Would You Wear It – Animal Print Sweatshirt

would you wear it

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Welcome to our weekly challenge called Would You Wear It!

Today I am asking specifically… Would You Wear It – Animal Print Sweatshirt.

Please answer in such a way as to be helpful…in other words, explain your “yes” or your “no.”

It helps the other women to specifically understand why you would or would not wear what is on the display.

Of course, if you believe you can improve the display or desire to offer style tips for it, then we would love to hear.

Below, I will give you more information on the display.

So, let’s get started!


would you wear it

This display is from one of our local Chico’s.

It is the Zenergy Bungee Animal Print Sweatshirt.

The word “bungee” should encourage you to look closer…especially at the bungee chords to each side of the garment.

Also, consider…is this a sweatshirt?  Or would you have called it something else?

would you wear it

Before you answer the would you wear it question, I wanted to show you this garment on me…a real person.

When considering the question, think about the animal print insets, the bungee pulls to each side, and the material.

I have tried on many tops which had the insets of some design or another, and the design was very flattering to the fit.

However, I personally did not find that to be the case with this top.  It was not flattering on me, but I would love to hear your thoughts.

Also, how do you feel about baseball caps…do you wear them often?

There is so much to see at Chico’s right now.  Here are a few of my picks in the New Arrivals…and answer, would you wear it? RED……


would you wear it

I know, I know…most of you are thinking…really Pam?  This is only for young women!

Well, here in the great state of Texas, I see all ages of women wearing boots this tall.

I would not, but I thought I would ask….Would YOU wear it?

would you wear it

I also thought it might be interesting research to ask all of you just how tall do your boots go.

Are you a bootie or taller person?  How tall do you go?

Questioning minds would like to know!

This is a lot for one day, ladies, but these exercises can be fun and helpful.

So tell us….WOULD YOU WEAR IT…the animal sweatshirt and baseball cap on display…the emphasis on “red” in new arrivals…and how tall are your boots?

Always be positive and helpful here and by all means……………………………


By Pamela Lutrell

Remember,  you can shop ANYTIME with the links under the page at the top called SHOPPING LINKS...and I will receive a small compensation for your shopping.

Also, if I have posted a link on a specific garment, and you use that link to go to the website of the brand, but look around and buy something else, I still get credit…though you do not buy what I am wearing.

Please ask any questions… this income helps keep me here, because even at age 70, Mr. B and I need additional income.  He also works two jobs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who shops this way.

Would You Wear It


  1. I bought this; it is not a sweatshirt even if it is called that, but a very soft knit. The bungee allows adjustments for fullness; I like it because I can wear it with so many styles of pants—with pockets or without.

    I never wear caps but do occasionally wear cute visors. The new Chico’s collection with all the red is calling my name; I am sure more will be coming soon and I am watching for sales in these colors.

  2. Good morning Pam. I’ll answer all three. No the the sweatshirt and ball cap as I do not wear black. Aside from that the insets are angled in a way to make the hips look wider. So its a double no. Yes to red but not a cool red. I was curious about Chico’s new arrivals and since I was in the neighborhood yesterday I walked through. Chico’s has paired most of the red with black and to my eye the red was a bit on the cool side. The red tweed jacket is lovely and has silver metallic. I can wear a true red but really prefer one that leans toward warm. Boots! Love them and have a collection. Mine range all the way from ankle boots to knee low heel high dress boot that I’ve worn for many years. All my boots have low heels. I’ve never been able to walk in high heels.

  3. I would try it on, then I would decide. It meets my interesting adjective, I like animal print, and I like elevated athleisure. That said, I’m afraid the bungee cords would emphasize my tummy and cut me in half. It looks like a knit top to me, not a sweatshirt, which I would define as made of thick fleece with a smooth outside and a fuzzy inside. A hard no on the cowboy boots. I would take one step and then have to sit down in agony, if I hadn’t face-planted already. I do wear western jewelry, as turquoise is my favorite stone, but around here the cowboy boots would look very out of place and are not practical for our sloppy, slippery weather.

  4. We farm so the boots are a YES for me. I have a collection of boots from knee boots to booties. I love the knee length cowboy boots the best. I wear them with jeans, skirts and dresses. I do not have any with sparkles and I do not have any with spike heels but I do believe these are beautiful. As far as the shirt I would have to try it on. I am leaning toward a no because I am not drawn to wearing animal prints. Love to read your blog!

  5. No. I understand that many women love animal prints and consider them classic. I’m not in that camp. I would prefer this top in black or navy without the print. Have a nice day.

  6. No to the ‘sweatshirt’ as I don’t like animal prints. Yes to baseball hats – a beach staple Big no to the boots – way too sparkly for a conservative New Englander, and just looking at the heels makes my ankles hurt. I love boots and used to buy Frye decades ago. my knee boots have a 2″ heel; most of the rest are flat. Last year, I bought everyday boots from Talbots that have a 7″ or so shaft but haven’t had much chance to wear them yet. LOVE the reds you show: as a cool winter, many of these are right up my alley.

  7. I’m always on the lookout for an animal print without much brown and I do wear black so I would definitely try this shirt on. However, I would investigate removing the bungee as I do not care for that feature. I do not wear baseball caps unless I’m walking and trying to keep the sun off my face. I’m personally not a fan of them on women as it seems many wear them because they either have not washed their hair or are having a bad hair day. My hair is so short that it looks like I’m bald if I wear a baseball hat. As to the boots I’ve worn tall boots in the pass but struggle to get into them with my high instep so I stay with low booties. Maybe I should try some low cowboy boots as I would be fashionable here in South Georgia. And I love all the red! Just yesterday someone on the Chico’s sight asked where was the red…guess she had not looked!

  8. I probably would not wear the shirt because of the color and the bungee cords. The black color so near my face makes me look sallow and the bungee cords seem to be non functional and would accentuate my hips. I own one Chicos baseball cap and loved wearing it this summer. I wear a hat when in the sun and the baseball cap provided the needed shade for my face. So I would probably wear the black baseball cap as well. As for boots I only wear booties because I have one leg and ankle that is bigger that the other and I have difficulty finding any that fit me well. I do enjoy wearing the booties and find them very comfortable if the heel is low.

  9. The boots are a definite ‘no’ because they are too trendy for me…I don’t dive into trends, with the exception of some color if it’s not too crazy. Also, where I live we just don’t see the western boots. We wear tall boots, just not the western. I like hats, but prefer a wider brim all around. I have worn ball caps on bike rides or walks if I’m wearing my hair in a ponytail, but this is not something I wear regularly. I had a neighbor who was rarely without one and she looked cute in them. The longer animal print drags on, the more predictable and boring it has become. Just speaking strictly for myself. This particular style is not flattering because it makes the torso look much wider. I don’t really see much animal print on women any longer, so maybe it’s a regional thing?

  10. Regarding the top and being slender like the mannequin, a hard ‘no’ for myself as the bungee cord element with its loops I would find annoying if anything else. i.e.: Having to adjust them, possibility of being a hazard catching on things etc. Secondly, I am just not a fan of low and high hemline designs. Whereas; a yes to the ball cap and leggings, as do wear on occasion. Last but not least as to boots; being a staple in a Canadian wardrobe I do own several styles that range from ankle height to just below the knee, have varying sole types as well as heels in both leather or in suede. As to cowgirl boots, I do own a pair of decoratively tooled ones that are a neutral brown in color which I’m not sure how old they are, but their leather is still soft and supple like the 1st day when purchased. However with that being said; in all honesty the last time I wore them was on a family trip to Disney as were part of the Jessie (Toy Story) costume I made for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (hubby went as Woody) but as my daughter has borrowed them a few times I will hold onto them a tad longer to accommodate her as take up little space in storing.

  11. I love all the suggestions — I like animal prints in a small way — I wore out a pair of flats with animal prints. I live up north but love the look of boots, just think I can’t wear them in my size, although if they are low heel, I like the “chelsea boot” style a lot and may buy a pair this fall. I also like the idea of dressing down and with a jean jacket over a dress think boots would let me use a dressy dress more often and get more wear if it becomes casual. I can’t wear red — but if it’s maybe a maroon would keep it. For me , when blue and green are in, I’ll sure snap up those classics as keepers. Thanks Pam! (I am now shopping for wedding event clothes for spring so looking at your older posts too.)

  12. I think clothes should draw the eye to places you want to highlight. Although I like the idea of insets, the animal print draws my eye to the midsection and hips, which are not my best features. No to the boots. I can’t wear heels or tall boots. I have heavy legs and even the boots with a wider calf rarely fit. I do love a cool red, and I hope to add a piece to my wardrobe this fall.

  13. Not only do I own this top, but I also have the gray and white one. I love them both. Since my chest and neck are always cold I always wear a tissue weight mock turtleneck under them. I always wear caps of some sort. My hair is so thin that my scalp shows through. I no longer have an indoor social life, but I feel great in what I call my ‘elevated sporty’ style. This morning, alone at the outdoor Starbucks table, the security guy asked me where my elderly friends were. Since, at 75, I am the oldest of the group, I found his wording odd. Maybe ‘elevated sporty’ conjures a youthful vibe.

  14. The top wouldn’t be something I’d like; I avoid wearing black on top because it washes me out. I rather like the sportiness of the bungee though, and would consider this cut in a solid fabric. Regarding baseball caps, I have several, even bought a new one from an arts fair this summer. I wear them exclusively on vacation in the pool and poolside. They help limit sun exposure to my scalp and face, and look very cute. They are, from yesterday’s discussion, some of my soul stirrers! 😁 With boots, as someone who lived in Nevada until age 14 and was an avid rider well beyond, I love cowboy boots. Mine were never fanciful, but very much adored. Nowadays, I would be hard pressed to fit my widened, tortured feet into them, but I have several boots of varying heights (tallest comes to the bottom of my knees) with generous toe boxes that are a 3-season staple. I also have several pairs of sloshy boots, calf and ankle heights, all with cute designs that make me smile. I used to wear them down to the barn to care for our goats when we had the ranch, but they are great yardwork or rainy walk boots.

  15. A lot to cover here. No to the sweatshirt. I always do a French tuck with my tops so the cords would be a problem. I own a silk button down blouse in leopard that I wear under a black leather jacket. I feel with animal prints, a small amount in a classic cut and good fabric are the way to go. I never wear any kind of hat. They seem to accentuate my forehead wrinkles, flatten my hair and I just feel self conscious. Love a red bag with a neutral outfit. I also love a red sweater for the December holidays. I own both ankle and knee high boots. I only wear the booties.

  16. I do wear black & have several tops with insets at the side, but most of them are the same color as the top, so I would try this top to see how it looked on me. I would also see if the bungee cords could be removed because I really don’t care for that look. I don’t regularly wear baseball caps. I have one that commemorates the Cubs 2016 World Series championship that I wear occasionally when working outside. My hat preference runs more to the woven wide brimmed type. The boots are a definite no. Knee high boots don’t fit my short wide calved legs at all, & the heels are way too high.

  17. For me the inserts are too memorable for an everyday piece of clothing. Love statement pieces but not this one.

  18. Yes I would consider the top with animal print. However, I would remove the bungee ties. I wear baseball hats on the tennis courts all the time, and I wear a cap for other situations. The red jacket is a no, I am too short to carry it off. I wear boots, but mostly short boots with jeans and dress slacks.

  19. Baseball caps – I have to try them on. I’m not sure what to call it but it’s the depth of the cap from the bill to the top of the head. If that is too deep, it makes me look like Gomer Pyle. If it’s shallow, I would wear it but I don’t wear hats much. I won’t repeat my comments that just echo others.

  20. I think you look fabulous in this top! I love the black panel down the middle as I think it’s slenderizing, a mission I’m on these days. I also like the better knit for athletic wear as I wear it daily. Thanks for bringing the top to 5he discussion.

  21. So funny how we all see ourselves and what we like and don’t like on us! I hear you saying you don’t like this one on you and it is actually one of my very favorites on you!! I don’t think it is for me as I am staying away from black but it looks so cute on you just as you are wearing it!

  22. Because of my pixie cut, I do not wear baseball caps. I like leopard. In fact wore a cropped leopard jacket with black pants and a white blouse to a luncheon yesterday. No to the item pictured, though. I mostly wear booties, but do have both a brown and a black pair of riding boots that I have had for 10+ years. I wear them occasionally. And I do have a pair of teal cowboy boots with beaded flowers that I bought for a steal years ago. I wear with a particular maxi wool Southwest motif skirt and matching sweater.

  23. I wouldn’t wear this top. I have narrow hips, and love animal prints, but it seems to me the inserts and the print should be reversed so the black draws the eye inward, as the current arrangement seems to make even a slender midsection and hips look broad. However, it looks fine on you because you have the height to overcome this design flaw!
    Baseball caps-yes! I have long hair that can be pulled back into a ponytail or braid, so they seem to suit me. Even after cataract surgery, I suffer dreadfully from glare, indoors and out, so I have stacks of caps in many colors, and wear them a lot.
    Tall boots, not so much. I’ve always loved the look, but inherited the family calves, muscular and chunky, as well as cankles, so fitting the shaft is always a problem, even in a stretch design. However, I do own lots of ankle boots in a variety of colors, mostly Naot and Lucky Brand, and routinely style them with both bootleg and flare jeans and cords. No higher heels though, as I’m 77 🙂

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