Would You Wear It: Casual Sequins and Rhinestones

Would you wear it

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Today I am showing you Would You Wear It: casual sequins and rhinestones.

We discussed the Would You Wear It posts on Sunday, and I will address that below.

But, for now…let’s look over casual ways to wear sequins and rhinestones and think….would you wear it?

JC Penny’s had several ideas for casual bling and I thought I would bring you two of them to discuss.

Remember, Would You Wear It is a learning tool for many readers.

Please explain your answers…If you even decide to say no, “I would not wear it”, please explain why.

I am looking forward to reading your answers…let’s get going with Would you wear it?


would you wear it

I have written before that I am impressed with quality and affordability of St. John’s Bay at JCP.

This display caught my eye before I even knew it was St. John’s Bay…but glad to discover it was one of JCP’s top collections.

This is the St. John’s Bay Women’s Long Sleeve Blouse in navy tartan, and currently on sale for $19.99.  JCP’s BLACK FRIDAY SALE IS ON, CLICK THIS LINK.

The plaid is available in two colors, and all buttons are rhinestones.  There is also a touch of feminine to the design.

Now, also let us know what you think about the display styling….would you wear it with these pants as styled or do something different.

What do you think of the rhinestones on this casual top…do they limit how often you would wear the top?


would you wear it

I walked a little further in the store and discovered another casual display with a touch of sequins.

This is Juicy by Juicy Couture, a brand I have not worn, but would be interested to hear if you would.

would you wear it

I would guess that this type of athleisurewear is mainly for casual life and not for workout life.

But, feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

So, a touch of blink on your track suit?  WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

Remember, to please explain your answers.


would you wear it

I so appreciate the response to my questions on Sunday and the emails were the most ever received in one day.

So many wanted to say opinions they were not comfortable in putting in the comments.

Please know that I may not make many changes until we get past Christmas…and until I am more on the road to recovery.

But, those who love WOULD YOU WEAR IT….really love it.  Including one of you who in past life was a professionally trained stylist at Bloomingdale’s.

My assessment from responses is that you love WOULD YOU WEAR IT, and some of you kind of like Styling Tips….but many do not.

My current plan is to keep Would You Wear it and encourage you to offer style tips on what you see, but really, I think we only need one of these posts going forward.

What will I do with the extra day?  Not entirely sure right now.

For everyone who said their favorites are when I go into stores to try on pieces…My plan is to return…I love to do it as well.  Right now, though, I am not sure how long that will be.

Thank you for the many responses…I am listening and I am here for you!

Your turn, my friends….WOULD YOU WEAR IT…casual styles with sequins and rhinestones?

Please share and then make sure that you…..


would you wear it

By Pamela Lutrell

In Sunday’s discussion,  I was encouraged to explain more about my SHOPPING LINKS page and how to use it.

I am an affiliate for many different brands and when you click on those brands and shop, then I receive a small commission.

This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

If you will tell me what you are shopping, then I can tell you if I am affiliate for them and give you that link…if it is not already on the page.

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  1. My first instinct with the plaid blouse was no but because of the neckline. However, style with buttons opened to create a v-neckline, I would wear it anytime. I work at a school where we are pretty casual so it would be cute and comfortable. The sets, I would wear the black if I had a friend party to go to maybe at someone’s house.

  2. I am intrigued by the plaid blouse. In a past life, I loved that sort of neckline with the feminine ruffles. It might still work! I like the juxtaposition of the plaid with the ruffle. Navy or black slacks would be my choice, but a cooler person or younger person might like the plaid blouse with jeans. The athleisure with rhinestones? I do not feel comfortable in those types of pants even though they look fine on others.

  3. This looks fun — since the price is reasonable, yes I would get this if I have a fun event. (I have other pieces now.) I was late coming back to your earlier posts after a trip — good luck with your surgeries and appreciate your tips. I don’t need the mannequin updates feature, but if others like that’s great. I do like your alerts to cute things like today’s item and sale alerts — or even an item you love wearing including specialty stores in your area especially if they offer online sites for those of us not in Texas.
    (P.S. I am re-reading your wedding fashion stories with a spring wedding coming up so always enjoy those themes!)

  4. I always thought I was someone who liked some bling, but have definitely steered away from it in recent years. I would not wear any of these things featured, for various reasons. The blouse with the high neckline would not be flattering on me. The buttons are understated and okay, but I think the style is off. It looks a little short to leave untucked also. And I personally don’t care for the color or the style of plaid. So that’s a “no.” The track suits remind me too much of the past, when you’d see women wearing them literally everywhere, older women, so it reads as very aging, to me personally. Add the bling and I see it as kind of tacky. This is just to my eye, and I can understand how it might appeal to someone as casual style. Juicy Couture, again, to me, is for very young women and I have been turned off to it for the “Juicy” plastered all over some of the clothing. This display and the items featured is going to be a really personal thing, I think. It seems like either you will love it or not, not much middle ground!

  5. The plaid blouse is darling and I could see it easily (if the fabric was a good one) with velour or velvet pants/skirts for holiday dress up. If so inclined after the holidays I could change out the buttons for more wear. Or save it for next year. I particularly like the dark plaid and feel it has more potential than the lighter one–at least for me. The Juicy set I would leave on the hanger and walk right past. I don’t really wear athlesiure wear and I definitely don’t wear an overload of sparkles up and down my arms and legs.
    The JCP blouse is very cute and makes me wish I had a nice velvet blazer to wear with it.

  6. I like the blouse and track suit, and think the bit of bling are worn in both dressy as well as casual settings in today’s world. I especially like the blouse, the colors and stripes. I’m impressed how well the button placket lines up with the stripes of the body of the blouse. I probably would wear this blouse with navy slacks, dark jeans, or red slacks if I had a pair. Note to self…buy some red slacks which seem to be having a good moment in fashion currently. The track suit is something I seen often in my area of the country, and this amount of bling is also often seen.

  7. I really wanted to story on the blouse just to see how the neck felt, but sadly did not have time.

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Catherine! I hope the wedding posts help. So exciting to have a spring wedding.

  9. So many have said that would you wear it has helped them to look at clothing differently and stop to think before a purchase. To me, that is a great benefit to the posts.

  10. Another one here who is not keen on plaid ! I was put into too much of it as a child , I guess . I like the style of the blouse and would wear it eg in a floral print or textured plain colour . I don’t mind the rhinestone but think that crystal (ie glass) would be just as effective and cheaper .
    As to the leisure suit with sparkle I do like the combination which I could imagine wearing eg to host a celebration meal with the family or close friends – where I had also been the cook . It looks like what Olympians might wear to receive medals ! (Hence appropriate .)

  11. Plaid does evoke some strong emotions in some women. I only wear touches of it at Christmas time.

  12. I love a juxtaposed look, and of those, denim-and-diamond is my favorite. The plaid shirt would be a maybe … a plaid that big might not flatter me. The track suit I would never wear. I view it as too much of a direct throwback to the 1980s, and I’ve moved on. The lines of sequins just give me a “they tried too hard” vibe. My style adjectives include the word “confident,” but I’m contemplating changing it because the point of using them is to feel and project confidence (therefore redundant). I’m considering “effortless,” but I wear too much jewelry for someone to call my outfit effortless. I bring this up because my first thought on the tracksuit was, “fussy, not effortless.” So clearly that is becoming a vibe for me.

  13. I’m usually not a sequin girl, but these buttons are a nice subtle touch. And the cuffs add more style. Would look fabulous under a navy or red blazer, or a jeans jacket. Cute with red or ivory cords and navy flats or booties. I like it! I’m not into wearing athleisure clothes unless I’m exercising.

  14. In the last few days I have been unsuccessfully combing our stores for gifts, so I have noticed the bling on lots of items, particularly on the “Dress Down” genre. Talbots had a pair of blue jeans paired with a blue sequined top and a red sweater that looked enticing for the woman who wears those colors. (Talbots’ mannequins have looked great lately .) So many stores that I peeked into had offerings of items with sparkles and rhinestones. To my eye, they look silvery and I lean towards bronze or golden. It doesn’t help that at this time of year, my autumn colors have less representation. I think my winter girlfriend would look fab, but I would feel out of place. I would also like to put my $$ in clothing with more longevity. I can’t see these pieces working after the holidays. For those who love bright sparkle, it is a good year to shop!

  15. Pam I would think the plaid would look great with a matching red velour leggings and silver flats for a Christmas function! Yes I would wear it…
    Blessings to you and all
    Sandra W

  16. I think the blouse is very cute especially with the buttons opened to create a v-neck as Missy suggested. But I wouldn’t wear it because there’s just too much going on for my personal style. I’d wear a plaid blouse, a blouse with rhinestone buttons, and even a blouse with ruffles at the neck & cuff, but not all three trends on one garment. On someone else it could be really cute worn with dark or black jeans; I don’t care for it worn with light jeans. I would never wear a track suit. In my mind its something to wear to the gym. BTW, I’m seeing sequins and rhinestones just about everywhere right now. I’m looking at a cardigan with rhinestone buttons and trying to decide if its worth buying and replacing the buttons after the holiday. I may wait for it to go on clearance as I suspect its a short lived trend but a fun one for women who love bling.

  17. I would wear the blouse with the top button & probably the second open. I see it with black slacks for a casual event around Christmas. I actually love plaids; my school uniform was a red tartan wool skirt and I absolutely loved that outfit! I was raised in NY and now live in Southern California; plaid is not popular here as it was in the east. As for the Juicy outfit, as long as Juicy isn’t plastered all over this I would wear it as a hostess outfit at home. I have a golf event coming up in March and this is also appropriate for that event. The theme is Vegas Baby! and this will work well for the casual after golf evening party. Bling can take a casual item and elevate it just enough to make it fun!

  18. Solid yes to casual sequins but not this way. The blouse has a disharmony for me. The plaid, ruffled collar and the after thought of rhinestone buttons. (A no on the track suits full stop! )
    However, I just received the full sequined bomber jacket from Loft and absolutely love it!

  19. I so agree with you that this time of year is when our warm, autumn palettes take a back seat! Most of what I post and see are for the cool ladies here! Thanks Deborah.

  20. I love shopping for vintage buttons and have some I am holding for just the right piece. I am glad to find someone else who loves to change the buttons! Thanks Kathie.

  21. Happy you found a bling you love…for anyone interested there is a LOFT link on my shopping links page! Thanks Suzi!

  22. However you wish to structure the features, I’m happy to read and play along. I get a lot out of reading other perspectives on outfits. Today’s plaid blouse seems cute and I could see it here in Oregon worn with jeans for a casual Christmas pizza gathering with friends. For me, I prefer a tighter plaid, or mostly just to wear them as scarves or a vest. I have a beautiful blackwatch plaid purse – far and away my favorite way to be seasonal. Other ladies mentioned wearing the blouse with a couple buttons open at the collar, but I fear the buttons might be too heavy for this fabric and it might flop awkwardly. Maybe. As to the Juicy, a hard no. The return of the velour leisure track suit reminds me of a gift from my college boyfriend, circa 1981, of a deep navy blue Sergio Valente. Super cute for lounging around in the dorms after hours when I was 18, but not now. Well, unless like Linda I am invited to a fun Vegas Baby party! What FUN!

  23. I actually walked around the back of the mannequin to see if the word JUICY was on the rear…and glad to find that it was not!! Thanks Connie for playing along!

  24. Since it’s difficult for you to get to the stores, here is a couple of ideas for your blog. You could share a favourite book to read. Your readers could post their favourites and you could write a review about it. A new book would be a perfect Christmas gift for someone on your list. Another idea could be to show different ways to wear the same outfit. We all have closets full of clothes that need that extra touch to keep them current. Meanwhile, we all wish you a speedy recovery.

  25. I wouldn’t wear this. I’d wear that casual striped sweater you’ve shown, even though you didn’t ask. Sweaters are my mojo in the winter months, I love stripes and those are my colors. It would get a lot of use. That one has just the right amount of Dr. Seuss whimsy. Winter is long and who doesn’t need a smile?

  26. You made me smile, MJ…I love an occasional piece with a Dr. Suess whimsy to it…par of my creative side. Thanks for the reference.

  27. I really wanted to like the plaid top. I do like the colors and would probably swap out the rhinestone buttons for nice silver ones. However, the blouse is poorly made. The plaids don’t match front to back nor at the shoulders. I know this doesn’t bother a lot of people, but it would make it a no for me. I would be a no on the velour track suit, but I do know people who could rock it. I also like the red coat. That I could easily pair with most slacks or even skirts I own.
    I also love hearing what others have to say. Your posts are a bright spot for me each time I open them.

  28. The only reason I would not wear the blouse is the high ruffled neck. I like the plaid, & the rhinestone buttons are a fun touch. I would wear it with dark washed or black jeans, but since I have a short neck, the high neck would be unflattering. As someone else mentioned, I think leaving the top button undone would make the neck flop around. The velour track suit is a hard NO. I don’t wear athleisure wear because it takes me back to a bad time in my life from which I have moved on. This particular style with all the sequins is somewhat reminiscent of the opulent 80’s which is just not my vibe. Kudos to those who would confidently wear it & look fabulous.

  29. I would wear the plaid top. I can’t tell if it is red or dark pink with the blue. I agree with leaving the top buttons open. For a party, I could see it with a black tulle skirt, black heels and a red/pink, or blue evening bag. Still festive, but toned down, a black pencil skirt (leather, suede, wool, or ponte?), black knee high boots or very opaque black tights and booties. For office, pair with matching pants and jacket, or structured cardigan in black or navy with black or navy pumps or flats. For business casual, or brunch/date etc., kick flare ankle pants in black or navy, or red/pink or matching blue, with flats or elevated fashion sneaker; or very dark wash trouser jeans with a heel. If you have a plaid shirt already, I think swapping the buttons would be a good way to try out the look. If I tried adding fancy buttons to an existing shirt, I’d try it on one that is substantial, somewhat structured and not too oversized.
    Hard pass on the matching jogging suit. I like the matching athleisure look but think it works better when it is more understated in neutral colors.

  30. I love plaids but I don’t like sequins / bling. They have limited use and probably hit the landfill faster than other outfits. I have a traditional plaid blouse with similar colors from Talbot’s several years back, and I love it and wear it often. I wear LL Bean flannel plaids even more – they work with my casual, active life. I like the red cardigan but am really tired of gold buttons. I’m a silver not a gold person, and whatever happened to buttons that match the color of the item? I’d style this blouse with dark trousers (black, navy or even a dull red) for a casual look with boots or with a skirt and high boots for a lunch or dinner out. I’d add a solid lady jacket or sweater with the latter outfit.

  31. I do wear plaid and have a cute little Christmasy plaid blouse from J Crew a few years old now, but the collar on this JC Penny blouse bothers me for some reason- too uptight looking perhaps? I don’t like the plaid as well as my old one in my closet.
    I don’t like the two piece Red velour(?) set. It’s simply not me. And it doesn’t seem the right style to incorporate bling to. Does that make sense?

  32. Love plaid but want a buttondown. Which i got last year at chicos ! And love it ! Lokimg for a green plaid too .
    i love the red coat and have been searching for one ! Just like this .
    Glad you told us you get income from our purchases so i will make more effort to use your links much more . We gals have to support each other ! Hope your foot heals fast . Happy thanksgiving and let everyome else do the work !

  33. Thanks Susan! It is such a blessing when my shopping links are used…you are right…we must all stick together!

  34. I love a plaid flannel shirt over a tee or turtleneck but in a traditional styled shirt. I have a long skinny neck but have never liked ruffles for some reason. I also don’t care for bling on my clothes. I like simple, comfortable, casual, stylish clothes. Because I am short and a little busty, having sparkes on my bust wouldn’t appeal to me. The athletic style with bling also isn’t to my taste. The simple red coat is nice, tailored and could be dressed up or down. I hope you are doing better and enjoying your time with your foot elevated and having others do the holiday cooking and shopping. I got my tee shirts and plaid shirts at LandsEnd.

  35. For myself a ‘no’ to all pieces as: Seldom wear plaid also not one to wear ruffles and don’t favour flared pants. As to the two-piece set though I do like velour and don’t mind some sparkle; being a classic dresser, service stripe or hash mark pants and kangaroo tops just do not appeal to me. -Brenda-

  36. I might wear the plaid top. I would need to try it on to see if the high neck would be comfortable for me. I think it would actually be pretty versatile: I would wear it with black slacks and black flats for office wear; dark blue (like the ones on the mannequin behind it) or black jeans for casual. Depending on the season, I would also add a third, layering piece: maybe a dark blue blazer or a red jean jacket. I think the fact that the rhinestone buttons are limited to the top of the placket, rather than going all the way down the front of the shirt, means it’s not necessarily limited to being a dressy item, but could be worn in a lot of ways.

    As for the track suit, I am going to have an unpopular opinion and say that I would wear it — or at least the top. It looks like it is being sold as separate pieces. While I wouldn’t wear the velour track suit striped-bling pants — they just seem a bit much — nor would I wear the 2 pieces together, I think the top worn as a top layer in an outfit could be both comfortable and, with the bling, fun. I don’t think it’s too much bling if you’re not wearing the 2 pieces of the track suit together. And, since I am in a colder part of the country than you, I need a lot of warm, layering pieces.

  37. Sezane, a French brand I follow, features ruffles along the placket/collar/cuffs of some of their blouses. It’s a look I’d definitely try. I prefer the ivory plaid. On my montitor the blue looks a bit bright for my tastes. I would wear it with blue jeans for a laid back holiday event. I wouldn’t wear this top after the holidays, but at the price point, I would be ok with wearing it only once or twice. I agree with everything Karen has to say about the velour, Juicy outfit.

  38. I absolutely love, love this blouse.It’s really pretty!!!I love the collar, the plaid pattern and the rhinestone buttons, but I would style it with jeans.A pair of dark wash jeans,a navy blue velvet blazer and trainers for a more modern look.My favourite brand of trainers is Superga.I always wear the same model, but in different colours.I think navy blue or red Supergas would be just perfect.Like Lily, I also love Sèzane.It is a French brand which does amazingly beautiful and affordable clothes.

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