Fall travel favorites for women over 60

travel favorites

Happy Thursday, everyone!  I have returned from my recent travels and ready to show you some fall travel favorites for women over 60.

I flew north to assist my daughter for eight days.  Actually, I am exhausted.

It has been a long time before I assumed the role of “mom” for three…it reminds me of just how much work mothers do every day.

I purposefully observed travelers over 60 and noted what they were wearing….there were many women who dressed confident and with style on their plane trips.

That was nice to see.  When I flew to Seattle and back, more women were very, very casual…the women I observed this time would be in the casual chic category.

So, with my observations I was able to compile some fall travel favorites for women over 60.


travel favorites

There were a few ladies who joined me by wearing their comfortable jeans as travel favorites for women over 60.

I am wearing the JJILL HIGH RISE BOOT-CUT JEAN which has a little elastic stretch at the back and is super comfy for traveling.

This was my departure from San Antonio outfit.  I cannot link to the Eileen Fisher espresso tank, or the little red jacket …owned them both for awhile…the jacket for years.

Of course, as one of my top travel favorites, I still love my EASY SPIRIT TRAVELTIME CLASSIC CLOGS...navigating airports is a piece of cake in these shoes!

Travel favorites for other women over 60 included double breasted blazers with jeans…one women was wearing pink, another tan, and another navy.

All of these women…and I noted it…wore these jackets with jeans and white sneakers.

Here are some double breasted jackets currently on the market…but you can find them most places…please use SHOPPING LINKS to locate your favorite:


travel favorites

I know it is a little creepy of me to sneak up on unsuspecting travelers…I make sure not to get faces.

Actually, from the front this over 60 traveler was very cute in her wide leg pants as a travel favorite.

I call wide leg pants one of the travel favorites because I saw several women wearing them…and they were all petite.

So, here are a few of the wide leg selections for petites currently available…..

You might also notice she is wearing a top with sleeves like I have showed you from Chico’s.

I also love her friends slim leg burgundy pants with the leopard flats.  They are similar to these.


travel favorites

Travel favorites for women over 60 included striped tops…which did not surprise me since I have seen them on trend for awhile.

This traveler paired a striped tunic top with comfy jogger pants, and Birkenstock Slides.

The only other travel favorite which stood out to me, was the jean jacket.

I did see several women over 60 wearing one…as the weather is finally beginning to cool slightly in Texas.

For this slide show I am featuring designs of jackets I saw on women over 60…from petite to plus….


travel favorites

The best dressed for travel was this robin red breasted bird in my daughter’s backyard….such a lovely autumn color!

However, I did see two women who really captured my attention with their travel favorites…though I have no pictures.

I will discuss them I a separate post soon.

I hope you enjoyed my spying mission to bring you Fall travel favorites for women over 60.

I actually carry a little notebook for taking notes when I travel.  I did not show you my return outfit…because I am was so tired, I looked as I felt.

It was a wonderful time with family, but I am happy to be back with Mr. B, Tux, and YOU!

Let me know if you have questions and by all means……


By Pamela Lutrell

Remember,  you can shop ANYTIME with the links under the page at the top called SHOPPING LINKS...and I will receive a small compensation for your shopping.

Also, if I have posted a link on a specific garment, and you use that link to go to the website of the brand, but look around and buy something else, I still get credit…though you do not buy what I am wearing.

Please ask any questions… this income helps keep me here, because even at age 70, Mr. B and I need additional income.  He also works two jobs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who shops this way.

travel favorites



  1. Interesting to hear women over 60 are wearing denim jackets & jeans whilst travelling – those are the two garments I refuse to wear on planes, because of their bulk, lack of stretch & also the metal zips/ buttons etc (so I find it hard to curl up & sleep comfortably in them, or even to just sit for extended periods of time) !

  2. I love this! I do the same thing- I put a few notes in my my iPhone. I haven’t yet taken pictures. That is tricky! I have two pals that I share the ideas with. Last week I flew south to the Jersey shore. My favorite was a woman about my age who had a poncho, slim slacks , and ballet flats. It was an outfit that I had considered wearing, but knew that I was going to need a raincoat. I have an ivory and olive plaid one that I wear often as a coat. I paired it with a striped Breton top, ivory jeans, lug soled loafers, and and olive cross body. It met all my adjectives. I always want to look ‘casual chic’ while traveling. Thank you for the photos. It gave me a few few options. I am glad to be in the club of observing and borrowing ideas. We should name it! We are traveling fashion reporters!

  3. I meant to add that I loved your travel outfit! When I travel to babysit, I feel the same way. Love to be there, but need recuperation time on the return! I am sure you all had a ball, and it is so bonding.

  4. It may help you to remember that I was flying within Texas…and we love our denim here. Also, the JJILL jeans I am wearing are designed for comfort.

  5. Yes…we are in the club and I consider myself a traveling fashion reporter all the time. I saw a fabulous over 60 woman at the grocery last night. I am taking note for everyone here of what others are wearing when they look their best.

  6. It was a bonding experience in many ways, Deborah…but I am exhausted…it will take me a few days to fully recover.

  7. You look great, as always, Pam. I love the way that current fashion now gives us items that are extremely comfortable and at the same time give an attractive, polished look. My favorite part of travel is people watching and I have seen some travel outfits that were “doozies”. Like you, I also look for ladies with really good outfits so that I can reproduce a similar look from my own closet. Thanks for the always wonderful start to my day.

  8. Interesting! When I went to Alaska this last time, I was congratulated by the ticket agent on having the “perfect” travel outfit, which trilled me because I figured she would know :). I wore super stretchy Jockey navy yoga type pants, a navy and white striped spf top, a jean jacket, and my navy sneakers and Lululemon belt/crossbody bag (the very best for traveling). I usually don’t wear or pack jeans because I find them too heavy, and if they get wet they take forever to dry. I love the term “casual chic.” I’m searching for a fifth adjective at the moment, and never even considered “chic” because my wardrobe is so casual. Hmm… Glad you had safe travels!

  9. I too like the way you look for travel Pam. I’d consider either the blazer look or Jean jacket depending on my destination (casual place or more upscale). I’d also consider my plans once I’m there. ( wherever “there” happens to be).
    Hope you are now getting in some “me” time / time to relax and restore.

  10. I have a file on my computer where I put my own inspiration outfits from observations I have made. It is fun and helps to people watch.

  11. I believe travel wear has everything to do with the destination and activities once arriving. Jeans are my workwear when I am going to be faced with caring for a family with housework and children. So, I wore them going and coming and then they did not take up space in the suitcase. These are very comfortable jeans and worked for the tasks at hand.

  12. Thanks Paulette…I hope a meeting with my doctor tomorrow can finalize foot surgery for me. Thanks!

  13. For a short trip recently I wore jeans on the plane on the way home. I would never wear them on long haul, 8 hour or more flights. Too uncomfortable. I also wore a stripe top and a short suede jacket that was similar in style to a jeans jacket and must be 15 years old. I wore my black New Balance trainers as I have TSA pre check and don’t have to remove shoes. I could not bring myself to wear slides or clogs with no socks if I had to take my shoes off for security. Ewww. And no clogs for me generally, I cannot keep them on and find them uncomfortable and unsafe. But that’s just me and my foot doctor speaking, I know other people love them.

  14. I have done foot surgery on both feet. I hope you are going to an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in feet. I am so glad I did it. Wishing you all the best!

  15. Yes, I am…he is considered to be one of the best in San Antonio and is the official orthopedic doctor for the San Antonio Spurs and most athletes in the city…one of the reasons this is taking so long!
    Thanks Kathy!

  16. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on travel-wear. Your outfit was cute! I also enjoyed reading Deborah’s description of her recent travel outfit with the plaid raincoat. That sounded very stylish as well. We fly out from Portland for Mexico in little over a week, and I enjoy creating just the right travel-day outfits which always consist of a third piece I can shrug off as soon as we land. It can be mid-40’s for our early departure, and high 80’s upon arrival!

  17. If you’re trying to travel light then wearing jeans/jean jacket on the plane is a way to not put bulky items in your suitcase.
    The fabric is heavy and doesn’t wrinkle easily and the dark denims can have a coke/coffee spilled on them without immediately being too soiled to wear again before doing laundry.

    I love the black/white striped top, but one jostled coffee will leave it with drips you can easily see.

  18. When I travel I like to look put together.
    Comfortable but neat , as if I would meet someone for lunch or dinner. Casual chic. I often go from Florida to Seattle area and right now the weather is DIFFERENT. More layers, rain, I get to wear my boots, and sweaters!
    Unfortunately so many are “undressed” for what I consider leaving the house. You’ve mentioned lack of respect. Sometimes I wish I had a sticker to slap on their backs saying ” I can’t believe you left home in that! LOL.
    Payers for successful foot surgery.

  19. Thanks for pointing this out…I don’t think about it, because I do not drink coffee in the plane…only before. Thanks Rose

  20. Thanks Mary Ruth…I was surprised at the women I saw in the other direction…but it makes me sad for them. No matter your income, you can look put together…and it will help you enjoy the day and your life. I do believe that completely.

  21. Great post and great comments. I agree that looking “put together” can be accomplished whether you are “rolling in dough” or living on a fixed income. I’m retired and on a fixed income, however, I too, believe that you can still pull it off.
    I must, being a Texans fan, give an example here: this past Sunday was our home game with the addition of our JJ Watt being inducted into our Ring of Honor.
    I was so excited to be able to attend, but the theme of the game was battle red, which meant purchasing one of those expensive logo tops from the team shop. Now, having spent my money on the ticket, I couldn’t afford a fancy top, so I went with a red long sleeve v-neck top from JC Penny (cost about $8.00 on sale last year) and wore simple navy pants with my black Vionics.
    But the funny surprise when I got to my seat, was to find that the entire Coaching staff were wearing long sleeve red tops and navy pants. I suddenly felt very “on trend”😁 And the big plus, we won.

  22. I also returned yesterday from taking care of my daughter who was ill and the 2 year old and 4 year old grandsons. It was a lot of work and I believe I brought back a little souvenir cold from the 2 year old. I love to do this and am glad I can help but am grateful to be home again. I am worn out today as well. Yesterday I noticed that most people just want to be comfortable on the 4.5 hour flight–DC to San Diego. I saw no one who looked chic, probably not even me. I was also wearing jeans and a Talbots blue linen blazer. But because I get cold easily, I topped it with a down vest. For this long flight I was glad to have it on. My current travel dilemma concerns luggage. I took a large, checked bag but this bag is so heavy I have trouble wrangling it off the luggage carrousel. I needed to pack for changeable fall weather in Maryland, so I needed the large bag. Pam, any advice on luggage that is sturdy but light?

  23. I always find it interesting to see what women wear for travel. The ultra casual pajama pants are always a less than desirable look that seems to be not uncommon on flights… never could understand this one. The wife leg pants you showed on the petite lady is why proportions are so important. Her top visually cut her body in half and made her legs look very short. Most of my travel is done in a car, so knits always work for all the hours of sitting and still look fresh on arrival. I find jeans a little too confining for 8 hours of driving. The Spanx Air Essential line and Athleta have some great, polished looks for any type of travel. I’ll be meeting some friends in Michigan for a long weekend in a few weeks and want to arrive looking polished and fresh, and ready for a nice late lunch out. I really think it makes us feel better to put some thought into our travel style.

  24. I have been looking at the Spanx collection…I am interested in giving it a try. Thanks Karen.

  25. I have seen some really outrageous outfits while traveling. Embarrassingly awful and I’m sure they thought they looked very sexy. But. I try to look put together and it frequently includes jeans in the fall bc thats what I want to wear when I go up north and they’re too bulky to pack. I don’t wear my jeans skin tight and will even go up a size to avoid that. I have a couple jeans jackets that sometimes go too, made of stretch terry so they are very comfy and stretchy (knit) but still look like a jean jacket. So that’s what I do to avoid the binding and pinching that can sometimes happen while traveling.

  26. My Chicos denim trousers arrived today! They are soft out of the packaging and I love the fit. I wear 2P and I can sit comfortably in these pants for hours. Thank you for introducing me to Chicos. I also used your link to JCP today and got 3 mock turtlenecks and 2 sweaters. All for $80 counting taxes! Amazing sales right now for fall and winter. Our high today is 71. Finally bluebird skies, light breeze and nice weather. I am wearing my Chicos wide leg jeans today and so comfortable.

  27. Leaving on a flt to 60 degree Boston tomorrow, then a Canada cruise…packing today and laughing at all the tags still on my cool weather stuff….I really try to balance comfort and cute and dual matching ability on items packed…..so a good portion of the packed items are black and blue…..and leave room for souvenirs!
    I am so excited to see some Fall leaves! I always people watch on the airports, and cringe sometimes at the folks who take comfort to the level where their same outfit could be worn cleaning out the garage…..

  28. When I commute to work or travel, I always see people in really lame outfits.And I abhor it, to be honest.But then, I feel bad inside . for judging without really knowing.Because what if these people are going through a terrible time in their lives and don’t feel like or simply can’t dedicate their efforts to clothe themselves carefully or what one may consider properly? Maybe they are undergoing a depression, they have been made redundant,they are suffering from an illness… There so many things we assume about people,and we tend to make assumptions which can be so,so wrong… I’ve met wonderful people dress sloppily, and I’ve met really ugly people dressed to the nines .We never know, that’s for sure …

  29. Martha, this post is meant to simply show what women over 60 are wearing for travel. It was never meant to be judgmental or go that direction, but rather encourage all of us to look our best when we go out. It will help in small ways no matter what we are going through. But I want to highlight women I see who are setting examples for the rest of us.

  30. I bought the Endless Pant from Athleta a few days ago and plan to wear them on a trip to Virginia in a few weeks to go wedding dress shopping with my daughter. Reviews say they absolutely do not wrinkle, and although they are super stretchy and are as comfortable as leggings they look like dress pants. I can’t wait to try them out and plan to wear them with my Vionic lug sole loafers.

  31. Oh, Pamela,I am so sorry if my post seemed to imply your being judgemental.It was no my intention at all.I intended to express my own feelings, because sometimes I tend to judge another woman’s attire or looks, whether she seems a little bit frumpy or seems not to care at all about her personal appearance.It is like a kind of automatic reaction, but then I think:Hey, Martha, what if this person is depressed or under the weather,or doesn’t feel like it …?And I feel ashamed because sometimes I tend to misjudge too fast.This was my aim when writing my comment.It was not intended to you at all.

  32. Thank you, Martha. Just wanted to make sure the comments did not go that direction. I try my best to keep everything positive here.

  33. Yes, Pamela, being positive and nice is the right thing to do.That’s why I like your blog so much.By the way, I love all the blazers you have linked, specially the fuchsia one and the plaid,too. I do love a plaid.But October here in my neck of the woods is being so so unusually hot and humid.. I’m praying for fall weather every day.But it seems we’re going to have another week of heat and damp weather… Greetings from North Spain.💗 And congratulations on your nice, nice blog.I truly mean that.

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