Regenerative Skincare & Makeup by Brian: A Review

by Brian

Happy Friday, friends!  I am excited to share with you today a review of Regenerative Skincare & Makeup by Brian.

I was introduced to by Brian six weeks before my surgery and I simply could not be more pleased and excited to represent the by Brian regenerative skincare & makeup line.

Typically, when I am out and about, I use the restroom mirrors to check my hair and outfit…but lately I have stopped, smiled and felt amazing at looking over my complexion.

After using the same skincare for a few years, I can clearly see that I needed a boost and turning 70 was a good time to consider that boost.

On the day I took this first picture, it was my overall makeup and complexion that caused me to stop and say…Yes, this is amazing.

by Brian

Then, after this dressing room post, I heard from a reader….Deanna.

She wanted to know what makeup I was wearing and said… “You are glowing and looking fabulous in all your photos.”

Thanks so much Deanna…your words are a confirmation…I have actually giggled lately when looking in the mirror…because I felt like I was glowing.

This is the time of year when many of us consider changes for the coming year….a big change for me will be by Brian….all in.

Please allow me to introduce to you by Brian and it’s creator…Brian…and later I do have a special savings code.


by Brian

I was introduced to Brian through our mutual friend, Susan Blakey of une femme d’un certain age who also is a client of by Brian.

Upon Susan’s recommendation, Brian contacted me on a Zoom call…and I was very impressed with all I learned.

I believe the by Brian line is going to be super successful due to great products, and the access given to you to Brian himself.

He becomes your personal beauty consultant and offers so much assistance and help. 

You will see here, the 10 Minute Virtual Consultation is free.

Once you decide to try the products, he will jump on a Zoom meeting with you and asses what is best for you…he offers his recommendations.

Brian is kind, funny, knowledgeable and the access to him is a game changer...I always wonder how to use products and sometimes videos are helpful, but access gives you the ability to ask questions right then.

We are all unique…and skincare is where we see that uniqueness in so many ways…so it helps to have a personal beauty consultant to give us advice for how to look our best.

Brian is known and recommended by many in California…specially LA…area.

I encourage you to read MORE ABOUT BRIAN.

by Brian

Not only does he assist with skincare recommendations, Brian also gives recommendations for makeup and I have loved what he has sent to me

He helps to select the colors…and everything he has sent to me…blush…eye shadow…and lip color…has been a hit.  I look forward to putting it on every day.

In fact, if you are looking for a new lipstick…by Brian lipsticks are wonderful. 

If you have needs or questions after receiving the products, he is quick to respond to emails.  Also, the website includes helpful videos.

I am excited in the new year to work more with Brian and experience his workshops by Brian...which can even be booked and attended by a group of your friends…now that is a fun party.


by Brian

I am using several of his products daily and cannot recommend one without the other!

From the cleansers to the serums to the eye treatment to the lip treatment…it is making a difference…a difference that I love.

My skin drinks up these products and then glows.

by Brian

While I cannot recommend just one of the skincare line by Brian, I do want to say that this Super Radiance Skin Tint is incredible….the best makeup face serum yet.

And I have tried good ones.

This is the best.  You do not feel it and only see it in the overall results.


by Brian

I do have a savings code for you today that Brian has very generously offered to this audience with the code….a 25% savings:

CODE:  pamelasfaves
% off complete order: 25%
Plus: Free samples, 1 free sample for orders under $99, 2 samples $100+

The code is PAMELASFAVES that you use at checkout  

However,  I highly recommend you sign up first for the 10 Minute Consultation (Click on the link above to sign up) and meet with Brian before you purchase.

During your  Virtual 10 minute Makeup One-on-One Consultation  Brian asks many questions about your skin and  what you are using and the challenges you may have with your skin or what you want help with.  He make recommendations based on what your skin needs. He covers abundant ground in your free 10 minute consultation. Then he sends out a shopping list which you let him know what you want to do first.  After he ships the products he recommends that you schedule a one-on-one with him to help with your concerns and guide you though application techniques.  Brian and I both highly recommend a Virtual 10 minute Makeup One-on-One Consultation so he can get to know you better before making recommendations and before you schedule a one-on-one Master Workshop.

Your access to Brian is the key to getting products that will make you giggle as well.

Let’s think about the word REGENERATIVE…a word I really like.


It is not an overstatement for me to say that is what has happed to me since I began the by Brian products.

I always said that I was open to change if I met something better….well, I have.

I plan to be representing By Brian in 2024 and bringing you more opportunity with this incredible brand.

Of course, ask any questions and please read all of the product details on his website.

See you tomorrow with Style Tips…now…..


by Brian

By Pamela Lutrell

Remember,  you can shop ANYTIME with the links under the page at the top called SHOPPING LINKS...and I will receive a small compensation for your shopping.

Also, if I have posted a link on a specific garment, and you use that link to go to the website of the brand, but look around and buy something else, I still get credit…though you do not buy what I am wearing.

Please ask any questions… this income helps keep me here, because even at age 70, Mr. B and I need additional income.  He also works two jobs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who shops this way.



  1. Pam, your skin is lovely and glowing! This is something I will think about especially since you will be representing him. Hope you are feeling better and better each day.

  2. I am so impressed with these products, Kathie! They are worth your time to check out. Thank you!

  3. Brian is so down to earth and very knowledgeable. He is NOT high sales pressure. He meets with you…then send you a list of his recommendations and then it is up to you to decide if you want to purchase anything. He is not intimidating at all. I believe you will like him.

  4. I love skin care, and have products I do like, but I can see changing out what you were doing to Brian has really made a difference. It’s something to think about in the new year, after the craziness of the holidays and when winter skin needs the “drink up” factor. We recently put the heat on, and it makes my skin really dry.

  5. You might consider the 10 minute consult with Brian, Linda. It doesn’t cost you a penny and then you will have your list of recommendations to consider for the new year. Just a thought.

  6. I’m always interested in skincare so the By Brian products will be on a list to try after I read about them. Since you have been a longtime Genucel fan, what’s better about the By Brian line of skin care?

  7. The results, Kay. I am amazed at how I look in the skincare and makeup…more vibrant and glowing…and yes, younger. These products give noticeable results.

  8. The timing couldn’t have been better on this post! I have recently been looking at upgrading my skincare, and I had also noticed your glowing complexion. I had chalked it up to the onset of the “season of joy,” but it’s good to know it comes in a bottle so more of us can try it. I was happy with my products and routine until recently, when I couldn’t help but notice there was “no glow” every time I saw myself in the mirror. Thanks so much for the recommendations!

  9. Aha! You were up to some new skincare and makeup products. This sounds fascinating. A free consult with Brian himself seems like you can’t go wrong. I think I will definitely be looking into this. When I think of the hits and misses I’ve tried thru the years, the colors that are all wrong for me, I think this is what I need. The price point is a bit high for my fixed income, but I want to consider how I can fit this in somehow. Hopefully the products require small doses so they last and don’t all run out at the same time. Will look forward to your upcoming posts on your thoughts on this line. Congrats on partnering with Brian. The proof is in your pictures, smile, and the giggling in front of mirrors. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I encourage you to sign up for the consult and be open with Brian about your budget. He will give you best recommendations and, yes, I just use a tiny bit of product.

  11. I would like to try this as I need some skincare help! I’m having a hard time finding the link to set up a consultation. Where can I find the link?

  12. Cindy, just click on the words 10 Minute virtual consultation. Whenever words are boldface and underlined, that is a link. Thanks!

  13. Pamela thank you for being so lovely, upbeat and fun gal. I have enjoyed sharing my passion for all things beauty with you—Skincare, Makeup and my favorite teaching the how-tos of fresh makeup application and providing you with my suggestions for your skin needs. You have been a delight.
    I have loved reading all the post from your readers. I look forward to meeting all of you and guiding each of you with your solutions for each of your skin, makeup and application desire, needs and wants!! This is fun for me!!
    Feel free to reach out to me on my BY BRIAN website. You can chat me up from any page by clicking the Chat icon 💬 on any page. You all have the links to my shop but if you want it again here it is…
    PS don’t be shy I’m an easy guy to be with! I love helping, and makeup and skincare is fun.

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