What I Wore for Family Fun Night

what I wore

Happy Thursday!  Today I am going to share what I wore for family fun night this week.

It has been so good to get out and about this week, and enjoy my family on several different occasions.

Last year, one group stayed at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort and Spa, and they host a fun Christmas experience.

We were all excited that they returned so we could have more family fun there. 

The kids really liked the Christmas Scavenger Hunt earlier in the afternoon, and Mr. B and I joined in for dinner and game night.

I will explain in a minute why it was great for me…but, first, what I wore.


what I wore

For San Antonio, the night we went out was a chilly one, but I did not want to deal with a coat.

So, what I wore involved a little layering.

I told you that I love the SPANX AIR ESSENTIALS so much since my surgery that I did not want to take it off….so I didn’t.

What I wore began with the AirEssentials Wide Leg Pant in Classic Navy.

And on top, the AirEssentials Got Ya Covered Pullover in Classic Navy…also, the brand just introduced new colors.

Rather than wear a coat, I chose to wear on top the Chico’s Faux Leather Trim Sweater Cape in a beautiful taupe color.

It was a perfect outfit for the evening…I was not too hot or cold…but just right.

The sweater cape is on sale right now and I really like the chic style of it.


what I wore

What I wore for an accessory was the lovely brooch.

This is the Anne Klein Gold-Tone Tonal Color Mixed Stone Tree Pin.

I like it, but I will say that it is more blue than green (like it appears online).

I also picked up a couple of brooches during a Macy’s sale before Christmas and only paid $9 for them.

They do have some on sale right now as low at $7 or $8, just click Macy’s Brooches.

My 7 year old granddaughter is taken with my brooches and loves to touch them.  I told her at this event that one day she could have them all.

What I wore all week included brooches.  The one which received the most comments was my JOY BROOCH from Talbot’s….currently on sale big time!

Remember, to click on SHOPPING LINKS to find your favorite brand and the sales currently in progress.

That is what I wore for a really fun evening where I had the best seat in the house…..


what I wore

My wonderful son-in-law reserved a game area for us which was perfect for all the kids…and a few of the adults as well!

I had a front row seat where I could put my feet up and watch the show…it was great to enjoy them having so much fun and be comfortable.

what I wore

It was also such a joy to observe my children with their own children.  We have four amazing parents…

what I wore

and two amazing dog parents.

I am very proud.  

I highly recommend to anyone going through recovery to get out and about when you can and feel up to it.  It was a shot in the arm for feeling better.

I took my “scooter” to the hotel and what I wore worked well for that too.  I have really liked the scooter…it was a good purchase!

Let me know if you have any questions…so happy to be here with you!  Now make sure that you…..


By Pamela Lutrell

By Pamela Lutrell

I was encouraged to explain more about my SHOPPING LINKS page and how to use it.  (In fact I just added a few new brands to the list)

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This is such an important income for me and my family.

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what I wore


  1. Good morning! It was lovely to read such a ‘joyful’ rendition of your continuing improvement! Thank you for sharing your outfits. You certainly made perfect choices. Family is all!

  2. Good morning, Deborah! I confess I look forward to my return to slim leg pants but during recovery an outfit like this has helped me to be confident and comfy!

  3. What a fun way for the little and big family members to enjoy being together! And your outfit looked so comfortable and appropriate. Speaking of your brooches and grandchildren’s interest, I’m reminded of my girl grandchildren who years ago “divided up” my pearls and gold necklaces among the three of them…not that they would remember today when they are all but grown. I appreciate seeing the scooter you ordered from Amazon since I’m hopeful to have my broken bone spur/arthritic foot surgery in the next two weeks. I’ll need one as I also have a lesion on the bottom of the foot so cannot use crutches initially.

  4. I really like my scooter! And I especially like the basket which was so helpful in the beginning to carry around what I needed. It has made things easier for me. I still use it at home when I don’t have the boot on.

  5. I can’t believe people try to recover from foot surgery just on crutches. The scooter was essential to what little independence I had with mine. The great news about a big, modern hotel, is the true accessibility of their restrooms :). Glad you had fun. I was visiting family myself the last few days and didn’t get a chance to comment on your Quince post yesterday. With the amount of sponsored product I’ve seen over and over on many blogs, I was really skeptical of this brand. But I ordered a purse (I think it was called a crescent shoulder bag, though the shape is more classic than “crescent.”). Wow! I’ve had purses at three times the price no better than this one. The leather is beautiful. I think Celia was asking about bags, or one of the other commenters. Anyway, I look forward to hearing what you have to say about their cashmere. Your voice is one I trust!

  6. Such a joyful experience! And I agree with you that getting out and about during recovery is so good for ones soul. Whether it’s just a change of scenery or a more delightful day as you’re having here- its all so helpful!
    Joy in your brooch is mirrored in your time with the children! Love this!

  7. It was a joyful experience and I love that our family enjoys one another. It was fun…thanks Paulette!

  8. I clicked through to see the resort. What a lovely property, and a lazy river and pools for warmer weather! Your evening sounds fun, and you looked terrific. I am so glad you were able to get up and out for this.

  9. I’m so happy that you were able to get out and enjoy this time with your family. Looks like a fun time for all. You chose a good outfit for comfort and style. The brooch on your sweater cape is the perfect touch. How fun that your 7 year old granddaughter is enchanted with them. I ordered the Quince blouse yesterday and look forward to your opinion of the cashmere sweaters. I’ve wondered about them. Not many colors for us autumns but I hope they will add more colors for us.

  10. I love my scooter with basket as well. It allowed me to make my own tea and carry it to my table. I have graduated from the scooter though — and am now using a walker or cane or just walking by myself in the house. Finally! I’m still wearing some of the wide-leg pants because they’re nice looking and comfortable, but I am SO HAPPY to be wearing jeans and cords again. Something to look forward to>

  11. Hi Pamela!
    Lookin’ good! I like the sweater cape you’re wearing. Might have to get one for myself. You have an awesome family by what I’ve seen and read in your blog and I’m glad you went out and had fun! The Christmas joy continues!

  12. What a fun evening for you & your family! You are so right when you say getting out & about as soon as possible is good for you. It is a boost for your physical & mental health. I’m glad that you are feeling up to going & doing.

  13. Yes it does, Sandra. In fact, Joy never stops! For those who like capes, this one is a beauty! Thanks so much!

  14. My family motivated me to want to get out and not miss out. It would have been easy to stay in my chair but I wanted to be with them. I also had my office moved back upstairs to motivate me to go back up the stairs. I go slow and am very careful.

  15. Stylish or not, I love my wide leg and trouser style jeans from Chicos! Being disabled, I have to sit a lot and they don’t cut into my groin at all. I wore the dark green velveteen trouser jeans with matching tee on Christmas Day and added a cable knit boyfriend cardigan after the sun went down. We did have a white Christmas but now it has all melted. You looked lovely and comfortable in you fun night out. You looked adorable in your red Joy sweater as well! I’m so glad that you are feeling better.

  16. Wide leg pants are still in for 2024! You are on trend. I like them too…just ready for a change after wearing nothing but wide leg. It makes me smile to hear how happy you are with yours!

  17. Pamela, Love hearing about your grandchildren and family fun time, and your outfit is perfect! My granddaughter (who is now 26 and finishing up her Masters) has always loved my jewelry, and I’ve recently started giving some pieces to her. When she was about three and was looking in my large jewelry armoire, I told her that, when I went to my glory, all of it would one day be hers one day. She looked up at me, very innocently, and said, “How soon will that be?” We still have a laugh about that! sometimes! Happy New Year!

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