Sunday Mornings at Home: Word-of-the-Year for Women over 50


Happy New Year’s Eve, dear friends!  Welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home: Word-of-the-Year for women over 50.

Before the word-of-the-year explanation, let’s greet any new readers.

Just In case you are a new visitor allow me to explain that Sunday Mornings at Home is a weekly lifestyle post which is very popular with this audience.

On Sundays, we talk about a variety of things…from recipes to home decor to inspiration and sometimes an occasional style tip or two.

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Today’s Sunday Mornings at Home is a little different since I am going to share my focus for this blog in 2024 with a word-of-the-year.

Here is a little message I am posting to Instagram this Sunday morning with an introduction….

Sunday Mornings at Home: Word of the Year Video.  (Just click the link and you can download this one minute message to your device and hear it)



As I said in the video, this audience really got me to thinking of what we all need the most.

Considering our different challenges and the current state of a very changing world, I decided the blog focus would be a word-of-the-year for women over 50…. STRENGTH.

Last year, my personal focus was on living ONE DAY AT A TIME…and I did that with purpose and intention.

This is the first year that I am taking a word-of-the-year and developing it across my content….to inspire and educate all of us.

Why? Because we all need strength in different ways and most of us need strength across the board…from physical, to emotional to our lifestyles and personal style.


My word-of-the-year for women over 50, strength, has many definitions and synonyms that travel with it…including the ones you see here.

When I looked it up in the Merriam Webster Thesaurus, I received words like:  power, energy, muscle, capacity, vigor, firepower, horsepower, competence, usefulness…to name a few.

I said a resounding Yes to all of these messages.

The word strength is often synonymous with relevance….you see that confirmed in the thesaurus.

Most of us over 50 struggle with relevance at times…and this feeling can grow as we age.

Relevance is synonymous with significance, importance, connection, appropriateness, usefulness…

Perhaps you see now why the word STRENGTH is such a great word-of-the-year for those of us performing in the Second Act.

We will be withstanding all that comes our way together…as a team…while we focus on our STRENGTH.

I am very excited about selecting a Word-of-the-Year with all of us in mind.


Of course, I need to build back my own physical strength when this boot comes off.

You asked for an update:

My next doctor’s appointment is February 1 and I hope that the boot comes off then…he will assess it and decide.

I was a little bit of bad girl and over did things during Christmas preparations and broke off one of the pins.

That means there is a pretty large pin that will live with me the rest of my life with in a bone in my foot.

But, the doctor believes I will not even we aware of it and it will cause no issues.

So now I am one toe down and one pin in!

Of course, it would be better if it had not broken…but as they say, it is what it is.

There is much STRENGTH remaining to be built back into me!



Again, if you are new, allow me to explain.

This audience began sharing their recipes, ideas and home decor over the holidays.

They email me what they are doing and I share it in Sunday Mornings at Home.

It has been fun to get to know each other better this way and I would like to keep it going for any holiday or just happenings in your homelife.

There is STRENGTH in relationships and numbers!  We have that strength developing here.

This photo is from Lucinda and depicts exactly how I like “after Christmas” to feel…warm and cozy.

I am one who keeps a few of the lights around.

Lucinda sent us this cozy spot at her house.


Catherine shared three photos from the holidays, beginning with this healthy take on candy canes.



I love the vintage pieces on her wall, and this simple, elegant hand carved nativity.

Whenever you would like to share your decor, recipes, or anything else, just email them to



I will always continue to encourage you to KEEP SMILING…smiling is our very best accessory.

But, this year, I will add a reminder to STAY STRONG!

Two very important messages.

Tomorow, we start with our personal style.  Most of the readers here want fashion & style…and I am happy to deliver.

Stay safe tonight…have fun….and always 


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This is such an important income for me and my family.

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  1. Good morning Pam, Happy New Year to you and your family. Strengh (on so many levels) is a great word of the year for us to follow along with you. Thank you for putting so much thought (and your readers first) in your work. Great pictures from Lucinda and Catherine! I love the audience participation on Sunday mornings. Have a great day. Betty

  2. Good morning, Pam. This is an exciting post and shared photos. I love the word ‘strength’ because I feel as if I am losing mine physically. I am finding myself getting a tad lazy about walking if the weather isn’t perfect or doing some stretches that I know I need. It was lovely to see and hear you this morning-it gave me a boost. You should do that more often. You look lovely. Sorry about the pin! Looking forward to getting back to style soon. Loved your top.

  3. I love the idea of strength as a word of the year…of course, along with your favorite, joy! As a 77 year old woman I am definitely very aware of my lack of physical strength which is why I try to walk at least a mile daily as well as going to floor yoga twice a week. Now I’m needing mental strength to lose some weight knowing I, like you, will not be moving around as much while I recover from minor foot surgery soon. When I saw your Christmas morning “spread” of delicious-looking food, I thought how you must have been on that foot more than you should. I’m sorry to hear of the broken pin but hopefully the permanent one will not cause any problems. Not looking forward to all the loud fireworks tonight. Hope you and Mr. B, and especially Tux have a quiet New Year’s Eve.

  4. Thanks Deborah. Why don’t you look over the 28 Day indoor walking challenge. This is perfect for those of you tapped by weather. Let us know if you try it and what you think.

  5. Hi, Pam. What a great video and message! Strength is a perfect word for the year. It is a wonderful idea to focus on this and have this community come together to help and inspire each other. I think “courage” goes hand-in-hand with strength. Thank you for all you do. Blessings for the new year.

  6. It’s hard when you start feeling better not to overdo. It’s a lesson for the other foot! But at least you did no real damage. We are nursing colds here, so no New Year’s Eve plans, but strength is certainly in order. I’m starting the new year in better shape than I’ve been in years, but as we all know, we need strength to turn changes into real habits, and to have the discipline to carry those habits along. This is especially with an overall society that does not prioritize healthy eating.

  7. Happy Sunday Pam! I would love to try a 28 day indoor walking challenge. But there are so many, I’m having trouble choosing. Is there a particular program that you recommend? Thanks!

  8. I have not done one yet but been researching like you. They all sound good…can’t go wrong with staying active!

  9. I am so happy to see some of Lucinda and Catherine’s holiday decor. I think I will pack my few vintage holiday record albums in with the bits and baubles from the season so I can remember next year to give them a place of prominence when I get to decorating for the season. Your chosen word, STRENGTH, is perfect for me as well. As you mentioned, closely tied up with that is Endurance. In my prayers I ask for this quality, to face the caregiving challenges I’ve been given. I watched your video – thank you for that! That blue sweater is lovely on you, and it is so wonderful to see and hear you again.
    Wishing you, your family, and all the ladies who gather here, a beautiful new year, health in abundance, happiness, and peace. Hugs from Oregon! 🤗💕

  10. Happy New Year!! The word for the year is one I will need to remember and use. There might be some changes in store for us in the new year and I’m not terribly excited or motivated. I’m going to need strength!!
    I hope your foot heals as expected and you can become mobile again.
    I’m looking forward to following you in the new year.

  11. Happy Sunday Pam and thanks for the inspiring end of the year post. Sorry about the pin and a applaud your positive attitude about it. I will adopt strength as my word of 2024. Its what I hope to build in different aspects of my life. I know I need to add strength training back to my exercise program. I walk 2 miles a day with my dog & take 2 or 3 yoga classes a week but I can tell I’ve lost muscle mass and even at the same weight my clothes aren’t fitting right. I just need to set up an incentive to do it because unlike yoga & walking I just don’t enjoy it. I can see applying the word strength to other aspects of my life: spiritual, artistic, social, etc. will help me set 1 or 2 goals for 2024. I have found that if I set a few important goals I do a better job focusing on them.

  12. The word “strength” really resonates with me. The coach on my Weight Watchers virtual meeting this morning chose “strength” for her word of the year, too.

  13. I have already been presented with challenges for the year…after I selected the word! We will stay strong together, Paula!

  14. I encourage everyone, Kathie to do what you are doing and use the word strength as a foundation to set personal goals. I am going to do that!

  15. I had a hard time remembering the word I chose last year! It was “active”. I feel good about how I did.

    I have been meditating on the word “peace”. So many of us rush around like chickens with our heads chopped off, especially this time of year. I had been on vacation and didn’t have a traditional Christmas. When I got home, my son had set up a Christmas tree, had soft music playing and candles lit. It was very peaceful. May everyone have a very peaceful 2024!

  16. Strength plus Endurance plus a Smile.
    Sorry to hear about the pin, and hoping it doesn’t cause any annoyance in the future.
    I’m looking forward to hearing more about “finding ones personal style.”
    Happy New Year!
    Thank you!

  17. Happy New Year! Strength is an excellent word for 2024. My personal word is “Forward”. It is a continuation of my 2023 word “Renew”. It was a season of renewal for me, & as I continue to adapt to this new season in my life, I am ready to move forward, & I will do it with strength. Blessings to all.

  18. Strength is definitely what I need to focus on after various issues with my health (not yet resolved, but improving). Thanks for all you do, Pam, to keep us motivated and informed. Wishing you and yours a happy new year!

  19. Hi Pam,
    I completely embrace your word of “Strength” and I usually have three words, just one is too hard to pick. My three words are and one is like yours Strength, and Peace, and Hope.
    I hope you continue to do well with your foot recovery. It’s a big deal what you have been through. Baby steps, one day at a time right. You have such a great attitude.

    Happy Healthy everything in 2024.

  20. Thank you, Katherine. I like strength…peace and hope together…great focuses for your life.
    Thanks for being here.

  21. Very inspiring post Pamela with such an appropriate word to face the New Year and its challenges. Also I do hope you don’t mind me adding for your verbal message and for those who might have impaired hearing — they can still download the link to their computer/ipad (ensuring the speaker is on) then open and use their cell phone application that transcribes verbal communication into script by just holding it up to the screen when played. To conclude; wishing you and all your loved ones, as well as all your readers A HEALTHY, HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. -Brenda-

  22. Strength, thanks for a great word for 2024. It will be exciting to see the ways we can gain strength depending on our life circumstances.

  23. Thank you Pam for your word of the year, Strength. I really need it now as I have been ill most of the last two months and now I have all the symptoms of Covid19. A friend is bringing over 2 test kits for us to check. It is mild as Covid cases or flu go so I am doing tea, toast and soup with rest to recover. I just found out my son in AZ and his family that lives with him including two octogenarians are all sick with Covid. So we all can use a strong cup of Strength and add in Peace and Hope. I look forward to seeing what you have planned for us in 2024. I’m sorry to hear about your pin. It could have weakened just getting up to the bathroom so don’t feel you have been a bad girl. You are certainly kind and good to all of us. Love and Healing are added to my words and Gratitude for all I have been given in this life. Thank you Pam from Colorado!

  24. I am so sorry that you are still battling sickness, Sydney. The pin situation is unfortunate, but the doctor does not believe I will even be aware of it…or the missing toe. Forward with Strength I will go with you.

  25. How wonderful to get to see and hear you in the video – what a great new year surprise! I watched it at my kitchen table, and it was just like you were here talking with me in person. The synonyms you listed for strength gave me some great food for thought, as I considered what my own word for this year might be. The one that resonated most deeply with me was “capacity,” and it has me thinking about how I might increase my own capacity – to love, to serve and to endure whatever 2024 brings my way. I finally settled on “productivity” as my theme word for the coming year, an ever-present reminder of all I still need to do to settle my mother’s estate and financial affairs, as well as things I hope to accomplish in my home and my personal life. I have started chair yoga as an experiment in new ways to move my body, and I’m up to walking two miles. An upcoming trip to New Orleans has me excited for the freedom to travel after almost ten years of caring for my mother, but also concerned about how my post-surgical foot will respond to the demands of so much walking. I look forward to seeing all the ways you will incorporate the focus on “strength” into your posts!

  26. Productivity is certainly a result of strength! Stay strong with it, my friend! I will be here to support, inspire and encourage.

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