Jackets, Jeans, and a touch of bling

jackets and jeans

Happy Thursday, friends.  Today, I am discussing jackets, jeans, and a touch of bling.

Jackets and jeans are my personal uniform this time of year and have been for a very long time.

I guess I began wearing jackets and jeans on casual Fridays when I was working as a teacher and in the professional world.

I have always liked the multiple ways that jackets and jeans can work together to stretch a wardrobe.

When I evaluated my wardrobe not too long ago, I realized that my purchases from Macy’s over the years have lived in that closet for a very long time.

Though I have purchased jackets and jeans at other retailers, Macy’s always provides good fit, quality and very affordable pricing.

The pieces I own have washed well and helped me to communicate my style adjective, POLISHED.

Macy’s has begun Black Friday specials and some of the pricing is just exceptional….so with all of that in mind, my slide shows today feature picks from Macy’s.

I hope you enjoy seeing these inspiration looks, because this is how I actually look in my real world when out and about…pre-surgery, of course!


jackets and jeans

Of course, the star of any jackets and jeans outfit is a great jacket.

They come in so many styles and sizes and I am sure many of you have decided what works best for you.

Most of my jackets are classic blazer-styles, with few prints or plaids.  I can do more with a classic blazer and love to wear them with scarves during the cooler weather.

NOTE:  These are outfits worn recently, so shoes were all about accommodating the wonky foot.

Macy’s currently has great jackets on sale and in all price ranges.  I have found some of the more affordable Macy’s brands to be very good jackets at low prices.  They also carry designer jackets as well.


jackets and jeans

My advice to you right now goes against what many blogs say…don’t worry about what is in style, worry about your best fits in jeans.

I believe I look good in slim fit, skinny jeans…so I am going to wear them…no matter if websites say they are in style or not.

I am sure you can tell that I own a lot of jeans…this is Texas, after all…we love our denim.

When I think it is a jackets and jeans day, I first select the jacket.

If it is a longer boyfriend style, then I most often go with the skinny jean, or slim leg jeans.

If I select a shorter length jacket, then I am OK to widen the leg a bit, or maybe even go with my boyfriend, cuffed hemline jeans.

I must confess that my favorite jackets and jeans looks are the boyfriend jackets with the the skinny jeans…always been a favorite. 

The RUCHED SLEEVE BLAZER I am wearing is only available in very small sizes, but on sale.  The black version is full price in all sizes.

The jeans still hanging in my closet over many years are the ones by INC at Macy’s….and most often in the curvy sizes for my generous hips!

Here are some excellent selections at great prices currently at Macy’s:

I wear my black denim often this time of year with my best colors at the top!


jackets and jeans

Outfits with jackets and jeans provide lots of opportunities to wear a touch of bling this time of year.

My touch of bling is most often found on a brooch and I want to return to wearing more than one at the same time…I haven’t done that in a long time, but love the look.

This outfit features my TALBOTS JOY BROOCH, with the Chico’s TOUCH OF COOL SATIN TRIM TANK in Enchanted Forest Green.

A little touch of bling can help make the season bright.

Ladies, I have looked at accessories from many brands and I am telling you that the prices and selections at Macy’s this year are exceptional…love their brooch selections so much…

Here are a few for you to consider:

jackets and jeans

In colder months, I love to wear a touch of bling on tanks tops with my jackets and jeans.

I love the one I am wearing, but it is too old to link to…however, I can tell you that this is a way to speak my style adjectives of creative, polished, approachable, joyful, and current.

What is more joyful than a touch of bling?

I do have a green fully sequined tank that I wear mostly around Christmastime.

Jackets and Jeans keep bling under control….especially if you are not comfortable in a fully sequined top or jacket.

That is why I personally look for ones that are on the more affordable side…the cost per wear needs to be taken down in the price…not the number of times I wear it.

I have Macy’s in this slide show, plus a few more….there are a few higher priced ones at some of your favorite brands.

I hope this has inspired you and given you ideas with your own jackets and jeans outfits today.

As I said, these are uniforms for me…favorite go-to outfits that I really rely on to say Pamela-style.

Would love to hear from you and make sure that you always….


Jackets and Jeans

By Pamela Lutrell

Remember,  you can shop ANYTIME with the links under the page at the top called SHOPPING LINKS...and I will receive a small compensation for your shopping.

Also, if I have posted a link on a specific garment, and you use that link to go to the website of the brand, but look around and buy something else, I still get credit…though you do not buy what I am wearing.

Please ask any questions… this income helps keep me here, because even at age 70, Mr. B and I need additional income.  He also works two jobs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who shops this way.


  1. I agree 100% with you on the jeans; I am not ready for wide legs. I do have a couple of pairs of boyfriend cuts but no really full openings. They are just not flattering to my body. I wear a 3rd piece most every day—a jacket, cardigan, a hoodie, unless the hot Houston days don’t permit it.

    Hope you are doing well on your recovery.

  2. Good morning, Nyla. I lived and worked in Houston years ago and certainly understand the challenges the weather brings. Happy Thursday!

  3. Thanks Linda…I personally think it is a look for some of us that never goes out of style!

  4. Yes on Macys! I’m a dedicated shopper there, it helps that it isn’t far away if I want to shop online it’s no issue. The On 34th sweater blazer is a wonderful third item, such a great fit, at least in me.
    Their jewelry department is fun!
    Hoping you are recovering well, take good care.

  5. I agree with you, Susan, that Macy’s is so easy to shop online and for the most part has a great selection and good sales.

  6. Hi Pam! Jeans-and-a-blazer suits my classic style perfectly and has been a go-to for me for years, just like it has for you! Also like you, I prefer jeans on the slim side, straight leg jeans being my favorite, but definitely slim. I don’t follow trends and find that slim or straight leg jeans always look flattering, and you never have to second guess. They can always be made current with jackets, tops and accessories. Your outfits are classy and stylish and that’s a look I’m always going for too. The ‘bling’ tops you featured are certainly fun and would work so well with the jeans and jacket style to add a touch of holiday spirit! Hope your recovery is going well!

  7. Thanks for sharing, Karen. I like how I can be polished and creative in the same outfit…it is so easy with jackets and jeans. Or, like you, it is a classic casual style…without the bling, of course!

  8. I love straight leg and slouchy boyfriend jeans. I have several pairs of wide-leg pants and like the way they look with shorter sweaters and lady jackets (which I don’t own yet). I love the look of blazers, but … My third layer in summer is generally a shirt (over a tank). I have quite a few linen blazers but wear them less now that I am not in an air-conditioned office. My third layer in winter is a sweater and/or a quilted vest. Blazers wrinkle a log more if one is sitting much and don’t work for me as I work around the house.

  9. Jeans with a Blazer is one of my favorite looks and always has been. Actually today I am copying youWith a ruched sleeve BrownBlazer with my slim jeans and a dark blue tee underneath. Plus some cool jewelry. I also prefer the slim Jean with most jackets. While I really like the flared jeans and even a bit of a wide leg sometimes I think they look best with a sweater or I fitted type top. Love the combinations you showed today great inspiration. And I’m seriously looking at those brooches.

  10. Like others I live by jeans and blazer or cardi over a white tee or shirt. Scarves round out the look certain days- other days its a creative necklace.
    I have a few brooches, most from my aunt Ruth or a local antique shop. I find the older pieces become conversation starters at times.
    Hope you are feeling better each day Pam!

  11. Mine have also been conversation starters, Paulette. I always look for brooches when I am thrift/antique shopping.

  12. There are some great brooches here, Kathie…I am impressed with the brooch collection and the prices compared to other retailers. I also ordered a couple today! And that ruched sleeve jacket is great…isn’t it?

  13. Yes to straight or slim jeans for me, and I love pairing them with a jacket or cardigan. Like Susan, I have one of Macy’s On 34th sweater jackets, in cream, as well as a similar piece from Talbot’s. Those softened blazer styles are both comfortable and quite polished. I plan to wear the cream one with a soft silky cream blouse, black slacks, and my new Vivaia black and white tweed flats for this year’s charity holiday luncheon event. I am eyeing now that cute pearly Christmas tree brooch from your display. What a great price for all of those fun choices!

  14. Your holiday luncheon outfit sounds lovely, Connie. I also like the sweater jacket I purchased at Macy’s On 34th, but I need a little colder weather to completely enjoy it.
    Macy’s is giving us so many things to consider this year and at great prices.

  15. So glad to know I’m in good company wearing my skinny or straight-leg jeans! Blazers suit my classic style perfectly, and I’m enjoying wearing mine in the cooler fall weather. I scored a tan metallic tweed knit version at Chico’s after Christmas in 2021 that will be in heavy holiday rotation, worn with dark jeans and metallic flats. As usual, your post has reminded me of some forgotten options in my own closet that will work when it cools off a little more. I need to try Macys again. The store closest to me is a hot mess and I’m out of the mall habit since COVID, but I’m intrigued by several pieces you’ve featured. Thanks for helping us stay current, in spite of our shared fondness for skinny jeans! Hoping your recovery is progressing and you’re feeling better every day.

  16. I prefer a slimmer fit in my jeans as opposed to the wide legged fit. It is what looks best on me. A blazer & tee with the jeans is a simple classic look that speaks to my adjectives. As the weather gets colder, I will be wearing my cardigans & other sweaters. I love the joy broach. It adds just the right touch of bling.

  17. Hi Lorri! My favorite way to shop Macy’s is honestly online. Their returns and reimbursements are easy and quick. Deliveries come quickly also. I find more online, but I will say they are cleaning up the stores and they are in better shape now.

  18. I love that brooch so much…And I will probably wear it after Christmas! Never too much joy!

  19. I love Christmas brooches! Before retirement, I would begin the day after Thanksgiving wearing my brooches and had accumulated enough to not wear the same one till Christmas! I’m happy to see that they are beginning to come back in style.

  20. Blazers and jeans are my uniform this time of year. My high school uniform was a blazer & pleated skirt. I didn’t wear pleated skirts for very long after high school but I’ve worn blazers ever since. Today I copied your style! I’m wearing the Chocolate Fondant ruched sleeve blazer with jeans and a dark blue tee shirt and really like the look. Your outfits often give me a lot of inspiration. I agree that most blazers really look best with slim or skinny jeans. When I wear my straight leg or trouser jeans I think they look best with simple sweater that has a neat fit. For bling I have a copper colored lurex shell that I haven’t worn in years but have hung onto all the same. I think I will try it with a denim blazer for Thanksgiving. I love your Joy brooch and also several that you have in the slide show. I haven’t worn one in years and I’m thrilled they are back in style. I may need a new one for the holidays.

  21. I almost never wear brooches, although I have some older ones, because I am never sure how to wear them or what size or material would be appropriate for blouses, blazers, winter coats, or pinning a scarf (etc.) Maybe you might offer a post or recommendations, Pam? You have this look nailed. BTW, the Smithsonian holiday catalog has some gorgeous holiday brooches. They’re pricier than what you’ve shown, but they are different and support a great organization.

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