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winter outfits

Happy Thursday, ladies!  Today, I have my review of Banana Republic Factory for affordable winter outfits.

Many of us are ready for a little fun with our winter outfits but blew the budget on Christmas.

That is why I want you to know about Banana Republic Factory for affordable winter outfits.

Banana Republic Factory is perfect those with over 50 style adjectives such as current, dramatic, youthful, fun, creative, stylish, and fashion forward.

However, the best part of Banana Republic Factory is the affordable pricing…which at times, can go very low when combined with sales and rewards.

I said that part of our focus on “strength” this year would be in our finances as well.

I will still cover all price points, but I do want to pay special attention to those brands which help us to look our very best at a low price point especially when we desire affordable winter outfits.

Banana Republic Factory is one of my favorites for all of these reasons.


winter outfits


Today, I am wearing the Brushed Turtleneck Sweatshirt in the Camel Heather color…it comes in four colors for lovely winter outfits.

This is a soft, cozy top with a fun design element on the sleeves…and it goes right with the current comfort trends that will be 3X the cost in other places.

It is warm…but not too warm…and is a great selection for winter outfits in the comfort zone.

I can easily add a scarf or necklace if I want to elevate the comfort look.

Banana Republic Factory gives us a place to shop when we just want a current look at a price that will not break our budget.

Also, when you click on Banana Republic Factory...make sure to sign up for the Rewards Program…extra savings there.

I have found this brand (so far) to be very easy for returns (though I have not returned much); very fast for shipment; great fit; lots of colors and with surprisingly low priced sale opportunities throughout the year.

Banana Republic Factory also offers petite, tall and curvy sizing for your winter outfits.

Here are some of my picks from the current sale…but there is so much to see…just click through a picture and spend time on their site:


winter outfits


I have had success in several different departments of Banana Republic Factory.

Like tops…here I am wearing a washable silk top that I paid around $17!  I was drawn to the color and unique neckline.

As I said, the brand helps me to stay current.

winter outfits

Here I am wearing olive jogger pants…and I enjoy mixing things up a bit and still speaking my style adjectives.

At the time I purchased the pants, they were around $30.

winter outfits


I own this long double breasted blazer in two colors…because I like it so much.

With the Banana Republic pricing, I can afford to get a piece I like in more than one color.

I also want to recommend this brand for gifts.  I have purchased several items for my daughter and for one of my sons. 

They look great in the clothes and like the brand as well.

I hope I have presented a good case for considering Banana Republic Factory for affordable winter outfits.

Again, if you like to look current for less, this is a place to begin.

Thanks for joining me today…all questions welcome…and remember to …..


By Pamela Lutrell

I was encouraged to explain more about my SHOPPING LINKS page and how to use it.  (In fact I just added a few new brands to the list)

I am an affiliate for many different brands and when you click on those brands and shop, then I receive a small commission.

This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

If you will tell me what you are shopping, then I can tell you if I am affiliate for them and give you that link…if it is not already on the page.

And remember to send your recipes and home decor with pictures to  Send to email and do not try to put in comments! YOU are the best.

winter outfits

Tomorrow we will start a book about physical strength.  My 2024 journey to renewed physical strength has started with my new Apple Watch. 

I need the reminder to stand up more during this time of recovery from foot surgeries. 


  1. Hi Pamela,
    What a helpful post! I’m a fan of BRF because of all the reasons you mentioned. I could use a couple of new, affordable pieces. Pamela, you look vibrant! Thank you for all you do.
    Oh I almost forgot – I have a question in regards to makeup. I find I need to wear my glasses pretty much all the time and am having trouble figuring out how to do my eye makeup. Any tips would be appreciated! Or any tips in regards to glasses frames (color, shape)? Thank you Pamela. 🤓

  2. I used to wear a few pieces from BR when I was still working, and they were always good quality with the slightly “elevated” look that I love. I just did a deep dive into their website through your link and bought an expensive cashmere cardigan and skirt in a deep eggplant purple. The skirt may not be practical in our climate, but I can already think of a dozen ways to wear that yummy cardigan! It will be interesting to compare these pieces to the sweater I bought yesterday through your Quince link. I’m just hoping that this splurge purchase won’t be one I regret due to pilling, which seems to be an issue at almost any price point with cashmere. After yesterday’s Italian street style video I was already thinking that it wouldn’t hurt to get a few nicer pieces to wear just because I like them and they make me feel “polished.” Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Hi Sandra, I am going to do a makeup workshop soon and will share what I learn. I do makeup my eyes a little more because I do wear glasses all the time. But hope to share guidelines from a professional soon.

  4. Thanks so much for shopping with the links! The skirt sounds lovely. Eggplant purple is one of my favorite colors!

  5. I get notices from BR almost daily but have yet to purchase anything. I will look though your links today. I did review many of your recent posts to find where you discussed pants to wear with your surgery boot as I find out yesterday my foot surgery is next Tuesday. My surgery is minor compared to yours but the doctor did say I’d be off that foot for 4-6 weeks. I did use your links to buy a pair of wide leg pull on pants from Lands End and thought I’d wait to see the size of the boot I suppose I’ll get before ordering more. I do like the topper you showed us this morning and you look so “bright-eyed and bushy tailed” as we often say in the South.

  6. Wow…that is soon! Hope all goes well. I will say that the wide leg pants make things much easier and have been very comfy. Just to clarify..,today’s post is about the outlet to BR…Banana Republic Outlet…that is where the best prices are. Thank you for shopping with my links.

  7. You look absolutely vibrant in your BRF store pieces, Pam. I once shopped frequently at BR until they closed their local store. They have now re- opened in the same shopping center! However its not the factory store you’re mentioning. I’ll have to drive up to Massachusetts to visit one and try on for sizing! Looking forward to your make- up lesson!

  8. I have a small Banana Republic store at a near by mall, but just realized there is an outlet in Freeport, Maine. An untapped source! Thank you!

  9. Hi Paulette, once you know your sizing, it is the factory store where you can really save! The quality (so far) has been excellent.

  10. I like BRF. I’ve had the best luck with pants. Their sizing across pant sizes is fairly consistent which is helpful if you are ordering from them. Like Talbot’s they often add decorative detail to their pants. Unlike Talbot it’s not usually a feminine frill or ribbon, usually it’s a pocket with a flap or a pleat at the hem.
    If you shop at the Gap or Old Navy their customer program is shared which is convenient.

    If you have a male person in your household you shop for, and if they have a slightly swaggered style their menswear is stylish. I bought Hubs some plaid cotton pants (very muted) -a bit out of his comfort range- and eventually he did wear them.

  11. I understand about the “why” of the wide legged pants. You look fabulous in this post due to the cut and style of the clothes. A good visual for me and how I dress. Now, to have the “strength” to make happen! 😊

  12. Slim legs are my favorite and always will be…but having wide legs in style during recovery was a great gift!

  13. Athleta is also a Gap Brand, just to add to reward opportunities and such. Even though I’m trying to buy very little, what I do choose is more and more from BR Factory. The BR aesthetic is very “me,” and fits my style adjectives well. Your outfit with the turtleneck is pretty much how I dress almost every day. I can’t justify BR when in this stage of weight loss, and I’ve found BRF to be very good quality, especially for the money. The biggest difference I see is that BRF fabrics may have more cotton and blends, but that means they can be washed more easily than BR. I looked for some pants a while ago, and everything I liked from BR specified dry cleaning. I usually shop in store as I figure out my sizing, but as I go forward, online has many bargains, as you pointed out. However, I’ve found my best BRF deals at Costco. Both my husband and I find BRF pants (and some knit tops) there on the regular, and since I’m losing a pant size so frequently, it’s a good resource. Pam, I assume Costco is not an affiliate for you? I buy very little online there, but would of course use your link when I do. Also, a note on handwashing cashmere: I use Eucalan, which is used by knitters to wash and block their natural fibers. It’s no rinse! It really cuts down the time and effort needed, and it works great.

  14. Thanks for this comment, Linda, including the Eucalan…I was not familiar with it at all…but will check it out. It is also interesting about Costco. I stopped out membership years ago, but perhaps need to start it again…Costco came up several times recently and a friend told me that I needed to go back.

  15. No…not at all…don’t you see it in the picture. I will be in it at least until early February and then the doctor decides when it goes. Sorry if I confused you.

  16. First, let me say good it is to see you “modeling” your outfits again. I know this has been a hard road for you & am glad that you are healing well. I like Banana Republic Factory because of they have many classic pieces at a good price. There is a store at an outlet mall about an hour’s drive away from me, so I know about the quality firsthand.

  17. I’m an online shopper only. Once I learn the quality and sizing, I can order safely. BRF is new to me but like you introduced me to Chicos, I will have to try BRF. You look great in your outfits! Keep on healing and you will be in your ballet flats soon!

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