Christmas 2023 New Favorites: Part 1

Christmas 2023 new favorites

It is the last Friday of 2023, so I wanted to go ahead and share my Christmas 2023 new favorites Part 1…these were family hits!

I wasn’t exactly sure what Christmas 2023 would be like after two back-to-back foot surgeries…but it was amazing.

After setting aside expectations, and doing online research while I was sitting so much in the beginning, I discovered a few Christmas 2023 new favorites that are keepers.

So join me today as I share with you…why Christmas 2023 new favorite worked….


Christmas 2023 new favorites

I have desired for a couple of years to do something different for the dining room table.

I try to always use this plaid tablecloth because it was a wedding gift 39 years ago.

Being married in December provided several Christmas items as wedding gifts.

I saw this idea on Instagram with a centerpiece fashioned on a cutting/Charcuterie board, so I decided for Christmas 2023 to make it my own.

The larger board was purchased on Amazon, it is the BirdRock Home Acacia Wood Cheese Board…and it is a beautiful board! 

The little trees also came from Amazon,  the pack of six Tabletop Mini Christmas Trees.

When I saw the Little Merry Ole Christmas Church on Balsam Hill on sale, I knew immediately this was the main piece for the decoration.

Christmas 2023 new favorites

It is sold out now, but I also purchased on sale the Wooden Christmas Mantel Village…and this one was a favorite with grandchildren on one of the mantels. (in the picture above)

The little Santa on the centerpiece was found at a local Hallmark Shop.

I also added the vintage candlesticks from Magnolia…looks like they are also sold out.

However, in their sale is the Nutcracker Folklore Ornament Set for only $20 and it is worth way more.

I gave my ballerina granddaughter this set at Thanksgiving for her tree and it is gorgeous and high quality…worth a buy to put away for next year for any ballerina in your family.

I am not an affiliate for Balsam Hill or Magnolia…but I love these things so much, that I wanted you to know about them.

I am going to create a new centerpiece with the board and candles after the holidays.


Christmas 2023 new favorites

One of my daughter-in-laws has created a family tradition with a game event right before Christmas Eve.

It has been so much fun to gather with extended family to have joyful competition and a meal getting the big events going.

Christmas 2023 new favorites

The Christmas 2023 new favorite was a Christmas Jeopardy game…it was fun for all ages….3-70!

We just about had even teams for the boys to play the girls.

No surprise…I had the highest number of points…as a Christmas aficionado!

Christmas 2023 new favorites

I showed up to the party with Chocolate Crinkles.

This year I followed the double chocolate recipe (who doesn’t like more chocolate!) on Sally’s Baking Addiction page….DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CRINKLE COOKIES.

These are seriously delicious….I followed the recipe as is including chilling the dough.  Yum!

In Christmas 2023 New Favorites Part 2 tomorrow, I will share the other recipes that the family put a big thumbs up on and one of the top gifts!

Hope to see you then.  On Sunday, I will share my main focus for the new year ahead….until then……


By Pamela Lutrell

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Christmas 2023 new favorites


  1. Your table and mantel decorations are so pretty. Isn’t it interesting how little children as well as adults are fascinated by little structures like your church and mantle village? I love the idea of the Jeopardy game as my Mr. B and I enjoy watching Jeopardy together every night though there are nights where we seem to know little or cannot respond fast enough. I also am glad to see the hint in the recipe of the chocolate crinkle cookies about rolling in granulated sugar first before powered sugar as well as preferably baking the cookies on a dry day ( sounds like making divinity candy) so the sugar doesn’t melt. How much longer will you be in your boot…I know you are looking forward to its being off.

  2. Hi Celia, I followed these directions and did do both sugars. These cookies are so good. I am going to give a foot update on Sunday…hope you can stop by!

  3. Thanks for sharing your favorites for Christmas 2023. The board centerpiece is beautiful. So good to know you were up and about for the events. Blessings always

  4. What a nice tablescape that made! Thanks for detailing your sources for us. I tried a new, quick version, for my chocolate crinkle dough this time around, starting with a simple box of devil’s food cake mix. It got the job done, but wasn’t as chocolate-y as the standard, so I will give your recipe a go. So glad you all had such fun playing Jeopardy.

  5. This recipe is very chocolate-y! I think you will like it…very simple and good. Thanks Connie

  6. What a lovely table. Even with 2 surgeries you made your home warm & festive. The cookies look so inviting. I will save the recipe for next year. I’m glad the link to the post is on the bottom of the page since she gives a lot of useful hits. I would have loved to be on one of the Jeopardy teams. What a fun family activity. I’m looking at the calendar and realizing I need to finish setting my goals for 2024.

  7. Love your tablescapes and your mantle decorations! Everything looks so festive and bright. I’m not sure if any of the grandkids are bakers, but I highly recommend the Betty Crocker Cookie book. I have a beaten-up copy that I’ve used with my mom when I was little and have bought new copies for both my children. The recipes are amazing, and it’s a 3-ring binder, type book so it lies flat. It’s easy to tell what cookies we made most as there’s icing and buttery stains on the pages – LOL

  8. Your decor is so festive Pamela and the cookies certainly look scrumptious so shall pass its recipe along to my daughter as her Platoon (she is in Law Enforcement) has an annual cookie exchange each Christmas so is always willing to try something new. Also want to thank you in particular for providing the Balsam Hill link as did ‘pin’ it since they offer two methods of shipment for Canadians. Lastly, looking forward to learn your family’s besties as the Jeopardy game sure sounded like fun. -Brenda-

  9. That’s so wonderful that she could use a recipe for a Platoon Cookie Exchange. These cookies are really good. I love Balsam Hill and highly recommend their Christmas in July sale!

  10. Pam, you decorations look beautiful. I love the table scape and can’t wait to see what you do next with it. Those cookies are looking so good to me. I have been fighting a virus for over a month and I am still coughing, so no baking done here. We had a quiet Christmas with lots of phone calls from our kids. My son was feeling down because it was the first Christmas in a while when he didn’t have all of his grandkids. Two families had moved out of state to Iowa and the rest were sick with Covid. They are all doing better now but waiting to open gifts is hard on little ones. It looked like your littles had a great time. We watch Jeopardy every night. We are also getting slower at getting out the answers but enjoy the mental challenges.

  11. Sydney, I am so sorry you were sick and hope you are better now. Sometimes, we just have to sit and reset in order to go forward. I know it was a quiet Christmas but that your family would want you healthy.
    When can so often gain strength in quiet.

  12. I love seeing your Christmas decorations, especially the beautiful tablescape! I can’t wait to see how you style it after the holidays. I bought a new table runner for myself for Christmas, so I’m looking for new ideas. So glad to see that you were able to get out for some Christmas fun with your extended family, and I’m looking forward to getting all caught up on your Christmas posts. I got the same “Gigi Claus” spatula from my grandkids that you got from yours and I was so tickled! Wishing you many unexpected blessings in the new year.

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