Nordstrom Rack new store opening and more

Nordstrom Rack new store

Happy Thursday, friends!  Welcome to a celebration of a Nordstrom Rack new store opening and more!

Today, there is a Nordstrom Rack new store opening very close to where I live, and I was able to preview the store early…before it opened to the public.

I have to say it is so nice to see a clean, well organized, shiny new store with happy employees!

Loved the preview visit…right down to the celebration music and dancing staff.

San Antonio and surrounding area, this Nordstrom Rack new store is located in the Northwoods Shopping with HEB, and right where highways 281 and 1604 connect.

Today, shoppers can register to win a $1000 gift card…I may just have to stop back by!

Now, for the rest of you …not near here…I am going to share with you some picks currently on the Nordstrom Rack website.

So, one way or another…let’s shop Nordstrom Rack!


Nordstrom Rack new store

Our Nordstrom Rack new store was so well organized with nice displays.

As I usually do, I headed toward the accessories first and found so much quality…as well as, surprisingly excellent prices on many levels.

Nordstrom Rack new store

I spent a very long time looking over this BCBG tote bag…and finally convinced myself to stick with crossbody bags.

But, I like the look of this one a lot.  They had so many lovely designer handbags.

Here are a few picks currently on the Nordstrom Rack website…and I saw a few in the Nordstrom Rack new store….

Nordstrom Rack new store

If I go to a Nordstrom Rack with Leigh Ann…we head straight to the shoes, and I know several women like that.

The Nordstrom Rack new store has the same excellent shoe offerings!  It is easy to get carried away there.

Here are some great options, I discovered on the website:

Nordstrom Rack new store

The Nordstrom Rack new store featured a whole wall of Vince Camuto scarves….I already own several Vince Camuto scarves.

I do recommend.

So, here are some fun ones from the website…..Vince Camuto at Nordstrom Rack….

Nordstrom Rack new store

At the Nordstrom Rack new store, these hats for $30 immediately captured my attention.

The same quality and design are much more expensive at some of the other retailers.  

Here are a few I found online….


Nordstrom Rack new store

There are so many racks of clothes to look over at the Nordstrom Rack new store.

I really liked this blazer, the fabric and design.  This is the DEMOCRACY PLAID ROLL TAB SLEEVE BLAZER.

A blazer like this would be very versatile in any of our wardrobes for cooler weather. 

It is a relaxed vibe to it making it a perfect fit for jeans.

Nordstrom Rack new store

There were many options from Max Studio.  I have always thought this brand had good design and fit.

I liked this MAX STUDIO DOUBLE KNIT UTILITY JACKET.  Would look great with black pants.

I also liked the MAX STUDIO TRAPUNTO SCUBA KNIT TOPPER.  After the “new crowds” wear off a little, I will go do a try-on for you.

I found everything I am showing you to be excellent quality and washable.

Nordstrom Rack new store

I was so impressed at the Nordstrom Rack new store with this “under $30” rack of beautiful blouses.

They all looked expensive.

You might look over the NORDSTROM RACK BLOUSES…there are many excellent brands and choices.


Nordstrom Rack new store

As you might expect, my first trip resulted in a bag full of gift shopping from the Nordstrom Rack new store.

With birthday and Christmas on the horizon, there were special things to discover.

I will be returning often, but I also return often to Nordstrom Rack online.  You will find more affordable options there.

If you are wondering if a Nordstrom Rack new store is going to open near you…just check this list of NEW STORE LOCATIONS AND OPENINGS.

There are perks with Nordy Club membership too.

Thanks for joining me today…I have something super fun for you tomorrow…see you then.


By Pamela Lutrell

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Nordstrom Rack new store


  1. Good morning. That was a nice surprise to see a new store in your line up! How much fun to be invited to the pre-opening. I am all about finding a great new felt hat for fall after wearing a straw fedora this summer. You looked great in the rust! I will definitely be looking for rust or olive. Thank you for reminding me that it might be worth going a little out of my way to shop at the Nordstrom Rack.

  2. I do think the prices and quality of merchandise make it worth it, Deborah. The rust hat was lovely.

  3. Pam – you look so happy ( giddy even) as you discover a new Nordstrom Rack! It’s the inspiration I need to visit our nearby Rack! Our NR is focused on shoes and handbags and more shoes and Mens clothing I find. But your post has me wanting to re-visit this weekend maybe!

  4. Good morning 🌞 I am fortunate to have a Nordstrom Rack very close to my house and I enjoy shopping there also! (Glad I’m not the only one shopping for Christmas gifts already)
    I wanted to thank you for introducing me to the Aetrex brand of shoes @Dillards – I was hesitant to try them due to their price point but I recently purchased a pair of their sandals on sale and I was absolutely delighted with the fit, I will definitely be purchasing them again! If anyone else is on the fence I would highly recommend them – hope you have a great day!

  5. have fun shopping, Paulette. They seem to be giving more care to the brand and stores than before.

  6. Thanks Lindsey…so glad you have happy feet. I have a great happy feet post for tomorrow too.

  7. Love Nordstrom Rack. Where I live, Pinole, Ca, we are slated to have a Rack open late Fall. This is in a shopping area that has Home Goods, TJ Maxx , Ulta, Bev Mo, just park and shop. A much needed addition when you need a little something but want to stay close to home. Already eyeing the LongChamp totes….Thanks for sharing…

  8. There is a Nordstrom Rack close to where I live, but I have never visited it. It opened just prior to the pandemic, & when it reopened, there were some problems, as there were with many retailers. I think I will swing by the store sometime soon because it might be worth the trip just for the accessories.

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