Style Tips: How to style a sheath dress with stretch

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Happy Saturday!  Welcome to Style Tips…today it is, Style Tips: how to style a sheath dress with stretch.

On Saturdays, my friend Jennifer and I show you fashion displays with interesting garments that could be styled differently.

This is when you become a fashion stylist for yourself…or someone else…and offer style tips that would take the looks to a new level.

It is NOT would you wear it, but, rather, how would you style it?

So, clock in, fashion stylists, and give us your best style tips!  Readers love your ideas……


style tips

For some reason, where I am from in San Antonio, women of all ages and sizes love sheath dresses.

I found this one at JC Penney to have an interesting design which could help with any fluff in the middle and has sleeves (which many sheath dresses do not have).

Be sure to consider the design when you are offering style tips.

This is the CONNECTED APPAREL 3/4 BELL SLEEVE SHEATH DRESS.  Comes in nine colors and is a fabric combo with stretch.  This color is Hunter Green….and, I must add, that the cinnamon color is beautiful.

It is also sold in plus sizes and petite sizes.

So how would you style this sheath dress and how would your styling change for different events (such as a holiday party or wedding or even a funeral)…what type of coat would you wear over it?

Here are a few more dresses to look over…to help you think of your style tip ideas!

Now, what are your style tips for this display today…cannot wait to here.

style tips

Just a side note:

I don’t know if any of you are like me with daughters in their thirties, but when I saw this dress, I immediately thought she would look lovely in it.


I looked at it closely and this is a nice dress….and it doesn’t have to just be for a daughter!


style tips

Several of you are joining me this year to wear this lovely Faux Leather Trim Sweater Cape.

I am looking forward to wearing mine again soon…it is a really nice garment.

style tips

There were also several orders of the Faux Leather Blazer...but everyone who ordered preferred it in black.

Thank you so much, friends, for supporting this blog through your purchases using my links.

November is moving right along…just a reminder that on Tuesdays after the Would You Wear It display, I share gift ideas.  Hope you will stop by.

And tomorrow is Sunday Mornings at Home…,  don’t leave until you give us your best style tips…then head over to A Well Styled Life for Jennifer’s challenge….and…


By Pamela Lutrell

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Style Tips



  1. I actually own that exact (first) dress, but in brown haha! So the way that I would style it is the way that I wear it, I suppose – with knee-high boots, my hair up & some interesting earrings to allow the neckline to shine (I’m a Deep Autumn, so my accessories are chocolate brown & bronze toned, but this dusky seafoam teal would go great with grey & silver instead – maybe with pops of pink/ purple/ cobalt blue if you prefer). I’ve found my dress also works well in cooler weather, because the fabric allows the sleeves to drape without getting stuck inside a jacket. So I’d add a blazer jacket & loop a scarf around the neck for my working commute. No need for a belt, because it would detract from the gathered details.

  2. Such a pretty dress. I’d wear it with nude shoes and subtle jewelry. The shape is so flattering, I wouldn’t cover it with much.
    Delicate jewelry would be my choice. Happy Saturday!

  3. Oh yes, the cinamon colour is beautiful, and fits with my colouring. So, I’d grab the cinamon dress, add some chocolate brown lace stockings and suede pumps, a chocolate brown clutch, a mid-brown coat, and gold jewellery – a simple necklace and earrings sitting on the lobe. If I was styling the hunter green, I’d go with sheer black hose, fine black pumps, black clutch and silver jewellery. And coat wise – I’d look to a charcoal rather than black. This dress just reads as “elegant” to me – so I wouldn’t be looking to dress it down too much.

  4. Oh, pI really like that teal sheath with sleeves and would wear either gold or silver jewelry; in my opinion either would work.
    I’d wear a natural or nude shoe, even taupe. And with our sudden chill here in the Northeast I might wear a natural or nude tall boot ( I’d try them on to see if it works).
    A great little dress!

  5. Sheath dresses are definitely in my wheelhouse! In helping someone style this, it would be important to determine body shape and the proper sizing. Sometimes this style requires a size adjustment. Sometimes. This color is not the best, to my eye, looking a little dusty and drab, so if there were other color options, I’d steer that way. I’d wear this (in a different color that steered clear of drab) in a heartbeat. Not everyone can wear a sheath dress, I get that, but if the body type I was working with couldn’t, I’d be looking for an a-line option. The Sara McLaughlin dress is gorgeous, but holy smokes, the price!! Definitely an investment, and it would never be out of style.

  6. Beautiful dress! Cognac swede pumps, simple gold jewelry and a cream wool coat for winter. Leopard pumps and a trench coat would work, too. Mustard shoes would be a nice pop. I’ve been looking for a basic but interesting black dress, and this might be it.

  7. Hi Karen, often times colors are difficult on computers. After seeing this dress up close, I will say the green is a pretty shade and not what I would call drab. It is especially a pretty green for the holidays. Thanks!

  8. Such an attractive dress and good for hiding “ fluff” as you called it. I have not worn a dress in years but with proper undergarments, and a place to go, I’d definitely be interested in this dress probably in the deep cobalt blue. As a winter I often wear this pretty blue with silver necklace and earrings, and black pumps. I’d also wear my darker blue coat and carry my silver clutch. I’m glad to see you are responding to replies this morning. I trust that means you are feeling much better. I hope that you are able to move about more comfortably after your surgery wearing your foot, and your pain is minimal.

  9. Thanks Celia…I would like to try on this dress if it is still available when I am out and about again.

  10. I am so happy that you are up and feeling well enough to respond this morning! 🤗 This is a pretty dress. I like the sleeves especially, subtle and feminine. The hunter green and teal are both lovely choices for my vision of a holiday dress, though I would prefer a touch more length if it were for me. Wear a beautiful patterned wrap with this to the party, and a complementary wristlet or clutch, nude hosiery and some deep green suede kitten-heeled pumps. Then just earrings, maybe dangles with the hair up loosely.

  11. I love sheath dresses, and dresses are so easy to wear as opposed to separates. While I don’t love this color, I’d wear the style in a minute. In this color, I’d go with a charcoal gray shoe and purse. Maybe some burgundy in accessories, the wrap detail is almost enough that you don’t need much. And the sequin dress is really a sheath that I think would be gorgeous on. If only I had a party that fancy!

  12. So glad you are feeling well and answering our comments.
    I would add a watch and bracelet combo for some bling. Probably nude shoes for a special occasion and tan boots for something more casual. So glad it comes in petite.

  13. I know, Susan…I wish I had some place to wear this dress…either in the green or the cinnamon!

  14. JCP is pretty good about offering many garments in petite and plus sizes. Thanks Audrey!

  15. Ahhhhh, teal! My favorite color in the world. I’m drawn to it. If I’m not careful, everything in my closet would be teal, LOL! This dress has a figure flattering, easy-to-wear styling and drape about it. I’d wear it in warmer weather with a nude sandal, a coordinating bag, and some interesting jewelry at the neckline. The level of refinement of such accessories like this could take me from work to church to parties and special events.
    Where I live, I can wear a dress like this for three seasons, being all but winter. Such a garment is typically a great wardrobe investment. With the bell sleeves, I don’t imagine this dress would be comfortable with a jacket or sweater over it, and I’m having trouble envisioning the fabric and asymmetrical ruching looking good with a topper…..or tights and boots. IMHO, it’s just not for winter but it IS a winner!

  16. This ruched dress is too feminine for me, but I would love it on my color consultant who is a romantic. She is a golden spring, and if this isn’t as dusky as it appears, it would be perfect. I can see her with pearls around her neck and dangling pearl earrings. Hair up. If anyone thinks pearls are too passé, I saw a single strand that had every other one in a larger size. It looked so fresh snd ‘reinvented’. Teal or nude shoes would be lovely, perhaps a gold bracelet with one dropped pearl on it. A simple gold clutch. I know Penney’s has typed this as a sheath, but I see it more as a ruched faux (?) wrap. As a ‘classic’ (now casual classic), I find it difficult to type it as a sheath in my mind. The McLaughlin dress is a beauty and I might have splurged if that was brown or olive and lined. It is nice to see Penney’s up-ing their style. I would love a three quarter length sleeved top in that sequined shift piece!

  17. Hi Pamela, I am making your pumpkin bread recipe. What mixture do I add the pumpkin to? I can’t find it in the recipe. Thanks for your reply.

  18. While I wouldn’t wear this dress, I think it is very stylish & would look wonderful on others. I would style it with a nude shoe & small jewelry such as a simple hoop earring, a long delicate chain & slim bangle in sliver. Since this would be lovely for an evening out, I might add a creamy lightweight wrap & a simple clutch bag. I could see either of my granddaughters in the sparkly dress, although neither of them would likely have an occasion to wear it. It’s way too fancy for their casual lifestyles.

  19. Wow! I love everything about this! As someone with a rectangular body type, I love the side ruching to help create a waist. The colour is gorgeous, too! I would probably add a scarf to “close up” the neckline. Gold bangles and earrings would make this complete.

  20. So good to see you on line Pam. This dress is not at all my style but I can see that its a great style for many others. I would make one alteration, though. I would remove the flounce on the sleeve. There’s enough drama from the gathers and I think a plain sleeve will keep it from looking dated. I would style it with a plain neutral pump and simple jewelry. The sequin dress is a knock out. Something I would have worn “back in the day.”

  21. So thankful to know you got a good night’s sleep and can join us on-line today! It’s hard to sleep comfortably when you’re supposed to be elevating your foot, and my pain was always worse at night after my foot surgery. As a charter member of #Team Overdressed, I love sheath dresses, and wear them every time I’m coordinating a church wedding, as well as to funerals and other more formal church events. I like to top my sleeveless ones with a blazer so I have pockets, but the side drape on this dress probably wouldn’t look right with a blazer. I like the previous suggestions of a colorful scarf and some interesting earrings that didn’t compete with the scarf. The sleeves make this a year-round style in our part of the country; in fact, I love teal and I have a J Jill dress in this color that is almost identical. I’m going to dig it out and try out some new ways to style it. I think it could be dressed down a little with tights and ankle boots, but for a dressy occasion I still wear pearls. If I wanted to look more “current” than “classic” I would swap my traditional strand of pearls for some more modern freshwater ones I was gifted, and I would probably wear matching earrings with either version. I also collect the pendant necklaces with semi-precious stones that J Jill has offered for the past few years, and I think one would look just right with this neckline if it was shortened to fall above the ruching. If I needed a coat I would wear a knee-length jewel tone coat, perhaps navy or deep purple, but I also like teal and black together. I need to stop by JCP and give these a try-on. Not that I “need” yet another sheath dress, but I’d love to have some in less severe colors than the black and navy most of mine are.

  22. I love how Style Tips Saturday motivates some to dig out garments they haven’t worn in awhile and try new things. And thanks Lorri for all of your encouragement and understanding.

  23. I own a dress from another retailer that is very similar to this one. It’s a beautiful plum color and about 8 years old! I styled it for an afternoon autumn wedding with gold jewelry, light matte gold pumps & a glittery gold shawl. I’m feeling fashion overloaded these days & was so happy to see a dress that has withstood time that I actually own!! The glitter black & silver sheath appeals to me & I’m 72! JCP is always on my radar for dresses! Thanks Pam!

  24. I share a similar sentiment as to Kathie (above) as to the dress itself (I too would remove the sleeve flounce) but might change out the neutral colored pump to a pointed toe sling-back style. i.e.: A black suede. Also as to jewelry would keep it to a minimum and be delicate as Jennifer (above) suggested. Wishing you full mobility soon. -Brenda-

  25. So glad you are on the mend, Pam! Prayers for you and your husband for a full, swift recovery! The dress in the photo looks like teal on my screen, and it’s gathered skirt would be flattering on straight or hourglass figures. I just purchased a dress that looks similar to the Boden you showed – it’s a Wearever knit from J.Jill in a dark teal (tidewater). I styled it for work with a navy blazer, navy ballet flats, and a gold PO paperclip necklace. I also plan to wear it with black, beige, and ivory coordinates as well as different scarves and necklaces. Sheath dresses are very versatile, and I especially like ones that are knee length or slightly longer, and that have sleeves and pockets.

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