How to wear a scarf for Thanksgiving

how to wear a scarfHappy Monday, Friends!  Today let’s discuss how to wear a scarf for Thanksgiving.

How to wear a scarf, of course, has much to do with the weather where we live…but it does appear that the majority of us will have cooler or cold Thanksgivings.

So adding a scarf to your Thanksgiving outfit is highly probable.

For me, how to wear a scarf is how to speak my style adjective, “Creative.”

I especially love to wear scarves which combine my best warm, autumn colors.

How to wear a scarf for me most often is with a third piece.  Rarely do I wear one just over a top or with a dress.

We have been discussing how the majority of us will dress casual for this Thanksgiving.

So, let’s put some thought in how we all prefer to wear a scarf.



how to wear a scarf

This time of year, how to wear a scarf for me almost always is icing on the cake of outfits which include cardigans.

I find that cardigans can look very casual, so I like to up the outfit with a scarf.

Both of the cardigans I have on today, were from JJILL.

I also like a collar and if the topper does not provide one, then a scarf can define that neckline area.

I like to wear a colorful scarf long with a long cardigan since I am drawing the eyeline down anyway.

A reminder that I desire for every outfit to tell the world I am polished, creative, approachable, joyful and current.

Scarves are the most “approachable” accessory I wear.  Strangers will come to me to complement the scarf and begin a conversation.

So many scarves elevate an outfit to “special.”

Here are some lovely cardigans I found online that I would wear with a scarf:


how to wear a scarf

How to wear a scarf for me is with color and most often artisan designs.

I find scarves everywhere, but I do believe my favorites are from boutique and special shops.

Recently, I shared with you about Love’s Pure Light scarves…and these are truly collector’s accessories for me.

The scarf in the first picture I am wearing is Love’s Pure Light, the second one is from Stagway, AL.

But there are still some beauties out there that are lovely and affordable….look in this slide show:

Ok friends, it is your turn to tell us how to wear a scarf for Thanksgiving…will you be wearing one this year?


how to wear a scarf

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Your encouragement, stories, and ideas were amazing.

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Now, let’s talk scarves…and then be sure to…………………………….


how to wear a scarf


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Hi Pamela!
    I used the jcp link and bought the fair isle cardigan yesterday! As for scarves, I wear them often, both for fashion and for warmth if needed. I like how they can add a pop of color. On a different note, I think in regards to your upcoming surgery your already strong spirit will be strengthened even more. And your spirit will be refreshed. And your foot (and whole self) will feel so much better. All good things will continue to happen in your life! So stay awesome and stay in awe of our dear Lord. 😊 You’ll be ready to throw the touchdown in no time! 🏈
    For the win! ❤ Love from CA

  2. Scarves are beautiful and I have and wear them often, especially in cooler weather. However, Thanksgiving would be an exception for me for a few reasons! Typically I’m burning up from being in the kitchen putting finishing touches on the dinner, so typically I’m dressed to keep cool. Also, unless they are worn long like your example, they can really get in the way when eating and passing food, if they are bunched up around the neck or hanging down a little lower, or is it just me?! Generally though, scarves are something I put on regularly when I’m running out. You can easily add that little something extra to an otherwise neutral outfit.

  3. Pam, I have been a scarf wearer for many years not only for color and style but for warmth around my often cold neck. In fact a friend once called me “the scarf lady”, and I’ve taught several friends different ways that I arrange my scarves when I wear them. I also have several long cardigans with which I usually wear a scarf. I have lighter weight scarves for summer and heavier ones for winter, but I’m always on the lookout for new ones! Yes, I will probably be wearing a scarf on Thanksgiving. And I will be shopping through your shopping links as I did recently. Hope you have a good Monday, and a restful week, letting others take care of you!

  4. My students called me The Scarf Lady when I taught high school! So happy to find a scarf sister!

  5. I guess I should have divided guests and hostesses! I would not wear one while cooking either. This year, I am a guest, so I think that is where my focus has been. Thanks for speaking up for the hostesses, Karen.

  6. I love both your scarves. My most common way to wear them was with a cardigan exactly as you’ve styled them. I also wore them to brighten up (and make more professional) a three quarter tee when I was teaching and boomeranging temperatures often made our air conditioning sketchy. Since retirement, I seldom wear one. They are starting to feel a little fussy to me, especially those big square blanket ones. I dug out some cashmere oblongs the other day, resolving to either wear them or send them to consignment. We will see.

  7. Good morning. Here in the northeast I wear a scarf almost year round. I enjoy the large styles that you often show, Pam. Finely woven scarves can be fashioned in so many ways. I pick them up at odd stores, especially when traveling. They make a good souvenir. I love your collection. I loved the red jacket with the blue scarf that you featured. It inspired me to elevate my teal coatigan with a blatantly autumnal scarf of reds, oranges , greens, and gold. It immediately elevated my look, even though there was no teal in the scarf at all. Thank you!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Pam…
    I love a side knotted silk paisley blue scarf with a crisp white shirt or a boatneck fine gauge sweater.
    Add solids to coordinate, a pair of coordinating slacks and a tweed blazer or long fine knit cardigan. End with polished flats. 😇

  9. Well, of course, send along those you don’t wear. I see me wearing scarves always…they are not fussy for my style.

  10. I have a huge collection of scarves which I acquired while living in Boston. Now that I live in Florida full time, I hardly wear them. I did wear one this mornng outside when it was 53 degrees. I got to wear it for about an hour before it warmed up. No, I won’t be wearing one for thanksgiving!

  11. I have always loved scarves especially silk ones. I see that the smaller, 18 inch ones, tied at the neck a la Audrey Hepburn are coming back. When the temperatures dip a scarf adds all the needed warmth I need. I just bought my cousin a beautiful black watch plaid one from Talbots for a milestone birthday. Some of my scarves are ancient! They never go out of style!

  12. I also love scarves and ordered two Love’s Pure Light scarves last week. I loved the backstory of that brand and wanted to support the sweet artist and her business. They should arrive this week, took some time to get here since I live on the East coast and they come from Western Canada! One was very summery, so I will wait til warm, beachy weather to wear, but the second one can be worn any time. Praying for your quick healing and your positive attitudes will take you far in your recovery. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  13. So sorry to hear you will be continuing on a longer and more painful journey to happy feet. May the journey bring you to a place where any shoe is a comfortable one and that being an approachable person wearing sandals may start many new conversations. On to scarves, living in a four season area I have many colours, weights, lengths and shapes of scarves. My size however prevents me from wearing those lovely artisanal scarves you have been showing. There are some great on line videos of many ways to fold and wrap them for those who like variety. I have a flip book from 1983 on ‘The Magic of Scarf Fashion’ that proves their longevity.

  14. I hope you love them as much as I do, Sue. They gorgeous and so soft. My favorites by a long shot!

  15. I agree with Deborah, scarves make great souvenirs and gifts. Easy to pack too! My first thought was no to a scarf if I’m cooking or sitting down to eat. Can’t be bunched up but ok if worn long while eating so they are out of the way. Thanks for a fun post and take care.

  16. First off, an apology for missing the chance yesterday to add my support, prayers and compassion for your news. I was so touched by your sharing of how you intend to face this disappointment with grace.
    As to the scarves, I am a big fan and have them in abundance and for all seasons. Nonetheless, I just dropped that beautiful blue floral number from Nordie’s into my cart. Regarding shopping the links, I have a number of things on the way, and added the pretty blue long sweater-coat from Saturday’s post (next to the blue pants mannequin) and the lavender tweed Talbot’s sweater just like the green one I had received last week because it was so nice. Oh, and a necklace and earrings, lol. I also have some more Macy’s on the way. If I can’t be there to bring over some soup or a houseplant, as I would love to do as an IRL friend, then I will shop! 💕🤗

  17. Wow…Connie! Thank you.., shopping with my links is needed more right now than soup or a houseplant…Mr. B might scream over one more plant to water anyway. I have been eyeing that scarf ever since I found it this weekend! Thank you so much!!

  18. I rarely wear scarves as they seem to get in my way. I do have a beautiful scarf from my old boss in ER. She brought me one from Ireland. It is a beautiful square one in shades of green and gold. I have worn it with a column of navy and it elevated my jeans and navy tee. She passed away a few years ago. It is a memento of our time working together.

  19. I love scarves, but as a fellow Texan I face the same weather challenges you do. I do wear some of my larger, lightweight scarves in the summer for wraps in over-airconditioned spaces like theaters and church, but really enjoy my heavier ones when it cools off. I tend to shop my favorite stores on-line sale sections for good deals on scarves, especially JJill.
    I so enjoy hearing what your other readers are wearing for their holiday gatherings, and hope we might have some group discussions around the different types of outfits we need in December, whether that’s a Nutcracker performance at the fancy opera hall, an outdoor tree lighting, trip to a tree farm with the grandkids, special music programs at church, shopping and/or a special lunch with friends, etc. I tend to figure out one outfit that works well and then wear it to death. I’d like to add more variety this year, so any posts you can offer on your own holiday outfit choices (or maybe some from years past when you were recovering from surgery) or featuring reader suggestions would be most welcome! Thanksgiving comes and goes pretty quickly, but if we see the same people at multiple holiday events it is easy to run out of ideas.

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