Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Happy last Sunday of November!  Welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home!

This is a weekly lifestyle roundup of what is happening in my world, and I curate it into Sunday Mornings at Home!

I hope everyone has had an amazing kick-off to holiday season and today features holiday home decor from various places.

It has even been cold and cozy in South Texas…which helps us to get into the spirit of the season.

So grab your warm and cozy beverage…cuddle down…and let’s enjoy Sunday Mornings at Home.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Thanksgiving was full of great food, laughter, games, football and overall enjoyment of having all of us together.

Family and traditions are so important…and really the part of America’s foundations.

The kids are playing hot potato here…which can get surprisingly competitive!

The real fun was in playing Family Feud with two large teams!  A shout out to one of my DIL’s for hosting a fun day!

I sat in a lounge chair and just watched an enjoyed the smiles around me…such a blessing!

I wore my navy SPANX AIR ESSENTIALS…cozy, warm, comfortable and I am loving it right now…the wide leg pants are perfect for my current life and on sale!

Sunday Mornings at Home

Her home looked lovely.  

One of her simple touches that I loved for holiday home decor was to place small lights in her pothos ivy in two pots on either side of a cabinet.  

I just cannot get enough of lights…no matter their size…this time of year.


Sunday Mornings at Home

For the first year in awhile, Mr. B and I had Santa’s helpers to get us started with our own home decor.

My grandsons did an amazing job on one of our trees and it was fun to watch them going at it.

Sunday Mornings at Home

They also added some original artwork!

Always love the personal touch!  His snowman’s name is Snowy.

Mr. B and I have a long way to go, but since I am grounded my mantra this year is LESS IS MORE.

All of the holiday home decor may not be out, but I am choosing to love what we are able to do.

I am going to write more about the emotional side of recovery during my favorite time of year later…still processing it all.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I was thrilled to hear from two of you this week with your holiday home decor favorites.

Please remember to send your decor and recipes with pictures to my email…

Everyone loves to see what you do!

Sunday Mornings at Home

Janet was the first to send this year!

She wanted to share a display she saw while out and about.

She wrote:

“Thought you would enjoy looking at the photos.  They were taken at Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, MI.  Saturday was a beautiful day to visit.    We would normally be walking in snow at this time!!  If you are not familiar with Meijer Gardens – It is known as one of the world’s finest horticultural display gardens and sculpture parks. It is ranked among the top 45 most-visited art museums worldwide and their collection showcases over 200 sculptures.  Since it is within 45 minutes of our home, we are members and visit frequently.  You and Mr. B should plan a visit “in the summertime”.  My husband and I would love to meet you there and show you around Grand Rapids and its beautiful sites.  Grand Rapids is also within an hour’s drive to beautiful Lake Michigan.  It is also within an hours drive to the Detroit Institute of Art of which I shared some photos with you a year ago of ornate tribal garments.
What I liked about this display is that the Gardens have added some “pink” accents to their floral arrangements this Holiday Season.  The pink added to the traditional colors is stunning.   I am hoping my front door will look similar, of course on a much smaller scale.”

Thanks so much, Janet…I hope we can visit some day.  These are inspirational and would be easy to emulate at home.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Karen continued to inspire those who are looking for different colors in your home decor.

This is her vintage tree that she puts up in special places.

Karen wrote this special message:  It’s white, though that’s difficult to tell in the photo, and is decorated with vintage and family ornaments that are pre-1955. Many are much older and some are from my grandmother and from my mom’s childhood.  I have lights that include a lot of pink (girly!) and didn’t photograph well, so I left them off for the photo. This tree has a lot of meaning for me, as does my main tree, which is also decorated with ornaments from my sons (handmade in Sunday school!), from my childhood and theirs, and ornaments made by my grandsons. We are very traditional in this family!! I do have ornaments that I find each year that “speak” to me so the main tree is always in progress! My oldest son continues our family traditions with his family, and the grandsons come home from college on weekends to be part of that. For me, it’s all about Jesus and family!

Thanks to Janet and Karen for sharing with all of us!


Sunday Mornings at Home

My second surgery is scheduled for early Monday morning…really early!

I hope to still have content here for you to read and keep the Season of Joy Going.

But, I honestly do not know what this week will look like!

Thank you so much to everyone who has offered your prayers up for me…hope this is the last surgery for a long time.

Let us know anything that is on your mind for this incredible day…One Day at A Time…Choose Joy…and….


Sunday Mornngs at Home

By Pamela Lutrell

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This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

If you will tell me what you are shopping, then I can tell you if I am affiliate for them and give you that link…if it is not already on the page.

And remember to send your holiday recipes and decorations with pictures to  Send to email and do not try to put in comments! YOU are the best.


  1. Dear Pam I truly hope your next surgery goes well and please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers here in Melbourne,Australia. You are such a positive, kind and thoughtful person and I know this by reading your blog and how you respond to your readers. I can feel your frustration at not being able to do all the things you normally do at this time of year, however you have lots to look forward to and you also have a wonderful husband and family there for you.
    Best wishes,
    Julie xxx

  2. This is the year for you to sit back, listen, and observe the busy bees surrounding you. You have influenced them in so many ways . I know you are proud of your lovely family, as they are of you. Good luck with your next surgery. 🙏🏽

  3. Sending you warm wishes for a safe recovery. You will be held in a circle of loving thoughts from your wonderful readers and your family. Do not worry if there is no content for some time, we will just want to know that you are well and at home. Put all your energy into healing. Best to you and Mr. B as well.

  4. The best for you is yet to come! Pam you are loved by so many, tell Mr B he needs and is receiving my prayers also😇
    I’ll shop for your recommendations as it is the best for my Christmas indecisiveness 🥗
    Sandra W

  5. Oh, goodness! Well, I am glad you will be on to the next phase so soon. Sending continued hugs, and will be praying for you of course. Thanks to Janet for her compelling description of what to see in Michigan – I had no idea about the garden there, but it sounds fantastic. Thanks to Karen for sharing her beautiful vintage tree and story. Your older grandson, Pam, is getting so tall! How lovely to have the boys there to trim the tree for you.
    Again, sending ❤️ from here in Oregon.

  6. Best wishes to you for a speed and easy recovery. A new chapter or change in our lives can be refused with an emotional struggle/pushback or accepted with emotional serenity. As a person with many health setbacks, I know how difficult this time seems. Of course, no one wants pain or surgery but that anxiety causing event comes to many of us. I’m thinking maybe your DILs embrace being hostess this year as it gives them a new opportunity. New ways of doing things but the same people who love us. Your blog is a testament to your courage and intelligence. This too shall pass.

  7. Thanks Connie! I love these pictures that have been sent for all of us. Hope to get more soon.

  8. Prayers for your surgery tomorrow. I so enjoy your positive attitude and your blog, it puts a smile on my face. That being said please take some time to recover, heal and enjoy the holiday the best you can right now. Your readers will be here waiting, but will also understand if you take a break for a bit.

  9. Hi Pam. I too hope that your next surgery goes well and that you heal well from it; I imagine some minimal PT will follow? Hopefully, if you do require PT it will be in your home rather than requiring you to travel. Prayers and positive thoughts are heading your way.
    I’ve enjoyed seeing your pictures from Thanksgiving Day! The rf grabdchildten are so adorable !We too got to relax as my daughter and son-in-law took the reins and handled a lovely meal for 18 , gorgeous tables and a fun day with our own football game! ( Not a player- simply observed and cheered!)

  10. Thanks Sherry! Creating blog posts is actually more healing for me than sitting. It is therapy for me…so glad you enjoy it!

  11. Your last picture sent me back about 70 years to a small rural schoolhouse where we sang “ I’ve got that joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart!”. What sweet childhood memories! Love seeing the spots of beauty and happiness with the pictures sent in to you as well as those of your grandchildren and from your DIL and son’s home. I enjoy seeing how others decorate although I do not do much myself. Trusting our Father will be with you in surgery tomorrow morning, guiding the surgeon’s hands as this additional surgery is performed. Praying for all those involved and especially for Mr. B as caregivers definitely need prayers as well as the patient.

  12. Pam, I’m praying that angels will be directing your surgery tomorrow. God bless you with a successful surgery with an easy recovery. Enjoy your restful time and soak in the Spirit. You have a beautiful family. Many prayers are being sent for you and for Mr. B.

  13. Dear Pam,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful family moments-your grandchildren are precious! 💕 Like your daughter-in-love, I put soft twinkle lights in my home. We have accent trees in our home, and keep the soft twinkle lights in the branches. Here in Oregon, the days are shorter than what I am used to having in Southern California at this time of year. We keep those twinkle lights on through the short days of Fall and Winter. They help provide a warm ambiance when the ocean is sending storms our way! Your readers in Grand Rapids and with the vintage Christmas tree touched my heart. My Dad’s sister lives in Grand Rapids, and she is the only living link left to my Dad. The ornaments I saw on the tree remind me of those my Mom had on her tree. I lost my Mom last year, and am missing her so much. I went Black Friday shopping just as she and I used to do the other day. I know one day we’ll see each other in Heaven, according to the promise of our Savior, Jesus! What a gift He gave to all of His children who have accepted Him as Lord and Savior of their lives!
    I will be praying for you tomorrow, Pam, and for today as you prepare for this surgery. I’m sending you so much love. Remember, one day at a time, if that’s too difficult, one hour at a time. You’ve got this. With Jesus and your loving family, you will get through, new and more beautiful. XOXOXO

  14. Sending prayers from Ohio for a successful surgery and a good recovery. Happy holidays to you and your family and thank you for all the joy you bring to your readers.

  15. Pam, I’m praying for a successful surgery and swift healing for you. Lovely that your grands can help you decorate this year. Since its a less is more this year I hope you enjoy fully family, friends and the beautify of the season. Thank you Janet for the pictures from Meijer Garden. I visited it when I lived in Michigan and can vouch for it being a wonderful place to visit. Karen I love your tree. The ornaments remind me of our ornaments when I was a child. Unfortunately lost in a flood but they remain in my memory.

  16. Sending warm hugs and prayers for you , your family and the doctors tomorrow. You’ll be in good hands! Go home and relax, enjoy the quiet moments when you reflect on every blessing around you. Let others help you until you’re back to your dynamic busy self! Don’t worry about getting a daily blog out—we understand how important it is to take time to heal.

  17. Will be sending good thoughts and prayers your way tomorrow! Take care of yourself and do not overdo! Sit and relax and enjoy your beautiful Christmas decorations…you’ve got this!
    Linda Ann S

  18. Thinking about links, small businesses and Christmas gifts prompts me to ask if you have a link for James Avery. Praying for you.

  19. I do not have a special link for them. I highly recommend the brand…thanks for asking Linlee!

  20. Pam,good luck with your surgery Monday! You are in my prayers! Thanks for all you do during the year.

  21. Thoughts & prayers for you & Mr. B on Monday & during the coming week. The last three years I have had a minimalist Christmas, so I know what that feels like. Your decision to enjoy the lovely decorations that you do have is a good one. As someone reminded me a couple of years ago, we will still celebrate the joy & wonder of our Savior’s birth, with or without all the decorations. God bless you with peace & joy.

  22. I will be thinking of you and sending prayers from Colorado to you tomorrow. The whole process of surgery is daunting. I’m sorry you have to go under the knife as we say in the medical profession again so soon. I had my total knee done end of October 12 years ago and it pretty much wiped out the whole holiday season. When we found we had to downsize to an ADA single story house, we gave away our large tree and 30 years of ornaments to our realtors daughter who was struggling, single with 3 children. Her family was so appreciative and still is. We have a small rustic table tree we take out every year now and some wreaths and our nativity set takes center stage. I love your blog and use your links when I have purchases. Blessings to you dear Pam and Mr. B.

  23. Pam, I am sending prayers for you and the surgeon that everything goes well tomorrow. I know that you will face this challenge with strength, determination, faith, and grace!!

  24. Wishing you a good surgery and fast recovery. I will keep you in my prayers. I would like to add that the Meijer Garden also has a beautiful world class Japanese garden. There is also a motorized cart and a driver that will take you around to view the sculptures and gardens. It’s a beautiful place to visit. Taking a family photo is also a nice activity for the holidays. I used my iPhone, a cup and some paper towel to devise a makeshift easel, and my granddaughter did the running back and forth for the photo, getting it just right. There were lots of laughs and ended with a nice photo (and a silly one, by request) which could be shared via phone with everyone. Don’t worry about skipping a post or two. We all understand and will enjoy what you have to share when you are back in action. Good luck!

  25. Sending prayers for a successful surgery and an easy recovery. We will miss you, but would rather know that you are taking it easy so that your body can heal. See you on the other side!

  26. You are in my prayers for your second surgery and recovery from both. I know it will be frustrating, but just let others do the work. Thank you for keeping us posted and for making this a season to remember joy!

  27. Wishing you a successful surgery. Thankful that you got to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family and that you will have time to recover before Christmas. Pictures of the little ones always bring a smile to my face. Prayers go up so blessings for a speedy recovery will come down.

  28. Pam, I hope all goes well tomorrow. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Also take as much time as you need to heal.

  29. Prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery. Those are words easily written, but we know it will take time. We are all here for you, too Pam. Thank you for sharing the vintage tree and the photos of the sculpture garden in Michigan. Both are really pretty.
    Your blog always inspires me to try to be what you are: creative, kind, enthusiastic, curious and loving. You are an example to all of us. Beyond your affiliate links, I wonder whether some of the stores you feature are aware of how much business you are sending to their brick and mortar stores. I don’t think there is a way to quantify it, but I went to Kohls to see the Christmas displays on your recommendation. I have not been in a Kohls for many years.

  30. Pam, I will start praying for the success of your surgery as soon as I get up tomorrow, which is very early. If you can, take a lot of vitamin C after the surgery—this helped me a lot after a mastectomy (I took 2 grams/day divided in 500 mg throughout the day) as it is a needed cofactors for collagen production during the healing process.

  31. Darling Pam, sending prayers, hugs, and encouragement to you. Take good care of our beautiful Pam. (1 Peter 5:7) 💐

  32. I hope I am sending readers into the stores as I desire to see them survive. I would love compensation for it but do not believe that will happen. Thanks so much, Mary!

  33. All the best, Pam. May your joy light up the doctor’s office and bring you the best possible outcome!

  34. Sending hugs, prayers, and positive thoughts to you, Pam. You inspire so many of us with your blog, so know that your followers are sending love.

  35. Glad to hear that your surgery is happening. Waiting around for these things is the worst! I just saw a post about someone’s Mother who broke her wrist and wasn’t scheduled for surgery for 10 days.
    Argh! That would be so hard.

    I’ve been with my Mother, going through her Christmas things. They got shoved into a closet when she moved out of her large home to an apartment. So now we can look them over with new eyes. A lot of things are too big for her new place. It’s hard to part with it, we have a Goodwill bag that isn’t going to Goodwill anytime soon.

    It’s hard to pare things down without feeling a loss, even if it’s a big fake wreath.

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