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Happy Wednesday, ladies!  Welcome to Today’s News for Women over 50.

This is your weekly round-up of lifestyle headlines from around media world that I curate into one place just for you.

That way you stay informed and inspired with one click rather than many.

I do my best to discern what this audience might be most interested on and find most helpful.

So, get your warm morning beverage and grab a cozy reading spot, and let’s get started with Today’s News.


today's news

Well +Good: An 81-Year-Old Trainer’s 5 Moves To Practice for Getting up and Down From the Floor This Holiday Season

Business Insider: 76-year-old finally achieves teenage dream of being a flight attendant

Eating Well:  The number one habit to break for better metabolism

Prevention:  13 ways to prevent a cold before it starts

KSAT TV:  Volunteering later in life my prevent, or postpone cognitive decline study shows


today's news

Martha Stewart: 15 Colorful Flowering Shrubs to Make Your Garden Look Like a Painting

House Digest: Plant These Low-Maintenance Flowers To Attract More Cardinals To Your Yard

Ideal Home: 5 tricks decor experts use to make an artificial Christmas wreath look expensive on a tiny budget

Southern Living:  10 things to never store in your attic


today's news

Lemon Grove Lane: Raspberry Cream Cheese Candy Cane Danish

Mashed: 48 Cozy Recipes To Help You Master Winter Vegetables

The Pioneer Woman: This Easy Icing Makes Decorating Cookies a Breeze

The Kitchn:  Snowball Cookies

Taste of Home:  Heavenly Church Potluck Recipes and Tuscan Chicken Soup

Sarah’s Day Off:  Brown Sugar Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Buttercream

Eating Well:  20 delicious make-ahead of time Christmas appetizers

Plant Powered:  Slow Cooker Mediterranean Diet Stew

My French Country Home:  Madeleine Tree Cake


today's news

Business Insider: 7 small towns in the US that will make you feel like you jetted off to Europe for the holidays — without the pricey airfare

The Discoverer 10 European Villages that fly under the radar

Southern Living:  16 best Christmas festivals in the south


today's news

YouTube: Milan Street Style: Cold Winter Outfit Ideas That Are Both Cute and Casual•Italian Street Fashion. (you will enjoy this!)

Fast Company: ‘You have to be difficult’: How Gap and J.Crew icon Mickey Drexler became the king of mall-brand retail

The Guardian: The zero-waste wardrobe: five writers try sustainable fashion fixes

BBC: A style icon’s expert guide to shopping in Paris

Parade: Kelly Clarkson Lights Up the Stage in Stunning White Fur Jacket at Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting

NEWS IN FASHION TRENDS INCLUDES SILVER METALLIC SHOES FOR 2024.  I WEAR GOLD (in style or not) but I did find one pair on sale at Talbot’s, as well as other fun shoes…in the slideshow….

That is it for Today’s News for Women Over 50!  Let us know if you have any thoughts!

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By Pamela Lutrell

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today's news


  1. FANTASTIC!! I thought maybe the gentleman in the first story just passed out snacks, but as I read further, what a joy to know he was invited to flight attendant school as well. This was a very uplifting story, and I feel so happy for him!

  2. I absolutely love your Wednesday posts. So much information and entraining ideas in one spot! I love it! Please continue!

  3. Thanks Rhoda…I am making plans for next year, so I will make note of your comment! So glad you enjoy it.

  4. Great selection of articles — thank you. The video of Italian street fashion was so much fun! I would stick out like a sore thumb there…

  5. I had a pair of silver shoes in college. I wore them with a little black dress and silver pantyhose. Now I have gold sneakers and mary janes. Love metallic shoes. The Milan video was interesting. Such a variety of coats & outfits. Did you notice that the women not wearing stiletto heels were mostly wearing big army type boots? Thanks for some fun reads.

  6. Love this roundup and sent a link to fashionable daughters of the Italian street fashion. I was amazed at the men and how wonderful most of them looked. Thank you!

  7. I have a pair of Vionic silver “snake” flats and a pair of Vionic “leopard” flats that I’ve had for the last six years and wear them with everything! I feel extra special whenever I wear either pair and they go with just about everything and can make an outfit “pop.”

  8. Enjoyed many of the links provided Pamela as have been browsing them a good part of the day off ‘n on during my breaks of Christmas wrapping. (That is with a ‘W’ with definitely no break-dancing either ….. ☺.) As to the Milan Street Style videos, I do follow them and dare I say enjoy them over and above the Parisian ones for their sense of style and ….. they do love their dogs.
    P.S: Though not shopping like I once did for the Grand Children as give them money now; Santa still leaves Christmas stockings at our house for them and all gifts therein are still individually wrapped in keeping with the tradition.

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