Small Business Saturday – Shop Local Today

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Happy last November Saturday!   I want to encourage you to read Small Business Saturday – Shop Local Today!

I am raising a glass to the need for us to shop local and support our own entrepreneurs.

Just as I ask that you support me (a small business owner), I encourage you to support Small Business Saturday more than ever before.

I selected this picture because it features a set of holiday glassware that I found thrifting locally years ago.

Small Business Saturday is not only an opportunity to Shop Local, but to look the owners in the face and say I am so glad you are here!

So, let’s think about this day a little and the power of shop local this year.

Small Business Saturday – Shop Local Today: Why?

shop local

My favorite local hardware store, SUNSET & CO., is for hardware, clothing, gifts, home decor and cooking demonstrations all in one.

It is warm and charming and a service to our community.  

I shop local to see familiar faces and enjoy things I will not find in the big brand space.

This year I have a determination to be a part of the solution to problems local entrepreneurs face:

An inflated economy with constant new regulations…shopping lifting crime out of control…and less spending money in the pocket of customers.

shop local

I find my favorite local small business-favorites and make sure I give support often.

These small business owners fight the battles before them because they love it…few are rolling in the dough.

I encourage you to be purposeful to help your favorites to succeed.

You might learn from reading this article from Forbes: SMALL BUSINESS, BIG SALES ON SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY.

Small Business Saturday – Shop Local Today: Where everybody knows your name

shop local

I have written often about one of my favorite small business in San Antonio…ELIZABETH’S BOUTIQUE.

It is so great to walk into a small business you love and have people shout out…PAMELA! SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!

The talented stylists at Elizabeth’s are a big reason I now love to wear washable silk…they introduced me.

For those of you in San Antonio, I want to show you some tops I recently tried on at Elizabeth’s….so you will shop local there.

shop local

It is amazing what you will discover if you plan a day to visit your local boutiques, plus, it is so much fun and you meet lovely people.

Shop Local!

shop local

shop local

These beautiful tops are so perfect in a warmer climate and can be dressed up or down.

shop local

I do typically wear a style like this with slimmer leg pants or leggings.

These also travel so well and the ones I took on my cruise were perfect!

So, this is one of my favorites to shop local.

Small Business Saturday – Shop Local Today: No Matter the Business Catagory

Shop local

From local book nooks, to eateries, to coffee shops, to car repair…there are so many ways to support others on Small Business Saturday and shop local.

They are the backbone of our communities and I honestly get sad when one closes down.

Please describe your favorite local small business…why you like them and what you find there?  I think it would be fun to learn about our different communities!

Can’t wait to read about them…please share….shop local…commemorate Small Business Saturday…and always….



shop local

By Pamela Lutrell

In Sunday’s discussion,  I was encouraged to explain more about my SHOPPING LINKS page and how to use it.

I am an affiliate for many different brands and when you click on those brands and shop, then I receive a small commission.

This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

If you will tell me what you are shopping, then I can tell you if I am affiliate for them and give you that link…if it is not already on the page.

And remember to send your holiday recipes and decorations with pictures to  Send to email and do not try to put in comments! YOU are the best.

shop local


  1. One thing I do to support businesses I love, large and small, is to try to give them a significant amount of business, vs shopping scattershot. For example, I try to always shop with your links, vs from a bunch of other influencers I might find when shopping for a product. A local bead store is hanging on despite the decline in making beaded jewelry as a hobby. She gets much of my discretionary dollars, and she has told me often how much it means to her. This works with larger retailers too. I don’t buy a huge amount with department stores, but I like my local Macys, so if I look for something and it happens to be there, there is where I make my purchases. They have lovely local salespeople, and you can return items conveniently right in the doorway leading to the parking garage. When I bought a kitchen faucet, I shopped the Internet, then went to a local bath shop to place my order (they were happy to give me the Internet price). Pam, you are so right: your money matters, not just to the people feeding their families, but to your local economy.

  2. Thanks LINDA! They face more challenges right now than ever before, and I hope to see more succeed! Happy Saturday!

  3. I’m not shopping this weekend other than one item I purchased through your shoppin link but we do try as much as possible to support the small businesses in our small town. Our town is mostly a tourist oriented town. I just counted our little downtown: 3 coffee shops, 5 small restaurants, a deli, 3 brew pubs, 4 art galleries, 1 pharmacy, 1 barber shop, 2 salons, a yoga studio, a bridal shop, a quilt store, a clothing boutique plus some real estate companies. We get our haircuts locally, my husband’s prescriptions, and I have a monthly membership at the yoga studio. I buy a few things at the boutique though its a bit too “boho chic” for my style and I find gifts at the galleries. Luckily there are enough tourists to support the coffee shops and brew pubs. Downtown appears to be thriving which is a good thing.

  4. I am headed out this morning to do exactly as you recommend. Our town is 22,000 population, give or take, and fairly rural in that we are not a suburb or near one of Oregon’s handful of large cities. I shop local and love our creative little shops and eateries. My favorite is our downtown chocolate shop. The young couple who bought the business a few years ago spent months learning from the previous owners, how to make the chocolates and how to handle the books. I love supporting their efforts and hope some day they can pass the shop along as well.

  5. Actually, I plan on stopping at my favorite local shop when I’m out running errands today. It’s Thrive Nutrition, and I’ve been a happy customer of theirs for, wow, over 15 years. They have changed their name, but the people and products stay the same. Like you said, it is so nice to walk into a shop and be greeted by name. They have great products, great promotional plans and if I need something that is out of stock, they happily order it for me, or if its coming in an expected shipment, they put what I need aside and call me when it comes in.
    It’s very important to support our local businesses.

  6. During the pandemic, nearly all of the shops closed here in our downtown. The furniture store held on as they are also movers. We have beauty shops bars and a couple of Mexican restaurants. Only a couple of shops that sell multiple things like the yarn shop which also sells beads. They have knitting classes as well. But there are so many dark store fronts compared to before the pandemic. Small towns seem to take longer to recover.

  7. I live in San Antonio, and I agree that Sunset and Co. and Elizabeth’s are wonderful local businesses. I love to shop at these two stores!

  8. Thanks Tina! We have so many amazing small businesses…wish I could’ve mentioned them all!

  9. I live in a small town so all shopping here is shopping small! I have the same glasses you show in today’s blog. I love them. They originated at Arby’s when my son was young. He saved until he could get me a set. He is now 51 years old and a very successful CPA, but some things still are reminders of the days of struggle and make me thankful and bring joy!

  10. I completely understand! I have special things that remind me of blessings in the struggle. Thanks for sharing, Cheryll.

  11. Bravo for shopping local, not only at the holidays but year round! Here in Fort Worth we are blessed to have shopping of all types within an easy distance, if we are willing to brave the crowds this time of year. My church is in the “Near Southside” area, where I enjoy shopping for my wonky feet at Cartan’s Shoes where my mother and grandmother bought shoes, getting massages and gifts at Danette’s Urban Oasis, buying CDs and vinyl at Record Town and eating at all my favorite locally owned spots. I also really enjoy shopping and dining in the small town of Waxahachie about 30 miles south of Dallas, where I hope to purchase a historic home one day. There are so many little shops and boutiques on the square downtown, and my favorite lately is Cheyenne Ranch. I took my adopted daughter there last week before we had dinner at Pop’s Burgers. We not only bought each other’s Christmas gifts, we had a great visit with the shop owner’s mother who was covering for her that evening. I’m leaving for a much-needed Hill Country getaway Sunday morning, and we hope to do the majority of our holiday shopping in the small towns along the way, including the original James Avery store in Kerrville and the many boutiques in Fredricksburg. We are also staying at some family-owned log cabins I’ve been visiting since they were built in 1984. Whenever possible I eat at non-chain restaurants, and shop local, since both the products and the experience are so much better. There’s no wi-fi where I’m heading, so I’ll have to catch up on your posts when I return next week. Still praying for your physical healing and peace of mind as you face the challenge of an unexpected second surgery. Here’s to keeping the stress low and the joy high!

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