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Style Tips

Happy Fall, Y’all!  Welcome to the official start of fall, and an exercise seeking your best style tips on two blogs!

These style tips challenges have become a favorite of many readers, and Jennifer & I are happy to bring you garments to think about.

In this space today, we are considering the current denim on denim trend and how to style it.

Many designers and brands are featuring a variety of denim on denim fall outfits.

So, let’s get those fashion -stylists- brains going.

Remember, this is NOT would you wear it…but rather how would you style it?

It has nothing to do with the price of the garments…just how would you style those garments for another woman.

Get your fall on…and let’s discuss Style tIps for this denim on denim look.


style tips

This designer was new to me, but I was drawn to the styles of Jude Connally at Dillard’s.

Today’s display is the JUDE CONNALLY Raleigh Stretch Knit Denim Round Neck Long Sleeve Coordinating Button Front Jacket.

On the bottom… JUDE CONNALLY Elliott Stretch Knit Denim Coordinating Wide Leg Pull-On Pants.

I touched the fabrics.  They are high quality and a much lighter way to wear denim than a jean and jean jacket.

So, style tips experts….

  1. Would you style these pieces together or separately?
  2. Would you open or close the jacket?
  3. Would you add accessories…scarf? bracelet?  Handbag?
  4. What shoes would you wear?

Of course, there are many ways to participate in the denim on denim trend and you might discuss your style tips for how you prefer to wear the trend. 

I always look forward to what you have to say.


style tips

This was a pleasant surprise from last Saturday.  At least four readers purchased this jacket…how much fun is that.

This is the CINQ A SEPT CHEYENNE MON AMOUR EMBROIDERED BLAZER.  It is a fabulous piece and if I wore this much black…I would be seriously tempted to purchase.

Just looking at the design this jacket says that the wearer is bold, dramatic, fashion-forward, creative, and visible…and fun!

fall outfitsThis Talbot’s Cascading Travel Vest was purchased by many of you last week and is now sold out.


style tips

Another big seller from this blog were the High Waist Flare Leg Jeans…which I love!

And, I left this cardigan off the post and it is another special piece in the October collection….

style tips

This is the Puff Sleeve Cardigan in Green Tweed.

I tried it on with the Olive Toned Tassel Necklace.

Ok…I cannot wait to read your style tips for this denim on denim outfit.

Then go over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what ideas you have for her style tips challenge.

Then enjoy your first day of fall…I hope to see you here tomorrow….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. For the gal who wants to embrace the denim-on-denim trend, I’d recommend for FALL that she buy all four denim pieces: the dress, the top, the jacket and the pants. For contrast, instead of the white ankle pants, I’d recommend another trending fall color such as Pantone’s ‘Doe’, which is a light tan, or ‘Red Dahlia’, which is a reddish burgundy. ‘Coconut Milk’ is a grayish-white shade, predicted to become a fall classic/neutral. Add a basic tee in the chosen accent color, and she’d have a great capsule wardrobe with ease of mixing and matching. I think that the jacket worn open over the dress would be a particularly lovely combo. Add a chunky, gold chain at the neckline and coordinating, smaller earrings. Purchase a trendy bag and shoes in one of the accent colors suggested above. For example, pointy-toe kitten heels and flats are trending this fall, as are structured bags with chains. Both would complement the dress/jacket outfit and any other outfits made with this denim combo. What a fun fall wardrobe capsule!

  2. I really like the denim jacket and pants just as they are; throw on a bootie and grab a purse and off I would go! Love it!
    The mannequin in back looks more typical of end -of—summer so I would leave the bell sleeve top and combine with a mini plaid pant perhaps picking up the deep dark navy blue with camel or beige in the plaid?

  3. I love these pieces. I know that a matching pantsuit is supposed to be on trend this season but I prefer to break the set up. I love dark wash denim with all shades of tan so I would pair the gorgeous jacket with saddle tan wide leg slacks in a soft fabric like wool flannel and a cream silk fine gauge sweater. I’d style the jacket open and accessorize the with a small gold chain necklace and small hoop earrings, tan lug sole loafers or tan suede booties. I think the jacket would also work well with a skirt or a dress. Its a wonderful style and the dark wash denim give it a tiny bit of an edgy look. I’d style the flared pants with a crew neck slightly cropped sweater in any shade of tan in subtle stripes, a statement medallion necklace, a bunch of slim bangle bracelets and elongated hoop earrings. Western style boots might be cute. Love the idea of a softer denim. Yes, I would wear these outfits. BTW, I pretty much use the same style cross body bag all the time I have 3 colors (red, tan, lime) I rotate by season. My autumn tan with a just a little fringe would be perfect with both looks. Thanks for a fun new challenge.

  4. I’d wear the denim on denim trend with varying washes. The suit look is popular, but I prefer to break it up. I’d add paler denim on bottom, perhaps in a long denim skirt with booties which is so popular. Happy Saturday!

  5. This is an elevated casual look and so versatile; I would add a bright tee and coordinating scarf at the neck. A low cut boot, silver bracelets and chunky earrings would complete it. I could see this working for a museum visit or lunch with the girls. The jacket separately would pair well with more casual jeans for a late night rock or country concert which we do occasionally.

  6. I like the collarless knit denim-colored jacket.
    I have many scarves I like to wear with denim blue and a knit collarless jacket makes it easier to style and wear them. A collar in a stiff fabric plus a scarf is too much for me.

    With that said, I prefer woven to knit pants so I’d style that with either blue denim or black bottoms.

  7. I am not a fan of denim on denim, no matter how on-trend it is. I do like this look, though. The denim seems to have a nice texture, and the look is very pulled together. I think wearing the jacket open over a top in a current fall color would add a warmer look, which could be casual or dressy depending on the top chosen (a Breton stripe vs a silk cami, for instance) and shoes, bag, etc. Both pieces are versatile and could be worn separately with other fabrics. I love the idea of a plaid skirt that someone mentioned or a long shirt with vest and the pants.

  8. Thanks for participating even though it is not a favorite trend of yours, Maeve. That is how we inspire others.

  9. I love love love the denim jacket! Sort of pricey for me though. I would open the buttons and wear a white collared shirt with it. And add a long silver or gold chain necklace. I don’t like that kind of collar on the jacket, so the collared shirt would offset that. I just bought a puffy sleeve denim jacket at Chicos. I hope I like it! I don’t wear heavy jeans here in Florida, but I wear long jeggings which are not as hot.

  10. If I were styling this as a suit, I would definitely wear the jacket open with a colored tee & coordinating scarf. I would add tan booties & crossbody bag. These pieces would look great as separates & that would my choice. The pieces could be mixed & matched with almost anything.

  11. For the denim-on-denim outfit,
    Would you style these pieces together or separately? Separately. The same denim top and bottom is literally a Canadian Tuxedo and, even though I’m Canadian, nope. Unless it was a Halloween costume.

    Would you open or close the jacket?
    I’d leave it open for more structure so the top underneath (which I would have be a cashmere crewneck in maybe a pale yellow or white, or maybe a silky leopard shell) would show through.

    Would you add accessories…scarf? bracelet? Handbag?
    No scarf. Although I have a closetful, they read as aging right now. Also, there is no place for a scarf to rest with the collarless high neckline. No bracelet–I can’t wear them and type. A nice classic bag – maybe Chanel quilted in a contrasting color like red, or a small structured handbag, like a camera bag with a matching or contrasting crossbody strap.

    What shoes would you wear?
    Pointed- or square toed ankle boots with a bit of a heel. Make sure the pants are hemmed longer (half-inch at back with break in the front. Sneakers would fuglify this look.

  12. I would style the wide leg pants with the bell-sleeve shirts and add low boots ( or double-stacked kicks), a bright scarf and a funky bracelet. Perfect fall outfit for my region. I love the jacket and would pair it with a lighter denim pant in early fall and a darker colour (green/maroon) later in the season. Similar accessories as above but earrings instead of a scarf. The lighter weight would make it a great travel piece.

  13. Lots of wonderful styling ideas from other readers; however for myself I first would change out the buttons (to a color more compatible to the denim) and remove the pocket flaps (as non functional, draws the eye to the waist/hip area, eliminates possibility of wearing a belt or if unable to remove when replacing the buttons downsize the them to the same as that on the cuffs). That being said; I ‘personally’ feel by doing such that I would have more options to style as individual pieces or as a set. -Brenda-
    Tip: For a new garment, always remove the stitches first prior to laundering as will assist in blending the stitching lines.

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