Would You Wear It: Dolman Sleeves

would you wear it

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Today for our fashion challenge, I ask Would You Wear It: Dolman Sleeves.

Our recent WOULD YOU WEAR IT discussions have been so beneficial with lots of specifics and some style tip advice.

I would like to see you keep that going…it so helps others with purchasing decisions to read your comments.

Today, let’s visit Kohl’s for this display….

Remember to say more than Yes or No…we want to know why you would or would not wear it.

Put that fashion consumer hat on and let’s get this party started….



would you wear it

This display was in the SIMPLY VERA VERA WANG DEPARTMENT at my local Kohl’s.

This is the LONG SLEEVE FUNNEL NECK COZY DOLMAN TOP in the Mahogany color (there are six colors).

Please comment on the dolman sleeves and the challenges they bring to a top.

If you are a fan of dolman sleeves, please tell us why you like to wear the style.

Once you determine if you would wear it, then please comment on the styling here.

Would you belt it…would you wear it with skinny jeans….would you wear it with heels??

I did touch the top and it is thin…not a heavy fabric.

Here are more tops with dolman sleeves to offer more information….

Remember we want to know would you wear it…and hopefully how you would wear it.


would you wear it

So many ordered this Chico’s Crewneck Pullover Sweater In Florentia Plum.

would you wear it

I do not have a picture of me wearing the biggest seller this week, but it is from Talbot’s.

It is the Organic Cotton Honeycomb Shawl Cardigan.

It is so pretty in both colors.

would you wear it

There are many purchases from JJILL that I cannot see the specifics of what was purchased….thank you to everyone shopping with my links.

However, there have been quite a few sales of 


For everyone else….would you wear it …(the best sellers)…and how would you style it?

I am looking forward to wearing your responses on the dolman sleeves…I have often wondered what others thought of them.

Also, if you are out and about and see an interesting display, I would love to have you email three pictures of it to me from different angles.  I could use field reporters right now.



would you wear it

By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Yes, I would and do wear dolman sleeve tops. I love a good dolman sweater; they are so cozy! However, I think the store missed the mark when styling this mannequin. Adding the belt rather defeats the purpose of the wide sleeves, and makes the extra fabric look bunched up. The wide sleeve is a fashion statement as well as being flattering, comfortable, and forgiving.

  2. Unfortunately, no. Am a busty petite and this style gives no definition and only makes me look bigger due to no shape.

    Hope your recovery is coming along well!

  3. Unfortunately, no. Am a busty petite and this style gives no definition due to no shape.

    Hope your recovery is coming along well!

  4. I agree with Susan. What were they thinking when they added a belt to a Dolman Sleeve Top? I personally don’t wear dolman sleeves (just a style preference), but my 80 year old mom does. She always styles them with slim fitting knit pants and as Susan mentioned, she looks stylish and cozy!

  5. I usually avoid dolman sleeves but I like this top. The lines in the fabric give visual interest along with the neckline and the focus is not on the sleeves. I would not belt it. It also comes in a beautiful blue shade that I may purchase to wear with navy or white straight leg jeans.

  6. I probably would wear this style, but would not seek it out. If it wasn’t cinched in at the bottom, I would definitely belt it (provided the length overall could support that). I would prefer something that was close to the body at the bottom as that creates some balance with the wider top. Definitely calls for a slimmer bottom, again for structure and proper proportions. Heels in the display appeal to me because I love wearing heels and like how they look with slim bottoms to create the look of longer legs (I’m 5’4″). I’d choose a different color because dusty colors don’t flatter me. With some adjustments, this is a style I would wear.

  7. First, I sincerely hope that your surgery was successful and you are recovering without much pain. You were in thoughts often yesterday. Secondly, I do not have anything with dolman sleeves but I would try this top on to see how it looks. The sleeves look so big because of the angle of the mannequin’s arm but on the website they do not look as large. What I like about the top is the looseness of the hem which would cover my tummy area.

  8. I do wear some semi(?) dolman sleeve sweaters including two in the past few summers/spring from JJill -one in navy and one in pink. But this dolman sleeve top from Kohls would not be flattering to me at all. It’s too exaggerated I feel and I’m too short for this look. I’m 5 ft 3.
    Pam, I Hope you are feeling well today! ( And got some sleep last night). Sleeping =Healing in my book.

  9. I like dolman sleeves but would not wear the display shirt because it’s too long or wide of the dolman part. I’ve finally tired of fast fashion and am trying to buy less and use less. The belt makes me think something is wrong with how that top hangs, so they belted it! I do like the soft peachy or orange color. I find regular or moderate dolman sleeves to be flattering and comfortable but they don’t lend themselves to wearing a jacket over it. I do have a sweater with dolman sleeves that fits over everything as a third top when it’s icy cold. Very practical for traveling when you don’t know how cold it will be (I am cold natured). Hope you are doing okay after the second surgery!

  10. Yes I would and do wear any kind of sleeve with some slack and/or volume . I am thin and have wide square shoulders as well so look rather scrawny in tight fitting tops ! And dolman sleeves tend to have some drape which adds interest .

  11. I run away from anything I see with Dolman sleeves. I have narrow shoulders and a petite frame and this style does nothing for me. I think this outfit would look cute on a tall person with wide shoulders but no Dolman sleeve top looks good on me. It is just too much material.

  12. I would wear it, though it looks a little limp. I am slightly narrow in the shoulders, and this type of top flatters me. I also feel it distracts from a tummy. I would wear it without the belt and maybe with a pair of regular slim jeans on the bottom, and sneakers or boots. I never wear heels and am a little tired of the pumps-with-super-casual looks. I would vote for stud or hoop earrings and a bracelet with this look.

  13. I have several Dolman sleeve tops and enjoy wearing this particular style; however, I would never belt it. A belt defeats the purpose of the shape and further restricts arm movement and comfort. Regarding the neck of this top, I would find it choking so would not wear. Neither would I ever wear heels with such a casual and sporty neckline.

  14. No I don’t wear this style. As others of said, wide shoulders, large bust, 5’3”. But more important to me is I don’t like the lack of material near my skin. Very uncomfortable with the large void of material. Skin is not warm and sticky if warm. Lose lose

  15. Yes I would wear dolman sleeves, skinny jeans kind of, I prefer the straight leg. Heels with jeans a big no, at my age and women over 60 heels are not our friends. The scarf from J Jill love the colors, I like leggings even though they say we shouldn’t wear them and they are going out of style. I like them especially with tunics and tunic sweaters.

  16. I would wear dolman sleeves but not this one; looks too limp and tired to me. Definitely would not wear it with heels or the belt. To my eye this whole look looks dated. Heels with jeans? I don’t think many of us can pull this off anymore. When I wear a dolman sleeve I like to wear a tank underneath to keep me warm. Hope your surgery went well!

  17. As Paulette remarked, it looks a little exaggerated. I would call that style having batwing sleeves, while other dolmans you showed are more pared down. Full confession: I have a marigold ‘batwing’ in my closet that I have never worn. When I followed up after my color analysis with a style update session, the analyst said that I could wear that style if I wanted to edge over to a touch romantic. I ordered one from Amazon that was reasonable. It has been wallowing for many seasons. After reading Linda LM’s take, I am going to play around with it a bit. I keep thinking it is too bright, so I need a simple way to calm it down if it works. I like the idea of slim jeans, boots, and simple jewelry. I was just thinking of bringing it to my consignment shop, so thank you for the timely post!

  18. I am a fan of dolman sleeve tops because I feel that they help to conceal any upper arm issues however I would not belt it – just personal preference for my body shape but it looks fine on the mannequin that they have it styled on 😊 on a different note I hope that you are recovering well from your surgery 🙏

  19. Pam, I hope you are recovering from yesterday. Hope to hear your positive cheery voice soon. No to the dolman top. I’m 5’3″ with narrow shoulders and an ample bust so dolman sleeve tops don’t flatter me at all. I have a few what Paulette called demi-dolman sweaters, dropped shoulder sweaters that have excess fabric under the arms. If its not too much fabric I can get away with it but not my best look so I tend to avoid this style. I think it looks stylish on taller women especially if they have broad shoulders. If I was styling a friend I’d say no to the belt as it disrupts the line the of the top and bunches the fabric in a unstylish way. I think the high heals are out of place with the casual top & jeans but its a look some women really like to wear.

  20. No, I have never liked Dolman sleeves, they make the sides of the sweater too baggy. Style wise , no to the heels with the jeans, the top is too casual..I would wear the top which is actually cute, sans dolman feature with the grey jeans and some flats or a sporty slip on, like Sketchers….
    Hope you are recovering comfortably, and surgery was a success…..

  21. As a petite lady, less is more. Dohlman sleeves are a no. I tried on a puff sleeve sweater at T.J. Maxx last night. Another no. Your featured top is a pretty color and I do like it as styled.

  22. I love the shade of this top! I tend to steer away from this style because it gets in the way when I cook but I would totally wear it for a night out!

  23. There are several reasons I wouldn’t wear this top. I am short with wide shoulders and a bigger chest, so this look would likely make me look like a linebacker for Notre Dame. I also have a short neck, so the way it is styled here would be unflattering. I did see from the pictures that the neck can be folded down, so that might not be quite so problematic. This color would not work for me, but some the other colors would. I don’t think this belt does anything for this top. Perhaps something a little narrower would work better. I do think a slim bottom is definitely the way to go. The light wash jeans seem a bit too casual with the heels, but they might work with a darker pant.
    I hope your recovery is going well.

  24. It’s a no for me. I am petite and very short waisted so would look like I was wearing a bag. Happy Healing.

  25. The sweater on the website in grey is quite attractive. No to the belt and heals. I would wear with like colored jeans or pants and booties. I do have broader shoulders and larger busted at 5’2” so it would have to be for a special occasion where I wouldn’t need full range motion of my arms. I hope that you are resting and recovering from your second surgery. Give yourself plenty of time to recover from anesthesia. You may have foggy brain and some slight memory problems for a while and this is normal especially at our age, although I’m 9 years older than you are. Just rest and write if that makes you happy. We all love hearing from you even for just a chat.

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