Favorite Christmas Outfits in my Closet

Christmas outfits

Happy Thursday!  Today, allow me to discuss my favorite Christmas outfits in my closet.

Earlier we did discuss how the majority of us really only need a cute casual style for our Christmas outfits.

I know I am not going to parties this year, so my favorite Christmas outfits in my closet will do…especially since I like these alot.

At the top, I am wearing a plaid Foxcroft tunic that was gifted to me a few years ago.


Their tunics and blouses do not wrinkle and are excellent quality.

I like to wear this tunic with black leggings and I have several in my closet for Christmas outfits.

This pair is a snake pattern from Soft Surroundings.

Then in the warmer weather I can wear Christmas outfits with ballet flats.

I did see a woman yesterday in a similar outfit and she was wearing these really cute UGG MINI BUTTON II BOOT in black.

These boots looked so cute with the leggings.

I have been in so many wide leg pants since my foot surgery that I cannot wait to get back to leggings…and hope to for Christmas outfits.

Here is my second favorite Christmas outfits in my closet….


Christmas oufits

I love my Joyful sweatshirt from Talbot’s so much!

One of my favorite purchases of all time…and it has to be worn with a Santa Hat to top off my Christmas outfits.

Both of these tops could be worn past Christmas…though the sweatshirt might not work.

Talbot’s current collection has some very cute casual tops for Christmas outfits where many could go into winter……here is a slideshow….


Christmas outfits

My grandson is popping out to say that it is ok to have a little whimsy in our Christmas outfits.

Of course, when a nicer Christmas outfit is required for a special party or event, we should have that readily available in the closet.

But….especially as a Gigi…it is good to have a little fun with our casual clothing around holiday time.

I do not own an ugly Christmas sweater but I am keeping my eyes open for the right one.

This is something I discarded too soon after I left teaching.  I should’ve held on to the ones I owned.  Hindsight!

Remember KOHL’S CHRISTMAS OUTFITS features these types of sweaters at good prices if you need one.

Or just toss on this pretty plaid SOFTER THANK CASHMERE SCARF for an amazing price.

What are some of your favorite Christmas outfits that are in your closet?  Please share….

And to those who celebrate…..HAPPY HANUKKAH!!

Though I am not Jewish…I love this holiday and the traditions around it.  Have a wonderful time.

Thank you for being here and always…………………………………………


By Pamela Lutrell

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Christmas outfits


  1. Like you Pam, I like to have things to wear that are in keeping with the season of Christmas. I typically have something understated, with red included, for church and Christmas gatherings. Isn’t it funny how we associate red with Christmas?! I really like the Tranquil Blue that Talbot’s is currently featuring, and purchased a sweater in that color and will be wearing that for some Christmas events, because I also associate icy blue with Christmas and winter. That’s probably going to be my choice for our annual family day, with black, straight jeans. One of my goals for the new year is to seriously purge my wardrobe and focus on my current lifestyle. As weird as it might sound, I’m tired of having too much, too many choices. Your Santa hat is definitely a fun touch for Christmas!!

  2. I understand completely pairing your wardrobe down to make sure you have one that works better for your current life. I join you in seeking a fun functional wardrobe for my life now…I am in transition to wardrobe that works the best! Thanks for sharing this morning, Karen.

  3. I still have numerous tops, vests and sweaters that I bought during my teaching years and can still wear during the holidays. I live a very casual life and no longer have fancy events to attend during this time of year so jeans and a Christmas-themed top will fit my needs. Like Karen I enjoy festive tops other than red, and have a couple of purple and pink ones which are colors I prefer. Your young grandchildren must be getting excited about Christmas. I miss that child-like joy of Christmas as all our grandchildren are grown or almost out of high school. Hope the doctor gave you good news about your foot surgery and Roast Beef’s absence.

  4. Hi Celia! I wish I had been smart like you and kept those Christmas sweaters from when I was a teacher! Big regret! I will share about roast beef on Sunday…hope you can stop by!

  5. I own a number of Talbots and Chicos velour separates; leggings, wide leg pants, bomber jacket, etc. I think some of these pieces are 10 years old. Over the years I have used the separates as the base for my holiday wear. I also have a few Christmas scarves that add a pop of red; I bought the holiday scarf from Talbots this year and have worn it with the leggings and a red cashmere sweater as well as a classic white shirt.My Christmas brooches are legendary and they always add a festive touch. For a fun event with the grandkids where I know I will be outside and walking I picked up a bright red polar fleece from Walmart; add the light up dollar store necklace and earrings and I’m good to go. I am with Karen; my closet is bursting and I need to purge. At 72 my lifestyle has changed so much and I no longer need so much to choose from. Happy you are healing and in good spirits!

  6. Your Joyful sweatshirt is just so Pamela! I also got rid of all my Christmas sweaters when I stopped teaching. Several would clearly qualify as ugly Christmas sweaters. I won an Ugly Sweater contest once wearing my late husband’s sweatshirt featuring a reindeer sporting ornaments in his antlers and holding a beer. I’ve kept it for sentimental reasons but will never wear it again. I’ll probably wear a red wool jacket to church on Christmas but will change into something simpler when I get home, probably a red sweater with jeans. I did see a cute tee shirt on Talbot’s site–striped ivory & red with holly accents. Might not be warm enough as our Dec. weather can be chilly but I’m thinking about it.

  7. I am sure that Talbot’s tee is in the slideshow…but under a jacket. It’s cute! I love that you kept his Christmas sweater..,even if you do wear it. A cherished memory, indeed.

  8. I have been in wide-leg pants for close to 3 months – ugh! I just this week started to wear boyfriend jeans. Leggings are still out because I’m wearing an ankle brace and compression sock, but I’m getting there. Red seems so festive, but, like others, I love the blues Talbots is showing now — just wish they’d stop using nylon — and the blazers are just gorgeous.

  9. Red is a lovely color but unless it is a blue toned red, I can’t wear it. So my holiday outfits are more the colors I do wear like blues, pinks, greys, black, some purples. I add a dash of sparkle in jewelry or pins, or a touch of sequins on a sweater-bought one at Loft that is charcoal grey with silver stars here and there on it. Very subtle. One thing about dressing like that, is you do stand out in a photo since most people are wearing red, green or white!

  10. I have several lovely newly cleaned cashmere sweaters so will wear a bright blue one tomorrow night when my daughter,
    son in law and the twins, Ben and Baylee (5) arrive for Hanukkah (my husbands Celebration). Latkes with applesauce and sour cream are pretty much the main event after lighting candles. ( I’m also serving brisket and a salad so its all pretty easy. ) The cookies I made yesterday – peanut butter kisses which everyone loves! And we have some traditional games to play.
    For Christmas Ill switch to my red cashmere crewneck or my Christmas-plaid shirt from jCrew also.

  11. A lovely blue is so perfect for Hanukkah! Your celebration sounds perfect, Paulette!

  12. My late husband provided me with several Christmas tops to wear during the holiday season, but a couple of them are starting to show their age. Maybe I will check out the after Christmas sales for replacements. I love your plaid tunic & know Talbot’s has a few plaid shirts that I do like. I have one rather dressy red sweater, but it has to be very cold to wear it. I don’t attend many really dress events anymore, but I do own black velvet slacks & a black velvet skirt along with a couple of sequined tops should the need arise.

  13. Shopping after Christmas sales for these is a great idea, Becky! How sweet that your husband bought these for you. Such a special memory.

  14. The dark green velveteen jeans and matching knit shirt I got from your Chicos link is my go to for my birthday next Thursday and for Christmas. Red is not my color so have only two tops and I wear them with flannel pajama pants to sleep in. We have had weather in the 60-70s but very windy today. Weather will change to very cold tonight with a little snow. Hope Mauve, Paulette and you are recovering nicely and will be enjoying quiet family activities.

  15. Delightful topic, Pamela. My dark red velour boyfriend shirt does well for most of my (few) holiday needs, but I’d love to find a sweater or sweatshirt one of these years — harder with so many of our stores gone and fabric quality hard to judge in online orders. I had to tell you, too, that my husband got a big chuckle out of Roast Beef. He has lost Market on one foot and Stayed Home on the other — neuropathy from heavy chemo and stem cell transplant 14 years ago, which makes him more susceptible to infections. I’m sorry you’re having to go through this, but trust you’ll come out in much better shape than when you went in! Patience. Nice to have the festivities to keep you focused outside yourself. Prayers for you!

  16. Hi Pam I love the Joyful sweatshirt its looks you great whit your glasses onn great smile olso xoxo

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