Would You Wear It – A crewneck tunic

Happy Tuesday!  Let’s celebrate October with a Would You Wear It exercise with a crewneck tunic.

I am just sitting here smiling…thinking of how special October is…what a lovely month as we look forward to holiday celebrations.

Thank you so much for being here and for participating with such fore thought.

I love it that this audience does not get ugly when voicing that they do not care for a look, but you stay positive with ideas for others on how to make it work.

That is exactly how Would You Wear It should be.

So on this lovely October day, let’s look at this garment…would you wear it…a crewneck tunic.


would you wear it

Some of you may be looking at this Dillard’s display and thinking…that is a sweater!

But the brand, Ming Wang, calls it a tunic.  This is the MING WANG Soft Knit Ckeckered Print Crew Neck 3/4 Sleeve Contrasting Trim Tunic.

Typically, a tunic is defined as “A tunic is a loose-fitting shirt that looks sort of like a long shirt or a short dress. For a fashionable summer look, you might pair trousers with a comfortable tunic that extends past your waist. The ancient Greeks and Romans were early fans of the tunic, and the loose-fitting garment remains popular in modern times.”

So, now you know why I was surprised to see this called a tunic…oh well, I guess whether I would wear it or not has little to do with the names.

Remember, we do not approach this with price in mind…just image that it was gifted to you…would you wear it.

My answer is a resounding Yes.  It is machine washable…it doesn’t wrinkle, fade or stretch…and I think the design would be a flattering fit.

I would style it with a fun silk triangle scarf at the neck…and maybe a light cold bracelet.  I see ballet flats with this one.

OK…ladies…forget the word tunic…don’t let it trip you up…would you wear it?

If so, how would you style it?  If not, why?  Explanations help others so much.


would you wear it

I live in a dry, drought inflicted area, so preparing for rain is just not frugal here.

But, I know some of you live in wet areas of the country.  I know sometimes carrying an umbrella screams “tourist” and not resident.

But what about a rain cape?? This is the latest from Talbots….it is the Woven Water-Resistant Cape 

Would You Wear It??

Just let us know what you think on both…as always, I look forward to your answers…and will be able to join in the conversations very soon when I return home.

Thanks for being here for Would You Wear It?


By Pamela Lutrell

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would you wear it


  1. Thank you for the clarification on the name of the “tunic”. I certainly wouldn’t have thought of a top like this as a tunic. I would not wear it because I don’t wear black. Even in another color I would not wear it because I do not care for the sleeves or the sort of peplum flared ribbing on the bottom. These two aspects don’t show on the mannequin but are evident on the product page. Its a nice looking top and I can see however that this style would appeal to others. The rain cape is darling but I don’t see it as practical for keeping me dry since it only comes to the elbow and I’d have very wet arms. I’d need one hand to hold an umbrella to keep my head dry (no hood!) and one for a dog leash or to hold a bag of groceries. I have a gorgeous Irish wool cape that I wear to church in the winter and I do love a cape so I if someone gave me this I would wear this one as a topper on a dry day.

  2. Good morning Pam! I no longer wear tunic tops or longer tops because they throw off my proportions. Since I’m 5’4″, it’s much better proportion-wise to wear shorter tops that elongate my legs, so tunics are banned from my closet. I do wear black, so that’s not a problem, but I don’t care for the look of netting on this one. It’s nice to see set-in sleeves though. Dropped shoulders are everywhere and at least for me, create a rounded shoulder look that I avoid. So while I would not wear this, it is for specific reasons and can see where it would work for someone else. I will be interested to see how (or if) others would accessorize, because that might pose a challenge with this top.

  3. Oops… the rain cape. I do live in a wet climate and we all use umbrellas. I never thought of them as “touristy”, but probably because they are so common. An umbrella is far more practical for me than a cape. I would/do wear jackets that are rain resistant, but the cape would be wearing me!

  4. Thanks for joining in , Karen! I will also be interested to see if there are other thoughts like that!

  5. I would try this on for the fun of it and pretend that I wear black. Since I am more of a minimalist, I don’t think I would find myself happy with accessories. It has the pattern on the chest and the full sleeves. I might go for a few rings that make a statement. With black pants or skirts and a little blousing at the waist, it could work.
    The rain jacket is cute but not practical for a wet day. Fun to run errands in. Is there not a true slicker being made anymore! Loved my old yellow one!
    The other Outfit (skirt and blouse) look interesting and lady like. Also happy to see set in sleeves and pencil skirts sneaking back into style. Have a great day.

  6. Hi Pam,
    I wouldn’t use this rain cape here on the Oregon Coast. The weather tends to be blustery as well as rainy, so the cape wouldn’t be a good option for keeping dry here. I have a collection of rain jackets in several colors, all with hoods and close fitting sleeves to keep dry. We don’t see many umbrellas, but I believe that is because of the wind destroying them. As for the tunic, I am not a fan of the color or pattern, but I do appreciate your thought of a scarf at the neck. Have a wonderful day! Over the past week, we’ve already had over four inches of rain fall!

  7. I love the tunic. The pattern gives it an interesting look. I like that it is longer than some shirts. I would wear it. The cape….. LOVE LOVE LOVE the closures on it! The color not so much. However, it gives me joy looking at it so yes I would wear it to if I lived in a place that there was more wetness.

  8. I like this top and would definitely wear it. Black and tan are a sophisticated combination. I would pair it with black knit slacks, ballet flats, a simple long gold chain, gold earrings & bracelets. I own the perfect tan and black scarf that would work as an accessory under a coat while wearing this. As for the poncho I do like it but living in the desert rain is minimal. I donated all my favorite raincoats when I moved here, only keeping those that would work when I travel. This time of the year I experience autumn envy when I see all the pretty sweaters and skirts! It’s cool here but still the temperatures are in the 70’s.

  9. Like the others who live where we have rain — and we’ve been having a lot! — I would not wear the cape because it’s impractical. My rain jacket has cuffs inside the sleeves, a hood, and is mid-thigh in length. It’s bright red – love it. I wouldn’t wear this sweater because it’s neither a sweater length nor a tunic length but kind of in-between. It does not fit with my adjectives either.

  10. I like the top or tunic a lot! The peplum bottom looks like it could be slenderizing. I would be afraid that the square designs would make my top look bigger, or thicker. So I like the style and design of the tunic but wish it came in other fabrics. It would look good with black pants.

  11. I like this ”tunic” tho like others, I see it as a sweater. I might style it with wide leg trouser pants and lug-sole black loafers or even a suede bootie with narrow kitten heel.
    Silver chunky jewelry, cuff bracelet definitely! Chic!
    I am of the anti-umbrella crew. Where I live we do have rain and wind too, coming off the ocean when it rains so have lost many umbrellas to the inside out condition. I wear my slicker with hood or dress coat with the hood up —hair protected always hands-free!

  12. I do like the so-called tunic since I do wear black, and I prefer something to cover my tummy area as this tunic would do. However, since I rarely wear any pants other than black, I’d wear my black slacks and black shoes. Like you, I’d add some gold jewelry. As to the cape, not sure of other areas but I always have an umbrella handy in my house or car so the cape is not practical for me.

  13. No to the tunic. Large black print and peplum – neither works for me.
    I would wear the green tailored blouse to the right. Very nice.
    I agree that the rain poncho would leave you with wet arms so no. I prefer a short trench + an umbrella for rainy days.

  14. I would definitely wear the “tunic.” I’m assuming it’s named such because tops right now are very short and this one is comparatively long. I really like how the check is so interesting but would end before it would emphasize my tummy. I do think it would look better with a black pant, because the end of the check is a line that stops your eye (at a good place proportionally), and the sweater should flow from there, not make a hard stop at the khaki pant. I think it could be dressed up a little with a black pant and heels, or worn with a boot and dark or black jeans. I would wear oversized gold or hammered mixed metal hoop earrings and a cuff bracelet, and carry a brown crossbody. I think the “no umbrella” thing is a west coast phenomenon; in Ohio, where it rains a lot in autumn, an umbrella is a very common sight. I bought a similar cape in burgundy to wear in Alaska. They are handy because they fit over everything, but it’s not a look that goes with my adjectives.

  15. A resounding “YES” for the Ming Wang tunic! One of my style inspiration words is “classic,” and this tunic would be perfect. Also, Ming Wang clothing is excellent quality and this style, in my opinion, would be timeless. A pair of tailored black pants, big silver earrings and bracelet would finish off the outfit for me.
    I’m with you about the rain cape….not enough opportunities to wear it.

  16. The tunic looks very slenderizing to me, and if I wore that much black in a top I would pair it with a black pant or slim skirt, just a bold earring, and black low heeled pumps. The cape you found is very cute, but as another Oregonian has noted, this design is impractical for actual rain in our often very rainy climate. Wet arms are not great. I have multiple rain coats, from sportier short styles to longer, dressier . . . and yet, I must admit, I rather rarely wear them. Furthermore, I only bother with an umbrella when taking my mother out and about. I can dash in and out more quickly, so find an umbrella cumbersome in most cases.

  17. Re the tunic; as do like color blocked garments and peplum tops the proportions of the pattern with the black stripe and their placement would play a major role as to whether I would wear it. i.e.: Have slender long arms and legs, shorter torso with age. That being said though; the design therefore would not be my first choice but do feel it might work better with a tailored midi or maxi length skirt rather than pants adopting a color from its palette.
    As to the cape; a no to it as lack elements that I seek in rain wear. i.e.: Hood, long sleeves, etc.

  18. I’d wear the tunic with black pants or black straight leg jeans. I think it would give the look of high waisted pants with a shorter top, which seems to be so popular this season.

  19. I like the tunic as the pattern is visually interesting but wouldn’t wear it because of the chopped off look. I would prefer to see the pattern go all the way down on both the body & the sleeves. The rain cape is attractive, but not particularly practical for Midwest showers. I use an umbrella when showers are light as do many others in my area & have a hooded rain slicker for those cold blustery rains.

  20. I do like the top (so called tunic). I think it could be slimming looking because of the black on the bottom. However, I live in a warm state and we don’t wear anything like that (too heavy). The rain coat is not practical because the sleeves are not long enough to cover the entire arms and they would get wet in the rain.

  21. I’d definitely wear that awesome rainproof Cape by Talbot’s.I love, love,love everything by Talbot’s, even though I live in Europe, but I discovered this awesome brand and I’m in love with it.In fact, the brand I wear most is very similar in style to Talbot’s.It’s named Lloyd’s.I would style it with a sweater underneath,a button up,and jeans, jeans,jeans, because I’m a sucker for jeans .And I’d wear fashion trainers or low heeled booties or Oxfords or monkstrap shoes.Maybe I’m the younger one in this blog?😂 I’m a Highschool teacher and I’m 47,well, I’ll be (God willing)48 in December.I’m a Christmas baby.And my favourite seasons are autumn and winter.😊

  22. I would definitely wear the awesome waterproof Cape by Talbot’s.I live in the north of Spain, with mild autumns and winters but a lot of rain.Yes, I know I’m blessed with this weather!!!I would style it with a nice sweater,a button up and jeans.And fashion sneakers or classic Oxfords or moccasins.

  23. Wow,do I feel outvoted. Didn’t notice the Cape or poncho so I won’t talk about them. While the pattern may not be my first choice, I would dress it up unabashedly. That top in the background is a perfect color for pants, leggings or skirts. Just imagine wearing a different bright color each time, even jewel tones!

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