

In this post, all I did was top off my jeans again…and show you more affordable ways to do this.

And these garments are even more affordable all weekend…just use the code HOMEDEAL and get an extra 30% off of any purchase.

So if you are up North, get cozy …under a blanket with a warm drink and let’s look at fall outfits to fall for at JC Penney!

(The rest of you can dream along with me)


fall outfits at JC Penney

The St. John’s Bay sweaters are fun and warm for your fall outfits at JC Penney.

This is the St. John’s Bay Womens Mock Neck Long Sleeve Floral Sweater in Ivory Floral.

The print is actually brown and blue…though it looks black online.

fall outfits at JC Penney

fall outfits at JC Penney

These two sweaters have buttons on the side to give a more flattering fit and not an oversized look.

This St. John’s Bay sweater is the Navy Dot…really cute with denim. 

fall outfits at JC Penney

This is a very fun cardigan from the A.N.A. line at JC Penney.

This is the a.n.a. Women’s V-Neck Long Sleeve Button Chevron Cardigan in a color called Always Brown.


I also like this new color, autumn russet, in the a.n.a. Women’s Long Sleeve Open Front Cardigan.

fall outfits at JC Penney

In the St. John’s Bay sweater collection, you will find 18 lovely color options in the CLASSIC CABLE CREWNECK SWEATER.

I am wearing the Rifle Green color and these are another amazing fall garment from JC Penney at $19.99 with the code HOMEDEAL.

It is a lightweight sweater and very comfy under a jacket.

This the  a.n.a. WOMENS REGULAR FIT BLAZER in Kona Brown and it is heavy and very warm.

And it takes us into the jacket section of this post.


fall outfits at JC Penney


Let’s go from the heavy fall jacket to a much lighter one for your fall outfits at JC Penney.

This is the St. John’s Bay Women’s Fitted Blazer.

Look at the back of the blazer online and see all of the detail to slim down the fit.

I like the look online with the denim shirt and brown jeans.

fall outfits at JC Penney

Here is another one from a.n.a….though I would recommend the first one over this one for fit and quality.

This is the a.n.a. Women’s Regular Fit Blazer in brown plaid.

fall outfits at JC Penney

Of course, your fall outfits at JC Penney need a great fleece pullover.

This is a new arrival in St. John’s Bay.  It is the Women’s Mock Neck Long Sleeve Sweatshirt in Texas Teal.

It comes in five warm colors for your fall outfits at JC Penney.


fall outfits at JC Penney

Here is a fun little boho top for those of you in warmer climates who want to look a little more like fall.

This is in the Frye and Co. collection.

it is the Frye and Co. Women’s Split Tie Neck Long Sleeve Blouse. 

Please remember that if you click any of these links and stay on the JCP website and purchase something else, I will get a small compensation for that.

Also, through Sunday, remember to use the code HOMEDEAL for 30% off.

Jennifer and I will be here tomorrow with a styling challenge and the official beginning of fall…until then….


By Pamela Lutrell

 you can shop ANYTIME with the links under the page at the top called SHOPPING LINKS...and I will receive a small compensation for your shopping.

Also, if I have posted a link on a specific garment, and you use that link to go to the website of the brand, but look around and buy something else, I still get credit…though you do not buy what I am wearing.

Please ask any questions… this income helps keep me here, because even at age 70, Mr. B and I need additional income.  He also works two jobs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who shops this way.

fall outfits at JCP


  1. I like that spotted sweater. These clothes do not, of course, look as expensive as those of EF that you showed yesterday (because they definitely are not as expensive), but they look fun and interesting. I’ve bought a few things from JCP since you started telling us about them, and I find the quality super for the price (better overall than the Kohls offerings), and I do wear them. None is a fave, however. I also like your way of wearing a nice, well fitting pair of jeans and showing us just the tops. It’s easier to get a read on the drape and fit. And honestly, I’m finding it better in retirement to keep the bottoms simple and neutral, and change things up by changing the tops. I just don’t need so many clothes, and I’m still trying to figure out the appropriate quantity of my post-retirement wardrobe (though I’m getting there:)).

  2. It’s not getting down to the 40’s in my part of Ohio, but fall is in the air! We’re in the upper ’50’s at night which is very good for sleeping! I’m always amazed at your Penney’s!! It takes courage and time to visit the one here – it’s a general mess with very limited size options. I’m glad to see plaid blazers because I have one that hasn’t come out much and it’s really beautiful. I just changed my closet over and it’s fun to have “new” things to style! Not really feeling the patterned sweaters, but it’s good to know that there’s something for everyone! Never say never!

  3. I just changed my closet over, also, and I had two full bags for donations. That feels good. I have to see what my needs are now for filling in. I am tired of my many jean jeggings and may need a few colors in slim jeans. I think I will just ‘put away’ the jeggings and see if I miss them. I will stop in at our Penny’s and see if they have improved their organization and offerings. Somehow they never seem to hit my adjectives, but I love how you show them to us. I tried commenting yesterday on EF, but I kept losing it. I love their crepe pants. They are a nice change from jeans. In the winter I slide into silky long underwear when I wear them. I missed the opportunity to buy the alpine. I didn’t grab them on the NAS when they are more reasonable. Most of the tops are too boxy. I like a set in sleeve. Sorry to ramble on about yesterday. Thank you for the style show, Pam. I have decided that San Antonio must be a shopping Mecca! The competition seems to keep all stores at their best!

  4. I think my strategy has been similar, Linda. Now that I am finally happy with the fit of new jeans, the only tops I look for are ones that fit well. I agree JCP does have some items with exceptional quality and great prices. I find their quality to be better than Kohls. I also like many of their layering pieces.

  5. I thought our JCP was so great, but when I went in last week, they were remodeling with lots of construction going on. Perhaps that is happening to locations nationwide. You might check back and some point, Karen and see if there has been improvement.

  6. Its just begun cooling off here & I am transitioning into fall clothing. I am also tired of jeggings and have put them aside like Deborah and the “skinnier” ones have gone into the donation beg. I have updated my denim with some nice straight legs jeans as well as a pair of bootcut and one pair of moderate flares which I love. I absolutely refuse to buy another garment with dropped shoulders. The few sweaters I purchased in the past have always felt sloppy. I wear them around the house but never anywhere other than the grocery store. I do like that cable knit sweater you have on under the blazer. Set in sleeves and 88% cotton and lovely colors for a good price. How did you find it to run size-wise?

  7. Hi Kathie, It depends on if you like the sweater to fit tighter or with a little more volume. I am wearing a large, but if I purchased one, I would go for the XL for a little more room. I just like that comfy, roomier feel in a sweater in cooler weather. If you are wearing it mostly with a jacket, then you might desire the tighter fit. The colors of these sweaters were very nice and they feel nice. I hope that helps

  8. I really appreciate you doing the legwork and trying these garments on Pam. Too many bloggers lately are doing these boards which are just copy and paste items. Seeing a real person in the clothes is very helpful. The temperature in SoCal desert is still in the nineties but a couple of sweaters are always needed come December. JC Penny is one of 2 anchor stores in our very small, very sparse mall that I visit occasionally. You have inspired me to take a look!

  9. Have fun looking, Linda. And thanks for the encouragement! I am trying to help all of you see what is out there for fall!

  10. Good Morning! We have cooler temps here in Oregon now, with rain expected all weekend so I am definitely transitioning away from my summer clothing (but keeping it close for our trip next month!). I loved the charcoal houndstooth plaid blazer from the A.N.A. line via your link. It seemed to have a very pretty blue running through it. The link to the slim fitting cabled sweaters in many colors is also great. That’s the proper weight sweater for our climate here. Thanks for the modeling. I hope your friend Leigh Ann can join in again soon. Miss seeing the two of you out and about lunching and shopping together.

  11. Thank you for these great sweater reveals! Loving the a.n.a chevron especially and loving the Texas Teal fleece you’re modeling too.
    Happy Fall weather all week -exceot rain storm coming on Saturday! BOO.

  12. My JCP is 40 miles away in Pueblo, CO so I am an online purchaser. I do love all of my summer tops and jeans from Liz Claiborne. I also have Bermuda shorts in her Sara line. They fit my mature body in a 12P. I will see what is out there on your link for fall. It is only 82 degrees today and 8% humidity here in southern Colorado. It rarely is cold enough for sweaters but I will check out the light weight one. Thank you for checking out stores that I can afford.

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