Would You Wear It: An oversized wool blend vest

Would You Wear It

Happy Tuesday, ladies!   For now, Tuesdays mean…Would you wear it? and today that specificially is WOULD YOU WEAR IT: AN OVERSIZED WOOL BLEND VEST?

Now, before you answer…I am going to ask that you go to the link to see how the garment is styled there and to listen to the stylist discuss it.

I think we will all admit that oftentimes the display does not do a garment justice.

I know I have tried on pieces which looked completely different once I took styling away from the mannequin.

Any way, if your answer is NO, then please explain specifically why.

And if you answer is YES...then please explain how you would style the garment.

Remember, just pretend like you have been gifted it…do not worry about the price…but tell us Would You Wear It?


would you wear it

First off, look at the two pictures and how different the color looks.  It is really closer to the second picture.

But, I thought it was funny how they could look so different when taken in the same place at the same time.

This display is from Nordstrom.

This is the Michael Kors Tie Belt Oversize Wool Blend Vest in dark camel.

Tell us how the tie belt and oversized lapels play into your decision of would you wear it or not.

What do you think about it over an accordion skirt vs. styled with pants on the website?

Also, those of you who live in colder climates, let me ask you…What type of coat would you wear over this outfit?

I have given you several things to think about, so ponder this look and then tell us…WOULD YOU WEAR IT?


holiday fashions

Yesterday, I introduced you to Talbots Holiday Fashions..probably, the first round of them!

I have seen sparkle and shine introduced in other places and want to share this slideshow with you which includes all price points.

Then I ask…sparkle and shine? Would You Wear It?  Would You Only Wear It for the holidays?

I know there is so much to talk about here and I also know these discussions are benefitting many who are readers.

So thank you for your participation, ideas, and thoughts.

You ladies are simply the best….



By Pamela Lutrell

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Also, if I have posted a link on a specific garment, and you use that link to go to the website of the brand, but look around and buy something else, I still get credit…though you do not buy what I am wearing.

Please ask any questions… this income helps keep me here, because even at age 70, Mr. B and I need additional income.  He also works two jobs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who shops this way.

would you wear it


  1. Being petite with a smaller frame, I don’t care for oversized clothing. I understand that this has a belt to change the look, but it’s still too much fabric for my body, so I wouldn’t be interested in this piece. It’s a personal thing, but I prefer tailored clothes that fit my body, and oversized makes my proportions look “off.” I think the proportions are definitely off on this display. The skirt is long, the vest is long, it looks like they are mimicking wedge shoes that appear blocky and thicken the legs. If you wore this over pants, unless it was a very tall woman, this would not be proportionally flattering. If the vest fell at the high or mid hip, it might be okay. I understand that shoulder pads are back, but the shoulders on this garment add bulk to the upper body and while I am personally smaller chested, if this was worn by someone with a larger chest I think it could further spoil the look by being just a little too much, even if tied. If the color is closer to the second picture, it will wash out many skin types, or make the skin appear yellowish. It looks better in the first picture, color-wise. That’s a lot to say I’d walk right by this one!

  2. Interesting to see Karen’s comment, because I’m also petite (under 5ft4) but I *would* buy this gilet (‘vest’ for us means underwear)! In fact, I’ve been actively searching for something similar (albeit with a more shawl collar). I personally find the way the lapels extend towards the shoulders to flatter my pear shape by balancing out my hips. I also don’t look good in miniskirts or short dresses, so a knee-length gilet would help maintain a clean line (horizontal lines separating your body into two-thirds & one-third are more flattering). So I think it’s a matter of body type as well as height. BUT the colour does give me pause (the first rich camel brown suits a Deep Autumn better than that yellowish mid-tone). Is it still warm undertones in real life, Pamela?

  3. I like the vest collar details but I live in the Midwest. If it’s cold enough for wool outerwear, sleeves are necessary. This vest would be a no.

  4. Yes, the undertones are definitely warm, Zaeobi. I love it when different perspectives are brought up for shoppers to consider.

  5. I might wear this, though I am not tall. I totally understand Karens reasoning but if I were able to wear heeled dressier boots again idwear this vest over an ivory slim fit turtleneck and wide leg ivory pant with tan boots ( heels). I’d use the belt certainly.
    I rather like this!

  6. I liked the vest – esp. the camel color. I would wear it with a turtleneck, love the Eileen Fisher scrunch neck jersey ones, and relaxed black or brown pants. Gold jewelry, loafers and a good leather bag would make for an elegant look. It is versatile enough that it would look good with just a tee and jeans. I looked on the Nordstrom site and I see the vest is also available in black, which I thought was rather blah. I also looked at the Nordstrom styling suggestions, which seemed strange – a sleeveless blouse??? or a white cotton dress???
    I live in the South, so I wear vests a lot in the “winter” we have here. I also like the way it is styled on the mannikin. This might just end up in my closet!

  7. I would definitely wear the oversized wool vest. I like the longer style in most tops, vests, jackets.

  8. I love this outfit, but am too bulky in the middle to wear it. On an hourglass shape, it would look great because it could be belted. I love it as styled on the website, but would also like it with a sleek black turtleneck underneath, and a thin black or brown leather belt replacing the fabric tie. I think, if you can wear a belted cardigan, you could wear this. Fitting a coat over it in chilly weather would not be a huge problem. Everyone around here buys at least one coat big enough to wear over a blazer or heavy sweater. I used to love sparkle and shine, and wore sequins on sweaters even to work. My tastes have changed, originally because I started wearing large jewelry pieces I made, and they fought with a busy or sparkly top. Now I find myself drawn to often quite minimal clothing, but definitely wear sparkle in accessories. I’m a big fan of the denim-and-diamond look.

  9. I am petite too as Karen and Zaeobi, and though short, I am very cold-natured so I would not think of buying this vest. How would one wear a coat over such a garment, and I’d HAVE to have my arms covered. However, I do like the way it is pictured with the belt used to close the front. If it were a different color and lighter fabric I would be interested in it. I looked through the slideshow of sparkly items and noticed that many are shown with jeans which to me is unusual. However, in today’s world I think almost anything is worn with jeans. However, this gives me an idea to wear the few sparkly tops I have from past military officers events with my Mr. B.

  10. I’ve seen versions of a heavy weigh wool or wool blend long vest in several collections this season. The style is not practice for me. I live in the mountains and as MP3 says, if its cold enough for something this heavy we need sleeves. It would be way to heavy to wear indoors. This version is perhaps the least appealing (to me) of all. The oversized collar and the overall bulk adds volume to the silhouette which is something I don’t need. I reminds me of a long belted sweater vest I bought in 1970 and rarely wore because it added pounds to my then quite slim figure. After seeing the TV character Maude wear long vests I pitched it. Now, sequins are another matter. I love the look. Back when I attended dressy events I loved wearing sequin pieces and I would wear one now, particularity the dark green CeCe top in your slide show, if I had a dressy event.

  11. No, I would not wear what is being called a “shawl collar” vest or coat. For me, it’s too much material and too heavy on the neck, chest, shoulders. I’ve seen it on people modeling it on the shopping channels on TV and it never looks quite right, always overwhelms their body frame whether plus size or petite. Large oversized toppers don’t make us look smaller or slimmer unfortunately. And I think the “shawl collar” will be a short lived fast fashion type garment (just my opinion) due to its awkward look and placement on the body. Thanks for bringing us one of the trending styles I’m seeing being sold recently, Pamela!

  12. I agree with Karen. I’m also petite and think this vest would overwhelm me. I love the color and would wear it casually with jeans but need to see how it looks on a petite model.

  13. I LOVE the oversize camel colored vest. I would wear casually (because that is who I am). It would allow me to go out with friends for dinner but still wear my “good” jeans. Likely I would wear… slip on, loafer-style, brown Birkenstocks and a long sleeve white or cream t-shirt. I wear fun earrings and one of my ’50s clutch purses. Sounds all over the place but it would work!!

  14. I also agree with Karen. I am slim with narrow shoulders. The collar alone is just way too wide for my torso. I also am with MP3 and others: I’d want sleeves in something like this, plus I cannot imagine what jacket or coat might go over it. I don’t anything that would work. So, a large ‘no’ on this one.

  15. Like many of the prior comments – I live in the Midwest and I am short! I would pair this with a monochromatic outfit with either black or chocolate brown cowl/turtleneck sweater, wool slacks and boots.
    I would choose low boots as I believe high boots might be too overwhelming with the vest. I would then accessorize with gold tone earrings and bracelet. I see this as a nice winter outfit for an “inside’ event in the Midwest. Wearing a coat over this might be a challenge due to the bulk of the vest but I would just figure how I get from the “heated car seats to the Event!!

  16. If it’s cold enough for a third layer, I need sleeves. I know from experience I would be fussing with that collar trying to get it to lay/look “right”. It’s just way too oversized for me.

  17. My answer is no on the oversized, I’m 5’1, wear size 2-4 so anything oversized swallows me. Not my style, nor large prints.

  18. It is not because I dislike it, but it is a definite ‘no’ for myself due: a) For my fair coloring, require the undertone of a yellow in camel. b) Though tall enough and lean; do not have broad enough shoulders or sufficient bustline to carry the type of lapel it has. -Brenda-

  19. I’d have worn it in my previous working life.
    My area was right next to the loading dock and it was chilly. The heavy vest without sleeves to get caught on my keyboard/desk would have been very comfortable. I don’t have any activities in my current life where I’m in sheltered spaces without enough heating to justify it.
    I’d have worn it over pants.

  20. I wouldn’t wear the oversized wool vest. The color is not good for me & as MP3 noted, if it is cold enough to wear a heavy wool garment, I would need sleeves. I also don’t think the silhouette would be flattering. As to sparkle & shine, for me, a little goes a long way. I prefer the subtle sparkle of the sweaters to the overall sequins. Some of the tops are lovely, but my taste runs to simpler styles. In fact, simple is one of my adjectives.

  21. Ok here we go. First of all if it was gifted, I’d be returning this item for something I liked. Maybe this will work for a very tall slender woman, who likes a bit of quirk, it would work with slim black pants and an ivory turtleneck. Very few accessories, gold hoops and a statement watch and midsize tote in a rich brown leather. Black booties perhaps? Color wise I like both tones. I do live in California and this would work for our fairly mild winters…but this is not my style…

  22. A big NO to the vest for me and I’m tall! I think the display person made a terrible mistake by spreading the shawl collar over the shoulders. I clicked your link and even tho the vest is styled much better there, it is still a no for me. I think it looks like a coat that lost its sleeves.

  23. The Michael Kors vest is tres chic! Yes, I would wear it and let it do all the talking for the outfit! Slim black pants, slim black long sleeve high-quality t-shirt, and gold bangle bracelets and gold hoop earrings would be complete the outfit for me.

  24. The vest is a no for me. I’m just 5’2”, larger busted and wide shoulders. I’ve lost my little waist so the belt would just make me look larger than I am. I like the EF pale grey sparkle as it is subtle. That is one of my adjectives.

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