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Happy Saturday, all.  Welcome to Style Tips with me featuring how to style wide leg sailor pants.

Once a week, I join forces with my friend, Jennifer, to bring you fashion style tips challenges from our two worlds.

These posts have become very popular to offer style tips for women on how to wear trending items.

Your ideas in the comments can be as long as you want, and have been enjoyed by so many.

Today, I am looking at a current fashion trend that is going into fall fashion as well.

So, join me with your style tips on how to style wide leg sailor pants.


style tips

style tips

Nautical styles are typically popular during spring and summer trends, but as I said…it is now going into fall.

The wide leg sailor pants are distinguished by the buttons on each side of the front.

This display is from Talbots and features the TALBOTS GREENWICH PANTS. (Of course, these are on 25% off as the entire Talbots fall fashions are now)

Here are wide leg sailor pants from other places to give you ideas for your style tips…..

style tips

So, I given you lots of ideas for style tips here.

I encourage you to also think about the challenges with the design of the pant in seeking a confident style….how would you deal with those.

Remember, this is not about you, necessarily, or if you would wear these…you are the fashion stylist for other women, how would you style wide leg sailor pants??


style tips

This audience loved this tweed jacket and several bought it at the 25% off…I would love to here how you are going to style this one.

This is the CONTRAST TRIM TWEED JACKET and it is a great jacket for style and fit…I agree with those who decided to add it to your wardrobe.

style tips

The second big purchase this week for many of you is this EASY KNIT BLAZER.

Would love to know the colors you purchased and your style tips…is it to wear with denim or trousers or both??

Finally, I did not try it on when I was in store, but this dress from Chico’s was purchased by several of you….THE EMBROIDERED RAGLAN DRESS.

It looks lovely…let me know what you think?

Now, it is your turn, budding fashion stylists, what are your best style tips for wide leg sailor pants?

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By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. These sailor pants are cute but they are not for everyone. Since the buttons are the primary style element of these pants, a tucked in top is essential to maintain the look. So I would style them on someone with a relatively flat tummy as the buttons accentuate the abdomen. I would pair them with a Breton striped top to keep with the nautical theme. To my eyes the top shown on the mannequin does not work with this style nor does the pink coat. A red cropped jacket would look much better. For shoes I would suggest platform sneakers. I’d forgo a necklace for a bandana. Goldtone button earrings to mimic the buttons. This is a cute look for someone with a gamine or pixie style; a short haircut or hair worn in a ponytail.

  2. I think I would wear a cropped sweater, with definition and maybe a johnny collar. I can envision color- greens or corals with a pretty short necklace picking up blues/greens stones or colors which complement the coral sweater. AcWhite cropped sweater or top is another option. Navy and white is so classic and I feel it works through early fall with the right shoe and bag ( not too summery ).

  3. The navy pants are in the ‘cute’ category as Cathy mentioned above. I would change the buttons to navy (too shiny for me), and find a short semi fitted button up v neck sweater that hits at the waist. The Breton top she mentioned is iconic and would look adorable. I would wear with slim bangles, hoops, and Chelsea boots for fall. Actually I liked the drape of the Anthropologie slacks better. These look a bit heavy and stiff. I would have to try them on. I am surprised Talbots paired them as shown. I don’t see that as a current vibe, but all the separate pieces are lovely.

  4. I love the colors in this outfit. A top would need to be tucked in with these pants, so they would not work for everyone. When wearing the jacket shown, the buttons are not visible, and it is a dressy look. When the buttons are visible, it looks much sportier, so I am not sure that the pants are a good fit with the blouse and jacket.

  5. I’m noticing in all the photos that some pants have the buttons closer to the side of hips. And some have the buttons a little more towards the front of the hips which appears more slimming. So I never noticed before but the widening or slimming effect of the button placement is important when one purchases these style pants. I like the way it is styled on the first photo with the navy blue pants, multicolored top, and bright pink jacket. I think a combination similar to this gives more of a professional look rather than costume. The shiny or contrast buttons are part of the look, aimed at getting the eye to this design detail. You blunt this detail and the eye catching nature is gone but I can see why some people don’t care for it so much. I remember this style from back in high school when the pants actually buttoned on and off at the two sides in these pants. Difficult to get on and off quickly in the school bathroom.

  6. I agree that a tucked in shirt or cropped top work with the silhouette of the pants. All your photos are styled that way. Because these particular pants zip at the side, a shorter top would work better as tucking in the long blouse and getting it smooth across the front is difficult. The photo shows how bunchy and chubby the model looks across the tummy. I would replace the gold buttons as they focus attention on your midsection. A red-white striped top would be classic. I’d forgo a necklace and would add a canvas tote and sneakers for a casual vibe. I also think a white top with a colorful sweater, in one of the fall trend colors, would go with the navy trousers. For a dressier look, add a blazer and heels or booties.

  7. Hi Deborah, This trend has been going on in the warmer months and is carrying over into fall…so images may reflect lighter fabrics. Thanks for being here.

  8. What a great observation, Babs. I love how you noticed button placement and how it makes a difference for a flattering fit. Good job!

  9. You are right, Maeve…the shiny buttons do draw the eye more to the midsection. Thanks for pointing that out. We have some great fashion stylists here today!

  10. Such lovely colors! Wide leg pants require a shorter top, usually closer to the body. I’m not a big fan of those buttons which draw attention to the hips which many ladies don’t like to do. Happy weekend.

  11. Such wonderful ideas on the pants this morning! Simplicity would be my goal with these pants, which are SO cute! I would tuck in a cream blouse, add gold hoops, and grab my navy suede loafers. Fix my blue and white mini-striped crossbody bag just so, and top with this gorgeous pink coat if the weather warranted it. Otherwise, my cream blazer.

  12. I find most Talbots prints too mumsy (what my granny would have worn) and I think their use of buttons on everything as an accent instantly ages their pieces. The high-waist, wide leg pants are current but the buttons are decorative only (there’s a side zip). I’d look for the same style of pants without buttons, add a tucked in or cropped T and a short jacket. Sneakers, a market tote and a baseball cap for a Saturday market and lunch. Loafers and a work tote for a business casual meeting.

  13. I love the comfort aspect of these pants. At 5’2” they are not very flattering. My husband hates my wide leg jeans from Chicos! Too bad! They will be great with my navy with white stripes tee and maybe my linen sweater from Loft. I got some great comfort clothes on the sales!

  14. I share similar sentiments as Maeve (above) does as to the design of these bottoms and will add I feel they are also more suited for those with a long torso due to their high rise waistline. As to styling them, personally I would avoid pairing them with a ‘vertical’ striped top as risk the appearance of a Venetian Gondolier-ist. Now with that being said; that is just me as I even refrain from wearing garments with epaulets as too uniform for my liking so to style I might choose an alternative patterned or plain top, preferably cropped or one that could easily be tucked in and since the pants are navy, ‘the sky is the limit’ as to color choice. For footwear, I would choose something with a substantial sole (to balance out the hemline of the pants) and design would depend upon the look I was going for as so would be the jewelry chosen. i.e.: Casual relaxed or casual polished. -Brenda-

  15. Sailor pants are a fall trend I’m personally interested in trying. I like the lines added by the buttons and think this could be very flattering to wear. I’ve seen mannequins styled with sailor pants, leaving the top untucked, but to me this ruins the effect of having sailor pants. The untucked shirt covers the cute buttons. I think the top needs to be tucked in, as shown here. Belt: Optional, but probably not. I LOVE the bright colors and all three pieces on this mannequin. If I lived in a place with a cooler climate, I’d buy all three and probably would accessorize with a gold necklace and earrings. BUT–I live in Texas. We can go all winter sometimes without putting on a heavy coat. I keep ONE, basic heavy coat in my wardrobe. I don’t invest in statement piece coats due to the price point and infrequency of wear. Alternately, a denim jacket would probably look alright, but I note that it doesn’t coordinate with the cute, nautical vibe of the pants. I’m thinking that a shorter, button-front cardigan in bright pink would be a great option for those of us who live in warmer climates. I have one from Talbots last year. They may still have something similar.

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