Fall outfits and trends for women over 60, Part 1

fall outfits

Happy Monday, all!  Since the majority of the audience here is over 60, I decided to do a couple of posts just for us….Fall Outfits & Trends for women over 60.

I want to begin a discussion about fall outfits which explains why I purchase and wear the pieces I do.

My intention is to inspire you and give you ideas for your own wardrobes…as always, I will be honest about why I do what I do.

When looking through my clothing for cooler weather last year, I realized that many pieces I owned for fall outfits were just too heavy for a San Antonio warmer fall and winter.

So, I sold several of those pieces because we are predicted to have a similar season this year.  I just do not believe I need the really heavy pieces any longer…but I kept a few just in case.

Any way, I gave myself a budget to purchase a few “lighter” garments and ones with better fit in the end-of-season sales.

As always, I want my wardrobe to mix and work well together to provide a plethora of different fall outfits.

I am pleased to say that my shopping, along with some great sales, has resulted in fall outfits I will enjoy.  I returned a few, but kept the majority.

Allow me to remind you once again that my personal style adjectives are polished, approachable, creative, joyful, and current.

When I dress to tell the world these things about me with my clothing, then I leave the house with a confident smile.

Let’s go……


fall outfits


Most women over 60 do not care about fashion trends for their fall outfits, but I do pay attention.

The reason is to communicate my style adjective CURRENT…hopefully keeping my style more youthful than frumpy.

My shopping for fall outfits birthed many pieces from Banana Republic Factory….the quality and prices are amazing…and really stretched my budget.

I love these pants…and they are still available in several colors…the fabric is tencel, cool and comfy.

These are the TENCEL Cargo Jogger...and I will be seen often in them this year.  The color I am wearing is steel green. 

I love the little edge these pants give to my casual fall outfits.  You can see that I elevated their look here in two ways, but they are great with just a sweater or tee.

I wanted to show you this Chico’s Ruched Sleeve Jacket I also purchased in their sale in the color called Chocolate Fondant.

This jacket just speaks “polished” to me…yes, it does have shoulder pads, but I have never minded a strong shoulder on a jacket.

It is currently 67% off and I can dress it up or down for my fall outfits.

In the second picture, this lovely lightweight sweater is the FOREVER SWEATER in light toffee.

I am going to show you below that I liked this sweater so much that I ordered it in two more colors.  Thought it is lightweight, it is warm and a great layering piece for fall outfits.

These are beautiful sweaters. and again…very comfortable for women over 60.

Of course, you may recognize my Easy Spirit booties in the second outfit…I will love wearing them this fall.

You can still use the savings code: Pamela20 to save 20% off your purchase.

The lovely leather booties are the Sidney Dress Booties.…very comfy.


fall outfits


I know, I know….fall colors are always on trend during the season, but this year the trend is brighter and bolder.

I consistently encourage you to dress within your palette, and I usually do that. 

But if you desire fall outfits & trends over 60, picking up a bold piece would fit right in.

Please don’t get frustrated, but I cannot link to this one.  I found this topper in the gift shop at The Butchart Gardens.

It is like wearing a large scarf…and I love it.  Completely me.

I am wearing it with Talbots Out & About Stretch Jogger in indigo blue.

I love these pants and the price per wear continues to go down lower and lower.  They were my go-to pants on the cruise and continue to be at home for fall outfits.

Underneath the topper is another Forever Sweater in the color called Scorched Orange.   Notice, there is always another percentage taken off at checkout with the BR Outlet.


fall outfitsFALL TREND #2: PLAID PANTS

I first noticed during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that plaid pants are a trend for fall outfits this year.

Since then, I have seen versions of plaid pants in every store I enter.

These brown ones are from Simply Vera Vera Wang at Kohl’s.

Online, all I could locate were the gray plaid High Rise Ponte Skinny Pants.  But, I do like the fit and quality of these pants.

Once again,  I am wearing the Forever Sweater in Costa Coffee…a deep brown.

I have owned this Eileen Fisher blazer for several years…the color is raisin.

And I have on the other pair of new Easy Spirit Kinndle Lug Sole Casual Loafers.

This gets our discussion about fall outfits & trends for women over 60 started.  I will have two more fall trends to show you on Thursday.

It will probably surprise some of you how I am choosing to participate in the trend this year…so join in then.

I had planned to show you more options today for similar pieces to these, but the widget I use to curate those slideshows was not working…

I will either update this post, or hopefully add many more options to the Thursday post.

Ask or comment about anything here and hopefully I will see you tomorrow for another Would You Wear It exercise….until then…


By Pamela Lutrell

I appreciate your support of this blog by shopping with my SHOPPING LINKS, and if you don’t see the retailer you need for anything, just send me an email and I will see if I have a link or if there is a sale you are looking for!

Email is over50feeling40@gmail.com.

A special thank you to everyone who shops with the shopping links to offer your support of the blog!!  It makes a difference and keeps me here.

fall outfits


  1. This week’s upcoming double digit temps in north Texas have me dreaming of fall clothes, so this post is very timely for me. It’s especially helpful that you are in Texas with our unique weather challenges. I spent about two hours this weekend going through my early fall/late summer transitional pieces until I had identified at least one outfit that worked for all the different types of events in my post-retirement life. I moved them to the front of my main closet so I can focus on enjoying the cooler weather without stressing over what to wear. Thankfully I’ve managed to lose ten of the twelve pounds I had gained since my mom was hospitalized in March, and now that it’s cooler I can get serious about walking several miles daily. I started with 1.75 miles today, and look forward to building back up to at least three miles. I was able to wear a lot more of my old favorites than I expected, and look forward to building more workable outfits from the pieces I’ve pulled as my “transitional capsule” using some ideas I got from your post today. Monday is the annual Grandparents’ Day celebration at my grandkids’ school – I hope you’ll get to enjoy it with yours. The 8-year-old admonished me as I was leaving her soccer game today to “be sure and wear something cute to my school, Gigi.” The 5-year-old immediately chimed in with “Gigi always looks cute!” I may have a new favorite kid – LOL. Here’s to a glorious autumn, my favorite season!

  2. I just have to say that your weight loss is quite noticeable lately, and you look great in all your new outfits!

  3. Good morning! You look like you are so keyed into your adjectives! Great job. I keep putting off transitioning my closet because the weather has climbed higher in Maine than usual. I had started with shoes but I had to take sandals back out. Thank you for the inspiration to be on trend. That might help with my donation pile. I feel a style tweak coming on! Looking forward to part two!

  4. I laughed at your grandchild directing your fashion and then your fan chiming in. I love to dress up for the events with mine. I want to sear those memories into their minds. I think soon we can begin our fun transitional pieces in Texas…at least I hope it will be soon!

  5. It is easy for us to look current and I hope I have showed ways to do it and not spend huge amounts of money. Lots of animal prints this season and I bet many of us already have those in the wardrobe…pull them out. I am glad this post is timely and can help with your closet re-do, Deborah!

  6. The BRF Forever sweaters are fantastic. I’ve been shopping there for years, and must own the sweaters in every shade of blue and grey they offer. Quite reasonable and true to size fit. I’m still searching for cargo pants that are long enough, as I don’t love them on me in ankle length.
    Thanks for the post today!

  7. I agree…those sweaters are fantastic and look way more expensive than they are. Three is a beautiful blue offered now too. Thanks for sharing that you like them.

  8. You look wonderful! I’ve ordered the Tencel Joggers in Cream and Black. Hoping they’re going to be great for travel this fall/winter.

  9. I think they would be very comfortable for travel, Kimberly because of the tencel fabric. I hope you like them.

  10. Pam thanks for the suggestion for fall. The temperature is much cooler here in northern Wisconsin so I need to transition. Although we dress very casual here I’m going to check out some of these suggestions. I really need pants and I like those sweaters.
    As someone said earlier your weight loss is showing. Good job!!

  11. I love these looks. I own those BR cargo pants and they are some of the most easily styled in my closet. I too desire to look current, though I try to be careful to not look like a fashion victim. I actually hear people brag that their classic clothes never go out of style, but they do not look good. Each era has subtle style features even in the most classic pieces, and all eventually look dated. This I feel makes people, however well dressed, look out of touch and disinterested in life.

  12. 9/11 always makes me sad: we had two deaths in my small company at the time. I love the Forever sweaters and BRF. I wear joggers but need a more polished pair, so very timely post. I’m on the fence about cargo pants (maybe in joggers?). I know they’re a trend, but neither my daughter nor DIL, who are both in their thirties, will wear them. Do yours wear them?

  13. Well. I am on a clothing budget. Self imposed. I got carried away this summer and I have clothing with tags on. I blame the Talbots sales lady. Seriously , I am trying to redefine my style into looking more polished. I am allowing myself to sew. I used to love it. I have jumped on the drapey wide leg pants and finally got it right. I have some gorgeous fabric for more. By the way, you look great in the joggers. I bought a pair and the hubs said they looked like pajamas. I dress to please myself, but I want to look pleasing to him.
    I am loving some of the fall trends including the cargo pants. I love dresses and denim dresses are huge for fall. I have 4 in rotation. I love them all.
    I do have a a question for everyone. I notice that a lot of clothing is worn with a blazer or topper kimono or something. I am in that hot north Texas weather and would like to just wear a top and skirt or a dress or pants and a top. But, I feel unfinished and could use some advice. I’m a plus petite. Ok ladies I have rambled enough. I just want to put my best out there

  14. I agree, Linda. That is one of the reasons that I clear out items that I believe will never return. And proper fit has so much to do with how we look in the garments. I do not want to look 25…just the best me that is enjoying and into life.

  15. Yes they do, Maeve. Again…it is important. I have a pair of older JJILL cargo pants that fit so well that the pockets do not stick out or add size. Fit again is important. I like these joggers updated with the cargo look, and there are some with heavier fabrics. September 11 is one day where I can go right back mentally and re-live every moment of the day…the intense fear of what was happening. My husband has a co-worker who was working out-of-office that day for Cantor Fitzgerald. He was on the phone with the office when the first plane hit. He has experienced PTSD the rest of his life…and a type of survivor’s guilt. My none of us ever ever forget…and I pray it will always be taught in schools though I know some do not. Thank you for sharing.

  16. My husband has not said anything…yet. If he does, I will report back! But that is the kind of comment he would make. I think our weather for North and South Texas changes soon…fingers crossed.
    I am so jealous of your ability to sew! You are smart.

  17. You always look so polished and stylish. As I approach 70 I find that I need to switch out a few pieces in my wardrobe. I look to you for inspiration.

  18. You look so beautiful in your fall items in the first frame here, Pam- lovely! I like the cargo and jogger look in pants but tend to grab my slim leg ankle length or straight ankle length nine of ten times. I also have been wearing a few cropped wide leg this summer and find it easy to out together outfits. I’m wondering if I should invest in wintery wide leg?
    When I look at my cooler weather wardrobe I see beige, camel with black and some navy. I
    Have some self assessment to do.

  19. Our Colorado weather changed today! It is 56 degrees and raining. 9/11 is a somber memory. We didn’t have a personal connection but it was happening on TV live to our country! It feels like yesterday. Pam you look lovely in the pictured outfits and as others have said, your weight loss is showing. Fall colors look terrible on me as I am a cool summer blonde now white mostly so I just slip into warmer clothes like jeans and long sleeved tops in my pallet.

  20. I think all of us self assess when seasons change, Paulette. You might stop by favorite stores and try on the wide leg winter options first. I have enjoyed my wide leg pants and crops a lot and find them easier to style than I originally thought they would be.

  21. I support you in being true to your palette…there are many lovely pinks, white, and blues on the market for fall. You will find lots of inspiration in most of the brands. Thanks Sydney.

  22. Your outfits hit every one of your adjectives. All of them are so stylish and flattering. I like the look of the forever sweater a lot and am considering ordering. Unfortunately my “good” colors are sold out in my size but I will check from time to time in case they restock. Thanks for some great styling suggestions. Looking forward to jacket weather.

  23. I’ve been reading old post of yours and you defined yourself as bohemian.Do you still define your style as such?Thank you

  24. Hi Martha, So happy to have you here. I have been blogging for right at 14 years and my style has followed a journey. For years, I have believed that if we select five adjectives we want to communicate to others about us without saying a word and if we dress to send those five messages everytime we leave the house, then we develop a personal style. But, I met a stylist from London who really helped me with my color palette and she said that I was bohemian. So, I decided to dress bohemian for a while and own it. But, honestly, it was not me. I am going to link here the old post where I explained this. So, I returned to dressing to communicate my five style adjectives: creative, polished, approachable, joyful and current. When I put together outfits, I am thinking about these five words and not one word. Feel free to ask me about this and you can always email me at over50feeling40@gmail.com. The pictures you see today are the confident me.
    Here is the post: https://over50feeling40.com/2022/01/style-reinvention-update-who-am-i-now.html

  25. I really love all of your fall looks. I just have to adjust the colors because earthtones are not great on me. In the first picture, you have a really interesting and cool necklace. In the second picture, you changed to a more delicate one. How come? was that deliberate?

  26. Hi Christine, yes, it was deliberate. I am known for statement necklaces but sometimes when I go out to a meeting or to try on clothing for the blog, it is just easier to go delicate. I like this little medallion one originally from Banana Republic, but I have several statement medallion necklaces as well.

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