4 easy ways to refresh fall decor

ways to refresh fall decor

Happy September 1!! To kick off this wonderful month, let’s discuss 4 easy ways to refresh fall decor.

I love decorating for fall…not Halloween, but fall!  And I wanted to share a few ways to refresh fall decor this year.

For the first time, in the past two years, I have decided to style my home with adjectives…just as I do my personal fashion style.

It is as much a part of me as my clothes are.

So, when visitors enter my home I want it to speak to them these words...inviting, cozy, comfortable, and warm.

When I am asked my interior decorating style, I now say rustic modern.  I have tweaked this since being at home more from previously identifying it as French Country.

ways to refresh fall decor

My ways to refresh fall decor are always done at two different places….Hobby Lobby and MARSHALL’S.

I have just a few pieces from fall festivals or the Texas Hill Country communities, but predominately my refresh work is done in both of these locations.

ways to refresh fall decor

For example, last week, I stopped by Marshall’s because I desired a new pillow for our bed decor…I knew I would find the options I desired there.

Changing out one pillow each season is one of the ways to refresh fall decor…but there are other four ways I really seem to do the most.

So, let’s get started….


ways to refresh fall decor

EASY WAY #1 to refresh fall decor: OPEN TO NEW COLORS

When I first began decorating for fall many years ago (40 years, I think), everything is basic orange and brown, orange and brown, orange and brown.

In the past three years, I have become more open to other colors…burgundys, greens, blues, and creams.

One of the easy ways to refresh fall decor, is simply to pick up leaves and pumpkins in the other colors.

ways to refresh fall decor

My breakfast area is a cornucopia of colors really styled around the blue & white dishes.

I found this pumpkin last year at Marshall’s and just love it…all the colors work together well….same colors are in the curtains, tablecloth, and the pumpkin.

It is now my favorite pumpkin in the house.  I know this isn’t modern or simple…but, my adjectives are not going for that.

Learn to speak what is you with your fall decor colors…you may be simply a white pumpkin girl.  That is great!


ways to refresh fall decorEASY WAY #2 to refresh fall decor: PILLOW COVERS

These are super easy and economical ways to refresh home decor…just purchase pillow covers for the seasonal changes.

I found these on Amazon and they match the family room vibe perfectly.

I think I paid $8 for the two AVOIN pillow covers at the time I purchased them.


ways to refresh fall decor

EASY WAY #3 to refresh fall decor: WREATHS

Adding little tweaks to wreaths you currently own are great ways to refresh fall decor.

I have owned this basic wreath for years.  I found it for $2 at Goodwill and it was a wreath with a few autumn leaves around it.

Every year, I add to it…a new bow, a pumpkin, sunflowers…something new has surfaced every year to refresh it.

The wreath hook that says JOY was found at Marshall’s in the Christmas decor years ago….since JOY is my word, I like to just keep it up there.


ways to refresh fall decor

EASY WAY #4 to refresh fall decor:  AROMAS

There is just something about the wonderful aromas of fall which are lovely ways to refresh fall decor.

I make sure to have new candles…because I do love candles in the evenings and weekend mornings.

My favorite aromas are all related to cinnamon…Apple cinnamon, Spiced Cider, Pumpkin cinnamon.

I also fresh a couple of bowls of potpourri…which you can do yourself….DIY POTPOURRI WITH ESSENTIAL OILS.

I use these potpourri oils on pine cones too.

ways to refresh fall decor

I also put some of the oil around the fall arrangements I have changed out for the season.

This old crock pitcher actually came off my grandmother’s farm in East Texas and I change out the arrangement in it seasonally.

ways to refresh fall decor

ways to refresh fall decor

Finally, Marshall’s is a great place to find easy ways to refresh fall decor like hand soaps and coffee mugs.

I always change out the hand soaps…took this one home at $4.00…and I am showing you the mugs there.

I already have fall mugs and have changed them out.  Fall and Christmas are the only times I put out special coffee/hot chocolate mugs because typically family is around more.

Truth is San Antonio has gone from 106 degrees to 101 degrees and may not see big changes until the end of the month.

But, doing these little ways to refresh fall decor just brings me joy and hope of changing seasons to come.

I do not apologize for decorating early and I enjoy the fall decor all the way to Thanksgiving.

I also am not spending a lot of money here…but I do believe I speak those adjectives at home.

Thanks for being here and I hope you join in tomorrow for Style Tips….see you then….and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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ways to refresh fall decor


  1. I love to decorate for fall, too. I live in north Texas and like you, I never thought to put essential oils on my floral arrangements. That’s a great idea.

  2. I enjoy the autumn season so much, but right now I want to hang on to summer because I love to swim laps in the pool. Pools around here usually close after Labor Day, but our condo pool stays open a week longer. Then I will be ready! I usually limit my fall decor to a pumpkin or two and a bowl of gourds, which we enjoy picking out each year, a wreath of bittersweet, and candles (is there anything better than lighting a candle at dusk when the days get shorter?). This is not a criticism, as I love the decor of your home, but I would definitely not describe it as modern … I think maybe updated French country?

  3. Whatever it is called…it is certainly unique to me. I love it when we have a visitor and they tell me that my home is so cozy and inviting! I will take that every day. Thanks Linda

  4. Gorgeous easing into fall decor… I do like the richer colors you are showing…and those actually will meld much better in my home. Love the La Maison line of soaps, Sweet Almond is my current favorite, but will pop over to my local TJ Maxx and pick up some pumpkin. I can’t imagine how you are coping with the heat, here in the SF Bay Area we have been spared , it’s warm but not what you’ve had and easier to slide into fall decor. but we still have September and Indian Summer…thanks for the essential oil hint…will try that along with some scented candles…….Happy Sept 1, and let fall begin!

  5. Yes, your home exudes comfort and welcome! I noticed an old building pictured in the wooden frame next to your cream colored vase. It looks very interesting, but I couldn’t get a clear view of the writing. Is it somewhere special to you? My change going into fall is to tuck some mums into my planter on the front stoop, then do a fall cleaning all around the house, and finish with changing summer reading blankets out for their more cuddly counterparts. Once that’s completed, I will crave a pumpkin spice latte and some gingerbread!

  6. Most of the artwork in our home was handed down from my husband’s mother, however, I purchased that one at a furniture consignment shop simply because I liked it….nothing more. I may not pull out the blankets until they can be used.

  7. Oh yes, Pamela, I LOVE to decorate for FALL ( my birthday is Sept 30 and I will be 74) and then the 4 grandkidss help me put out our Halloween collection early Oct since we worked in Idaho Wood River Valley schools when the grands were born and we started doing DECOR with the Collection of Halloween my mom, born in 1911 who was a teacher, had saved for me ( WISH SHE HAD SAVED THE COSTUMES MY GRANDMA Made Me- I was the younger of the 2 grands when Gma did that.) . our 2 girls loved the decorations, I later sold Longaberger baskets and pottey so we have many really cute Fall and Halloween baskets ! My dear friend I started teaching with 50 yrs ago last month made several fall/Halloween quilts for me too out of lineres,placemats, and napkins from th ebaskets as I simplify!! Now the 4 grands help decorate and love the antique dec r.- they have put their initials on the bottoms of THEIR favorites. WE started decorating here 6 yrs ago when we sold our Id home. and moved “Back to Wyoming!) I love Texas decor also, AND ENJOY IT SINCE OUR FAMILY HAS MEMBERS LIVING THERE IN sAN aNTONIO TOO..!!!
    Fun)) Here in Wyo. we bake a variation of Martha Stewart’s Graveyard brownies with Oreos as gravestones as TRADITION!! We have a blast with all the photos since the grands help us decorate wooden liv. room shelves,, buffet, and walls, and windows & porch outside. I love your burgundy colors with traditional fall colors( We rented a home 5 yrs in Idaho with deep blue-red burg KITCHEN walls and I LOVED using fall decor there!!!tans, gold, orange & rust. I have fall blues too and LOVE your tAble cloth. I will check out Marshalls and of course Hobby Lobby & Michaels, too as well as the thrift stores which up in the Sun Valley Idaho AREA WERE WONDERFUL sources of decor. I truly enjoyed being on fall/Oct Brithday decoration committee at Woodside Elementary(now Alturis) in Hailey and also helping V.O.I.C.E Students do fun fall projects even a mural as their Special-Needs-Para-Educator! WAHOOOOO! WELCOME Fall!!

  8. Jennie, I adore your enthusiasm. Thank you for sharing all of this and keep up the good work.

  9. Already 90 this morning! Fall in southern Colorado is still a month away. I love your adjectives for your home and find they fit ours as well. Burgundy and blue green work for me. I changed out my pillow covers and found some lovely soft velvety dark green covers for my sofa throw pillows on top of my neutral ones that are more textured. I don’t care for orange and don’t do Halloween decorations as I live in an older community without any children. My grands are now in their 20-40s and live far away. Jennie you are so lucky to have yours living near by. I love the fall weather when it gets here in October.

  10. I love fall too and do a little decorating on the front porch and in my living room. I really like the fall arrangement in your grandmother’s pitcher. I’m going to try something similar. And will switch out the wreaths on either side of the door to the fall versions. I start putting out fall decor more or less around the equinox and leave it up until the first of December. I have a small collection of glass and ceramic pumpkins that I place on the mantle and a couple of grapevine pumpkins I put in front of the hearth along with a cute ceramic black cat. I wait until mid Oct to put the faux pumpkins on the porch. There are no children in our small neighborhood so I don’t decorate for Halloween. I used to enjoy that too. Wishing fall weather to come your way.

  11. I, too, decorate mainly for fall. I have few small items that are strictly Halloween themed & a few that are Thanksgiving themed. I already have my fall scents out & will continue to add items throughout the weekend. I like the idea of adjectives for my home. I think mine would be peaceful, welcoming & cozy. Coming out a season of my life that was rather chaotic, I want my home to be a peaceful haven & am working toward that goal.

  12. The white pitcher from your Grandmother’s farm is a treasure. It looks wonderful and must be a great reminder of your family. For some reason, our main living areas are already and year round in fall shades of rust and brown. I am not a huge fan of orange, but I am a big fan of fall decor. Thanks for your inspiring ideas. So sorry it is so hot still in San Antonio. But! The days are getting shorter.

  13. I do enjoy decorating for fall. I am using apples in a basket for now. Will switch to pumpkins and leaves in about 3 weeks. The aromas of fall are my favorite for the entire year. Great ideas, thanks

  14. Great tips, lovely decorations! I split time between a rural farming community and a city. I always forage for branches, flours, acorns, etc. in the country and fill a vase as you did. (I love yours!). I wait for pumpkins and gourds and don’t put them out until October. I’m already looking for a few new pillow covers for fall, but I am still relishing summer here in New England. I need some mums and asters to plant. Totally with you on cinnamon. Oh, and my husband, who is the baker in our family, picked apples from our tree yesterday and made an apple pie to take to our friends for dinner tonight.

  15. Beautiful decor Pam! Like you I run over to Marshalls orvTJ Maxx for all things fall. Love this season and yes the aromas are a huge part of creating the autumn mood!
    Your home is really lovely!

  16. What a lively discussion of the joys of Fall I enjoyed all the comments. Pam, what essential oils do you use for Fall?

  17. Can you even believe it’s September 1st!! I can’t wait to start pulling fall decor out. Marshalls and TJMaxx are my favorite places to shop for a home or holiday refresh. They always have something fun or festive to add!

  18. You can actually purchase essential oils like Cinnamon, Apple Cider, Harvest Blend, etc. I have purchased on Amazon before.

  19. Pam, I miss my Real porch from Idaho…we have a deck here.. no cover on top limits me…my hubby has declined to help me add one” yet”. The my OTHER projects have taken lots of time & worn him out…we expanded the veg. garden this year & also my sunflowers went WILD so removal of LOTSsunflower seeds on ground ahead. So far we’ve had 90’s this week days even a mile high in Wyo. ; it does go to mid 60’s at night. !!we use our a/c some. but I am usually ok with the tall oscillating floor fan so our grand-dog Gunnar (Czech-German shepherd visiting )with PLUSH coat, can lie in front of it! We enjoy his companionship LOTS! I enjoy your ideas and the enthusiasm from all the comments too in both yours and Jen’s blogs! ENJOY FALL!
    PS on Sept 1 I treated myself to both a manicure Finally and then used my gift coupon next door for a Chinese massage at Shu’s here in Casper…so I started Sept well relaxed!!

  20. Sounds like you started September with self care! Which is so important for us to occasionally gift to ourselves…good for you, Jennie. I would love 60s at night and hope we will see it before Christmas! Thanks for joining in….

  21. Love fall refresh and pillow covers are so great because storing them doesnt take up room . Fall is a fave time as well as christmas . Love the plaid bow on your wreath

  22. Fall and Christmas are my favorites for a cozy home…by far my favorite time of year. Thanks Susan.

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