Love’s Pure Light Scarves: Exceptional, Beautiful, Powerful

Love's pure light scarves

Happy Fashion Friday, friends!  Today I want to introduce to you Love’s Pure Light Scarves: Exceptional, beautiful, powerful.

You can see that they are beautiful…and I will explain why these scarves are exceptional, and, yes, powerful as well.

One of the top reasons I enjoy blogging would be the incredible people I meet and, of course, YOU, the readers of the blog.

Meeting Cydney…the talented creator of Love’s Pure Light Scarves was a true delight last week when she came to an event at my favorite boutique, Elizabeth’s Boutique in San Antonio.

Today I am going to introduce Cydney to you…I wish I could hand you one of these exceptional scarves so you could feel it, and I wish you could laugh with her as I did.

But, I will still give you a taste of this amazing young woman and the work she is doing.

Ladies, I give to you Love’s Pure Light……


Love's Pure Light Scarves

I was familiar with Love’s Pure Light Scarves from Shepherd’s Fashions in Ottawa.  I follow most of their social media.

However, I had never seen or known about the creator of the scarves.

Cydney Mariel Galbraith is an artist…specifically, a painter and desigher, and she radiates beauty from the inside out.

Her story from chef to fashion designer is a fascinating one…I encourage you to read ABOUT LOVE’S PURE LIGHT. 

Also, Cydney explains her encounter with the Lord which turned everything around….”It was a dream where God showed her that the words we speak have power. We can wear God’s promises and be living expressions of truth, identity, love and hope to the world.”

Love's Pure Light

Love’s Pure Light Scarves then became the combination of scarves designed from Cydney’s paintings combined with individual powerful messages for the wearer.

Every single scarf holds a different story and path of the woman wearing it.  She says, “First a woman must clothe her heart, and then I can help clothe who she is.”

The scarves represent hope, empowerment, and purpose for every woman.


Love's pure light scarves

This past summer I wrote about my journey to see The Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island.

I was not surprised to learn that is where Cydney lives…she can visit these amazing gardens whenever she likes…and you can see the beauty of that area reflected in her work.

Loves Pure Light

She also is inspired through her relationship with Jesus and His Word, in the Bible.

This is a primary influence for her decision to not just make any scarf.

As I said, when you touch a Love’s Pure Light Scarf, it is one of the silkiest, softest garments you will ever feel.

And wrapping your self up in it to go out is amazing, because this is luxury silk. 

I have seen, touched and worn many garments over the time of the blog…but nothing as luxurious as this.

She writes on the website that Love’s Pure Light Scarves are created to “speak positivity, hope and a fearless destiny to all mankind.  The motivation for all of her work is simply to bring art back to it’s original form: to love and to worship our creator, God.”

You might take time to look at the NEW ARRIVALS.

Her scarves and kimonos are like wearing a piece of artwork.


Love's Pure Light Scarves

Needless to say, I was super impressed with Cydney and the scarves….it is hard not to when the product is so exceptional, and her smiles big as mine own.

We connected on our desire to encourage and empower women….and our love of the Lord.

Love's Pure Light Scarves

We laughed a lot…actually, in this photo I had just been told they wanted to do videos and photos with me, and I was not prepared for that!

We had to remove my fun ruana to do the filming and underneath…it was not pretty…also the day before my hair appointment.

Oh Well…it was still fun.

Love's Pure Light Scarves

Cydney and her mom hand sew these silk bags to hold each scarf ordered.

There is a pocket in the side for the cards that explain the inspiration for that scarf.

It took me awhile to decide which one was for me…but once I found it…I was amazed.

I selected it for the autumn palette colors which would go with just about everything in my closet.

But then, I read the message…..

Love's Pure Light

Love's Pure Light

I love how I have been splashed with the oil of joy and jazz!  

Once I read the card and saw my word on the scarf…I knew it was mine.

Love's Pure Light Scarves

Ladies in Canada, if you see Cydney at an event…go in and tell her I sent you by.

You will not regret meeting this woman or experiencing Love’s Pure Light Scarves.

In many ways every day Love’s Pure Light shines down on me…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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Love's Pure Light


  1. I was fortunate to be given one of these beautiful scarves (bought from Shepherd’s, we live in Ontario). It is beautiful, the more you wear it the softer it becomes. It is very large so can be worn in many ways. Mine features a horse, and I may someday have it stretched onto a canvas and hang it on the wall, it is that fabulous. Thank you for featuring these scarves!

  2. I only have a minute to comment. I am popping in to say I had goosebumps reading this post. I can’t wait to explore the website! Such beauty and glorious insight. Cydney has a special spirit. I can’t wait to read about her.

  3. How very appropriate for you is the scarf you selected! Definitely meant to be!! Your colors and, more importantly, your message! This young lady is certainly using her talents and her encouragement to women in such a lovely manner. Hope you are feeling better each day.

  4. I am an art lover and scarves are simply beautiful! Almost magical. I love the messages that go with each one. Unfortunately, her scarves are out my price range since we’re retired on a fixed income. Maybe if the price of food goes down along with other things, I can afford one of her glorious scarves.

  5. Pam, thank you for introducing me to Cydney and her meaningful scarves. I just had to purchase one, “Be Still and Know”. It was the perfect words and lovely colors. Just right for me! Said to my hubby, “you bought me the sweetest Christmas gift”! He just smiled!!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing this beautiful artist’s heart and love. I took some time reading through her messages and really loved the poem she wrote, “The Secret.” Though I was drawn into the beautiful blue tones of the scarf initially, it is her gentle gift of tying lovely imagery and God’s grace together which helps you to understand the true beauty of her work.
    Hoping each day is bringing you healing and renewal after your surgery. 💕

  7. Pam, thank you for introducing this exceptional artist, Cydney, to me! I had to purchase one of the scarves, “Be Still and Know”. It was the perfect wording and colors for me. I told my husband he chose and perfect Christmas gift for me, and he just smiled!! Hope you are doing well during recovery of your foot surgery.

  8. These are beautiful scarves! I loved looking at all of them and found the last one in almond blossoms spoke to me. I wish I could afford it. Maybe I will be able to save up for it. Hope you are feeling your joyful self again. I also hope your pain is receding as the swelling goes down. Rest dearest friend. I’m thinking of you.

  9. Thank you for sharing this beautiful “wearable art” with us! That scarf was obviously divinely destined to be yours, and I am so glad you found it. I used to get t-shirts as vacation souvenirs, until I realized I never wore them and ended up purging them in a few years. Now I try to buy a scarf or other wearable item on trips, so I know what I’m buying if I ever make it to Canada! Hoping that four days post-op finds you resting comfortably and not too frustrated by your temporary limitations. Continued prayers for you, including prayers of thanksgiving for the bright light you are in so many lives.

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