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Happy Saturday, budding fashion stylists!  This is Style Tips Saturday where you become a fashion stylist and bring your best style tips.

Jennifer and I share displays we have found which, we believe, open opportunities for different styling ideas.

As always, a reminder that this is not a would you wear it exercise, but rather a place for you to give your best style tips for other women who might wear the garments.

Your ideas are read and appreciated every week by women who are seeking different ways to style looks and add a spark to their wardrobes.

So, let’s put on our best fashion-stylist-hats and get to thinking of our best style tips.


style tips

Here is another example of dramatic outerwear (like we discussed yesterday) and the drama is found in the color.

Pink is unusual as a fall color, but seen in many garments this year.

This is the pink MILITARY COAT at Talbots.  You can see that the styling here is all about layers.

So, before answering consider the design of the coat and the styling challenges it presents.  Also, consider the color.

Do you like it here with the very casual jeans, or would your style tips go a different direction?

Here are other pink coat displays currently on the market…just to get your style tips mind going….

OK,  what are YOUR style tips for this pink coat?


style tips

Yes, pink coats are on trend, but so are pink holiday decorations.

I have seen them everywhere I have been, and though I am more traditional, I thought I would show you just a sampling of Pink for the Holidays:

Do you have style tips for home decor in pink for your decorations?


style tips

Several of you hit JJILL hard this week, after my recent shopping trip there.

This top was one of the big selling pieces…it is the JJILL SEAMED FLEECE MOCK-NECK TOP In the deep teal color.

style tips

Also, this outfit with the coastal grandmother feel was a top selling outfit.

This is the  Pure Jill Hand-Stitched Details Boat Neck Sweater  with the Pure Jill Twill Straight Leg Pants in khaki/multi.

Also, customers are shopping Talbots so much that their website continues to have some challenges.  But, many of you have shopped with my links and I am so appreciative.

Thank you for your support…it keeps me here.

Now, I am looking forward to your style tips for the pink coat….then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and share ideas for Jennifer’s display.

I hope to see you tomorrow…until then…


By Pamela Lutrell

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style tips



  1. This classic coat is a real beauty!! I love it and would wear it over any and everything. I’d think it would look great over a navy turtleneck and slim navy pants with some low-heeled charcoal suede booties. The traditional styling looks fresh and modern in this fun color. Happy Saturday, Pam!

  2. I know exactly how I would style this—just like the photo, minus the dark floral piece. I have a jacket very similar to this in fuchsia suede. I once wore the jacket with jeans and a striped shirt to meet some friends for a matinée performance at a small hometown theater. One friend was surprised I had made such a choice for the small neighborhood theater. She said something to the effect of jeans and a tee shirt were just fine for the venue. I felt awful for making her feel uncomfortable and I put the jacket in the back of my closet. Recently, however, I pulled that same outfit out and wore it to my neighborhood coffee shop. The comment has lost its charge and I felt terrific.

  3. Good Morning, Jennifer! Thanks for starting us off today….charcoal suede booties sound like a great option for the feet!

  4. Good for you, Linlee. Wear that outfit and smile all the way. So happy to hear that you brought it back out. I would just laugh if someone were to say that to me.

  5. I love the pink, and the entire selection you show. I would like to see it with a column of mid grey from booties to straight leg pants and a soft (perhaps cashmere) sweater. Add a cozy scarf and some fun earrings. Personally, I would change out the gold buttons for silver or pewter.
    That pink car and trees is adorable and I would make a little display in the entry way of my house for fun.
    A note to Linlee, I have had people try that with me, and I just reply that it takes the same amount of time to dress this way as the other, and it makes ME feel good. Too bad they are insecure with my choices.

  6. First of all, Diane…I love the response you gave to Linlee for her friend! That is so true. I read somewhere that “column dressing” is back in style. As far as I am concerned, it never left. Your idea for a column of gray underneath this coat is a good one. Keep them coming, ladies!

  7. Pink coat! I would style the coat with the dark jeans to the right or white jeans full length. The coat would also work with black dress pants and short boots or flats. The coat is too tailored for the light jeans.. Happy Saturday!

  8. I think all this pink, especially the Christmas decorations, are part of the Barbie effect. I think this coat is cheerful. I’d style it over a white or ivory dress. I think a sweater dress of a similar length would look cute underneath. Then add a plaid scarf in your color palette. If you like a more edgy look, try a black dress with black leggings and booties.

  9. Beautiful coat! This pink could almost be treated as a neutral. How about a column of olive green under it. With black patent footware. The coat would be great with jeans as well as with an ivory sweater dress. Wear your lovely jacket, Linlee!! The pink holiday decks are pretty, but not for me. Happy Saturday to all.

  10. Getting into the festive season, I would lean into this gorgeous color, and style a column of red or burgundy under this coat. Since brooches are back, maybe a fun cluster of them on the shoulder and one “errant” one adorning the sleeve would look nice. Often a coat like this is the star, and everything else a supporting player, so probably for everyday I’d do jeans and a plaid scarf bringing in some more pink.

  11. Personally I’m surprised that such a bright color would be chosen for a military style garment plus given it is for Autumn wear would therefore lean towards column dressing in a complimentary darker color and add an oblong patterned scarf draped around the neck to introduce some pattern and additional texture that contained both colors and possibly a third. Also due to its three quarter length; hemline of garment worn would be that of ankle or full to eliminate a visual break. Footwear would be in accordance to either casual or dress as so would the bag chosen either in a suede or leather. As to jewelry; would choose a resin earring with a hint of gold so as not to compete with the thirteen buttons on the coat. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Re pink for Holiday Decor; a Victorian theme works well for decorating a tree and of course there is always a Barbie tree….☺.

  12. LOL…thanks Brenda! Let me just ask…is anyone doing a Barbie tree this year that does not have young children at home? I would love to know.

  13. My best friend had a pink Christmas tree for several years. It was cute and it fit her lifestyle which was at that time in transition after the end of a very bad marriage. I agree with Maeve that so much pink is part of the Barbie movie marketing. Fun for those who love the color. I don’t wear pink but I would suggest pairing this lovely coat with a column of winter white–a cashmere turtle neck sweater and slim leg wood slacks. Gold toned jewelry to match the buttons: a long and interesting medallion, button shaped earrings and bangle bracelets. And since my friend can wear them, cream colored ankle boots with 3″ heels.

  14. I see a lot of ivory in pants this fall ( also in catalogs). I think I’d pair this lively coat with an all ivory column (?) with ivory flare pants and a close fitting ivory turtleneck or mock turtleneck. A pale shade-boot with kitten heel might work too!
    Happy Saturday Pam!

  15. I agree with you Paulette…the ivory colors this year are rich, deep and beautiful. Thanks for joining in.

  16. I love the pink military coat and the pieces on both mannequins. The coat could easily go over the ensemble on the right mannequin, as well. For the mannequin on the left, I’d have to tuck in that blouse and go with some darker wash jeans, though. I understand that it’s trendy to wear a blouse untucked like that under a sweater, but it creates an awkward focal point at the waist. Between that and the turned-up cuffs and the brightly colored pink coat and the more subdued wash on the jeans, the eye has nowhere to rest on this mannequin. So: Darker wash jeans, tuck in the shirt, and then add some neutral booties and a coordinating bag. Polished gold earrings that complement the buttons on the coat would finish off either outfit.

  17. Good work, Pam! It is so important when we style our looks to think about where the “eye of the beholder” is directed. I have to constantly remind myself of this…or I direct the eye to the middle of me…where I do not want the focus.
    Thanks for a great style tip comment!

  18. Thank you to the ladies who have helped me reframe my friend’s comment. In fact, it was she who felt insecure. I love the comments and discussions here!

  19. Pam, ‘yes’ I have a niece (now 48 years old and who is single and has no children) who when little loved her Barbie’s and her tree is decorated with said ornaments that have been collected over the years. Also, if I recall correctly she uses a white tree rather than a pink one. -Brenda-

  20. So many good Tips! I like the columns of color look with ivory or charcoal being the best. It is cold here so a sweater with turtleneck or mock sounds cozy. She could wear a beautiful scarf with the pink and at least two other colors. My holiday decor is more rustic and no pink.

  21. While pink is admittedly my least favorite color, I really like this coat! It’s exactly the sort of piece I look for in the last few months of Texas winters (Jan/Feb) to remind me that spring is coming soon. For a more casual look I would style it with the striped blouse shown (minus the floral piece) and swap out dark jeans for the faded ones. As a longtime member of “Team Overdressed” I think it would really shine with a more elevated look, over a sheath dress or with a lightweight sweater and dress pants in a flattering color. Although the color makes it memorable, it’s such a classic style it could be worn an infinite number of ways. Kudos to Linlee for resurrecting a piece that you love, in spite of the occasional negative comments. I get those a lot, as most of my friends are retired and firmly in the “ultra casual” camp, but in my mid-60’s I’m wearing what I love that feels most like me and that’s how I explain it to them.

  22. The pink coat is great! It would look great styled with pretty much anything. I like the way it is styled in the photo with the stripes from the blouse showing on the cuffs. Since it doesn’t have large lapels, it would flatter many shapes and shoulder sizes. I would probably wear it most often with dark wash straight leg jeans, heels and a gray fitted tee or cashmere sweater. It really is lovely.

  23. I also am a member of Team Overdressed and wear the badge with pride…we should make this a thing!

  24. The pink coat is beautiful. I would style it with the two top pieces, but would change the jeans to a darker wash with a longer length and wear boats.

  25. I had a friend say something about me rarely wearing jeans ans she was a jeans and tshirt girl .. implymg i was over dressed in a column of color and a jacket …i refuse to rise to that bait or be stuck wearing jeans and baggy shirt because im retired .dressingup jeans or accessorizing makes me feel good .. i dont care what others think

  26. I agrée with Pam B
    The coat over the adjacent sweater and slacks would look great. I think the faded jeans on mannequin seem dowdy, better if not so pale a grey. I love brights! You look great in the tryout sessions in every piece.

  27. Oh my – I have pink bulbs on my Christmas tree and have for the last 50 years….guess I’m in style with my “Barbie Pink” tree….isn’t that ironic! I feel so in style! (hahahaha) Now I just need some of those pink bottle-brush trees; guess I’ll go shopping.

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