JJILL new fall outfits designed for comfort

fall outfits

Happy fall fashion Friday!  Today, let’s look at a few JJILL new fall outfits.

These are fall outfits designed for comfort which are more on my radar right now with surgery looming ahead.

I want to be warm, cozy, comfortable and meet my style adjectives all at the same time while I recover.

I know that is quite an ask of my fall outfits.

JJILL’s new fall outfits have attractive separates for any type of comfort level.  That is why I decided to stop by.

So,  join me this lovely fall day, as I introduce you to new fall outfits at JJILL….specifically designed for comfort.


fall outfits

As you can see, one of the new fall outfits designed for comfort came home with me and has already been worn.

In fact, I bought it a size larger (XL) just to seal the comfort factor for my needs ahead.

This is the Pure Jill Tweed Double V Sweater in the color called Copper Brown Multi.

More than any other retailer, JJILL features colors perfect for ladies who wear the autumn palette…and I really appreciate that.  They also have cool palette colors as well.

I have worn this top with a necklace and with a scarf….it is perfect for South Texas weather right now.

I have it on with my JJILL Boyfriend Jeans which I do wear often.  This is a great jean and currently on sale.

I also want to mention that my favorite leggings are all from JJILL, and they complete fall outfits designed for comfort!  Check out JJILL LEGGINGS.


fall outfits

This coat definitely tops off fall outfits designed for comfort.

I am wearing the JJILL Velvet-Hooded Tumble Cord Jacket in dark fig.

I think this is a great casual jacket.  I am wearing a Misses, but easily would have preferred the length in a Petite.

The pants are the JJILL Pintucked Ponte Slim Leg Pants in dark fig, but they are available in five colors.

fall outfits designed for comfort

This is the sweater I am wearing underneath.

This is the JJILL Placed- Cable Crew-Neck Sweater in oatmeal.

There is a similar sweater with a collar and I like it better, though it was not in the location where I stopped. It is the JJILL Cabled Polo Sweater in porcelain.

fall outfits


The next two tops are included in fall outfits designed for comfort, but I would also like to add WARMTH.  Both are cozy.

I love the deep teal color of this first one…the JJILL SEAMED FLEECE MOCK-NECK TOP…designed for lots of comfort.

I also liked the fit of this top better than most of the ones I tried on.

fall outfits

fall outfits

This next cozy comfy sweater is also in a great color, called bayberry.

This is the JJILL Majestic Funnel -Neck Sweater.

It would look great topped off with the JJILL Floral-Print Mix Infinity Scarf.


fall outfits

Of course, I tried this on for you cool palette ladies and for those looking for fall outfits designed for comfort and elevated style.

This is the Pure Jill Velvet Seamed Draped Top…perfect for a holiday gathering at home.

I could see it with nice black pants and a bold necklace if you wanted to elevate the look. 

fall outfits

This jacket is perfect for topping fall outfits in warmer climates.

It is a lovely autumn color and very lightweight.

This is the Pure Jill Textured Clip-Jacquard Jacket.

The color called cardamom-spice is a lighter color than it appears online.

fall outfits

This would be a great little layering top for any autumn palette wardrobe designed for comfort.

It is the Pure Jill Ecovero Satin Cap Sleeve Top in the color called saffron.

If it had been a V Neck, it would have been in my shopping bag and added to my wardrobe family to wear underneath jackets.

It is very comfortable.

fall outfits

Here you will find a gem among the  fall outfits in soft neutrals and with lots of details.

The Pure Jill collection had my favorites when I stopped by the store.

I guess since they call this collection THE ART OF EASE, then it fits for clothing designed for comfort.

fall outfits designed for comfort

Just look at the lovely detail on this sweater and think about how that adds to your fall outfits.

This is the Pure Jill Hand-Stitched Details Boat Neck Sweater which comes in two colors.  

fall outfits designed for comfort

These pants almost give a tweed-type appearance.   They are nicer than mosts of the pull-on pants I have seen.

These are the Pure Jill Twill Straight Leg Pants in khaki/multi.  They also come in black.

fall outfits

Remember JJILL has a petite department for your fall outfits.

Thank you for joining me today on Fashion Friday.  If you have any questions about your fall outfits or the JJILL new arrivals, then just ask.

I will be here tomorrow with a Style Tips Challenge with Jennifer.


By Pamela Lutrell

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Please ask any questions… this income helps keep me here, because even at age 70, Mr. B and I need additional income.  He also works two jobs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who shops this way.

fall outfits


  1. So excited to see these new looks from my favorite retailer – thanks, Pam! I have had those dark fig ponte pants in my cart for two days and You’ve convinced me to buy them, but I’ll use your link instead. I agree that no one caters to our autumn coloring like JJill, and I look forward to seeing what they have this fall in my colors. The dark fig has been really good for me, and I look forward to adding more coordinating pieces this fall/winter. I was relieved to see that I’m not the only one who has lost 1.5″ since passing the 60-year milestone – I thought my body was just weird. Having been 5’9″ all my adult life, I’m trying to get used to dressing with slightly less height. Seeing you try on pieces really helps, and I look forward to doing some fall shopping now!

  2. Just a quick word to say how lovely your hair is looking and I love the neutral, creamy colours on you.
    Have a good weekend.

  3. I love that dark fig color. It is a good one. The shrinking has been a real bummer, but I know it happens. You just have to roll with the punches! Thanks Lorrie.

  4. I believe all the links are there…just click the words petite department and it will take you to JJILL petites. Thanks!

  5. Happy that you found some comfy items for your upcoming recovery period. J Jill is my favorite retailer. They consistently have a wide range of colors to suit the different seasonal palettes and a good selection of neutrals. I find their petite department is one of the best, especially for pants and jeans. I thought the light weight Pure Jill jacket was lovely on you. I saw it in person and its a beautiful topper for a warmer climate. Oh, and I agree, your hair looks especially nice today.

  6. So happy to see that Jjill is still sporting autumn. Talbots has moved into their next color phase. Great choices there for comfortable clothing; good for recuperation. Shrinking is something I am experiencing, too. I used to be taller than my daughter. It’s unsettling ! Also, Jjill’s Wearever is currently 30% off. Pam, I love seeing you in these colors!

  7. I was interested to see what JJill has for fall/winter. I get their emails but haven’t shopped there for a long time. I can see where it fits with my sometime casual lifestyle, but they have a lot of longer, kind of oversized styles and I’ve changed from that. I’ll have to stop in the local store to check them out again…I do like some of their dresses and the Wearever line. The scarf is beautiful, just so amazing, but “they” say infinity scarves are out… have you heard that! Since I sew, I cut all of mine on the seam and hemmed them into oblong scarves, and depending on the fabric of this one, I would be willing to make this one over. That scarf, remade, is now on my radar!!

  8. Am I the only one who has found JJill sizes to be a bit larger than other brands? I ordered some pants and tops a few years ago in my usual petite size and the pants are very loose around my waist. Do others size down for a more comfortable fit? I’m loving the purple tops I saw but wonder what size to order. My nearest store is almost 200 miles away.

  9. I love JJill because they suit my retired lifestyle. They are “tummy friendly” and I need to size down as a result, but that’s actually pretty great. They always have very casual things like hoodies that are elevated a little by beautiful colors and a bit of shaping. Today, I love the sweater with the contrast stitching. And that dark fig color is a fave of mine, especially worn with olive … so glad it’s been in the lineup a few seasons. I appreciate that they do that and you can match items in various collections. Big thumbs up for this retailer.

  10. Thanks Kathie…I agree that they have the best seasonal colors for this autumn lady!

  11. Thanks for sharing that Deborah about the 30% off Wearever…sometimes it is difficult to stay on top of the sales.

  12. I have not seen that about infinity scarves. But, I believe I would wear them no matter what. My light infinity scarves are the best to wear down here…but, you know, I love all things scarves! That is cool that you can reinvent them at home.

  13. This is just my opinion, Celia…I have no evidence. But, I believe that during pandemic years, they were experimenting with sizes because the clothes did seem very large during that time. But, they are back, in my opinion, to what they were before that. This year when I returned to JJILL, the clothes fit better and more true to size.

  14. Thanks for sharing this, Linda! I believe it helps lots of shoppers to know when you are a fan and why.

  15. These clothes look very cute and comfy but, having had hammer toe surgery on both feet, I think that you may need some pants with a wider leg to fit over the big post-surgery boot you will have on 99% of the time. I found that Soma Cool Nights Wide Leg Pants were what I wore all the time after my procedures. They are easy to get off and on and, although they’re technically pajamas, I looked fine wearing them to my post-op appointments with a nice knit top. Good luck on your upcoming surgery!

  16. Jjill is my absolute favorite! I feel like I can pick just about anything and look classy which makes me feel confident 😊 have a wonderful weekend!

  17. I also meant to say how great your hair is looking! I love it curly, too but you have the perfect cut for wearing it straightened like this. Have a great weekend!

    For Celia, yes, JJill items tend to run slightly larger. It’s really helpful to read the buyer comments shown with each item to get a good idea how each piece fits. I sometimes have trouble with the arms of their tops being too skimpy or tight, but that comment often appears in the comments. Most commenters will include their height and weight so you can get a reasonably good idea of how it would fit you.

    Also, like Karen I buy infinity scarves and separate them on a seam to wear like a traditional scarf. Most of the ones I choose can just be fringed on the ends, so it’s a super simple fix – no sewing required!

  18. Hi Pam. I want to wish you well with your upcoming surgery. I applaud you for seeking out comfy clothes that will be an easy on/off following surgery and during your recuperation. I love the double V neck sweater and the great oatmeal sweater and pull on pant ( neutrals). Very nice! Someone mentioned your hair and I too love the shade. Very pretty all around!

  19. These outfit’s definitely hit my adjective for casual and comfortable! I’m a petite woman and love finding a store that has a good selection of petites. I love that fig color even though I am a cool summer. I could wear it with that blue velvet top! I too love your hair.

  20. I agree with others that the dark fig color is very flattering and the ponte knit button front shirt is beautiful. Beautiful drape and can be worn casual or dressed up. J Jill is one of my favorite retailers just wish there was one closer to where I live in AZ.

  21. Good luck with the surgery! I have not found any need for new tops after my broken ankle surgery, unless, of course, you want to sneak in some of those lovely sweaters – LOL. However, pants are a completely different story. My cast is huge, and I have had to buy several pairs of really wide leg pants to accommodate it. I would think that wide-leg crops might work well in your climate. I would also think that straight-leg pants, and especially leggings, would be out of the question until your swelling goes down and you no longer have any pain. Please take care and enjoy being catered to, if you can.

  22. Hi Cindy…when I go places that I do not take someone with me to take photos, I take the photos into the mirror with the phone. You will see this on many blogs. I also use my full length mirrors at home to do the same thing. Take your phone hold it up into a mirror and take a photo…then you will see what I am talking about. I wish I had a photographer to go every where with me…I just do not. When you do not see a picture with the phone, then someone (usually Mr. B) is helping me out!

  23. I’m from Texas(south) and I love fall but we don’t get much here so I look for lighter weight fabrics in sweaters and shirts. Not much need for coats. Jjill has extensive choices but their colors are limited even though black is always my go to color. Their sizes have gone kind of wacko lately. Their Wearever had always been reliable but lately even that I had to exchange an item which is a hassle since the closest store is 250 miles away and I’m sure they are not planning any new stores down here. Your selections are lovely and I hope you have an enjoyable time wearing them.

  24. Hello Alicia, welcome to the blog. The stores I stop by to try on clothes are the favorites of my audience. I go to try on clothes for them and only occasionally purchase for me. So what you are seeing are items that I found in store to try on for my audience. They seem to appreciate the ability to see clothing on a live person. Also, I live in San Antonio…so I understand the issue with warm climates. I wore a light linen cardigan yesterday that I originally purchased at JJILL years ago and it was perfect for the SA weather. I try on black often because a large majority of my audience wears black…I have a little black…but I am a vibrant autumn palette and my best colors to wear are autumn warm colors…which JJILL is one of the best retailers to carry those colors. Just wanted to give you some background for these posts and I hope you will be sticking around. I do this at several retailers.

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