Clara Sun Woo elevated, fashion forward fall outfits

fashion forward fall outfits

Happy Thursday, ladies!  I have some fun for you today as we look at Clara Sun Woo elevated, fashion forward fall outfits.

We are going to look at Clara Sun Woo for the elevated, fashion forward fall outfits many of us desire, and look at what was happening the day I wore this look.

I have enjoyed representing Clara Sun Woo and showed you pieces which are elevated and fashion forward across many seasons.

The brand does design many, many black pieces for those of you who love black, and today’s fall outfit also shows a color which is a star for any of us.

So, let’s get ready for a little creative fun with Clara Sun Woo and last Saturday’s “ring of fire” eclipse.


fashion forward fall outfits

Though I wear very little black, I was happy to show you this elevated look from Clara Sun Woo.

Basically,  this becomes elevated, fashion forward with the current trends represented here:

  1. An oversized vest (you have seen that is currently on trend)
  2. Faux leather pants ( ladies of all ages are loving them)
  3. Black for fashion forward fall, outfits which transitions easily into winter outfits

Most of you know one of my style adjectives that I want to communicate with my own personal style is the word “current.”

Current is my word for fashion forward fall outfits.

Following trends, allows us to look current and avoid that awful word, “frumpy.”

I use the word “elevated” often when I write about Clara Sun Woo…this is because of the styles and fabrics the brand selects.

The brand meets my requirements for elevated casual chic, and that is why you often find it in nicer boutiques.

But, I am here to help you out with Clara Sun Woo….Use the code PAM50 for 10% off

Today, I am wearing and outfit that I like all three pieces very much…these pants are one of the best faux leather pants I have tried on.  So comfortable and beautiful….

  3. The top is TWILL KNIT-TIPPED HEM SWEATER.  (great French Blue Color!). I will wear this often while the weather is cool. It is a lighter weight sweater and very comfy.


fashion forward fall outfits

On the day we took these photos of this fun outfit, God did some of His best elevated, creative work with the “ring of fire” eclipse.

San Antonio was one of the best places to see this partial eclipse and many people traveled here last weekend just for that reason.

I put on the glasses and looked up once, but my favorite images were on the ground.

At the time the sun was partially blocked, the shadows were amazing.

fashion forward fall outfits

I found my upper deck and backyard side walk to be fascinating.

Sometimes I look at images from nature and wonder what a fabric design would look like in those Images.


fashion forward fall outfits

They almost looked like 3-D bubbling billows of smoke.

It really was amazing and captivating.

So, this was a great day to be wearing captivating, elevated, fashion forward style!

Remember I can offer you some savings….Clara Sun Woo….Use the code PAM50 for 10% off

Let me know if you have any questions!  And hopefully, I will see you tomorrow.


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post.  The words are my own.

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Also, if I have posted a link on a specific garment, and you use that link to go to the website of the brand, but look around and buy something else, I still get credit…though you do not buy what I am wearing.

Please ask any questions… this income helps keep me here, because even at age 70, Mr. B and I need additional income.  He also works two jobs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who shops this way.

fashion forward fall outfits


  1. I love you in the outfit you posted with the quote by Tim Gunn! That is a perfect style jacket for you! The vest is a little over powering.

  2. Such a beautiful outfit and you wear it well! I certainly do like all aspects of this outfit including the black and blue. I’m wish we knew how long this faux leather pants trend will last. Your eclipse photos are certainly captivating. I made a pinhole camera and saw the beginning of the eclipse, but clouds hindered our view and ultimately covered the view completely. But our view was only between 50-60%.

  3. The faux leather pant trend does come and go. My original pair I have owned for years and wear them every year. I am happy to add these in. My cost per wear on the original pair is very low. Thanks Celia.

  4. This vest actually has a nice fit to it and it not as oversized as many I have seen. Isn’t it great to be able to wear both…I love options. Thanks Nancy.

  5. Love your eclipse photos. Wow! It would have been interesting to see the blouse w/o the vest, although it’s a moot point for many of us as none of these clothes are wearable by petite women. The smallest size appears to be a 4-6, which is too large for me to consider. If you’re my size you quickly get the message that these clothes are not for you, that designers like CSW don’t believe that you can wear “elevated” clothes.

  6. Honestly, that is a bit harsh…I do not know what the designers believe. But, I believe any woman can find and wear elevated casual clothing. Not every brand is for every woman. I will ask the CSW representatives your question about petites and see what they have to say.

  7. I am blessed to have it while I do…I have shrunk one and a half inches in since crossing age 60. But, even I try on petite sizes with some success. It just depends on the garments.

  8. This outfit hits that sweet spot of being both casual and elegant. I’d never heard of this brand before you started featuring it, and I’m impressed with the cut of the clothing. It’s on my radar now!

  9. They do have lovely clothes, Linda. Quality and creative designs. I first met the brand in one of my favorite boutiques so I was familiar with them when they asked to work with me. Glad to place it on radars!

  10. I really enjoy reading your post first thing in the morning. So uplifting and positive 🙂 My style is casual, so Clara Woo is out of my league! My go to is Jjill for simple casual stylish clothes. They fit me well and are so comfy.

  11. Hi Lisa, hope you will be back tomorrow…JJILL is all set to go for tomorrow’s post!

  12. That French blue is truly a beautiful color that works for so many of us. Thank you for sharing the interesting photos of effect of the ring of fire eclipse. We are in the direct path of the total solar eclipse happening in April 2024. Preparations have been underway for quite some time. I hope we are experiencing April showers on that day.

  13. A lovely look on you. The skinny pants are very flattering and the blue sweater especially brightens up the black and is a great color for you. Thanks for the cool photos from the eclipse. It was cloudy here. We had a nice one about 6 years ago.

  14. You look lovely in that outfit. You are so lucky for your height even if you have lost some of it. Me too. I have lost and inch so far at 78. I am 5’2” and that outfit would swallow me. I do like the blue sweater and could wear it. Happy Thursday!

  15. Dear Pamela….May I be so bold as to ask what size you’re wearing in the CSW liquid leather pants? In the CSW brand, I usually wear a medium in knit bottoms, even though I wear an 8 or 10 in other brands and size 1 in Chico’s. But the description using the words “skinny pants” makes me question if medium will be too tight.🤔 I’ve loved Clara Sun Woo for years!

  16. As our temperatures are hovering at 50° F the sleeveless vests that are currently on trend are sadly not feasible weather wise or cost per wear however it does look lovely on you Pamela. As to the faux leather pants very chic and the sweater’s color does suit you. Last but not least; as you mention you are in contact with CSW reps. perhaps you could mention it may be to their benefit for Canadian sales if they would provide on their website ‘more’ shipping and return details. i.e.: What carrier do they use? Etc. -Brenda-

  17. I do have to size up with CSW, Tina. These are XL. I wear a size 3 at Chico’s…hope that helps. I am pretty much a true size 16.

  18. Those are excellent questions, Brenda. I have no idea, but I will pass this along to them. Thanks

  19. Hi Sandra, I have owned these Via Spiga leather loafers for several years and I originally found them at Nordstrom Rack. One of the best buys I ever made. I am so sorry I have no links for this specific shoe.

  20. I love, love, love this outfit on you! So slimming! And the shoes! Perfect 😍
    I called Clara Sunwoo’s Customer Care and the lovely representative said that they do get a lot of requests for a petite line, but as they are a small company they do not yet carry petites. She did say that they do manufacture some petite clothing for a store called Von Maur. I just checked and they currently have a selection of seven items on offer. Slim pickings but better than nothing!

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