Stunning classic fall outfits in Talbots October collection

classic fall outfits

Happy Monday, ladies!  We are almost there…six days until the official beginning of fall!  So, let’s celebrate the week by looking at the stunning classic fall outfits in Talbots October collection!

Talbots is known for classic fall outfits, and this year they are truly stunning in many ways.

I stopped by one of our local Talbots at North Star Mall, and my sales associate friend, Yolanda, helped me pull these looks together for you!

Make sure you ask for Yolanda if you go into that location, San Antonio readers.

 I just happened to be there on the day they were unboxing the new collection and setting the displays.

So I promised to return this week to see even more of the looks.

And I promised to get the word out today about the stunning classic fall outfits in Talbots, along with 25% off the October collection.

There is so much to be excited about today, so let’s get started.


classic fall outfits

Vibrant color turns many garments into stunning fall outfits in Talbots.

Fall is all about vibrant color…just like I discovered with this Berkshire Wool Blend Crop Jacket in vibrant dark clementine color.

I am wearing it with the High Waist Flare Leg Jeans…which I like so much…these fit and look great.

Yolanda brought me this Fruits and Leaves Oblong easy way to add the vibrant colors of fall

classic fall outfits

September prepared us for this gorgeous October collection with pieces like I am wearing here.

I am wearing the TEXTURED CREWNECK CARDIGAN in the deep moss color.

I still think this sweatshirt is the classiest one I have ever seen.  

RUFFLE TRIM RAGLAN SWEATSHIRT comes in six vibrant fall colors and is super soft with a lovely design.


classic fall outfits

Classic fall outfits still are best on trend…and this year that means animal prints.

I am showing you the Audrey Cashmere Sweater in the spectacular animal print…soft, warm and fun.

I topped it with the leopard pearl silk square scarf….lovely…and they also have the animal print oblong scarf.

I want to add here to Sunday’s discussion about brooches…they are great this time of year when we begin to wear jackets.

In the October collection for your classic fall outfits, find the Maple Leaf Brooch; Sunflower Brooch; Pumpkin Brooch; and Football Brooch…there are more, those are my favorites.

Just a reminder that if want to see more, just follow any of my links and you will be on the entire Talbots site.  I will receive credit for any purchase you make.  Even ones not highlighted in today’s post.

The short jackets would also look fun with brooches.

classic fall outfits

classic fall outfits

For those of you who wear black, this top is incredible and a perfect way to add a touch of animal print to your classic fall outfits.

I turned more in the second photo so you can see the sleeve.

This is the Spectacular Animal Top…I can see why they gave it that name…it is spectacular in comfort, fit and style.


classic fall outfits

The sparkle in this little top makes it a very special piece for your classic fall outfits.

It is black and gold (looks a little navy in this photo).

This is the Boucle Cardigan…and it would be a lovely addition for holiday events too.

classic fall outfits

This cardigan would look really good with a black tee underneath, and jeggings like these or slim fit jeans, and a gold necklace.…with gold ballet flats!

classic fall outfits

Finally, for those of you who live in rainy climates…unlike me…you might enjoy this water resistant cape.

It is lovely…but size down…it is a generous fit and, of course, the generosity is to cover you well for the rain.

But, I liked the look of it and desired to share it.

This is the Woven Water-Resistant Cape in dark walnut.  It is a very elegant way to stay dry.

classic fall outfits

Well, those are the first highlights from the stunning classic fall outfits in Talbots October collection…officially in stores today.

And you call always see more classic fall outfits when your catalog arrives.

I love this collection and found so many wonderful items…and I am going back to see the rest of it….remember, 25% off these new arrivals start today!

However, the first sale only goes through Wednesday!  Some of these items will move quickly!

Happy to answer any questions…and look forward to seeing you tomorrow…fall is almost officially here!


By Pamela Lutrell

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classic fall outfits


  1. Good morning! This is a stunning find during my birthday month. The website is full of fall treats for us autumns. Much to mull over! There is a plaid coat that says ‘Try me’! Thank you , Pam, for your time and patience.

  2. And thank you for using my links for shopping that plaid coat! There is so much fun to be had with plaid this year. This sale goes through Wednesday, so it is over quickly.

  3. Hi Pam! I wondered about the textured crewneck cardigan because the reviews were so sketchy. Did you think it would be prone to snagging? Also, many said the sleeves were too long. I have my eye on the ivory one, but hesitate. I like flare jeans. Great for figure balancing and very current! I have a pair and have a friend who calls them my hippie jeans! But I like them! I’ve taken advantage of Talbot’s sales recently and it’s really my go-to for my personal style!

  4. This is my favorite pair so far…I returned one from another brand…and now going to wear these. They are very comfy and flattering and I like that they do not drag the floor.

  5. Hi Karen, I do not own that cardigan…only reason is because of our warm climate here. Of course, all I have done is tried it on, but I really like it and believe I would own it if I had more opportunities to wear it.
    I am still giving it serious consideration though…that color is awesome. I hope that helps.

  6. Pam, you are stunning in these outfits. You look so slim!! Thanks for clarifying that we can purchase anything on the site if we use your link and you will get the benefit. Thanks for all you do for us!!

  7. I hope you purchased those flair jeans, Pam, they look so good and “current” on you! Talbots really has a nice selection this fall–I’m going to have to check them out in person.

  8. Thank you Marcia…I just wanted to be sure everyone knew that once you use my link to go to the site, then any shopping there is credited to me.
    I appreciate so much everyone who shops this way!

  9. I am getting the flare jeans, Kim. They are holding them for me and I return to the store tomorrow to see the rest of the collection.

  10. The orange jacket and the moss green cardigan look so great on you since they are in your color wheel. However, as much as I like them, they are not good colors for me so I’m hoping future collections will have other color choices. I love the brightness of this collection, and you have been a most excellent model as everything looks great on you! Thank you for the reminder of using the website through your blog so you get credit. I suppose I thought it just applied to items you have highlighted.

  11. Also, if you go to the top of the page and click on shopping links…then when you go shop on those website with those links, I also get credit for that. I would love it if readers would shop that way! Such a blessing to Mr. B and me.
    Also, check the items I show you, Celia, often they are offered in many colors. Thanks!

  12. You look SPECTACULAR wearing that clementine jacket! So good!! I start my reading here by going back a day to catch the later thread from ladies’ comments, and just wanted to wish Maeve a speedy recovery with her poor ankle. I also loved Susan’s idea about having us all send in photos of Fall from our home areas. Have a wonderful new week, Pam! I’m starting mine by visiting a neighbor who has kindly offered to teach me to can – something I have never attempted. I am so excited to learn this practical skill! 👩‍🍳

  13. I wish I could join you…would love to learn it too. And yes, I would love to have photos sent from any of you with your autumn…and later Christmas decorations. Just send to my email.

  14. Good morning…love it all! IMO, you should reconsider wearing black and purchase that Spectacular black tee! Love the way the wrist embellishment picks up the colors you love! Buy it….awesome look on you!

  15. I love all these looks. You look so slender in the more fitted pieces. Are the jeans that are being called “flare” jeans here the same as those being called “trouser” jeans in other places? I love them with the shorter tops. I notice that they appear to have a crease below the knee. Is that what I am seeing? Skinny jeans were so easy for not having a crease. lol Thanks for showing us what is available. I would like to shop at Talbot’s but there is not one located near me and their shipping and return charges are much too high.

  16. Pam! You look fantastic in those flared jeans. There is hope for me even though I’m a shorty. I love seeing you in the fall colors as you shine in them. The Talbots sizing must fit you well. My problem with them is my waist is too large for them. My hips are a a 12P. My waist is a 16P! I have great luck with Chicos. Their waist is more forgiving and allow a comfortable fit. 30 pounds and 40+ years ago Talbots was my go to for dress clothes. I love their longevity with classic cuts to their jackets especially. Thank you for allowing me to see what is out there for fall.

  17. What a great collection of fall looks! You make such a great model for their pieces – they should use you in their catalogs. I love Talbot’s classic, tailored vibe, but unfortunately their clothes just don’t fit me. I do buy their accessories, though and I look forward to checking out the ones you’ve mentioned. Thanks for keeping us looking toward fall, even here in Texas where it is still far away. Your posts are the most positive thing in my internet feed, and I always enjoy what you have to share with us. Love today’s Anaya quote!

  18. So happy to be the most positive thing in your feed! Though I live in Texas, I still live with fall in the air! Thanks!

  19. You look outstanding in everyone of theses outfits. Can’t go wrong with beautiful, classic clothes from Talbots.

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