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fashion news

Happy Wednesday!  I have for you Today’s Fashion News!

Since it is a very busy week, fashion news is a shorter version of today’s news.

The majority of you are here for the fashion, so I decided to go with that category…I imagine most of us are set with the recipes we need for the weekend.

I think the biggest fashion news in January will be what some of you are observing right now…lots of clothing on the racks.

It remains to be seen if January clearance sales will make a difference with clearing some of those racks.

So, join me for a short visit today…as we read over what is happening in the world of fashion news!


fashion news

Who What Wear:  I’m Bergdorf’s Fashion Director—These Are the Only Holiday Trends That Matter

Architectural Digest: Anderson Cooper on the Experience of Cleaning Out Late Mother Gloria Vanderbilt’s Manhattan Home and Step Inside Fashion Designer Amanda Ross Bacon’s Hamptons Home

Reuters: Luxury slowdown prompts fears of inventory pile-up over key holiday season

The Conversation:  Four ways to tell the designer fashion items worth investing in from the ones that aren’t

CNBC: Etsy stock falls after company lays off 11% of its staff, citing ‘very challenging’ environment

Cronkite News:  Sustainable business endeavor grows for fashion enthusiasts

Smithsonian Magazine: New Met Exhibition Celebrates Women Fashion Designers 

Vogue:  Afternoon Tea with The Crown’s Elizabeth Debicki

Youtube:  Trinny’s 3 Foolproof Tricks for Waking Up a Tired Complexion  (does include a fashion selection!)

That should do it today, ladies, to keep you up to speed with the latest fashion news in one location.

Hope you enjoyed the singular focus.  

My gifts are wrapped, and cooking prep has begun, and today is hair appointment…I am so excited…I may give my stylist a big hug.

Let me know if you have comments or questions, and despite any rush, make certain that you…………


By Pamela Lutrell

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This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

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fashion news



  1. Enjoy your day, Pam! You are certainly going to feel renewed after having your hair done, especially with everything under control at home. I love your news choices and I am excited to read them with a cup of tea!

  2. I enjoyed the shortened news choices this morning. Maybe it was because there was only the fashion focus today, rather than including food, lifestyle, etc., in one post. The number of story links was a perfect size for me as I didn’t rush through any of it and explored all. Thank you for all you continue to do for us. You amaze me! I hope you have a terrific day.

  3. And everyone here amazes me…thank you for his important information, Lou. Helps me in planning future posts.

  4. Interesting. I do think the sales will be huge. Every store I’ve been in has bulging racks. I also think the stores that went hugely into festive wear are going to have a particularly hard time unloading it. Pet peeve … the idea that fashion is an “investment” vs an expense. I understand the sentiment … buy quality and classic pieces (which I often agree with), but in only the rarest instances would you ever get your money out of them. I often think these terms are used to lure in younger people, who are looking for ways to justify things they can’t afford.

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today, Linda. Maybe someone will join in this discussion.

  6. There’s something about getting your hair done that just puts a smile on your face and a little pep in your step!! My day is tomorrow. Enjoy being pampered today. You deserve it.

  7. Thanks Gayle…I agree and I have felt so scuzzy (not sure if that is an actual word) during this recovery that will be a real boost for me today!

  8. I so enjoyed reading the Bergdorf trends story, and seeing the sparkly and amazing fashions. These items would be out of place here in rural southern Oregon, but they certainly are fun to imagine. Regarding the Etsy story, I am a huge fan of their marketplace so I hope the business decisions help the company to survive for a long time to come. They offer such a wide variety of items, and I always appreciate knowing I am supporting some small artisan/vendor. The severance package seemed generous, and the consolidation measures rather fair. I am excited to watch the video with The Crown actress. We just finished watching the latest season the other day. Thank you for an interesting and curated collection to fit in between batches of cookie baking today, Pam. 🤗🎄💕

  9. Very nice post today. I agree with Lou that the smaller number of articles as well as a one-topic list made this a very manageable post with time to explore most of the links. You picked wonderful articles for us to peruse. Hope you have a very nice time getting your hair cut — it is so enjoyable to get out to something other than a doctor’s appointment or PT after being homebound! Best wishes for your holiday with your family.

  10. You are welcome, Connie. I am also a fan of Etsy…there are several gifts under the tree from them.

  11. LOL! Yes, I think going somewhere other than the doctor is going to be so re-freshing! Thanks Kim

  12. This post is great today. Just the right amount, interesting articles. Timely too the article about clearing his mom’s house, gosh, haven’t we all been doing that? Well maybe not as iconically, but same kind of emotions.
    Thanks Pam, for your enjoyable curations of articles.

  13. Enjoyed all the fashion topics today and liked the short version as explored all as Lou (above) did. Also the ‘Holliday Trend’ one was particularly encouraging to me as relates to my Christmas celebration wardrobe that includes only one new item being a pair of black trimmed silver rhinestone flat shoes (a Macy’s purchase) and shopping my closet for clothes that have proven to be great staples namely because of their classic design. Now with that said; as I am not hosting Christmas dinner; my contribution towards it is only a dessert ((Raspberries On A Cloud .. meringue base and a filling of whipping cream/cream cheese/mini marshmallows and a Raspberry (or Strawberry) topping)) plus the stockings from Santa that he leaves at our house have been filled and the traditional Gift From The Elves are also wrapped, I think I am ready. In regards to yourself Pam, am glad to hear that you are able to get out more and even have a hair appointment for today. Last but not least I do have a question as to the shopping links you provide. Do you get credit if one is shopping from Canada as often pages auto covert to international shopping with different pricing etc.? -Brenda-

  14. Hi Pam! I did enjoy your post today. All those sparkles – whew! – overwhelming. I am so fickle with my clothes that I change out colors and styles frequently enough that investment dressing doesn’t make sense for me. I mostly buy on sale, and use to recycle my unwanted items. Wishing everyone joy and peace for 2024.

  15. From what I saw yesterday, retail is not doing well at all this holiday season. Unless things pick up in the next few days, there will be a lot of everything on sale. Clothing racks are full and 50% off sales have begun. It’s still not enough to entice buyers. The holiday decor aisles were mostly full. The mall parking lot was not jam-packed like it usually is at this time of year. The busiest places I saw on my travels were consignment clothing shops full of mostly younger people shopping for themselves. People are seeking the special and unique for their holiday outfits, and it comes as curated, quality items affordable in consignment shops. There will be some stylish people looking fine at holiday celebrations this year.

  16. Hi Brenda..,the raspberry clouds sound divine! And, yes, I do get credit from Canadian shoppers. Thank you so much for asking!

  17. Loved all of the short fashion articles. Anderson Cooper has been a favorite of mine for years and I did relate to his feelings going through his deceased mother’s belongings. I spent 12 hour days for 6 days in Florida doing the same so my mother’s belongings and home could be sold. With my mom, it felt like being a fly on the wall of her life. I lived in Iowa at the time and didn’t realize how she struggled to no longer have money to spend traveling and so many clothes in size 5 and 6! The article brought up feelings from many years ago. I will read the rest but have a friend coming in a couple of hours and my tea is gone now. Enjoy your hair appointment!

  18. Enjoy your hair appointment Pam! You will feel pampered and renewed considering all you’ve been through.
    I enjoyed the single focus news today! Thank you for all that you do!

  19. Thank you for just the Fashion News today and when I did your survey I commented on doing one topic….but it is your Blog and you can create what works for you and the general audience.
    I loved the video with Elizabeth Debicki as she was just a delight in The Crown.She is so elegant and I adored her dress. I also was interested in how Anderson Cooper was going through his mother’s possessions and finding little notes with some items and how he has a podcast about grieving and love. He comes across as a thoughtful man.
    I hope you enjoyed some pampering at your hairdressing appointment.

  20. I’m retired and work part time at Chicos so when you post a picture I know where you are before I get to the post. Love reading your posts. Hope your foot is getting better and you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

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