Talbots new holiday fashions are a reason to celebrate

holiday fashions

Happy Fall Monday!  Let’s have some fun and enjoy that Talbots new holiday fashions are a reason to celebrate!

After trying on the new holiday fashions at Talbots, I left there wishing a party was on my schedule.

These holiday fashions are so much fun ….who doesn’t love some sparkle?  We all deserve to sparkle every day in some way or another.

And if you are looking for sparkle, pearls, bling, and velvet for your holiday fashions…you will find it all at Talbots.

So, please join me mentally in the future…envision a holiday gathering and that you are looking amazing in the holiday fashions I found at Talbots.


holiday fashions

Black, and white and red are the main focus of these holiday fashions, and I know are loved by many of you classic ladies out there.

Let’s start with a statement piece…yes, it is oversized, but such a lovely statement piece for your holiday fashions. 

I love it…. with the large pockets and fashion forward way to stay warm this time of year.

This is the EMBELLISHED RUANA with the lovely rhinestone button at the top.

In this first red ruana outfit, I paired it with the EFFORTLESS VELVET WIDE LEG PANTS…and they are wonderful. 

This pant is such a great way to stay current with a velvet pant and be very comfy.

holiday fashions

I also paired this white EMBELLISHED BOYFRIEND SHIRT with the first outfit.

The look of this gorgeous collar outside of the ruana is so nice for holiday fashions.

You can see that the collar may be removed when laundering the poplin shirt.

And rhinestones go all the way down the front of the shirt..in place of a button.


holiday fashions

This time I paired the ruana with a different top and pant.

Also, for those of you who are autumn palettes…you use the red ruana with an ivory or even green underneath to bring your colors more to your face.

And the ruana would also look great with faux leather pants that are so popular this year.

holiday fashions

Talbots new holiday fashions include several fun options. 

This top is the NON-IRON BAND COLLAR TUNIC and here I show you the two rhinestone buttons together. 

For holiday celebrations, I do prefer the look of the first top, but both tops would look nice on their own for a casual chic gathering.

holiday fashions

I was surprised by what I am about to say…but these pants were my favorite.

I loved how they flow and feel for a special celebration…they are beautiful…but both pants were very nice.

I just loved these more when I walked.

These SPARKLE KNIT WIDE LEG PANTS are lovely and a new favorite of mine…if I could attend a celebration this year, this is the pant I would wear.

However, if you are looking for a slim leg pant…I have them below.


holiday fashions

I felt fabulous in this Chanel Inspired Jacket…and it is gorgeous.  How perfect is this in the holiday fashions??


I am wearing it here with the wide leg velvet pant, but If I were to wear it to a celebration, I would pair it with the VELVETEEN STRAIGHT LEG PANT in black….it comes in six colors.

It would even go for a casual chic celebration with BLACK DENIM.



holiday fashions

Perhaps you are looking at a small celebration at home and this top with any causal bottom would be nice.


These new black flats were my favorite shoe in this try-on sessions…this is the SUEDE EDISON BOW FLAT…also available in red.

holiday fashions

Talbots new holiday fashions include fun accessories for your celebration outfits.

This is the SEMI BAGUETTE BANGLE which has a nice clasp…to stay on no matter how much celebrating you are doing!

I left Talbots smiling because just thinking about holiday fashions was so much fun.

Ladies in San Antonio, remember to make a styling appointment at North Star Mall with Yolanda or Charlotte…they will be happy to help you out!

As I promised, here is a slide show of the rest of Talbots new holiday fashions…definitely a reason to celebrate! 

Now…I have Christmas carols in my head…let me know if you have any questions!!


By Pamela Lutrell

Remember,  you can shop ANYTIME with the links under the page at the top called SHOPPING LINKS...and I will receive a small compensation for your shopping.

Also, if I have posted a link on a specific garment, and you use that link to go to the website of the brand, but look around and buy something else, I still get credit…though you do not buy what I am wearing.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who shops this way.

holiday fashions


  1. Ohhhhhhh, that top in the slideshow with the sheer sleeves! That looks so flattering. I love that you could wear the top for the holidays, to a wedding, even out to a nice dinner with dark jeans. Our celebrations are mostly with family and are very casual (think holiday sweatshirt, though I personally can’t pull the trigger on one). One thing I think Talbots does incredibly well is holiday jewelry. Thanks for the preview!

  2. I, too, love that holiday blouse with the sheer sleeves. Wish they offered it in creme for those that don’t wear black. I am sure Talbots will add to the collection. It is stunning. You had fun and it shows with your smiles.

  3. So many lovely items…would be difficult to choose! Your post this morning certainly does make one think of the nearness of the holidays.

  4. It was fun and the sales associates helped it to be even more fun with accessories. That is a beautiful blouse!

  5. It always comes too fast, but since some of these items will sell out quickly, I wanted to get it to everyone.

  6. I love Talbots. The best petite department I’ve ever seen. Their cloths are well made and last for ever. Really love their new fall and holiday style and colors. Thank you for sharing!

  7. You are so welcome, Joan and thank you for being here…I agree that they have one of the best petite departments around.

  8. I like the top with the sheer sleeves. I’d wear that a lot, even aside from events. If I was going to be attending any dressy celebrations, this is where I’d be looking if I needed to add something fun and glitzy. The pants with the Christmas trees are so cute, but really very limiting. They would be fun on repeat through the month of December!

  9. I have just a few of those limiting holiday pieces, but I love to bring them out every year. I guess it is the lover of all things Christmas in me. Thanks Karen!

  10. Such beautiful holiday pieces. And you really look exquisite in that Chanel-style jacket with velvet pant! Wow!
    Our family holidays are a bit more casual so my plaid (Christmas colors) J crew shirt is what I pull out with my velveteen jeans in black. My grandsons will be home from college while my daughters little twins will rock the holiday look!
    Thank you for all that you do Pam!

  11. I have fun going out and doing this and dreaming of holiday parties on behalf of the ladies here. Thanks Paulette!

  12. Lovely choices but we will be hosting Christmas this year. Would love to see what you would suggest the ‘cook’ wear that would be functional as well as current and chic casual?

  13. Such festive pretties including the accessories! That being said; totally appreciate this post Pamela as I recently treated myself to a pair of crystal rhinestone, square toed flats to wear for the holiday season so am currently scouting for pieces that will work with them. i.e.: The snowflake brooch for example would certainly elevate a plain top, a scarf or even a skinny belt when slipped over it with its buckle repositioned out of view …. to the back or under a jacket. -Brenda-

  14. Thanks, Pam. What a great post to open the week. I’ll have to check out the selection, even though, for me, it’s really too early to think about the holidays. I have a lovely Talbot’s ivory sweater that has “bling” and ‘celebrate’ on the front – bought it for my son’s wedding in May. It will make a nice holiday sweater. I love a velvet shirt with blue jeans, which will carry me through holiday days at home with the family or out strolling (though maybe not this year depending on my ankle injury).

  15. Lovely items, particularly the sparkly Chanel jacket which looks fabulous on you. Looks like you tried on some pretty shoes too, When is your foot surgery? Just had a quick look at Talbot’s holiday jewelry and saw several nice brooches. I noticed that the store next to Talbot’s also focused on the red & black combo holiday outfits. I love red but find it a bit more challenging to style with black or white.

  16. Pam all the clothes look great. Thanks for ” modeling” them so we know what Talbots have and giving us ideas where we can wear them.You look great in them.

  17. I love both of the white tops with the bling. I could see either of those for many occasions because they aren’t over the top. They would be perfect to wear any time I wanted to add a touch of sparkle. I don’t attend any really fancy parties these days, but I do have a couple of luncheons coming up & could see myself wearing either of them or maybe even for Thanksgiving. I might have to treat myself. The red ruana is lovely too, but it is wool & not a good choice for me. Thanks for showing us these festive looks. I can’t wait to play Christmas music! I promised myself I wouldn’t until after Halloween.

  18. Pam you look terrific in that Chanel styled jacket! It makes the holiday look for so many choices. Thanks for kicking off the holiday shopping for our special events.

  19. I wanted everyone to see the more casual velvet button for those of us headed to a causal holiday. Thanks Maeve.

  20. My foot surgery is November 6. All shoe try-ons are for the audience for now. I am not purchasing shoes until I get on the other side and see what my foot is like. I just ordered the brooch that says JOY…perfect for me!

  21. I think I will be starting earlier this year…more than ever we need a little Christmas. Thanks Becky!

  22. From another lover of “all things Christmas,” thanks for getting us thinking about holiday festive wear this early in the season! I missed all the holiday events last year because I got sick in early December, so this year I hope to be able to attend all the special church and family events I love. Luckily, I had bought some fun pieces on sale after Christmas in 2021 that went unworn last year, so I’m going to start with those. What I really need are some cute holiday earrings, and I’ll bet Talbot’s is the perfect place to find some.

  23. That red ruana looks fabulous on you, Pam!
    The color is fabulous, even with your fall palette. The shape is a little boxy, but those pants are great! I’ll wait till I spot a sale, and order through your site..

  24. Hi Pamela,
    I am brand new to your website and I love it! Your style is lovely and your vibe is really awesome. I want the red ruana so after I send this message I will click on it and buy. 🎶’Cause we need a little Christmas, right this very minute…🎶 🤗 ♥

  25. Welcome Sandra! So happy to have you join us…if you love Christmas, then this is the place to be!

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