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today's news

Happy Wednesday, ladies!  Welcome to TODAY’S NEWS FOR WOMEN OVER 50!!

This is a weekly lifestyle post where I curate headlines together for you…the fabulous women over 50.

Keep in mind…this is lifestyle news…light…positive…and hopefully, helpful and informative.

The biggest news in my area of Texas is the Saturday Solar Eclipse…this is said to be one of the best places to see it this time.

Hotel rooms and other accommodations are sold out all around Central Texas.  

That’s our news, but I am happy to return today with other news just for you.

I took last week off for a travel day.

So, get your fall-cozy on and let’s look over Today’s News for Women Over 50!


today's news

French Country Home:  Fashionable French Women Over 40

Penn Live: Owner of Ann Taylor, Loft and Talbots to acquire 3 more women’s clothing brands for $1B…Yes, Chico’s is a part of this….

Fox Business: Walmart, Kohl’s kick off 2023 holiday sales

Today Show:  ‘What Not To Wear’ hosts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly reunite after 10 year feud (The entire interview is worth watching!)


today's news

The Pioneer Woman:  Apple Donut Cake

Simply Recipes:  Our family stands behind this French tradition

Alpha Foodie: Oven-Roasted Corn in Foil with Garlic Butter

Plant Powered:  17 High-Fiber Vegetarian Soup Recipes and Creamy Green Pea Pesto Pasta

Eating Well:  Ina Garten’s Cozy One-Pot Chicken Recipe is all she wants for dinner this fall

Better Homes & Gardens:  35 Flavorful Fall Slow Cooker Recipes Perfect for Chilly Nights


today's news

My French Country Home:  A Small Piece of Home: The Marvelous Watercolor Illustrations by artist Celine Chollet

Better Homes & Gardens:  10 Plants You Should Never Cut Back in Fall.  and Capture the Warmth of Early American Architecture with a Colonial Kitchen

Veranda:  Step Inside a Pueblo-Style Home In New Mexico


today's news

CNN: Being a vegetarian might be in your DNA

Veg News:  77-year-old Cher has eaten like a blue zoner for 30 years.  Is that her secret?

The Insider: I tried the Blue Zones minestrone soup packed with longevity superfoods, and it was a delicious, easy-to-make healthy meal



today's news

Science Alert: There’s a Strange Cardiovascular Response When People Listen to Classical Music Together

Newsweek: Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much? How Many Hours of Sleep Dogs Need Per Day

The Discoverer:  25 Fall Festivals You Should Check Out

Bloomberg News:  The Golden Bachelor is No Way to Entertain Seniors….(I would love your thoughts on this one…are you watching…what do you think?)

That should keep you very busy, ladies.  There is lots to read in Today’s News for Women Over 50.

Let me know your thoughts…particularly on the Golden Bachelor and the What Not To Wear Team…are you hoping for another show with a kinder and gentler format, like some?

Please share…and then go out and about as you…………………………………


By Pamela Lutrell

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Today's news


  1. A lot of interesting articles here. The Walmart reference caught my eye because my daughter-in-law recently walked into a restaurant where we were meeting wearing a gorgeous, fine gauge teal sweater that looked fabulous with her blond hair and when I complimented her on it, she told me it was from Walmart. I was really surprised because it really was beautiful and the quality looked great too. So just goes to show, don’t rule anything out! $10. Amazing!
    As a watercolor artist myself, I was so impressed by the talent of Celine Chollet! Beautiful work! Also found the vegetarian article interesting, relating this preference to DNA. I don’t eat red meat because I don’t like it and could live on vegetables, but I make myself eat chicken and fish for more protein. This was an interesting concept. Not saying that I agree with all of it, but it’s interesting! Speaking of vegetables, I made the cauliflower soup you posted several years ago since it’s my go-to fall and winter favorite. Got a really hot poblano this time so it’s got great spicy flavor. That soup is a winner!

  2. Lots in here … thank you! Unfortunately, the link wouldn’t open to read the full article on Chicos, but I got the gist. I’m hoping these brands won’t all become generic; there are lots of online complaints about what shoppers say is a move to more synthetic fabrics, but I think this started years before and is not just confined to these brands. I do note prices seem higher. As for the “vegetarian in the genes,” I’m pretty suspicious of nutrition studies that are from people self-reporting, because they are known to contain so many inaccuracies. I eat pretty blue zone, and have for about twelve years. I can say that I’m healthier by far now than I was before, both in my labs and in how I feel. I’m currently reading a book called Outlive, which is quite good and delves more deeply into health. I think it would appeal to your journalistic bent and interest in healthy living.

  3. I was thinking just recently that I need to roast poblano peppers! Thanks for sharing all of this Karen…particularly about the Walmart sweater…I will post more picks from Walmart!

  4. Thanks Linda…I will check out the book. I hope the new owners of Chico’s do not change the REWARDS program…it is the best because they do not require a brand credit card to receive the rewards. That is something that keeps me loyal to Chico’s…free shipping, and money off each purchase is huge and no one else does it.

  5. Thanks, Pam! Fun reading today and some articles to go back to. The posole looks good, so I hope I can talk my husband into making it this weekend. I enjoyed the French fashion icons: Inez de la Fressange is still just gorgeous, and I really like her casual looks. She wears my kind of style. Some of the younger women honestly look “frumpy” to me. I was surprised.

  6. Copied lots of recipes to put in my “To Try” folder – the Ina Garten Chicken in a Pot and the Blue Zone Sardinia Minestrone Soup will be first up. I love making soup and love having it for several days and freezing some for later. Added fennel to the grocery list. I don’t watch any of the Bachelor shows – not my cup of tea.

  7. I just love your Wednesday News day. I seldom read it through in one sitting; instead I savor it over a day or two. Thank you so much for continuing with it. I have only read about the French women. Ines is always my favorite, but after watching “Emily in Paris” and “Call my Agent”, I was happy to see a nod to Phillipine and Camille. I would love to have more discussion about French style (and others). I remember your doing that a while back. Although I feel very American, my grandmother was French. She certainly had a way about her. I am looking forward to reading more of your culled articles. Thank you.

  8. Some really interesting articles, but the one that caught my eye ( and also dates me – lol) was the Stacy London Abd Clinton Kelly article. I never realized there was an actual feud going on. I had believed that Stacy was ill(?) and that Clinton went to work for Macy. I learned something!

  9. As always, the Wednesday roundup is wonderful. I just turned 73 and haven’t dated in a few years, so I thought I’d watch the Golden Bachelor and for some reason, I find it somewhat unwatchable. I have it on in the background. I was talking to a few friends, and we came up with the thought that, well, I’m not sure I want to see a guy and a bunch of women doing things 20-30 year old do..hard to explain, but even on my best days I never looked that good, and I’m not tall and thin…..these are the style/look ladies that have always intimidated me….I hope he finds happiness and the lady is willing to move….
    The soup is a must try……

  10. Still working my way through all the articles today. French style and ladies has always interested me, then I took a look at the subscription box that was shown on the site, and, well, always something interesting. The Golden Bachelor is somehow not holding my attention, I am not a follower of the series, but thought this might be fun…. still thinking. Loved seeing Stacey and Clinton again, and would love a new show with them.
    With all the references to the Tim Gunn book lately, I managed to dig out my copy and am rereading it. Always love to read a style type book.
    Thanks for all the info today Pam

  11. I have never watched any of the bachelor/bachelorette shows because based on the promos & previews it didn’t look interesting to me. I was intrigued by the Golden Bachelor, so I watched the first episode. I had hoped it would be a bit classier & less trashy. I was disappointed to say the least. The obvious scripting was so silly. There was one woman with a basket of eggs that strutted & clucked like a chicken in the introduction & another came in her “birthday suit” because it was her birthday. It was some sort of flesh colored garment. This same woman was given a cupcake for during the one-on-one time & invited to help the bachelor clean the frosting from his lips. The entire show was all of the same ilk. Needless to say, that was my first & last show.  

  12. I hope they do a new show…I have really missed the old one. I am one of the people it helped so much. Thanks Diane

  13. I have zero interest in the Golden Bachelor show. I read for two hours and am still not through all of the articles you presented today. I wish I could eat a vegetarian diet but there are too many items that cause me problems like onions, peppers and tomatoes. Most raw vegetables are a cause for serious pain in my intestines. So that cuts out so much yummy looking foods. Sad. I hope they don’t cheapen Chicos clothing or change their sizing as it is one of the few that fit my 78 year old body. I couldn’t get the whole article to come up so I don’t know of any changes. Cher still looks great. My dog is 7 and sleeps a lot. Glad to know that is okay.

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