Reader Survey 2023: What is on your mind?

Reader Survey

Happy Thursday!  I told you that I wanted to tap your brain today and ask you to answer a reader survey 2023 about what is on your mind lately?

Reader surveys are one way I can know what you are looking for as we enter a new year.

Since I have been sitting in my chair, I have been reading and doing a lot of thinking about this blog going into 2024.

So, all I want for Christmas is to know more about YOU!

Here we go……


reader survey

Allow me to begin this survey by saying how thankful I am for all of you who spend time here.

YOU have turned this community into a very special, caring place and I am so appreciative.

I personally believe that for many of us 2024 will be a pivotal year…to make decisions about who we are and where we are at this second half of our lives.

Here are your questions…please take a moment to answer….and begin with sharing your age….

  1. At this stage of life, what are you enjoying the most?
  2. At this stage of life, what are your biggest challenges?
  3. What do you enjoy the most about over 50 feeling 40?
  4. What would you like to see change and what would you like to see remain the same?
  5. When you go to a blog that is written specifically for you, what information would you like to find there?
  6. Have you ever shared this blog with family or friends…why or why not?
  7. Finally, according to the statistics, you like to see and discuss clothing the most.  Please share if that is not you and what brings you here.

I know you will answer honestly.  I really want to step out and do more specifically for our readers who are 60 and beyond. 

However, if you prefer to answer in email, that is great.  Just send answers to

Now, I will turn the reins over to you…and so look forward to reading the answers.

Blessings to you all!


By Pamela Lutrell

I was encouraged to explain more about my SHOPPING LINKS page and how to use it.  (In fact I just added a few new brands to the list)

I am an affiliate for many different brands and when you click on those brands and shop, then I receive a small commission.

This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

If you will tell me what you are shopping, then I can tell you if I am affiliate for them and give you that link…if it is not already on the page.

And remember to send your holiday recipes and decorations with pictures to  Send to email and do not try to put in comments! YOU are the best.

reader survey


  1. Hi Pam. I am 71 years old. I am a small woman, 5’4″ and 115 pounds. I’m always looking for fresh ideas for someone my size. The larger, bolder styles do not flatter me; I look best in more subdued patterns and style. This also fits my personality type too!

    I’m not fond of the “Would you Wear It” posts, nor the curated news columns.

    Perhaps I don’t represent the typical reader of your blog, but you graciously asked for our input, so I am graciously sharing with you what my interests are. Thank you!


  2. Thanks for starting us off today! Would also love answers to the questions I asked. Thanks again!

  3. I like surveys! I will email later in the day. I still have a difficult time responding without losing the text, so I often put it in notes and then copy it in. Let me just say that you are certainly doing something right with so many followers!

  4. Hi Pam. I’m 68 years old and recently retired from a very senior level professional position in a conservative field. As you can imagine, transitioning my wardrobe to a casual lifestyle has its challenges. Blazers and dress pants feel too corporate now, but I still prefer tailored classics. Distressed jeans aren’t for me, but then neither are most of the items sold by stores that cater to our age group. My aesthetic couldn’t be farther from Chico’s or even Talbot’s. Way too much color and pattern for me! So why do I consistently read your blog? Strange as it may sound, I think it’s because I like YOU. I like your energy, your outlook and your enthusiasm for life. While our tastes in clothes are usually very different, I did purchase a Banana Republic dress when I saw it on you. I’d personally prefer you to cut back on the Chico’s posts, but I realize I’m probably in the minority here. I could also do without the “Would You Wear It” posts. I read blogs like yours mainly for entertainment and potential outfit ideas, so I avoid most posts about health issues. They just make me feel guilty for not eating better and exercising more (lol). I enjoy the curated news posts and they often lead me to interesting articles I might not have otherwise come across. Thanks for asking!

  5. Hi Pam! Im 77 and 5 ft 3- pretty ohysucakky fit as I walk distance daily (2-3, Miles) even in snowy winters unless really icy conditions. I also take classes in yoga and tai chi. Despite good genes ( mom lived last 100 Abd dad was 91) and healthy eating ive been diagnosed with kidney stone disease (?), celiac disease and arrhythmia (Afib-active). No fun there but I try to stay positive. I have guidelines for diet I have to follow. It’s my health challenges that are most worrying.
    I love your most welcome blog pretty much just as it is- fashion, home and family health concerns , and sharing your own experiences. I cant see why you want to change direction at all. Your cheerful approach to life is always just right! A great way to begin my day!

  6. Thank you, Paulette! I just want to make sure I am meeting the needs of this audience. It helps me to know what others are looking for or enjoying!

  7. I am 72, transplanted New Yorker to Southern California. I picked up golf 4 years ago and enjoy seeing my progress along with the many new friends I’ve met. We moved here to be closer to the grandchildren and I enjoy them the most. Big challenge has been transitioning a professional wardrobe to a polished, casual lifestyle. I like the fashion the best; least interested in the curated news although maybe once a month. I like to see affordable clothing presented in a realistic way. What has drawn me to your blog is your friendly, honest manner and yes, I have shared it with girlfriends.

  8. I’m going to be 67 next month
    1. Enjoying my 9 month old grandbaby, my good health, and retirement lifestyle the most
    2. Biggest challenge is continued weight loss (40 lbs this year). I need to revamp my entire wardrobe, focusing on more casual clothes, smaller closet, and expense of it all, all while continuing to lose weight
    3. Enjoy the fashion, though I personally am gravitating to different brands from the “big 3” of Chicos, Talbots and JJill to Athleta, BR and JCrew. Ok on the lifestyle, not interested in recipes
    4. I like the “chat with girlfriends” vibe. Like how you answer us and sometimes we even answer each other. Like discussions of the “why” of fashion … color, silhouette, adjectives, accessorizing. Would like to see what u wore and styled more often when you are back on your feet. Love dressing room diaries
    5. Would like more posts on casual wear/smaller closet/versatility options
    6. Have shared on occasion but my friends don’t read blogs. I think the color analysis posts are among your best
    7.yes on the clothing/fashion
    Thanks for asking!

  9. Excellent information, Linda…thank you. I am like a tiger ready to pounce…cannot wait to get back on my feet and start sharing more again!!

  10. I’m 70 years . Old but don’t consider myself old. I’d like to feel comfortable,
    as in Shalom, (a well being) not too worried about what’s next, or what I have to do to measure up. Challenges are also the above.
    What I enjoy most about the O50F40
    is you authenticity, your warmth.
    Although your body and color palette is different from mine you give me ideas about how to wear items different ways. You are practical.
    What I’d like to see the same is of course the above mentioned. The features you include are good. Some relevant some days some days not. But that is to be expected.
    Thank you for including your friend who is petite.
    I like to think you are talking to me and not just selling products. That you are personally satisfied with the items you choose to share and why or why not.
    I have shared you post. I shared with my sister in law. Her style is similar to yours and I thought your blog might give her some ideas.
    Yes I like to see what’s new in stores, current in fashion. New ideas on how to wear what I have. But what keeps me coming back is your genuine feeling of warmth you give in you blog.
    Which comes with revealing yourself.

  11. 69, 5’1″, busty.
    Agree with Carole’s last paragraph.
    I also no longer read Wednesday posts since it became curated news and do not like “yours or Jennifer’s would you wear”.
    I have shared the blog with friends.
    I like fashion and lifestyle posts. While we are not the same size, I do get ideas on how to style but adapt to a smaller scale.
    You have wonderful character, are wholesome, unpretentious and honest. Keep up the good work!

  12. Thank you, Mary Ruth for commenting and sharing the blog. We have such a sweet community here of wonderful women!

  13. I’m going to try to be concise and get everything in here! I’m shocked that I’m now 70 because I sure don’t feel this old!
    1. I am most enjoying retirement with more time to spend with family and friends and more time for involvement in my church.
    2. My biggest challenge in my mom, who is 98 and in (probably) long-term hospice. I manage her finances, trust, etc., work closely with the memory care place where she is getting excellent care, and am now the only one doing it. I used to have sibling support, but no longer. My kids help, but have full-time jobs and one family is out of state. It’s harder than it sounds.
    3. What I enjoy most are the fashion posts, because I like to stay current and know what is on the horizon so I don’t fall into frump!
    4. I think you have a good balance going on here, something for everyone. I do enjoy “would you wear it” for some fun. I think if there is a feature that doesn’t interest someone, they can just move on and try again the next day. No need to change your format. You sure can’t please everyone 100% of the time!
    5. I like information on color and fashion ‘trends’, even though I don’t follow trends so much, but it is important to me to stay current with an eye toward classics with longevity.
    6. I have shared your blog, yes.
    7. For me, fashion is definitely the draw, because I find it fun, interesting, and sure don’t want to be seen as frumpy or “old.” Life can be heavy and tough, especially as we move through the years, so I use reading blogs for information and enjoyment… escape. I follow very few, only three, and two on YouTube. I don’t like to get in bogged down in social media and stay on the very minimal side of that, no FB or Instagram.
    I think you’re doing a great job and a service to women in our age group! Hopefully no typos, apologies if there are!!

  14. Thank you, Karen..some wise advice here. How I wish I could sit down with you ladies for tea and conversation…this is the next best thing!

  15. Hi Pam,
    I’m 63 yrs. old
    1. I’m enjoying spending time with my adult children (and grandchildren) and I am enjoying becoming more and more my own person and my renewed relationship with my husband after becoming empty nesters (to five children).
    2. My biggest challenge is making myself exercise. I was very faithful, but then knee replacements and foot problems threw me out of wack and discipline.
    3. As others have said, I enjoy your personality and perspective. I enjoy when you go through your process of finding colors and clothing for yourself.
    4. Change: Hmm, I infrequently look at Wednesdays & Sundays posts. Same: Clothing, style, fashion, your approach to accessories. Oh, and I like would you wear it, as the comments are so interesting.
    5. I like to have trends discussed and outfit dissection.
    6. I have not share your blog. None of my friends (that I know of) read blogs.
    7. Also, as others have said, I like your personality.
    ..thanks for asking, ha!

  16. Hi Pam,
    I am 68.
    At this stage of life, what are you enjoying the most? Taking life at a leisurely pace and enjoying what I want. Gardening, reading, needlecrats, GRANDCHILDREN
    At this stage of life, what are your biggest challenges? Not enough time!
    What do you enjoy the most about over 50 feeling 40? Wednesday!
    What would you like to see change and what would you like to see remain the same? I like that there is something for everyone even though it’s not all for me.
    When you go to a blog that is written specifically for you, what information would you like to find there? Current trends on style, self care, human interest
    Have you ever shared this blog with family or friends…why or why not? Yes. Thought they would be interested
    Finally, according to the statistics, you like to see and discuss clothing the most. Please share if that is not you and what brings you here.

  17. And thanks for answering Kim…I hear you on the foot issues! I will have a big hill to climb back into working out…we can do this!

  18. Good morning, I am 66.
    I enjoy the not having commitments of work, and the freedom to decide what im in the mood for that day.
    My challenges are budgeting, now that I’m a widow, I need to think before I spend much more than before bob passed, and being social, he was the extrovert and I kinda depended on him for getting together with people,
    I enjoy still being able bodied, I can walk, drive, see and hear well.
    I would like to see the political climate change….the hatred for people with different viewpoints is startling and frightening at times.
    I love to see my neighborhood stay the same.
    I look to blogs for a different way to do things I may have gotten in a rut about.
    I have shared when it’s pertinent to some friends.
    I love to talk about clothes, but I’d also like to see things like, cutting back on plastic, nutrition, more buying American, budget tricks and tips.

  19. Hello Pamela, I’m a one year out retired nurse paramedic EMT Chief. I’m getting my closet emptied of boots, belts, cargo pants and reflective night jackets🤣
    Your insights have allowed me to catch up with the rest of the ladies in our age bracket who wear “normal” clothes on a normal schedule. Love the happiness in your outlook, wardrobe, and heavenly inspired daily walk. Don’t change a thing unless it is to add hair style to the mix. Blessings, Sandra Winfield

  20. Thanks Sandra…hair is such an individual decision, but I will think about it. So glad you are here.

  21. Hi. I’m Mari and I’ll be 69 in March. I live in Dallas TX. I’ve been with the blog forever. Like in the old days when you shopped at Goodwill (you were a trendsetter there)and you taught in a public school(I think)
    My biggest concern is both Hubs and my health and the future cost of it. I want him to retire next year but he can’t seem to pull the triggger. I love the fact that we have our dream home on acreage. I also hate it because it takes me an hour to get to town.
    I like the would you wear it and mainly the fashion. I like the Sunday post because it helps me reflect. One person asked about smaller closet ideas. My closet is huge, but I am determined to downsize my wardrobe. I also have lost weight and had to send 4 dresses with tags still on to the charity shops. I really love clothes. One thing I’d like to see more of is different ways to put things together. If I’m going to downsize, I need to have clothing that will be multi purpose. Typically mention those sorts of things, but sometimes an illustration might be easier.
    Thank you for taking time to show us not only about fashion, but also about life.

  22. I am 70 .
    1 Books , live music of all kinds except rock , early morning swimming ., Korean Netflix series , my Art work – ceramics .
    2 Staying fit and healthy , coming to terms with aging and death (family , friends , me) .
    3 You cover so much there is always something fun/useful .
    4 Maybe a bit on obtaining US brands here in the UK ? Eg possible shipping , branches in London .
    5 Age appropriate stuff – as you already have !
    6 No – I don’t know anyone as into blogs as I am .
    7 Yes you and other bloggers are a great improvement on fashion magazines !

  23. 1. Grandchildren
    2. Health
    3. Seeing your choices
    4. Dislike the Would you Wear it and How would you style it. Enjoy your daily outfits and dressing room Try ons. Please share what you purchase.
    5. Similar to #5
    6. No
    7. You

  24. I am 63 years old. I am enjoying being more myself and not what I always thought I should be. I embrace being somewhat invisible, as an older woman, because I can truly observe so much more around me. Running my own business is becoming more and more challenging but I must wait to retire at 65 due to insurance. I have 2 serious autoimmune diseases and those alone are very challenging and expensive. I really enjoy your posts, ‘Sunday mornings at home’ and ‘news for women over 50’. I like the fashion posts but I do embrace more of a wild style of dressing although I will look into anything that you suggest for comfort like shoes, etc. I have shared your posts to friends and family who I think will enjoy them. Thank you and speedy healing.

  25. Hi Pam. I was writing something but all of a sudden it disappeared so I’m going to make this shorter.
    I’m going to be 73 next week and I’m 5’7”. I struggle with my weight and do enjoy your healthy recipes. That is one thing I like about Sunday mornings.
    Another thing I like about your blog is that you don’t just push products on us just because they were sent to you. You take the time to use them so whatever you suggest I tend to try.
    I do like it when you suggest different fashions at different prices. We can spend a lot or a little. That does give me many ideas.
    Hope this helps.

  26. I am 68 years old next month
    I am enjoying doing what I want to do when I want to do it, after a demanding career.
    My biggest challenge is my husband and I have very different lifestyles and interests.
    What do you enjoy the most about over 50 feeling 40? You!
    What would you like to see change and what would you like to see remain the same? I love Sunday and Wednesday blogs, less Chico’s, more curated closet .
    When you go to a blog that is written specifically for you, what information would you like to find there? Not sure…..
    Have you ever shared this blog with family or friends…why or why not? No, it has never come up in conversation.
    Finally, according to the statistics, you like to see and discuss clothing the most. Please share if that is not you and what brings you here. Yes, love the clothing posts.

  27. Loved reading the feedback you’re getting so far this morning, and will be answering late this afternoon since I am dashing out to take my father to the podiatrist and then have a neighbor ladies function – echo those caring for parents and needing more time in their days!!

  28. Thanks Melissa! I am with you in that I feel more like myself than ever before. So glad to have you here.

  29. Hi Pam, what great questions. I’m 73, and still can’t quite believe my age. I wish I had grandchildren but that isn’t in my future..answering questions in order:
    1. I’m enjoying my independence, my volunteering where I’ve met a new group of wonderful women. I feel that i can contribute in a small way to my community. Also I’m incredibly lucky to have good health so far……
    2.My biggest challenge is no longer being able to really multi-task and some activities I used to do are a bit more difficult. I have to remind myself it’s ok not to multi-task….
    3. You are so down to earth , relatable and this is a compliment, you like a normal woman our age, beautiful but not overdone. Your articles are relevant, I love the Wednesday roundup, and sometimes our fashion sense doesn’t align, I do get great ideas from your blog. I love to start my day reading your blog..
    4. Actually, I love the direction you have, just do what you do best, warm, friendly approachable writing.
    5. Blogs to me are helpers along the way to reinforce what I’m thinking. I look to them to give a bit of guidance for retired lifestyle.
    6. No, I’ve never shared a blog with any of my friends.
    7. Of course it’s the clothes. I love to see the trends, I do dress very casually because that’s my lifestyle. But I do read other blogs along with yours to find the clothes that make me feel good about myself, but still have some youthfulness . I don’t dress like my Mom did, when she was my age.
    To sum up, thank you for sharing your life with your readers. You’ve built a lovely online family and reading replies from other ladies, you have an awesome group……..looking forward to 2024!

  30. Hi Pam! I’m 71.
    1. What am I enjoying most? Retirement, the opportunity to set my own schedule, volunteer work, writing my blog, reading, grandchildren (though none live very close) & in the summer, camping, hiking, kayaking, & playing golf.
    2. Although I feel healthy & I’m able to lead a purposeful & active life, health is by far the biggest challenge that my husband & I face. Traveling over 2 hours in each direction for medical appointments seems to have become a very regular part of our lives. In recent years, issues regarding health have limited our opportunities to travel which is something we both enjoy immensely.
    3. I’m a long time reader of over 50 feeling 40. At this point, I enjoy Sunday Mornings at Home the most & I often find interesting articles to read in the weekly news post.
    4. I’m really not interested in what I call shopping blogs. I do very little online shopping & as a Canadian reader, I don’t have access to many of the retailers that you feature. So, less selling product & more about life would appeal to me.
    5. I like to read about how other women of my generation are living their lives.
    6. I have shared links to over 50 feeling 40 on my blog more than once.
    7. I do like discussing clothing which is why I added a weekly fashion feature to my own blog several years ago, but I also like to read about travel, books, & other lifestyle issues.
    Hope this is helpful!

  31. Hi Pam…been following/reading you for a while. Not sure how I found you though…in my 60s and a retired Canadian teacher.
    1. What I am enjoying the most in my retirement is the freedom to do what I want! I have visited 13 countries in the past 2 years and leaving for Asia next month. Travel is important to me and I figure you gotta do things while the body is still cooperating with you.
    2. Biggest challenge is keeping my health. I battled breast cancer and although I am finished treatment, I am still an active cancer patient and not declared in remission yet. Cancer drugs can kick a gal’s a** and hence the above answer. I am travelling as much as I can while I can. But I work on my health ALL THE TIME! Eating well, working out and keeping active everyday!
    3. What I like about your blog is your honesty and how you just share your life. I know when I click on your site you aren’t shoving something down my throat to buy…buy…buy. I quit following another blogger who just tries to sell stuff EVERYDAY! I mean, at my age…how much stuff do I need? And the latest greatest? Nope…not gonna do it…
    4. I really don’t mind anything on your blog. If it doesn’t interest me, I can skip it. Being Canadian, we don’t have some of the stores you feature.
    5. Health, wellness and living my best life is what I am looking for.
    6. Yes, I have shared your blog.
    7. Well, with clothing you got me thinking about my style adjectives. Never could get to 4 but I have a solid 3. Some of the styles you share aren’t for me but that’s OK. Your style personality and my style personality are different and isn’t that what it’s all about…being ourselves. That’s the nice thing about being in my 60s…who cares!

  32. Wendy! I love health, wealthiess and living my best life! You have inspired me today, my friend. Thank you for the answers!

  33. Hi Pamela,
    Brenda- age 63, turning 64 in 2 months. Longtime blog reader.
    Retired for 4 years, really grateful to enjoy that freedom, to enjoy life, seeing friends and corresponding with family and friends. Being active in my community. Organizing and planning my wardrobe. Lots of reading and working in the garden. Reading recipes for a hobby, trying new ones.
    Biggest challenges- managing anxiety, trying to eat better and lose weight (long time and ongoing!). Trying to manage various health challenges and remain positive. Finding clothes that are stylish that work with my current size XL and our warm climate.
    I most enjoy when you feature your own fashion, your life and special events with your family and in your community.
    I’d like to see more of a return to fashion and focus on you. Like many others, I don’t care for the curated news or “would you wear it” features. I come for the fashion and to hear about you. The other things are less personal. I really appreciate that you take the time to listen and respond to your readers!
    I have shared your blog with my husband, he likes hearing about vacations and what your husband is up to. I refer to you as “my lady in Texas”.
    Your fashion is definitely what brought me here years ago and what I like to see most of. I have other places to go for reader recipes and current news, though I do very much like hearing about your own recipes and meals. I’d like to see the blog remain very personal and about you.
    In conclusion, more you, more fashion and less other stuff!
    Happy Holidays!

  34. 1. At this stage of life, I’m enjoying the freedom to travel (we love to cruise).
    2. Biggest challenge is health issues-thank God, nothing too serious but a lot of “patching.”
    3. What I enjoy the most is that I feel like you’re a good friend.
    4. I don’t care for the “Would You Wear It” posts, but everything else is great!
    5. Outfit, hair & makeup ideas and other useful information for women our age.
    6. Have not shared the blog yet as my SIL’s are still working full-time and they don’t seem to have the time.
    7. I do enjoy the fashion try-on posts and I also love hearing about your family.

  35. I’m 68.
    1. I’m enjoying more unstructured days
    2. My biggest challenge is coordinating care for my mother in law and sister in law, both with dementia. As a retired nurse, the family health care responsibility has fallen to me for many years. I have coordinated end of life care for 10 relatives in 13 years!
    3. I love your positivity, honest sharing, focus on looking your personal best.
    4. Iwould like to have the motivation to exercise more so that I can maintain good health. As far as your blog, I’m not crazy about the curated news, especially if the link opens to a page I need a subscription to open. I love insight into your personal fashion choices, showing the same item on different body types. You have a “real” body, and I appreciate that. You have turned me back into a JCP shopper occasionally! I love Chico’s, JJILL, Dillard (wish we had them in Northern CA).
    5. Encouragement, fashion, fun ideas for active senior living.
    6. I don’t share blogs.
    7. Yes, love the fashion posts. Shopping in stores is a drag now, with limited stock. It’s fun to see a real person try things on. Stores that charge shipping to send and return drive me crazy!

  36. I love being “my lady in Texas”!!
    I promise a return to fashion soon after Christmas…hope to be more mobile then. Stitches out next week!
    Thank you for the answers Brenda!

  37. My name is Linda and I am in my 70s.
    What I enjoy now is not working! I enjoy the weather here in Florida even though the summers are way too hot for me! I am struggling with getting older, but other than HBP, I just ache a lot. Have gotten very lazy here because the summers are too warm for walking outside unless it is 7 am! I have to force myself to go out. that is probably why I am so achy! What i like the most about the blog is you! You seem like a friend that I would love to go to lunch with! I do like the Would you wear it feature. I do like the chicos clothing you show. I buy a lot of clothes from them, but I pick and choose what I wear from the site. I hate patterns and lots of bling so I may be in the minority. Maybe i should not say this, but i see you try on items that you say you love but they are not flattering. Maybe you don’t want constructive ideas from us? I tend to not be very adventours with my clothing like you are! I love what you wore to the wedding! I don’t read the health news at all. hope I have not offended you with my comments!!!

  38. I know how difficult care giving can be, Cathy. Thank you for taking the time to answer. I am taking note of this all! Appreciate all you do!

  39. I am turning 65 soon.
    1. I enjoy gardening, sewing, walking and spending time with my family.
    2. I am feeling challenged navigating Medicare, Social Security and planning for the future.
    3. I live in a small city with limited shopping. I enjoy seeing more of what’s available.
    4. I skip the Wed. posts. I read your blog at work and only have time for short posts/looking at photos.
    5. I consider blogs to be the coffee klatches of this generation. I appreciate a diversity of world views. If the blog starts to feel like a multi level marketing party, that’s a turn off, as is the blog getting too religious/political.
    6. I don’t think my friends read blogs.
    7. I love fashion. You can never show too much!
    I hope this has been helpful!

  40. Not offended, Linda! My goal for all of us is to be our confident best and that will translate differently from woman to woman. One of the reasons I love to dress with style adjectives. With that said, my personal tastes are changing.. we will talk more about that in January!

  41. Thanks for answering! Looking forward to your email and thanks to everyone who has answered that way!

  42. Hi Pam,

    I’ll be answering later—I’m caretaker to my husband, and that takes much of my day. I am likely your oldest reader—79+, but feel much younger. You are an amazing lady who brings joy to many.

  43. Pam,
    An “official” survey would be less time consuming for the readers and easier to evaluate the data.

  44. Thanks Elisa for taking this moment to join in! You are not oldest…I know that for a fact! Look forward to hearing more.

  45. Sorry you don’t have time to respond. I get more information this way and find what you are calling official not that helpful. But understand why a few might prefer it.

  46. Elisa, I am also 79 years old, 5″ and enjoy the life-style conservations the most. Never read the news on Wednesday or care about the “would you wear it” posts. I have a large walk in closet that needs paring down and never buy online. If I cannot try it on first I will not buy it. That said, I live in an outline community of a small town so do every little shopping period. I still enjoy your fashion news as entertainment. My home is large with 8 bedrooms and several closets which I had filled sorting my clothes into jackets, dresses, etc. It is also three stories so get exercise going up and down as well as going to the local Y for exercise classes. I am a retired Librarian and work with the state department on a program called Battle of the Books for all levels of students. My husband, who I have been married for 54 years, and I are stay at home people with our children very close by. Our son is two miles away. I also care for his children on Fridays as they have half day school. I also consider you my “Texas Friend”

  47. I love the warmth and friendliness of the Blog. I feel like we can be honest with no repercussions thanks to how you, Pam, express yourself and share your ideas and thoughts .We all want to be our better selves! I like all the content but am a very frugal shopper, beginning with thrift shops, then more affordable retail. My favorite aspects of the blog is Sunday Mornings at Home and the Wednesday post.

  48. 1) Will be celebrating my 77th Birthday this Sunday as I’ve been doing since my 1st one (as it is actually on the 25th) and what I’m enjoying the most at this stage in my life is, time is not of the essence and I’m not governed by a time-table.
    2) Biggest challenge for me due to an inner ear disorder that has caused me to gradually loose my hearing is that I am now clinically deaf which makes communicating difficult at times, regardless of the technology they now have in devices. That being said though; I still consider myself fortunate as was blessed with it one time.
    3) As to Over 50 Feeling Forty; I totally enjoy it as I consider you as a hostess who is genuine, positive and informative all rolled into one.
    4) My advice; ‘don’t fix what isn’t broken’ and as they say ‘variety is the spice of life’ so I feel your format is just fine however I do have one tiny suggestion with it being, on the Fashion page bodly notate there are postings under the Life Style heading as well. *Your blog may come up on a Web Search for ‘fashion influencer’, however one might move on thinking you only post now and again. (Hope that makes sense.)
    5) For myself; fashion and interior design has always been an interest/hobby of mine, so do enjoy that which is related. For example in respect to ‘Would You Wear It’ understandably it is not everyone’s cup-of-tea however I find it a wonderful exercise to get the gray matter working offering the opportunity for one to perhaps step out of their comfort zone or to share styling ideas that could be incorporated in their own wardrobe.
    6) Honestly I haven’t shared this blog as those who are younger utilize other forms of social media platforms (Facebook/X/Tictok/Instagram etc.) whereas those in my age bracket with the exception of cell phones are tech-shy however I have managed to introduce a few to YouTube.
    7) Number five explains how I feel towards fashion content however will also add, though links are sometimes are unavailable for us in here Canada they do assist in keeping me current. -Brenda-

  49. Thank you for being here and for commenting, Brenda. I completely agree on point four, but I am a techno-mess. I must get better at it. Thank you for pointing that out. I look forward to your comments.

  50. 1. I am 71 and live on the coast of Maine in retirement with a loving husband. Our house was a cottage when my dad bought it over 65 years ago, but it is now our year round home. I enjoy visiting with my 3 children and friends, going to museums, reading , writing short stories, my small art practice, getting back into traveling since Covid, discussing and reading about aspects of style.
    2. Challenges revolve around growing older with my husband ( do we want to move to an easier climate?), still travel alone as a couple (would we still rent a car and feel good about driving through a strange country?), live elsewhere in the winter? I also find that I am getting lazier about daily exercising. I am afraid that my body won’t thank me in a few more years. It is also a challenge that having spent my married life living in or near large cities, a foreign country, and teaching full time, that I live in a town that is packed in the summer but deserted in the winter.
    3. I enjoy the variety that you offer in your blog. I enjoy you. You are your own person- beautiful, honest, and authentic. You are not out to sway us. You allow room for us to make up our own minds. I never feel as if you are trying to sell us anything. I like that you reserve your opinion until you have tried something (like Quince or skincare). You have taken us on journeys (shower, wedding, foot surgery). You handle life with joy and grace.
    4. I really don’t want to see much change. If I see something I don’t like, I don’t spend time with it. It is impossible to please everyone. I don’t feel the need to comment about things that don’t interest me at any given moment. It is probably what the next person loves.
    5. I feel as if this IS one of the blogs written for me.
    6. When I read Wednesday news, I rarely comment, but it is those individual links that I often share with friends. I have recommended the blog to a few , but blogs are personal. I don’t usually follow up to see if they followed. Besides, I rarely comment on blogs myself. I am just drawn to this one. I often wish we could comment under each others’ responses.
    7. Style IS what brought me here and keeps me here. I love when you try on clothes, mention style personality and words to describe us, ask what we would do with an outfit, discuss quotes from style reading material. It is engaging. I love that you are starting to explore other brands. I love discussion about seasons, colors, fit, and quality. Although not every reader can afford everything, the ideas and clothing can is inspirational. I love exploring high and low.
    8. I know there’s no #8. Thank you for giving us a fun, safe spot to comment on interests and issues. You are a gem. Many of us could spend a day with you and each other and never stop talking.

  51. I agree, Deborah…we would never stop talking! So many from a variety of locations and backgrounds yet so connected..,I love that. By the way, you can comment on other comments….just click REPLY under their comment.
    Loved learning more about you.

  52. I’m 75 (how did this happen?) and what I enjoy most at this time of my life is being retired and having the time to devote to my art. My biggest challenge is my husband’s health. He’s pretty much home bound so I am trying to be his support and still maintain a social life with friends outside the house

    I love your Sunday at Home. I feel like we are sitting down together over coffee. I enjoy the fashion and especially the shopping trips you take with Leigh Ann. I do enjoy Would You Wear It. I like reading other women’s ideas on the clothes in question. I like the fact that you cover a wide range of price points for clothes and show that a good put together look doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Most of all I enjoy your positive and happy outlook on life. So I guess I would pretty much like it to remain the same but if you have something new you want to try I can pretty much guarantee I will like it.

    I only read a few blogs and yours is the only one I always read. Even though I’m not tall and have a more conservative (boring) style I find a lot of inspiration when you model clothes you actually own. You are very open about why you make the choices you do and that has helped me learn to really access any new acquisition. Does it reflect the message I want to send about me? I’ve left a lot in the dressing room after answering that question. I’ll be interested in the changes in your taste that you’ll be sharing in January. I haven’t shared your blog I guess its because most of my friends are not interested at all in fashion.

  53. Hi Pam,

    I’m a long-time reader and so enjoy your blog!

    1. I’m unlike many of your readers in that I still work full-time (I’m 65) and do not have children/grandchildren. I have a wonderful job that is close to home and am just not quite ready to take that next step. Maybe in a couple of years. Although my job is business casual, I like to dress nicely and keep up-to-date on fashion. Your blog really helps me attain that!
    2. One challenge is keeping the weight off. In fact I never had a weight problem until recent years. I’m also finding that Medicare, Social Security, etc. is a bit complicated and want to make sure I do it right!
    3. I like your positive outlook and friendly, warm tone.
    4. I enjoy the variety of your posts — and have really enjoyed your Sunday posts so much this year. Glad there are no politics and/or controversial topics here. I do go elsewhere for those! ha ha
    5. I like info specially for our age group — fashion, health, beauty, etc. I know when I visit your blog, it is geared to women of my age.
    6. I’ve shared a few times, but most of my friends do not read or subscribe to blogs.
    7. I love the clothing aspect very much.

  54. Hi Kathie! Thanks for your comment! I love so much that a lot has stayed in the dressing room after you asked…What does this say about me? Thank you for sharing that! Let’s have more fun in 2024!

  55. I am 75 years young, retired from teaching history on the high school and community college level. I have always been a fashionista. My husband and I live in a 55+ community for active seniors in Olympia ( Washington) where we own our home. I love this community that provides trails to walk, exercise classes, and friends to meet. There are over 30 clubs to join, and committees to join. I can even teach my history classes here. I also flower garden in my yard and enjoy our garden club here. I enjoy your blog and have shared with friends. I love any fashion, but enjoy especially your Wednesday “news” links. Like most everyone in my age range, I have had some body part replaced, in my case, two knees and a hip, but it does not stop me from some sort of exercise everyday. I know not everyone can choose to live where we do, but the important thing in life is to make friends, keep moving, communicate with others and keep that brain active. No one will have a clue about your age if you do.

  56. I think it is wonderful you are still working, Beth. When we are able to have a job we love, then it becomes like family. So glad you are here!

  57. Look at you, offering encouragement to others today! Thanks so much, Kathy! Loved learning about your community.

  58. I’m 68, I come for the fashion. Loved your color transformation. I want to stay current, but feeling comfortable is suddenly becoming a priority. I love your positivity & glad you stay away from politics. Not a fan of Would You Wear This and would like to see it replaced with store displays of outfits that YOU would wear. I often go window shopping, not to buy, but for inspiration. Love Chicos, but I’m being drawn to stores that also have very casual clothes. Love your blog.

  59. Oh my Anne…a new idea! I like weaving in and out with what I would wear. Thank you.. let me see what I can find!

  60. I am late 70s but whose business is that? lol I look like a wuss in demographics and size but I am no wuss.
    1.Things I enjoy have never really changed: I like hanging with family, being active esp outside in the woods, hiking, walking, taking photos, working out (I am a true fanatic), reading, writing, drawing, gardening, crafts and sewing, cooking and baking, beautiful table settings, great clothes, great shoes, traveling, trying new things and being active in my community. I was raised to be prissy but I am definitely NOT!
    2. I had a severe, terrible reaction to (pick the expletives of your choice) Moderna #2. My biggest challenge is dealing with what has changed my life forever and altered how I think about almost everything. It is a real challenge to control the substantial anger I have concerning this.
    3.I love clothes, fashion, makeup, skin and hair products so I like reading about various styles, fabrics, products, etc.
    4. I like the “Would You Wear it” feature. I would like fewer outside news articles to read.
    5. Older ladies vary widely in every aspect of their lives. I want to read upbeat clever things. I do NOT want to be talked down to. A good negative ex is some of those Medicare commercials; they are condescending and present older people as fools. I want to see older people presented as powerful, savvy and in charge.
    6. If you mean share on social media – no. I don’t share anything on social media. I post MY photos, my stuff; I am not one to copy others.
    7. Somehow the biggest tomboy of a kid always had her clothes and shoe stash! This kid morphed into an older lady who has over 100 pairs of shoes ( I still wear heels), lots of clothes and accessories. So yes, I want to look at and read about fashion. I’d like to add that no matter what “they ” tell us, I am never wearing wide leg jeans or having a wardrobe that is made up of more than the occasional neutral; there is nothing neutral about me.

  61. Wow Therese,
    So so sorry about the vaccine reaction. You are not the first I have heard this from. I understand your anger completely.
    Thank you for sharing so much…it helps me in planning content to know more about my readers.

    By the way…My husband and I have often discussed how offensive those commercials are. Completely agree!

  62. A little late today due to family drama, but…..
    1 I have enjoyed learning to say no to some things. It has taken me years to feel comfortable doing this.
    What I enjoy most about being 68 is that I am not so concerned what people think of me. I have let my hair go silver and curly, wear makeup more and enjoy the skincare and makeup fun of application more.
    2 Biggest challenges are, really, health of myself and husband
    3 Enjoy most on the blog…. snippets of your life, Wednesday news, everything about being a vibrant woman.
    I like the colour and style deep dives and loved your transformation.
    4 I catch up with you every morning to learn a bit of new info like chatting with a friend about all sorts of stuff, however, I am one of the few that is not that interested in the recipes, although some are yummy.
    5 It is hard to fit all personalities into one blog, so I don’t expect to have specific info for me, a summer, classic/romantic from a totally different climate so just take what info I like and file away the rest. There are times that I wish companies that you feature would ship to Canada, but that is not your responsability
    6 have shared specific articles, but most of my friends don’t seem to follow blogs . There again, I follow a few dermatologist channels as well, just enjoy being a ” girl ”

    You really made us think today so I hope you are not stressed about trying to please everyone.

  63. Thanks Diane…this has not been stressful at all. I have enjoyed it very much and it has helped me to plan with a few tweaks going forward. I would describe today as a great day getting to know this community more!

  64. A lot of us seem to be in our 70s — Pamela, you’re one of the youngsters! I’m 78, husband 82. After several decades of close involvement in my mother’s life, she died about a year ago at age almost 101. Dear as she was, I am feeling an unexpected sense of freedom. And also (lessons learned from pandemic lockdown) freedom NOT to continue with several commitments that had grown burdensome over the years. So:
    1. Enjoying the most: reading (lifelong pleasure); grandchildren (nearing the end of leading a small book group of fifth-graders with a granddaughter) and children, all of whom live within half an hour of us; lunches with a few friends; slow pace and waking up without an alarm; daily walks.
    2. Biggest challenges: mental and physical deterioration of longtime friends and threats to my husband’s health. Comfort level with my very predictable wardrobe — I really don’t want to shop but sometimes feel I should step it up a notch. We live a casual life and are basically happy that way!
    3. Enjoy most from your blog: your upbeat spirit, which has given me a lift in hard times. Your determination to dress well and colorfully — inspiring even though our styles are very different. Insights into your life. I’m liking your willingness to share recipes and pictures from your home and those of your readers.
    4. Change? I’ve certainly never been a fashionista, and don’t get a lot out of the style challenges, but I do enjoy reading the different takes on outfits you’ve presented. I’m glad you’ve cut back on those a little. Sympathize with your desire to create shopping links, but confess I’m unlikely to help much, I’m so suspicious of online ordering for quality and fit, and know that I tend to keep things I wouldn’t buy if I encountered them in store. Favorites are probably Sunday Mornings at Home musings, the Wednesday links, and your openness about your life, relationships, and faith. I appreciate the diversity you’re offering — not just a style blog.
    5. I don’t feel this is written specifically for me. If it was, it would most likely be about books, food, armchair travel. But that’s fine.
    6. Have not shared the blog. My friends don’t read this type (more into political commentary, current events) and of course the younger set are in another fashion and life zone.
    7. It’s not the clothing that draws me, but your attitude toward clothes and how you’ve coped with your own challenges. I read this blog late in the afternoon (Colorado time), and by then I feel that it’s late to bother making any comments, so I rarely do so.
    Good luck identifying any useful patterns from this exercise! Isn’t it nice that you have the leisure to sit and think about it 🙂

  65. I look forward to your blog daily. I’m 66, retired 2 years and love to thrift shop!! I love everything fashion – my senior superlative was best dressed (1975!). I enjoy your dressing room try ons – personally don’t care for the “would you wear it” series. I’d rather have tips and trends for gals our age. I enjoy the Wednesday series – I try to cook healthy and keep moving. You always offer good articles that I might otherwise overlook. I appreciate the time and effort you put into your blog

  66. I certainly have more time to ponder right now, Karen. Today has been very helpful and given me so much to think about!

  67. Thank you, Deborah and congratulations on that best dressed in high school!!
    This has been fun!

  68. I am 69 years old.
    1. I like being able to set my own schedule. I can do things when or if I want to. I have time to read & do word & number puzzles to keep my brain sharp.
    2. After years of caregiving, I am struggling to find out who I am. I also need to find ways to add more movement to my day.
    3. I like your openness & honesty & your willingness to share your life with us. I also like there are no political rants.
    4. I like most of the features but would like to see more mid-price fashions. I mentioned on Tuesday that I was raised by a very frugal mother, & the idea of spending over $100 for a fleece top that I would only be wearing around the house disturbs me.
    5. I read blogs by people to whom I can relate.
    6. I haven’t shared your blog but have shared things from it with others.
    7. I like the fashion but also enjoy home decor.

  69. Hello Pam and all: It will be brief since it’s end of day:
    At this stage of life, what are you enjoying the most? I am 67 and retired from a stressful full time job, now working part time. Loving being retired. Loving time spent with grandchildren and children.
    At this stage of life, what are your biggest challenges? Maintaining good health and good habits.
    What do you enjoy the most about over 50 feeling 40? Your blog is upbeat, informative and creative.
    What would you like to see change and what would you like to see remain the same? Don’t need any changes, love the blog.
    When you go to a blog that is written specifically for you, what information would you like to find there? Just what you offer. I very especially do not want weight loss advice.
    Have you ever shared this blog with family or friends…why or why not? I have shared your blog and did so just yesterday. Your content and ideas are wonderful.
    Finally, according to the statistics, you like to see and discuss clothing the most. Please share if that is not you and what brings you here. Do love clothes. Also love the recipes, photos of decorating ideas for holidays and year round, love also trip adventures to vicariously enjoy.

  70. Hi Pamela,
    How kind of you to ask for our honest feedback. I really appreciate it. Here are my answers:
    I am age 55.
    1. I am enjoying how much my already deep faith has been enriched as I age.
    2. Accepting that my list of health challenges has vastly expanded since age 35 when I first experienced major health problems.
    3. I enjoy the fashion most.
    4. There can never be too much fashion for me!
    5. I only check 2 blogs. One is called Style at a Certain Age and the other one is yours. Style at a Certain Age is nice although many times a little too out of reach financially. Your blog provides great affordable style.
    6. I have shared your blog with friends because I think you are helpful.
    7. Yes, I do love the fashion and style tips. And Pamela, your personality shines through with every post. In the age of technology I appreciate your humanity. You are not a snob. You do not judge. You always encourage us to smile. I love your blog and am thankful I found it.
    Looking forward to the coming new year…but let’s enjoy a beautiful Christmas first.
    And heaven and nature sing!

  71. I Am 71 and retired.
    1. I love travel, walking, swimming and reading.
    2. My challenge is staying flexible. I believe it is so important to keep moving especially in this decade.
    3. I love your Sunday messages. They always give me something to think about and I love the positivity.
    4. Please keep the Sunday posts. I am not a big fan of the news postings.
    5. I enjoy reading about inspiring people of our age. We all face challenges but as a caring community we can support each other.
    6. Yes I have
    7. I enjoy the clothing posts but I enjoy the Sunday posts the most. That and this lovely caring community.

  72. Hi, Pam, thanks for asking. I read several 50+ blogs, and you bring different things to the table. Periodically, I check in on a blog written by a mid-thirty something. She offers a different viewpoint, but I find a lot in her laidback chic that works for me as my daily style is casual for my active life.
    At this stage of life, what are you enjoying the most? I’m retired, and I love the flexibility to own my life.
    At this stage of life, what are your biggest challenges? Health issues: 2023 was a tough year with Lyme disease and broken ankle surgery, and PT added to the mix. I am looking forward to a new year. The optimism that you have brought to your own issues is inspiring and helpful.
    What do you enjoy the most about over 50 feeling 40? I like your focus on adjectives and colors. My taste is not yours, but your approach has helped me a lot in being (fashionably) in my own skin. You have a gift for getting me to think about things more. I really love this community you’ve created: the women here are open, honest, and pleasant. But mostly, although you and I would seem to have little in common, I come because of you. What we share, I think, is a deep sense of our common humanity
    What would you like to see change and what would you like to see remain the same? I would like to see a lot less of Chicos, Ann Taylor/Loft, and also J Jill and Talbots. I would like to see a lot more of the casual brands you wrote about earlier as well as more sustainable fashion. I’ve shopped Talbots for 40 years, but they care little for the environment, and AT/Loft is even worse. I believe we owe it to our children and grandchildren to leave this world a better place — and that includes our clothing decisions.
    When you go to a blog that is written specifically for you, what information would you like to find there? I’m happy with what you’re doing. I like when you tackle some different styles as well. I enjoy your travel pieces and your love of your home town.
    Have you ever shared this blog with family or friends…why or why not? No b/c my friends aren’t into this, but my husband and kids know who you are – LOL
    Finally, according to the statistics, you like to see and discuss clothing the most. Please share if that is not you and what brings you here.

  73. I would imagine that the 80/20 rule applies to your blog – 80% of your revenue is from 20% of your readers, so they are the ones you should be catering to. I doubt I’m your “average” reader as I pop in to see what the topic is and read if it’s of interest. I do enjoy your journeys such as when you had your colours done and the wedding dresses search. I don’t live in the U.S. so purchasing with your links is out of the question and I tend to shop in person the majority of the time.
    Your blog is more like a community newspaper rather than big city newspaper – if that makes sense.
    Keep up what you are doing – you seem to have a great group of readers.

  74. Thank you for sharing, Leslie, and for being here! I will proudly wear the title of community newspaper…as a journalism major, journalism teacher, and life-long writer, I love that!

  75. Today was the first day I had to do the survey. I emailed it because it is long. Forgive me. As a disabled woman that turned 79 on December 14, I live a rather reclusive lifestyle with my wonderful Mr. B. My husband is my caregiver whom I love very much. I have spent all afternoon reading the wonderful comments. It is six now and I wonder do you ever go back and read late comments? I love this group of diverse women. I wish I had Reply after a comment but I don’t. I’m on my iPad Air, on Chrome browser. I have often wanted to reply to a comment especially when Maeve broke her ankle and I’m so sorry that you are also dealing with Lyme Disease. May you both heal and enjoy this holiday season.

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