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would you wear it

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Let’s have some fun today and discuss Would You Wear It – Texture & Stripes.

These Would You Wear It exercises really help other women process style and make their own decisions about what they want to wear.

So,  please remember that explanations are important…tell us exactly why or why not you would wear what you see.

Also, your own styling tips are always welcome…perhaps your vision goes beyond the fashion merchandising in a store.

So, for now…Tuesdays are Would You Wear It day…and Saturdays are with Jennifer and are Style Tip challenges.

So, let’s get started…and discuss texture with stripes…Would You Wear It?


would you wear it


When I stopped by Talbots, this display caught my eye.

Why?  Because I do not remember seeing a white jacket for fall with this type of texture (almost a tweed look) paired with stripes.

The look strikes me as a transition outfit from winter to spring, but some of you may disagree and see it completely as a fall look.


Now, if you like the jacket and would style it differently for fall…please share with us your Ideas.

Or, if you believe black & white goes any time of year, then tell us that as well.

And finally, does the texture in the jacket matter how you would wear it?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with others…Would you wear it?


would you wear it

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would you wear it

Would You wear it

I am pleased to recommend these beautiful leather bags to you, since I have seen and tried one.

These are called Sacchettos and are leather purse organizers or travel bags…but they are so lovely, I could see using it as a clutch for an outing.

The founder, Cindy Kay is currently fundraising to kick this business off.

She also is a budding retailer who donates 50% of funds to sex trafficking survivors, legal aid, and other women’s issues.

If you would like to know more, just check it out at CINDY KAY.

This is something you have to check out for yourself.  I am verifying that the product is well done.

I do like to support small businesses and wonder about some decisions larger ones are making these days.

The funniest comment was on IG the other day on the Farmhousestylebook page….she wrote, “Not sure if retailers know this, but there is a whole demographic of women who still want to the bottom half of the shirt!”

I said out loud a resounding YES!

So, that is it, everyone…now tell us with your explanation...WOULD YOU WEAR IT??

See you tomorrow with the news!


would you wear it


  1. I like the jacket and would definitely wear that, but not with the striped turtleneck. Something looks off to my eye with this. It works for fall where I live, and I personally like texture in my fall and winter clothes. I would style this jacket with a sleeveless sweater with a scoop or a v-neck. Maybe it’s just that I don’t care for stripes on myself unless they are so small that you almost don’t see them as stripes. Since the stitching on the jacket appears black, this would be an opportunity for column dressing with a black sweater and the black pants. The pants, for me, would have to be full length because crops chop up my petite frame, throw off proportion, and I don’t wear them. A scarf would add color and keep black away from faces that don’t wear it (I personally love black, but many women seem to find it aging. I don’t, but that’s me!)

  2. Thanks for starting us off today, Karen! Black does cast shadows on the complexions of those women who are not in that color palette. Those in the winter palette have brighter complexions so the black does not cast the shadows on them as much as on the rest of us. I love it too, and I do wear it in different ways now after seeing first hand in the mirror what it was doing to my face. I envy those who can wear it all the time…black is elegant and fashion-forward and timeless. Thanks for being here.

  3. I think this is a great look almost any season –
    ( exclude summer heat) — Stacy London used to remind us that different patterns or textures in same color family is fine! At least I think that’s what she said. I like it!
    First of all I have always worn striped Breton tees and sweaters- even before they were popular. And I have learned to love and appreciate the good looks of a tweedy fabric to add interest to what I wear. Excluding Summer ( heat / humidity) I think this look works fine for the three seasons.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Paulette. And you are right…Stacy London does say that when discussing style!

  5. Oh I love the juxtaposition. It is the perfect natural classic. I would add a black and white (if that is the color of the stripes) zebra print bag, black Chelsea boots, and voilá! My winter friend would love it! If only the blanket stitching was olive or brown. Sigh.

  6. A couple of thoughts this morning…initially, I thought No on the blazer, but then thought how it does not appear to be a bright white, but more of an ivory or “ winter white” which is acceptable by many. Bright colors appear to be part of the trend going into fall and winter this year. And tweed-looking blazers and Chanel-looking jackets also seem to be trending. I’ve decided that I do like it and would enjoy wearing it if I bought it. Going back to our visibility discussion, this would certainly make you stand out among the darker navy, black, and grays of much of fall-winter attire. Living where I do, I rarely need a heavy coat so it would suffice for house to car, etc. and keep me warm inside at gatherings.

  7. I love this outfit, and it hits all my style adjectives. I wouldn’t wear it, because the colors do not suit my blue autumn coloring. If the white were camel or even ivory, I would wear it, as the black stripes are not overpowering, and the black pants are away from my face. I would prefer a crew neck, as I have a shorter neck and my chin line has grown soft; I would likely get too hot in this anyway. As for wearing it all winter, I’d say, sure, why not? I’m leery of light-colored bottoms in our slushy weather, but wear ankle pants all winter under calf boots. Otherwise, I feel no color is off limits, though I pair very light neutrals with heavier fabrics and richer colors for winter (but in general, as a blue autumn, I find very light colors and especially pastels wash me out; I actually sometimes look better in black than a light pastel color in my color wheel). I love the texture in the jacket paired with the slight ribs and the narrower stripe in the light sweater underneath. It hits my “interesting” adjective perfectly.

  8. i want to echo what Linda LM says. I don’t like the crew neck with the lapels of the jacket: a crew neck would look much better IMO. I’m not a huge fan of the stripes with the jacket b/c one is casual and the other elegant, but, I don’t hate the look. I just would not wear it. A v-neck would be lovely with this. Also, a cami in a complementary neutral would be chic.

  9. I agree that the texture is the key to this being such a dynamic piece in the right wardrobe.

  10. Oh, a big, giant YES!! This outfit is perfect for many situations, and broken apart exceptionally versatile. I would love to wear this jacket and a slim ankle pant in cream over a variety of different cream based blouses. Solid black blouses aren’t my best, but cream is my go-to. Then I would love to wear this over dark wash slim indigo jeans, tucked into dark brown riding style boots, and a simple cream ribbed turtleneck, dark brown suede hobo bag. This last look would read as fall. The mostly cream I described, I wouldn’t care what time of year because it feels and looks like me. Our rain, when it comes, is not a deterrent. 🤸‍♀️

  11. Yes, I would wear it with a pattern of stripes and would also take a cue using similar guidelines used in interior decor. For example briefly working with the blazer provided it works with the ivory (difficult to tell with computer generated images) for bottoms being a secondary piece: A small hounds tooth or glen check pattern = repeat of color and visual balance. Or a solid color of black in plain corduroy or velveteen = mix of texture and sheen as well as the illusion of pattern. With that being said; IMHO I feel the blazer with its longer length (note where the pocket flaps are) with the right accessories could be dressed for casual or elevated wear and would even look amazing with a black midi or maxi length, two piece slim cut dress with your favourite neck line in a knit sweater weave that would give a nod to the blanket stitch trim. -Brenda-

  12. I would wear the textured ladyies jacket in a heartbeat with smaller stripes being my preferance just like the shirt but smaller stripes. I love this combo!!!

  13. Yes, I would wear this with a couple of minor adjustments. This fits in my cool color palette. I wear black & white all year although I cautiously wear my white jeans in fall & winter as I live in the Midwest where winters can be very messy. I like the texture of the jacket because I think it gives the white more of fall feel. I would wear a stripe tee or mock neck because I have a short neck & turtlenecks are too high. I would wear full length pants or jeans because crops don’t flatter my short legs. I would add a pop of red via bag or scarf to brighten things up a bit.

  14. I believe the 25% off at Talbots is for cardholders only through tomorrow. The discount is available to everyone from Thursday September 21 through Tuesday September 26. Triple points for classic awards members and a gift of pearl earrings with in store purchases of $175 or more.

  15. Coming late to the party. The jacket is lovely but I would not wear any of these pieces. I don’t wear black or white anymore. The combination can be stunning on some but I’ve learned it does me no favors. I’m an autumn with hair that’s pretty close to white now so even winter white is ghastly on me. The style of the jacket really appeals and I would wear in a different color. No to the striped turtleneck too. My neck is short and I have given up on turtlenecks altogether. And no to what looks like black leggings. I don’t have any leggings and would not wear them. I was in Talbot’s recently and there was so much black & white it was almost like I had walked into Chico’s by mistake. 🙂

  16. I was there today for more of the October collection and it was a color explosion. I think the black & white is now in the supporting cast, but not stars.

  17. Although I’ve mostly eliminated black for the same reasons you have, I’m a longtime fan of both stripes and textured fabric! I agree that in our part of the world this would be more of a “winter to spring” look, as I usually break out my “winter white” right after Christmas. Not sure how accurate my monitor is for color, but it looks like a cream with a grayish cast on my screen. If it turned out to be a true cream/ivory color, I would wear the top and jacket as shown, over my “go to” black Nine West bootcut dress pants with low heeled pumps or ankle booties. I would keep accessories minimal and classic, as there’s already a lot going on there with the stripes, texture and blanket stitching. For less dressy looks I’d choose a black onyx and gunmetal from Kendra Scott’s early days and the matching earrings, with a black gunmetal watch and a classic black leather tote. For something more dressy I’d wear a vintage black onyx and pearI necklace and the matching earrings and carry a smaller structured bag. I am more a fan of the jacket, as the top looks kind of cheap in the photo, but I have so many things in my closet that would shine with the jacket, from a lightweight black sweater dress to a pencil skirt or classic black sheath dress. I can even see it with black jeans, riding boots and a black tee or turtleneck. For those who wear these colors I think it would turn out to be a closet workhorse. I like jacket so well I may check it out in person next time I’m near their store, but if I buy it I’ll use your link, I promise! Thanks for such a fun exercise.

  18. I do love this jacket as is. The stripes are fine but turtlenecks choke me even with my long neck. A crewneck striped shirt with long straight leg trousers would look better. Mixing it up with sable brown shoes and bag would look better to my eye. Gold hoops and off you go.

  19. I like the look of the tweedy jacket with the striped top, but it probably wouldn’t cross my mind. Styles are all over the place. How can one keep up? Thank you for your hard work.

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