Would You Wear It: 2023 Most Popular Display

Would You Wear It

Happy Tuesday…hope all is calm, all is bright!  Today, I wanted to share with you Would You Wear It: 2023 Most Popular Display.

In last week’s survey from blog comments and emails, Would You Wear It is popular with half of you, and not liked by the other half.

Since, half like it, I am pondering about keeping it around in some form or fashion (really fashion!).

But, today, I thought you might like to see the most popular display this year….by a long shot.

It actually ran as a Style Tips post, but that is just another name for Would You Wear It.

would you wear it

I discovered the display at Nordstrom.

To my surprise, there were ladies in the audience who ordered this jacket.

This is the CINQ A SEPT CHEYENNE MON AMOUR EMBROIDERED BLAZER.  If you click the link, you will see that it is sold out…popular there too.

I am surprised only because it was pretty pricey at a little over $500.

If I had the money and If I wore black, then I WOULD WEAR IT…with jeans.

I discovered during this post that many, many of you wear and love black and that is why I still try to feature it.

So, if money or color were not issues…WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

Also, why do you believe this was the most popular Would You Wear It display from 2023?  


would you wear it

Here is a display I found at a local boutique.

And, if I wore black…I would wear it!

I love this dress and how it could be dressed up or down.

This particular boutique features clothing from a line called Crosby by Mollie Burch.

I gave my new DIL a gift card to this shop for her birthday and she loved it.  She wore the dress for Thanksgiving.

It is a fun, youthful, Anthropologie-type boutique…and there are items I would wear….though I  know I am not the target audience here.

What about this dress, ladies…WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

Thank you to everyone who answered the survey…I cannot tell you how helpful that is.

I hope you are not too stressed this week…slowly but surely it is all getting done.

Thank you for joining us today for Would You Wear It?


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It


  1. I think this feature is a lot of fun. Sometimes I’ll see a display when I’m out shopping and think of you, and how you find such interesting ones! I was one who would not wear the blazer due to it being too memorable and honestly just not something I like. I like the dress with the sheer sleeves in that display and would definitely wear that! It only needs some sparkly earrings and an equally sparkly clutch! I do wear black and would probably wear the boutique dress if it was available in petite sizes. That’s a rarity in boutiques though. I’m not really a fan of the fussy shoulders, so that’s why I said maybe. It looks loose, might be overwhelming, but I’d at least try it on. All is calm over this way! We had a beautiful snowfall yesterday, so I went out to see Christmas lights last night. It’s going to be warmer here by the end of the week and this will melt, but so glad we have it for a few days!

  2. It would be wonderful to have snow for viewing the lights! So jealous. Thanks for starting us off today, Karen!

  3. Good morning! All is calm. Yes, disregarding $$ and black (would love deep brown or deep olive) I would wear any of it. What simple drama! We have been rewatching Suits and The Good Wife off and on. The luxurious clothing of the women is feast for the eyes, sometimes quiet, sometimes not. It is fun to see this type of clothing on actual bodies. Thanks for sharing the most popular post. The jacket would make a dramatic entrance to a party. My MIL would have loved it since she could handle it. (She was an actress at heart.) I realize that many women don’t want to stand out. I would wear it with tux-like pants if I had a place to go where it would be appropriate or with jeans for fun. I love the texture of the sleeves on the dress. It lightens it up. Have a great Tuesday.

  4. I enjoy “Would You Wear It” to hear new ideas from your readers.
    The reason the embroidered blazer was popular is because it is new, interesting and not the usual Chicos or Talbots clothing. The dress does have an Anthopologie vibe. Neither works for me but I like to see what’s out there. Thanks for doing this.

  5. I no longer wear black but like DeborahLM I would wear the jacket or the dress in another color like chocolate brown or a deep green. Both of these items remind me of pieces I wore years ago. In the early 1970s I had a black knit sweater dress with ruffles at the shoulder similar to the dress above. I wore it for years and loved it. In the 90s I had a darling jacket, off white jacket with black writing (words in French) similar to the black jacket. A waiter spilled something all over the back otherwise I would have worn it for decades. While I miss the simplicity of wearing black I’ve learned that it washes me out. I have hung onto my black yoga clothes which remind me that its just not a good color. Someone mentioned yesterday that Chico’s is overflowing with tops with flamboyant sleeves and a lot of bling. I walked through last week and the racks were jam packed. I think many of us have one or two dramatic dressy things we’ve hung onto but find that most of the events are far more casual now. Talbot’s has been running a 50% off sale for weeks. I noticed the racks were full of plaid. Maybe they miscalculated the economy.

  6. You are welcome! I enjoy the mannequin search.
    You may be right about why this one was popular…plus it has an artistic flair to it,

  7. Thanks Kathie! Sometimes I also think retailers miscalculate their true target audience. Any way, I agree that January should bring big sales.

  8. I don’t wear much in all black anymore unkess I can guess a bright scarf or similar piece best my face. I do the same with certain deep dark blues too. However, I do love the blazer and if I had a spare $500 in my budget thus month I might grab it!
    I do like the bright print blouse with gold pants in your following frames!

  9. I do wear black, but mostly as separates. The dress in the dress shop is pretty and the details are so lovely.

  10. Thanks for stopping by, Audrey. I like the dress too…if I wore black, I would have tried it on.

  11. That was certainly a memorable post. I still appreciate the blazer, but it is just too flashy for me, and I am not a huge fan of wearing black on top. It tends to wash me out unless I am sporting a tan. So the dress would also be a no for that reason, although I do own one simple, understated black dress for funerals. I know we also touched on that topic not long ago. I am in the camp of wearing what seems most fitting for the person we honor, so sometimes that’s all black, and more often it is (for a celebration of life) brighter, but still dignified.

  12. I like them both. I do wear some black, though as a deep autumn it’s not my best (especially black and white worn together). In navy or chocolate, I would certainly try these on. I like the dress because the accessories really are the standout, and it’s easy to swap those out and have a creative new look. Speaks to my Interesting adjective. Pam, you mentioned your style is changing. Are you tweaking your adjectives, and could you please post about your thinking/process?

  13. I like how you put this with deciding between black and color for a funeral. Thanks for stating it so well and so simply, Connie.

  14. I will be posting about my thinking process after Christmas…let me think a little longer. Still processing.

  15. The blazer was and is a no for me at any price and any color. I never wear black as I have a Swedish complexion and look like a white haired Mortician in black. I don’t like to wear writing on my clothes. This looks like a very young thin tall woman’s style for both the dress and blazer outfit. At 79, 5’2” and 140 pounds I would look ridiculous in these clothes. I like neutrals, from navy blue to ivory or cream. I like to wear a column of color which is slimming and doesn’t wash out my pale complexion. High water pants are a no for me as kissing the arch of my shoe or bootie is elongating of the legs. Mine are short and need all the help they can get. However, that all being said, a woman of any age can wear these clothes if they love them and I applaud them for being themselves.

  16. That is why we are here…to help and encourage a variety of women to step out in confidence and be Uniquely You!

  17. I can understand the attraction of the blazer as it is quite unique. I wouldn’t wear the black dress featured today even though I do wear. The length is wrong for my short legs, & the ruffled shoulders would make my shoulders look broader & my arms look shorter.

  18. I’d wear the blazer with jeans and heeled booties. I might even wear red under it, it’s already an attention grabber! Maybe black jeans, a nice belt, and a red clutch purse. Red lipstick too! I think I could do it!

  19. Thanks Becky…you just helped others with your body type look at this dress with a discerning eye. That is the value of Would You Wear It.

  20. I would not wear a black blazer but do think this one is interesting. Black is not kind to me. I love unusual clothing on others. I occasionally try for something a little outside my tailored comfort zone. It’s usually not so good these days, but fashion should have an element of fun as should life!

  21. I’m really not into the “style of the day “. However, a couple of months ago I splurged on a long sleeve black dress. Very simple so it can be dressed up or down. Gold belt and gold accessories, shoes, bag, jewelry works for a festive night out. Simple accessories works for funerals, (unfortunately at my age that is a necessity) and you can do so much with just one dress. It will definitely pay for itself. It looks just like the one on the mannequin except the neckline is a little softer.
    Hoping you and yours have a beautiful Christmas filled with love and laughter.

  22. Hi Pamela,
    All is calm and bright over here! Ok, yes and yes to both featured pieces! The blazer is chic and fun. Of course, I wouldn’t wear it everywhere because it would become oh there goes Sandra in that same blazer again. But I do like it, probably with jeans because I think that would give it a more approachable look. I also like the dress. I would wear a little more jewelry than usual with the dress as the backdrop. Ok Pamela we are closing in on Christmas! Have an amazing day.

  23. I dislike the jacket and love the dress. I don’t have a reason to buy a dress like this, but I did just buy a mid-length sweater dress from T by Talbots. I hope to get a lot of wear out of it this winter, probably with leggings underneath.
    (Sydney, you made me laugh out loud!)

  24. All is calm here as well and even Mother Nature weather wise is being kind. Re the jacket; IMHO I feel it was a top seller because of its neutral color, classic style and novelty fabric. For myself however it doesn’t appeal to me namely because, though I like the idea of the script I do not care for the embroidered roseS as prefer ‘less is more’. Whereas to the black dress; I do have a similar style (without the ruffled shoulders) and find it extremely versatile as can be worn with most types of footwear with a variety of accessories. Options: Flats to heels in the form of casual to dress, shoes to boots. Jewelry, belted, scarfed, worn with a cropped overlay in a jacket or vest etc. Also shall mention for those who may want to create an hour-glass shape, ruffled or lightly padded shoulders do help as balances out the shoulders and hips which give the illusion of a waist.

  25. I tend to wear black less and less the older I get, if only because I’m constantly picking long, wavy grey hairs off of myself! That said, I’d wear that black dress in a heartbeat. I think I’d style it in a bit more rustic way and do a black brown mix with some western boots and a belt, but that dress can be used in a million ways. The jacket..,I don’t hate it, but being the thrift shop crawler that I am, for an Investment piece price point, my rule is I have to love it, lol.

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