Easy Spirit Fall Footwear Essentials with eFlex Comfort Technology

Easy Spirit fall footwear

Welcome, everyone as I introduce to you the Easy Spirit Fall Footwear Essentials with eFlex Comfort Technology.

I am certain regular readers have noticed for the past two years that Easy Spirit has become my go-to footwear brand, specifically, for the style and comfort.  As my foot challenges have grown, Easy Spirit gave me back my beloved ballet flats and gave me shoes for travel which kept me walking, active and enjoying two important trips.

So, now I am thrilled to show these Easy Spirit fall footwear essentials with even more comfort in their offerings with the innovative eFlex Comfort Technology.

Easy Spirit fall footwear

Let’s begin today with these gorgeous fall booties from Easy Spirit.

These are the brown leather Sidney Dress Booties and they are so comfortable.

The square toe front does give my hammer toes the room and comfort they need.  I also have enjoyed walking in these, even with the small black heel.  They continue to show that Easy Spirit is a brand for movement and activity with the comfort offered.

The new eFlex Comfort Technology offered in several styles features additional comfort cushioning, arch support, flexible soles, and extended widths.  Look for it in fall footwear collection.

Your feet will thank you!

Easy Spirit fall footwear

I have owned many booties which were so difficult to put on….not Easy Spirit booties!

This side zipper opens the bootie to just slip right on…very easy with style and comfort.

Plus, this bootie will protect us from the fall weather elements of rain and cold and keep us outdoors and active.


Easy Spirit fall footwear

Also, I am so excited to add another selection from the Easy Spirit fall footwear collection.

I like to be current with my style and loafers are current fall fashion trends for Fall 2023.

So, it is even better to wear a current style trend with the new eFlex comfort Technology.

Easy Spirit fall footwear

I will be wearing these with so many different outfits this year.  They are a great addition to a casual wardrobe with a quick, easy slip on shoe.

This is the brown suede Kinndle Lug Sole Casual Loafers.

 Again, the eFlex Comfort Technology gives us the comfort we need to enjoy the new season with all of the great opportunities fall offers.  The arch support in these shoes is excellent.

I love the elevated design of these loafers keeping all of us with a current, youthful style; yet, they also include the elevated comfort we need in the second half of life.


Easy Spirit fall footwear

I cannot tell you often enough how much of a fan I am of Easy Spirit footwear and the Easy Spirit fall footwear is amazing.

I am even more impressed now that I have tried the eFlex Comfort Technology.

Now, get excited everyone…I can save you 20 % off your purchase with a savings code.

At checkout use the Code: Pamela20….to get that savings.

I hope you will join me as an Easy Spirit fan, and welcome fall with a smile!


 By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post and the words are my own.

Easy Spirit Fall Footwear


  1. Good morning. I wore so many Easy Spirit shoes when I was teaching! Thanks for putting them back on my radar. I have a pair of lug soled loafers and a similar pair of those boots. Time to pull out fall clothing. This was my week to start transitioning my closet but the hot weather sapped my ambition. You look wonderful in that outfit! Love the slacks! Wish I could find them in a brown of olive. Patience!

  2. Good morning Pam, I love the shoes. Question, are they true to size in fit. I’m in between sizes on certain shoes due to a bunion. Thanks and have a great day.

  3. Good morning, Betty. I would say the loafer is true to size and has a nice toe box for those of us with bunions and hammer toes. It is very comfy.

  4. Hi Deborah…go ahead and transition…it is fun to begin to think about fall clothing! I will share more about the garments I am wearing on Monday. Today it is all about the shoes! Happy Friday!

  5. Good morning. Absolutely love your fall look with the Easy Spirit boots and your jacket/poncho with the vibrant fall colors and, of course, the pumpkins at your feet and matching wreath on your front door!!

    Is this jacket available for purchase online?

  6. Hi Janet…today is all about the shoes…I will share more about these outfits on Monday! Thanks so much….

  7. I think that the shoes are beautiful. And to think they are comfortable… I am adding them to my cart! By the way both of the outfits that you are wearing are beautiful! I think you hit your style objectives OUT OF THE PARK. Thanks for sharing the shoes.

  8. Autumn is truly your season. You look great in your Easy Spirit boot and lug- sole loafer too (love the plaid pant!). Like others I’ve left my closet filled with late summer clothes as we are experiencing high heat and high humidity (not our typical September ). All in good time I hope. Happy Friday!

  9. I’m packing up summer things as I read this. We are falling into the 70s today. I absolutely love all these looks and those boots look -very- high end.

  10. Thanks so much, Lucinda! The shoes are super comfy…I can always walk miles in my Easy Spirit footwear!

  11. It will be 105 here today, but fall is still in my house and closet…I have hope things will change soon. Happy Friday, Paulette.

  12. They do look high end, Linda. These boots and the loafers are just gorgeous…and I will be seen often in them.

  13. Pam, I need to replace my black boots, and these look like just the ticket! Looks like the shaft is narrow enough to fit under straight legged pants.

  14. I just skimmed what you wrote about the Easy Spirit shoes. I have to look closer when I have more time. I do love the other ones you recommended that you took on your trips. I wear them everyday. They are so comfortable. Now I need something for fall.
    I also really like your outfits that you are wearing with the shoes. I’ll be on the lookout for your post on Monday.

  15. I like your post today because I especially like Easy Spirit shoes. However, I’m curious about a situation involving your recent trip to JJill. You modeled a blue coatigan that I especially like and when I tried to buy it through your website, there was no blue sweater available, only a green one. I need a long sleeve navy sweater and had decided to order that one as I already know the size I need ( petite small) from JJill and it would give you some credit, but was so disappointed that apparently that sweater is not available online. I’m wondering if I could call a store and have them mail it to me if it’s only available in store. Hope you have a nice, cooler weekend. Thankfully, our humidity has dropped since our “hurricane days” last week so this past week has not been 100+°.

  16. I think you were the one who said you wanted a shoe with a back on it…there are many on the Easy Spirit Website…remember to use the savings code, Paula.

  17. In the last two years, Celia, retailers have begun to buy lower quantities of pieces. If I show you something and it goes to a similar one or a different color, that usually means the one I linked to is sold out. But you can use any of my links to go to their website, look around, and if you buy something else I will get a little commission for it. There is no way for me to chart how quickly a piece sells out. Often, if it is sold out online, you can call and find it in a store and they will ship it to you. I would try that …it just may work.

  18. I do like the loafers but alas, Easy Spirit shoes don’t fit my feet! I have gone up I have gone down, they size different from any of my shoes! So sad.

  19. love the outfits you are wearing in the post today could you please give us some information on them also the shoes looked perfect with them

  20. I used to wear Easy Spirit often. They used to carry narrow widths. However in the last few years finding narrow shoes has been a challenge. I keep checking but few if any offeri gs very disappointed.
    However the shoes are very cute and wearable.

  21. Hi Janet…this post was all about the shoes, but I will discuss these two outfits on Monday! Thanks!

  22. Wow! You look amazing! Love the outfits you chose and the shoes to go with. Totally my style. I’ve had multiple foot surgeries, I have a titanium joint in my big toe. My feet still cause me issues. I try to work with the issues. Thank you for giving us options.

  23. Hi Tamara, I have that same joint in one of my big toes. One of the reasons I do love the comfort of Easy Spirit shoes. You are welcome on the options…on Monday, I will discuss more about the outfits.

  24. Thank you for the discount code Pamela. I treated myself to a pair of Easy Spirit’s Bailey ballet flats in a nice autumnal red ♥️

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