News Highlights for Women Over 50

news highlights for women

Happy Wednesday!  This week has been so much fun…let’s keep it going with News Highlights for Women Over 50.

I understand that many of you enjoyed the Wednesday lifestyle news highlights for women.

With a desire to encourage more conversation and make it more user friendly, I have tweaked this post just a bit.

For now, this post will be called News Highlights for Women over 50.

I will pick just a couple of topics I have seen in the weekly news for women and highlight them here…I will also ask you questions about the topics.

Strong women are informed and educated.  That was always the desire of this post…to keep you up-to-date with what is happening in lifestyle news….positive news…not political.

If you are just now coming back after the holiday break, then make sure you read the over 50 feeling 40 blog posts which began on Sunday about the new focus for the blog and about the word STRENGTH.

Now, get a cozy spot and a warm beverage because you may want to spend time with today’s highlights….there is much to see and think about.


news highlights for women

Let’s begin with fashion news highlights for women…since so many of you like these discussions so much.

We began 2024 discussing confident, strong style for women over 50.

One of our readers suggested watching women around us for inspiration.

Over the past weekend, I watched several street style videos in the news highlights for women and thought this is a perfect place to begin.

For some reason, I personally am drawn to the street style news highlights from other countries…particularly Italy and France.

They seem to dress nicer than Americans do now.  


This is a 20 minute video.  So, watch as much as you can give the time to.

But when you see a woman you really like, stop the video and make mental note of her….or even better screen shot her.  There are many over 50 women in this video.

I would love for you to describe her and tell us what it was about her style that you liked.

Perhaps, because I am Texan (Texas women love furs), I was drawn to the several women in fur coats.  There was one with a lovely fur jacket, and current cuffed trousers that seemed to speak my own style adjectives.

We don’t need to debate if these are real or faux fur…the styling aesthetic would be the same.

Here is Italian Street Style for Winter for our first news highlights for women in 2024:


Another story in news highlights for women recently is from CNN.


I still wear leggings and have always loved them.  But,  many say women my age should NEVER wear them.  Care to give your thoughts?

I hope you like this new format, but if you prefer the old one…just let me know.

I would love to hear your answers to the questions I posed before the Italian Video…and remember…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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news highlights for women


  1. So glad I was still awake when this posted, so I can be among the first, rather than the last to comment. Thanks for taking us window shopping and people watching in Italy – that was such fun! I watched the entire video and loved the overall vibe of the Italian streets. Although we rarely get to wear them here in Texas, I love winter accessories like hats, scarves and gloves and there were so many of them here. I also loved the look of more traditional “dressy” wool coats on the ladies. My favorites were almost all camel and they appeared at these times in the video: 2:36, 4:39, 6:29, 8:25, 9:55, 15:52, 17:52 and 19:44. I loved the bag with gold buckles at 5:35 but would never buy one. Other things that caught my eye were the skirt at 7:19, the anthracite jewelry at 14:11 and that gorgeous burgundy formal at 17:47! If I had another child to marry off I’d love to have that for a MOB/MOG dress. I loved how so many people had coordinated their coats and other accessories for a totally put together look, in keeping with my “classic/polished” adjectives and this is the standard I’m going for when I leave the house. I’m so curious about the girls in the matching pink furry coats that looked like bathrobes at 15:30; are they twins? And where on earth did they get those furry pink things? Again, that was so much fun.
    Regarding leggings, I have always been a believer that “leggings are not pants” and our bottoms should be covered by our tops when we wear them. That said, I love the comfort and ease of movement they afford and almost always wear them to my weekly PT appointments. They make my legs look like they are in much better shape than they actually are, and I doubt I’ll ever quit wearing mine, whether they are in style or out. Most of mine are black but I also have some in deep purple and olive green that get a lot of wear. I struggle to find leggings long enough on both ends and prefer the “high-waisted” version with tall sizing for extra length. Aerie makes some I love with a crisscrossed waist in the front that I first got as hand-me-downs from my daughter. I do wear the ankle and capri lengths in the summer to PT but it’s usually too hot to wear them all day in the summer here. I also wear mine as a base layer when we get colder weather, either under looser jeans or athletic pants, and I keep an old, holey pair to sleep in on really cold nights. My greatest body hangup when wearing leggings is that the tight fit at the ankles emphasizes the size of my feet, which look huge in athletic footwear but I care less and less lately about what people think and more about what is comfortable. This morning I’ll be sporting leggings, an oversized sweatshirt and Ryka athletic shoes for my PT appointment, but I will probably change into something dressier for a medical appointment in the afternoon in case I need to question the doctor or assert myself. I look forward to hear whether your other readers are wearing leggings these days, and if so, how they style them. Thanks for this fun new feature!

  2. Hi Pam, this was so much fun to watch. I might have a new hobby when I wake up in the middle of the night. Much better than worrying about work! I focused strictly on the coats and loved the diversity of styles. Since moving to a warmer climate 4 years ago I’ve had difficulty finding something that fits, that I like, and is more casual. I personally like loose clothing and have been told in the past by many people that my clothes are too big and make me look larger than I am. There were a lot of fitted, oversized, cloth coats. With the January sales, I’m going to visit Dillard’s and see what I can find. This video needs a few more viewings as there is so much to take in.
    When I was thinner I wore leggings but they are not a flattering look on me at this point in my life. Love this format. Have a great day. Betty

  3. Like Lorrie, I far prefer the classic, polished looks. This is an interesting video, but very little I would wear myself (except for the classic trenches, full length pants/trousers and classic shoes/boots). Good for them though, that they are out there expressing their personal style. I think that’s my takeaway here… that we can truly know our own style and express it successfully. I found my elusive long wool coats and noticed quite a few of them in the video. Our weather has been warm, but I know they will be heavy in the rotation if it cools down. As for leggings, I wear them mostly at home. I’m not wearing longer tops now due to my awareness of proportions and I don’t think leggings look good unless our backsides are covered. I still keep my skinny jeans around to wear out with tall boots. But at home, I like leggings and a bulky sweater.

  4. Such a great comment to start off today, Lorri. So glad you enjoyed it. I say I still wear leggings, however, I have not worn them in months. Usually, I wear them with tunics or even dresses and boots, but have not reached for those styles in awhile. I will be interested to see if I still wear them this year.

  5. Dillards is a great place to look for coats and they do have good sale prices. I agree that this is more fun than worrying about work! Enjoy your day, Betty!

  6. Great takeaway, Karen! Street style is a fun way to see groups of women dressing their own unique style! I also loved to see so many looking their best. I agree on covering the backside…I would not wear leggings without a long top. Happy Wednesday!

  7. Interesting street style looks.
    I don’t wear leggings. I bought black quality leggings a few years back. The times I tried to wear them I quickly took them off and finally gave them away. I don’t like the look on me but like the look on others. I prefer jeans.

  8. I really enjoyed the video! Cold weather dressing is so fun, all you need is a fabulous coat and bag! I live in Florida now but I had a whole collection of scarves and gloves when I lived up North. They sit languishing in my dresser here! I was sallivating over the beautiful leather bags in the store windows! Since I have problems with shoes fitting me (I sympathize with you!), I have always loved beautiful bags. Don’t think I want to know the prices though! I do wear leggings a lot. I always cover my stomach when wearing them. A lot of so called “leggings” end up looser on me because of figure flaws (large hips but skinnier legs!) so that the leggings end up looking my pants on me. I would love to go to Italy! we have been to Paris which is another great fashion watching city!

  9. Maybe my current situation is why I see so many purses I like!! Found beauties on sale! Thanks for joining in today Linda!

  10. I love this new format, Pam! Much less overwhelming than before. Thank you for always thinking about your readers and not being afraid to switch things up.

  11. Pam, I really like this format. So much fun! The coats, boots and handbags are gorgeous. Seems like wide leg pants are the thing. This classy/classic type of style appeals to me and is in line with my style adjectives. These people look like they dressed with a purpose to go out of their house and face the world. My favorite clothes EVER are the ones Diane Lane wore in Under the Tuscan Sun. I don’t wear leggings unless I’m exercising. Thanks for this post.

  12. I also have movies that have inspired my style. I need to revisit this one. I like the movie too!

  13. I’m not from Texas but I was drawn to the fur jackets too! 🙂 My grand-dog who is a frequent visitor leaves his beautiful Golden Retriever fur all over my wool jacket and it isn’t that easy to remove. Love him anyway!

  14. I wear leggings a lot, but only dark solids and only with a good quality top that hides the tummy and crotch. They fit my active lifestyle, which on a given day might involve both errands and a walk in the park on the same trip. I do not wear a hoodie or other loungewear tops with leggings when out of the house. When I substitute teach at our fashion conscious, suburban high school, I see the young women wear more far more leggings than jeans, but -always- black. I would say that the patterned leggings are out of style except for exercise, which is fine as I thought they were unflattering on me. Lately I’ve been quite drawn to the flared, more traditional yoga pants vs leggings. I just bought a navy pair from Athleta that I love with a tummy-covering longer tank and a shorter sweater or denim jacket topper. I do think in athleisire, quality really, really matters. The look and feel of expensive leggings is hard to duplicate.

  15. I loved reading Lorri’s comments straight off, and that gives me some points to watch for later when I settle in to view the video. This morning I’m on the run! 😁 As to leggings, I have several but have not worn them in a couple years now. I used to like them with an ankle boot and a bit of chunky sock at the cuff, and on top a lightweight sweater or substantial knit tunic length top, and then top that with a duster or knee length cardigan – to make sure the coverage was foolproof! Too much work most of the time. Funny that you sent out an Italian video today, because last night I was adding an idea to my bucket list: Road Scholar is offering three versions of a six-week study & stay in Italy! 😀 Can you imagine?!!!🤸‍♀️

  16. Thanks Linda! For anyone interested, hit Shopping Links at the top of my page and a link to Athleta is there for you and helps to keep me here! Thanks!

  17. Sounds amazing! A study like that would be so much fun! Thanks for sharing, Connie!

  18. This video was so much fun — even my husband enjoyed watching it with me. I love coats and it appears these Italians do also, with their beautiful bags/totes, scarves, hats, boots. The puffy ones too! The men also looked put together for the most part, whether casual or dressier. I have tried to wear leggings but cannot leave the bedroom with them on; I am short (5′ 4″) and have heavy hips and thighs, so they seem to accentuate my heaviness and the proportion with tunics is more like 50-50 (instead of 1/3 to 2/3 or vice versa). I don’t do skinny jeans either. Ladies with thinner legs under their tunics look great. You have showed us many outfits with leggings that aren’t tight and look very nice and are styled beautifully.

  19. Thanks Kim…it so depends on what I wear over them…you all know that I am not a thin lady!!
    Glad you and your husband enjoyed!

  20. Love the video of winter fashion in Italy. I’ve been looking at these too- Milan seems to be featured in quite a few! I see some the longer coats that I have been seeing around here too.
    On leggings: I have to say I’m just living in jeans this fall and winter so far. All shades of blue even new Madewell black jeans which fit wonderfully. Madewell accepts our old cast-off jeans to recycle too! It’s a store I hadn’t ventured in until I met someone with great looking blue jeans on, so questioned her on where she got them. Leggings are in the closet but not getting much wear.

  21. Milan is said to be a fashion hub there and where they host fashion weeks. Perhaps people do dress up more there because of that. For me right now, the leggings have to wait. But I am enjoying the great offerings in wide leg comfort pants! Thanks Paulette…I also love my jeans…right with you!

  22. Your new format is very refreshing! I enjoyed the video. I am surprised how many ladies were wearing white pants in December. I wonder how comfortable it is to wear boots above your knees and carry such large purses. Thanks for the great post.

  23. Thanks for your comments, Judy. It is so funny that I concentrated on the coats and did not notice what you saw. Thanks for new insights.

  24. I looked at the video with a different eye. People were dressed high end. The shops were high end. I saw only slender people. Men shopped with women and some men shopped alone. I saw only one child. I loved the older woman wearing a fur and riding a bike.
    I spent many summers studying in Italy. I love the warm and friendly people. They often complimented my Italian accent (not so much the French.) I will say I was once in a line for the opera when a bus of Americans got off a bus. I heard an Italian man say in Italian, “Here come the Americans with their loud voices and loud clothing.”
    I speak several languages. I have sometimes heard people around the world make judgmental facts about a lot of things not realizing I could understand. Instead of being upset it has always helped me know that being judgmental is part of what humans do. The best I can do is check my own judgments and make sure I am being fair and kind to people.

  25. What a fun video that you posted. I loved seeing the different looks, especially the coats.
    I wear leggings to my Zumba class and occasionally with a tunic sweater or long cotton top. My preferred look for winter months is my slim jeans with a cashmere or hand knit sweater. Booties or ballet flats to complete the look. I have three colorful rain coats for life in the coastal Northwest. We do have our rain! Waterproof booties are a must. And my favorite coat is a midi length Pendleton that works with jeans or dress slacks.

  26. I like the new format a lot and really enjoyed the video. The range of styles was so interesting. Many of them I would love to copy. Maybe not the pink furry things but so many lovely coats, scarves, boots, bags. I’ve been to Italy a few times and loved people watching in the cities. So many fashionable women and men. I couldn’t help but notice the contrast with the ubiquitous puffer coat with knitted beanie stollers who are undoubtedly warm but compared to the more fashionable people they look frumpy unless they’ve glammed it up a bit with a big scarf and fashionable boots. I have a quilted Columbia coat (not particularly puffy but warm) that’s waterproof. I wear it in sloppy weather but prefer to wear a wool coat for church and when I go into town. One of my Christmas presents was a gorgeous red wool coat and I’m in love with it. I don’t wear leggings. They are just not my style. I don’t think there’s any age group that can’t wear them as long as they are worn with a top with decent coverage. I do hate to see bottoms hanging out. For some reason I see a lot of wildly patterned leggings worn as pants which is not an attractive look. Too many younger women who do not understand that “leggings are not pants and tights are not leggings.”

  27. Well, this video makes me want to winter in Italy! I do like to dress up a bit. Two years ago I purchased a long perfect plum-colored wool coat with a lavish faux fur plum collar. It’s beautiful, flattering and I love it. However, I now realize it was an aspirational purchase. I find here in Denver there are very few opportunities to wear it. The look is so very casual and sporty here. I know I could wear it where ever I wish and wear it with jeans to give it a more relaxed look, but it feels showy when I do. I would feel comfortable wearing it out and about in a shopping district as pictured in the video. (I think the reality is that in Italy I probably would not be out much shopping in that district 🙂 ).

  28. I’m only going to comment on leggings right now as I want to watch the video and think about it when I have more time. Like Lorri, I firmly believe that “leggings are not pants”! Except perhaps when they’re worn to exercise, it’s my opinion that true leggings like the ones shown in the article should be worn under a top that is long enough to cover the crotch and butt. I have several pairs of leggings, but I don’t find that I wear them very often. For casual wear, I’m more comfortable in my jeans.

  29. Love the video from the streets of Italy. I agree, Europeans seem to dress more formally on a day to day basis than we Americans. Loved seeing all the coats, especially the furs. I was gifted a full length beautiful mink coat from my aunt and feel a little out of place wearing around town where I live. Maybe I need to winter in Italy. Love the new format too.

  30. Your coat sounds gorgeous, Kay, and you voice the reasons I do not own a nicer one. In South Texas, there would be few occasions to wear it.

  31. LOL, Jan. I probably wouldn’t wear it much either. But sad that you would in another country!

  32. I am late to the game and I am now off to watch the Italian video. I wanted to weigh in on the leggings first. Although like Kathy I wear mostly colored slim jeans, I almost always have a Maine winter day or three per week where I wear leggings and love them. I buy the fleece lined 90* by Flex on Amazon. They are inexpensive and in my opinion well made for what I do. I walk in them, weigh in at WW wtih them, and sometimes keep them on if I am home for the day. I wear deep teal or dark olive, and they coordinate with many third pieces in my closet that cover my rear end quite liberally or are knee length. They also coordinate with my walking shoes, chelsea boots, or winter boots, and the two winter jackets that I use for walking (car coat or knee length). Like LindaLM they are always dark solids but I do not wear black. The company I mentioned on Amazon changes their colors quite often and they can have weird color names, but I have been lucky over the years to find the right shades for me. In the summer, Maine on the coast is not as warm as other spots, and I wear lightweight ankle leggings that I pick up at Jjill for walking or even for the beach, since I need to stay covered up. They look very coastal here with a long light weight linen shirt, either buttoned or with a tank under it. Now on to the video! Such fun. Love this new format.

  33. I enjoyed the video, too! I love the long wool coats, and am hoping to find one I love. I noticed that the majority of women wore flat shoes and boots—even with bootcut, flare, and wide legged pants (which several influencers here say is a big no no). As to leggings, I have never worn them and don’t plan to. I wear bootcut yoga pants instead. They balance my figure better.
    I prefer the new format to these News for Women posts, too.

  34. Wowsa! Loved that video! Disregarding how people might react about fur, there were some beauties. You could see how the fur moved as people walked. I was fascinated with a light blue teal (I think) fur at about 2 minutes in. I believe that the older generation (most of the fur wearing women seemed older than me at 71) have probably had their coats for decades. My MIL had a few and wore them in NYC well into her mid 90s. A fur coat would not be on my radar but I can appreciate their beauty. I loved all the luxury-looking trenches. There were so many camels and off whites, which I would wear, and was happy to see a light olive at 20.17. I took photos of the fun colored sneakers, the gold bag and scarf over a dark neutral, a gold puffer, and a burgandy crossbody worn in the front. I just want to study the outfits. Love looking at boots, bags, and coats. Outerwear is my ‘thing’. I am happy to live in 4 distinct seasons and be able to wear coats. Although I have 4 wool ones rotating in my closet at the moment, I was saying to my husband last week that I would love to go back to Italy and buy a coat! I have a Milan street scene that I follow on Instagram, and I love looking at the older women and men looking so sharp. Thank you for the treat. I am almost emabarrased to admit this, but I saw an unusual lime bag in Rome in 1999 and I am still trying to figure out why I didn’t buy it. It is one of my few regrets and still think about it 25 years later. I chalk it up to having 3 kids with us and thinking about going home and having to buy them all school clothing. Thank you, Pam! A good start to buying quality and buying less.

  35. Thanks Deborah! Love the idea of a coastal look with leggings and a long linen shirt!

  36. Now, I remember two fur coats passed down to me that I did not keep. I wish I had now!!
    Clearing out too fast can sometimes lead to regrets!

  37. Pam – Really enjoyed todays post! The “Street Style” video was great. My thoughts were that I was watching beautiful and strong women with great sense of style. I especially like the scarf/hat accessories and the stylish and comfortable boots and shoes I noticed many off white, white, and camel color coats, my favorite colors. This video really emphasizes to me how we present ourselves to the outside world. Again, thank you for sharing.

  38. Well, I saw my city’s beauty queen wearing flesh colored leggings that left nothing to the imagination. Not a good look. Presumably, she has pageant coaches that help her dress? I was in airports over the holidays, and it seemed like everyone was wearing leggings. One of my style adjectives is “unique” and leggings aren’t. Another adjective is “chic”. Leggings fall into the “athletic” category, IMO.

  39. Great thoughts, Janet, about the strong women with a great sense of style and about care to think about how we present ourselves!

  40. Reading everyone’s comments on the nicer coats has reminded me that I still own a black cashmere coat with a black fox collar. I had wanted it for several years, and finally splurged when my daddy passed in November, 2002. It was unusually cold that Thanksgiving week and I used the 17 degree chill factor as my excuse. I need to dig it out and wear it to church or something while we are getting what passes for “winter” in Fort Worth! I always called it my Grace Kelly coat, and I feel so fancy every time I put it on, even though black doesn’t do me any favors these days. I also inherited a mink stole that I love from my best friend’s mama, as well as a fancy tomato red coat with black fur trim that I’ve never worn. These days I tend to wear my knee-length deep purple all-weather coat with a removable wool lining when it’s mild weather or my beloved burgundy down puffer coat with the fur-trimmed hood when it’s cold enough to warrant what we Texans refer to as a “big coat,” (meaning heavy.) After reading all the comments here, I am asking myself why I no longer wear the dressier black coat and I don’t have a good answer; I guess I share Kay’s concern about being “showy,” but if I could wear a fully sequined short shirtdress in public on NYE, why CAN’T I wear a dressy coat? It may be perceived as over the top, or “extra” as my kids would say, but maybe it’s time for my inner diva to come out and play. Good food for thought!

  41. Wear it, Lorri!! Wear it with jeans too…trousers…dresses…team overdressed would wear it!

  42. For ‘European’ street-wear fashion videos my go to are the Milan ones over and above all others as their style on the most part resonates/appeals to me as feel that those who lean towards classic appear also to have an ability to combine pieces creatively to express their persona without intimidation (i.e.: trends) which I totally admire. As to wearing leggings; for comfort I personally prefer them over jeans so are a staple in my ‘indoor wardrobe’ and wear them far more than the latter particularly in the winter months as team with suitable coverage tops that range from sweaters to shirts that are relaxed in style. In other words for myself; I basically wear them indoors and/or only in public if an activity deems them. Loving the new format, Pamela. -Brenda-

  43. This was fun. There was one woman in a very pretty light blue coat and another in what appeared to be a winter white, It was a wrap coat and she had knotted the belt stylishly. Otherwise, I love to see the fur, but noticed that if the footwear were casual and somewhat worn, it pulled even the fur look down. I own one pair of leggings outside of the athletic type. I don’t really like them much, I have to say. I am not big on the tunic look with leggings. In fact I have been thinking of passing the leggings on. I will probably wait to see whether I can do anything with them this season.
    Oh! and I noticed that the addition of a scarf or wrap artfully done over the coat was a way to really elevate the look.

  44. Watched Italian video Tues: loved comments here on 3rd, 4th & I’m on 5th! Wish I had more time!!I like the wool coats- I had a Macy’s 3/4 length red wool w hood, wore it for about 18 yrs on Playground duty, church over dresses & any time to be dressed up since lines were simple+ still at back of closet! Our matching black Leather Jackets from family 2003 started to fill casual dressed; wished was more slender in it, still does. Love a red pop( GLAD THEY CARRY COLORS over 1-3 season! also Chicos) Taubert’s longer( 3/4 )wool coat; $+ new hearing aids not now.. Love new tan wool coat my daughter has !! tan not for me, I’m a winter, red or navy navy? Love black, but would need wear a scarf or use red bag. At home I wear leggings todo cleaning, art if messy and to cook w gkids, as well as EXERCISE= Family gave me leggings, matching top, socks & new athletic SHOES Xmas. Love all the comments! Hope to see Italy also!! Plan to do lots “Weeding out” clothes pare down…each week! I find we don’t need our HEAVY coats &LAYERS ( SO I wear KNIT v-necks, sweater cardigans, down vests IN PRETTY COLORS, & long Columbia coat “sweater” if needed due to blood-thinning meds !! Can be 55 De, so heavy not much in fall-winters here in Wyo )UNLESS WIND IS BIG!! This weekend IT WILL BE Cold and snowy maybe….. Blessings to you all.

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