Casual Clothing Brands for Women to watch in 2024


casual clothing for women


Happy Friday, friends!  Today I want to share with you casual clothing brands for women to watch In 2024.

As I sit in my chair recovering from two surgeries, I realized that I have a new connection with casual clothing brands like never before.

I am actually reassessing some of my wardrobe to let go of more professional wear (that I have held on to) and be bolder to be a bit more casual but still true to my style adjectives.

casual clothing brands

Before the surgery, our wonderful, loyal blog reader, Karen from Ohio, recommended Air Essentials by Spanx.

She said this was in her highly recommended casual clothing brands, and apparently Oprah agrees.  It is on Oprah’s recommended list as well.

I am sitting in this picture wearing my navy Air Essentials, and I have not wanted to take them off.  This is an excellent casual clothing brand for women.

I began to talk to others (mostly some local bloggers) about their casual clothing brands, and discovered several I want to know more about and will watch them in 2024.

Another thing that I agree with (which some mentioned) is that the quality and comfort of the fabrics is very important.

Today, I am going to share with you the casual clothing brands for women to watch in 2024.

If you would like to see me add any to this list, just let us know in the comments.

So, let’s get comfy and talk casual clothing brands!


casual clothing brands

I took this photo right before the first surgery a month ago.

The pants are T by Talbots

This has been a go to casual brand for me I the past year for comfort.  I still love and wear the brand.

But, as I said, there are other brands I want to know more about. 

Here are the casual comfort brands for women to watch in 2024:

BLEUSALT (It is not In my affiliate program, but I still want to do the research and know more. I like what I have heard and seen)






These are casual brands with a type of elegance, chic, minimal, effortless qualities within the designs.

I desire for my research to assess costs…are the expensive ones worth It, and are the less expensive ones cheating quality and fit.

I hope the brands would consider sending a garment for me to experience for you.

I do have one local woman who assures us that FRANK & EILEEN.  is totally worth it and her cost per wear is very low…because she loves to wear the garments.

I know this is a short post, but I would like to turn this over to you and your connections.  What casual clothing brands for women would you like for me to watch in 2024?

I am so glad that Karen spoke out about Air Essentials by Spanx…and some of you may also be hiding your own little secrets.

So, now is the time to share what you know.

I look forward to your responses….I know casual clothing brands are important to all of us.  Now, it’s Friday! Make sure you……


By Pamela Lutrell

I was encouraged to explain more about my SHOPPING LINKS page and how to use it.  (In fact I just added a few new brands to the list)

I am an affiliate for many different brands and when you click on those brands and shop, then I receive a small commission.

This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

If you will tell me what you are shopping, then I can tell you if I am affiliate for them and give you that link…if it is not already on the page.

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casual clothing for women



  1. This will be an interesting expansion of your suggestions as this idea develops. The only business on your list which is familiar to me is Quince. I have ordered their cashmere sweaters and am very pleased with these items. Here in the South where it rarely gets extremely cold…as you well know…these cashmere sweaters are very comfortable and warm enough for a cold-natured person like me. And naturally I am thrilled with the costs. I am debating ordering their advertised leather jacket but have not done so yet

  2. I have spent some time looking through these links, some I’ve never heard of. This could push me toward rethinking my closet! From this list, I’m most familiar with Athleta, and they do have sales. These are obviously quality brands, and the styling is not trendy for the most part, which I appreciate. The Frank & Eileen fleece dresses? Yes please! I also see Eileen Fisher as a more casual brand, due to the cut of much of their clothing. I admit that I prefer wearing tailored styles, but I have a semi-casual lifestyle now and will be giving all of these brands another look. It’s not easy breaking up with the work wear, but I dress up for church so a lot of it has stayed! Thank you for telling us about these brands!

  3. Hi Celia, if you do place that order, please let us know what you think. Of course, I will be loyal to our favorite brands here but also want to keep us informed of what else is out there. Thanks for sharing about your cashmere.

  4. You are welcome! Thank you for recommending the Air Essentials! I have enjoyed the pieces I purchased for this comfort time of life!

  5. Good Morning All. Just wanted to comment on Celia’s post. I am also a fan of Quince. In addition to their fabulous, reasonably priced sweaters, I have purchased a couple of their leather purses. Since I am retired I could no longer justify the cost of my prior leather purses from a “not to be mentioned” designer. The Quince leather purses are of great quality and reasonably priced. Wishing Pamela great health and to all a very blessed and wonderful Holiday Season!!

  6. That’s a glowing testimony, Janet! Thank you for sharing ….a little reminder to everyone to please consider shopping with my links!

  7. My favorite casual clothing brand is Lands End. I find their cotton clothing to be wonderful and stylish. I mostly wear cotton leggings or fleece leggings and tunics because I have medical conditions where I have to keep my lower body warm. I know some don’t like the skinny leg look but it’s a necessity for me. Sometimes the quality control is off, say one pant leg longer than the other. I’ve found this issue with many brands. I am going to check out your brands listed above. As a person who has had two surgeries on my left big toe, I wince for you and send warmest wishes for your recovery.

  8. I finally bit the bullet and purchased the Air Essentials and, oh my word, the comfort is amazing. Amazon has a knock off that I also ordered as a comparison. For those who simply cannot afford the Air Essentials, the knock off was a very good alternative. I love the Quince cotton shaker stitch sweater and the quality is top notch. I am allergic to wool and cashmere but I’ve heard nothing but praise about those sweaters from Quince. I own a couple of pairs of pants from Athleta, but only purchase when on sale. The Zella brand at Nordstrom is more affordable. I’ve never ordered from Vuori because of the price point, but have heard nothing but rave reviews. I am also a fan of Haven Well Within, Lou & Grey, Zenergy line at Chico’s, and the T by Talbots. I will have to check out some of the others you listed because I haven’t heard of them. Looking forward to hearing your reviews on these other brands.

  9. Thank you, Babs! Lands End is one of our regulars here. Many in this audience love the brand. I also love to purchase their for my grandsons. Their link is on my shopping links page! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks Michelle! I concur on Air Essentials…hate to take it off! It also washes well. Most of the other lines you mentioned are covered regularly here and are on the shopping links page. Thank you!!

  11. Just chiming in on Quince. I have also purchased from them and have been very pleased with the quality and the price point. Haven’t tried their leather yet, but will definitely be doing that. Babs mentioned Lands End, and that’s always a good one for casual wear. My only issue with them is that they show things in the catalog that aren’t available (mostly color choices) and sizes sell out very quickly. But you can’t beat their prices.

  12. I love my Quince sweaters. Here in southeast Texas they are perfect! A step above the usual t shirt, pullover, and great way to dress up any pair of pants. I have to mention here that I have found that J C Penny is such a surprise! Not only are their St. John’s Bay shoes awesome, p at a price that is unbelievable, but their handbags are great quality, and a great price point.

  13. I agree, Rhoda. JCP has been a surprise. The majority of what I have purchased in the last two years…at amazing prices…for casual wear has been incredible. All of it for me, has washed well. Thanks for your comment about Quince.

  14. I’ve also ordered a couple of Quince cashmere sweaters. They are thin and great for wearing under a jacket or vest without adding a lot of bulk. I also wear a lot of Lands end. I order for myself through the link – but don’t forget to order there for your fella. Lands end is my husband’s favorite knit shirt brand. He’s wears them often and they wash beautifully.

  15. I have a casual blouse from Alex Mill and it has worn great. No need to iron.
    Something I have been paying attention to are the issues of workers conditions and sustainability. The garment industry is a leading polluter and use of child labor.
    Love Eileen Fisher.

  16. Thanks for sharing your views, Carla. If you read about these brands I think you will be impressed with their sustainable visions!

  17. I’m thinking of purchasing the Quince cashmere but I don’t like “itchy” sweaters. I agree the cashmere would make a more professional look rather than a tee under a cardigan/blazer/jacket. I am 82 and still work a couple days a month and always, always dress more professionally than those around me (educational community). Can anyone tell me if the Quince is “itchy” because ugh….not appealing. I also found in a closet a Coach bag that’s over 25 years old and gorgeous….I would purchase more leather handbags but I have sooo many older Coach that I’m feeling guilty not using them (plus I get wonderful comments about them).

  18. Hopefully someone can help. But I did just place an order for one cashmere top so I can see for myself. I am so impressed with your work ethic…what a great inspiration you are. I carry mostly vintage bags…always in style!

  19. I buy both my clothes and my Mr. B at LandsEnd and JCP. I buy my jeans on sale at Chicos. I’m so grateful to you Pam for introducing me to Chicos. I use your links but use when great sales are going on. I was disappointed in two St. Jon’s Bay flannel shirts I bought recently. The fabric quality is poor, not flannel at all but a cotton fabric that is wrinkled when washed. The first time I have been disappointed in the brand in years. My flannel plaid shirts from LandEnd are a great quality. I love their flannel pajamas as well. My budget just doesn’t allow the brands you mentioned here. Like Babs, I have to stay warm or my pain levels go off the charts. Today, I may get out my Cuddle duds to stay warm. It has been snowing off and on and is very cold here in the Rockies of Colorado today.

  20. Enjoy your snow in cozy wear, Sydney! I have not purchased flannel at JCP so I will remember your comment. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Yesterday, I saw a lady walking on one of the trails that runs alongside of the road on which I was driving. She looked so put together that I wanted to stop the car & ask about her clothes. I have always avoided athleisure wear because so many have banded bottoms on the legs which I associate with sweatpants. I will take a look at the brands you have noted. I do like Land’s End & have some tops from them.

  22. I wish you had asked her, but understand that shouting from the car might rattle her. LOL.

    I think you will find many pants now without the jogger/banded leg look. I know the Air Essentials and Athleta have them.

  23. I have a short Christmas list from Quince — nothing but rave reviews, so I hope they fit petites. F&E has gorgeous clothes, which one of your fellow bloggers loves, but the price point is high, and they don’t seem interested in the environment or sustainability that I can see — happy to be corrected. Love Athleta. I’ve been disappointed in Land’s End recently: there seems to be a mismatch between catalog presentation and the website. On the flip side, I love LLBean, which is much more casual than the brands you’ve featured — maybe too outdoorsy for a lot of this audience, but the clothes work for me. Anybody else love T by Talbots and hate the weird logo thing they’re putting on the sleeves? Happy weekend.

  24. If sustainability is important, then look at aday. The Like a Boss Pullover is very popular.

  25. Pam, Margiemi asked if Quince cashmere is itchy. I have not found it to be itchy at all. When I ordered my first sweater, I figured for $50 it might not be as thick, cushy, soft, however you describe more expensive cashmere, but I couldn’t go far wrong for $50. Maybe because I have not bought more expensive cashmere, but as I said earlier today, I’m very pleased and do not find it uncomfortable or itchy. BTW my old Coach purse also still looks very good after years of use, but when I last looked at new ones, I had some sticker shock. However, if I use that “cost per wear” concept we’ve discussed here, a new purse might be worth that money.

  26. Love Spanx especially because they have Tall sizes and comfortable pants plus Air Essentials. Also LL Bean for our New England family!

  27. My go to is Talbots T collection and Athleta. I like the Brooklyn Pants and Talbot’s travel knit pants. I always buy on sale. Land’s End quilted vests are great but I dislike that new logo on the bottom. Chico’s occasionally has an appealing classic item and I find their button down shirts hit or miss as far as sizing goes. My wardrobe has certainly taken a very casual vibe since retiring; living in California has influenced me to get rid of cold weather items. Now if I could only purge some of my pricey dresses to make room for more leisure wear!

  28. I’ve been to the Frank and Eileen website, and like many of their clothes a lot. If you do some more research, would you look at the size chart and help us understand it? It goes by height and weight, with greater weight aligned with more height. But I’m short and curvy, as they say, so am wondering how their pieces would work for me. Best wishes for a smooth recovery!

  29. I have, and love, four pieces of the Spanx Air Essential line. I believe they are worth the price. I also have several cashmere pieces from Quince. I love them and the price for quality is a steal. I will. Be trying some of their leather piece s after Christmas(can’t be buying for myself at this time of year!).

  30. Never heard of Frank & Eileen until now so took a peek, however in Canadian dollars (no fault of theirs) way too expensive for my budget. That being said; the brand Varley (their line of double soft) is one of my favourites and though British, is carried by a number of North American retailers. -Brenda-

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