Style Tips: How to style an embroidered blazer

Style Tips

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to Style Tips with me and my friend Jennifer…a weekly styling challenge for us to help each other with ideas.

If you want to tell us that you would or would not wear the display items, that, of course is fine…but not what Saturdays is all about.

We are here to offer style tips for to each other on how to make garments work for women like us….or garments like these.

Today, I am featuring a very high end blazer…but just pretend you do not know the price and offer style tips anyway…there really is much that can be discussed here.

So, let’s get comfy…and put on your fashion stylist hat…and tell us how you would style an embroidered blazer like the one you see here.

You best style tips are all that is required…..


style tips

From just a fashion viewpoint, I was immediately drawn to this display at Nordstrom and thought the embroidered blazer would make a great style tips challenge.


By clicking the link, you will not only notice the price, but also notice the large rose embroidered on the back, and a Nordstrom stylist to offer her ideas in a video.

style tips

Here is what I would like for you to do:

  1. Look at the design of the blazer itself
  2. Would it go with any other garments…casual, low end and high end?
  3. What items would you style underneath in addition to the black blouse here?
  4. Can you wear accessories with an embroidered blazer?
  5.  Does the embroidered “script” limit the styling?

With some of the questions guiding you, how would you advise another woman you know how how to style this embroidered blazer.

style tips

Of course, I believe the black lipstick is for art purposes with the display.

So, what color of lipstick would your style tips advise for the wearer of this embroidered jacket….or, perhaps, you know women who wear black lipstick.

I hope you find the same fun in these exercises that I do…I love to read the comments and I know others do as well.

So, ladies, what are your style tips for how to style an embroidered jacket.


style tips

This Chico’s jacket from my post  FALL OUTFITS AND TRENDS FOR WOMEN OVER 60 was a big seller to many readers.

This is the Chico’s Ruched Sleeve Jacket and several of you decided to take advantage of the sale prices.

As always, I would love to hear your style tips and how you plan to wear the blazer.

I am so enjoying mine.

style tips

Also, from that post, were outfits with the three colors of my new favorite sweater and several decided to order at least one from Banana Republic Factory

I believe we can find elevated styles at Banana Republic Factory for amazing prices.


And a couple of you also decided to order the TENCEL Cargo Jogger.

Speaking of Chico’s, here is a sneak peak at the new OCTOBER COLLECTION.

I so appreciate that you join in on Saturdays with your style tips and look forward to your comments today as I always do.

After you comment, please jump over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer how you would style her feature garment.

Fall arrives this week and is in the air even in South Texas…that gives us all a reason to……………………….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Happy Saturday, Pam. I would style this with some jeans and a cream-colored tee to pick up the coloring of the lettering. I’d give it a campy, casual vibe and wear low booties to be comfy.

  2. My first thought is to juxtapose by wearing dark wash jeans and maybe a red tee shirt, red bag and black flats. This isn’t to say I’d ever wear this! I really like the short dress if it was just a tad longer, but I know that’s not what this is about!

  3. I would style the blazer with dark navy jeans and a navy or white v neck t-shirt. The blazer is like wearing a billboard – it’s distracting and needs no jewelery except diamond stud earrings.

  4. My initial thought was a No, but the more I think about it, the more I can see wearing it. Talk about ways to combat invisibility! I actually like it with the black shirt as it tends to tone down your initial response to the blazer. And if unique is one of your objectives, this definitely fits that adjective. I would wear a simple gold or silver necklace, if any, and simple metal earrings. Black booties or low heels. And I would wear it with jeans as well as black dress pants.

  5. I think I would approach this with a casual vibe. I love jeans and a blazer, but for this, I might do a silk jogger with a cream tank and some black crocodile leather tennis shoes. I would probably try the blazer on. I love a statement blazer.

  6. I also would style it with jeans and a beige or cream silk tee shirt. I suggest a modest flare or boot cut as the jacket is fitted through the waist. Black booties or sling back pumps. No jewelry other than simple earrings as the blazer makes a bold enough statement. For lipstick, definitely red. My brown ruched sleeve blazer is due to be delivered today. My size was sold out and then one popped up and I jumped on it as fast as I could. Really hope it fits as I love how it looks on you.

  7. I have not clicked on it yet so I haven’t seen the video. This whole display is a big dramatic wow! I don’t wear black but I love it! That dress! That other jacket! But…I would wear off white close t shirt. Off white jeggings, off white boots with heels. Maybe a tomato lip. That’s it! The other jacket outfit and the dress would be hanging in my closet at The Plaza in NYC.

  8. Of course, you can talk about the other garments in the display! Thanks for helping style the blazer, Karen.

  9. That outfit is ready for opening night at TIFF. I would add a red lipstick and black clutch nd see you on the red carpet.

  10. I think jeans are called for here- maybe black or dark grey and a paler satin or silk cami worn under this statement blazer( which is very cool by the way).
    The shoe here might be a ballet flat or bootie.
    (note: in one picture the blazer and shirt appear to be chocolate brown).
    For a younger woman I see a black or grey leather mini skirt with tights and Mary Jane shoes.

  11. I recently saw a photo of about a dozen people standing around in an after fashion show space in NYC. They seemed to be employees waiting on something—all dressed in completely black. Only in NYC… not so much in Southern California. So to style this outfit I would book a trip to NYC to attend the theater. I would add a black fedora and red lipstick.

  12. Gray jeans are on trend this fall, Paulette…so you may have hit on a trendy way to style the blazer.

  13. For all three outfits a red lip and for those who don’t wear it; red nail polish and/or a structured convertible handle/cb bag in red. As to footwear leave as is and for jewelry; black enamel stud earrings that would work with the added black patent leather belt on the skirt/blazer outfit with the latter worn as a wrap style and the top two buttons of the shirt left opened. Whereas for the dress; the earrings would work with a long simple chain or pendant necklace of a similar finish to the adornment on the shoe as well as the black sheer pantyhose or opaque tights I personally would wear with it. Last but not least for the center outfit; I might change out the black shirt to a silk finish blouse with a camisole neckline in the color of the script. Also to reveal the earrings for the last two outfits I would tuck one side of my medium length, bob hair style behind one ear. -Brenda-
    Footnote: I actually prefer the ‘notch’ lapel on the blazer worn with the skirt rather than the ‘peak/wing’ lapel on the center outfit which has a tendency IMHO to be more formal in appearance.

  14. The blazer is spectacular but my comment is on the forever sweater featured a few days ago and mentioned today I ordered it in cream and also light gray. They arrived yesterday will be great as stand alone pieces or under a jacket. FYI. The V neck hits me much lower on the chest. It’s not enough to be no-go for me but might be for someone else.

  15. Thanks Jane…they are great sweaters…for me the V has not been a problem. Thanks so much!

  16. I love reading Brenda’s styling comments; she is so thorough! The double collared blouse really caught my eye, and I would consider that if offered in a light color. As for this statement jacket, Wow! I would try putting it over a cream colored ponte knit sheath dress, nude hose and black and cream spectator kitten heels. A simple small black clutch, and perhaps a very organic shaped set of coin pearls at the ears. I also feel like the lady who can pull this off successfully might be wearing several bold gold rings, on thumb, index fingers – very non-traditional, but fun. Maybe she is a curator for an art museum and frequently travels to Paris. Or she just lives in Minneapolis, and is in charge of sourcing out the various musical artists who will come to play at a very alternative venue. 🤷‍♀️ In any case, she would always have the most fascinating stories to tell her friends.

  17. I love this piece and actually find it incredibly versatile! Wear it over jeans and a tee, an LBD, white, or cream dress, or maybe a silk shirt in red or fuschia and grey tailored slacks. Heels, loafers, wedges, high end kicks or designer pumps for footwear. I am an artist, lover of Paris and all things French so it kinda figures that it hits my style sweet spot.

  18. Since I see this blazer as a statement piece, I would keep everything else simple. For a casual look, I would style is with jeans & a simple tee in a bright color like red or hot pink. For accessories, I would go with a small to medium silver hoop & a simple silver bangle & black booties.

  19. Avant garde is the first term that came to mind when I saw the three mannequins. All are wearing black pieces that are typically considered wardrobe basics, but they are also styled in a fashion forward nature. Carrying forward with that theme in mind, and writing particularly about the black embroidered blazer, I’d keep the rest of my outfit black–pants, blouse, belt, accessories—for an achromatic look. I’d choose the trendiest, angular black sunglasses I could find, the trendiest pointy-toe black stilettos, and a trendy designer black leather bag with silver hardware to complement a pair of larger, geometric silver earrings. Hair would be sleek, and make-up would be dramatic, incorporating blacks, whites, grays and a deep, glossy blackberry for the lips.

  20. When I look at the blazer I think it says “Look at me” ” I’m a little wild at heart and un conventional”
    So black leather pants and sequined red top with black heeled boots.
    It also could be any top that has bling to it. For some reason and it may not work but a black and white or black and red baseball style hat.

  21. I love the blazer…wear a fine silk royal blue mock turtleneck sleeveless top with cream wide leg silk gabardine pants and suede high vamp booties. Silver medallion earrings, silver 20” chain necklace, and silver 1” bangle bracelet. Sized down for me in a 2petite please😂

  22. At first glance this blazer says “rock star glam” to me. I think it would work with a variety of bottoms, from a black pencil skirt or dress pants to jeans; perhaps jeans could even be distressed? For the blouse I would choose a shade of ivory, rather than black, probably because I can’t wear black well in my 60’s. I liked the suggestion of ivory pants or jeans with this, which would definitely lighten the look a little. Footwear would depend on the bottoms chosen; anything from stilettos with a skirt to ankle boots with jeans or pants. Jewelry would be kept to a minimum, due to the drama of the blazer – maybe just a watch and simple earrings since there’s already so much going on here. A basic string of pearls with pearl stud earrings might also work well for a more elevated look. Definitely an interesting piece, although one I think could be hard to wear if one’s orbit is fairly small (church, errands, family) because it’s so memorable.

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