Brighten your winter outfit with JJill new arrivals

JJill new arrivals

Happy Saturday!  Let’s wake up some of the dreary winter weather with this post Brighten Your Winter Outfit with JJill New Arrivals.

JJill new arrivals introduced this vibrant orangey color of the year called SUNSET to brighten a winter outfit.

I took my own ray of sunshine shopping with me…everyone, welcome back Shopping with Leigh and Me.

Several of you had mentioned missing Leigh Ann because she models petite sizes.

She is traveling more these days, but will join me when she can…and she was totally in to see the bright colors in JJill’s new arrivals to pop a winter outfit or two.

Please remember two things…

  1. I am not going to be modeling pants during dressing room try-ons for awhile…it just is too complicated with the recovery boot.
  2. We try-on many items that are for you…not us…so that you can see the spectrum of what JJill new arrivals include.

So join Leigh and me and let’s see what we discovered with JJill New Arrivals.


JJill New Arrivals

First of all, the sweater in the top photo is in the sunset color. It is the JJILL TEXTURED COWL- NECK SWEATER.

It comes in petite, but was out of Leigh Ann’s size in the store, so she is wearing a Small Misses in that sweater (first picture in the blog).

The cardigan in the second photo is a Small Petite, and she liked the length of it…we both liked the button design.

This is the JJILL RIB-TEXTURED CARDI in the yellow color chamomile.

On the floor, it was styled with a denim shirt and that looked so cute.  The shirt was the JJILL ONE POCKET BUTTON-FRONT SHIRT.

Leigh Ann put together the JJILL WEAREVER SMOOTH-FIT SLIM-LEG PANTS in a size Small Petite and In the navy blue color.

JJill new arrivals

On top under the cardi, Leigh Ann is wearing her favorite piece of the JJill new arrivals.

She liked everything about the navy blue polka dot blouse.  It is the JJILL WEAREVER EASY-CARE A-LINE BUTTON FRONT SHIRT.

In this blouse, she is wearing a Small Petite.

JJill new arrivals

Leigh Ann also loved these pants.

In fact, another woman in the dressing room- area came out talking in front of the mirror about how she loved the pants she had on and it was the same pant.

So, I came home and ordered them in the cream color.  Leigh said they are a great feeling and fitting pant….she is in the Small Petite.

This is the PURE JILL AFFINITY SLIM-LEG PANT in gold…but it does come in four colors.  When I get the cream, I will put something together to show you.

The top is the PURE JILL TWILL EMBROIDERED TUNIC. This is also a Small Petite.  If you like prints, there are many in the JJill new arrivals.

JJill New Arrivals

Here is a fun casual PURE JILL DOUBLE-CLOTH INDIGO SHIRTDRESS in the Small Petites.

Denim dresses are great for Texas any time of year.

JJill New Arrivals

I liked this one, but they did not have It in my size.

This is the JJILL INDIGO BELTED SHIRTDRESS.  As you can see here, you do not have to wear it with a belt.


JJill new arrivals

This vibrant color is called red clover, but it is more of an orange. The top picture depicts the color better than this picture does.

It is a great way to brighten up a winter outfit with JJill new arrivals.

This is the JJILL HOODED ANORAK. It is lightweight and fun…and a size Misses Large.

JJill new arrivals includes a striped sweater and striped long sleeve tee.  I prefer the soft tee.

The one I like best is the JJILL CONTRAST-TRIMMED BUTTON-CUFF TOP, and the sweater is the BUTTON SHOULDER PULLOVER SWEATER (which actually fits better but not as soft as the other.)

JJill New arrivals

Since we are focusing on ways to brighten your winter outfit with JJill new arrivals, I thought I would show you this top.

This is the PURE JILL HARMONY SHAWL-COLLAR in marigold.  A comfortable, bright, casual top.

JJill new arrivals

This is not among the JJill new arrivals, but I wanted to show you this beautiful green blazer in the sale pieces.

This is the JJILL CREPE BLAZER in a color called Boxwood.


JJill new arrivals

Finally, Leigh Ann and I both tried this light sweater on for you to see petite and misses.

This is the PURE JILL BUTTON-FRONT CREW-NECK SWEATER in blue quartz.  A very nice sweater.

It was so much fun to be shopping with Leigh Ann again and to be able to show you JJill new arrivals from the petite department.

There will be more to come as new arrivals role out!

Let us know if you have any questions! And make sure to always………


By Pamela Lutrell

I was encouraged to explain more about my SHOPPING LINKS page and how to use it.  (In fact I just added a few new brands to the list)

I am an affiliate for many different brands and when you click on those brands and shop, then I receive a small commission.

This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

If you will tell me what you are shopping, then I can tell you if I am affiliate for them and give you that link…if it is not already on the page.

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JJill new arrivals


  1. Ooh, the two of you are positively glowing in that top photo (wearing the ‘sunset’ orange colour)! Glad to see Leigh Ann is doing well and enjoying life, and that you’re still able to get out and about and enjoy it with her even with your recovery boot Pam!

  2. So happy to see you out and about, and with Leigh Ann! This is one of my favorite features of your blog. You both look great in your J Jill try ons.

  3. How great to see Leigh Ann again trying on petite clothing with you again! As a petite I appreciate seeing how items fit her differently from you. I have bought regular size items from JJill and they never felt as comfortable as the petite sizes. I have never been in a JJill store but surely wish there were one close by because I’ve found their pants ordered online to be a bit large, and I’d enjoy trying them on in a store. I’m a bright-color person all year so I really enjoyed the colors today.

  4. I also am excited to have Leigh Ann back to try on clothing for all you who are petites. Thanks Celia.

  5. I liked both as well. I would have tried on the denim dress had it been in my size…Leigh as well.

  6. Do JJill sizes run big?
    I wish you could check local inventory and order online for in store pickup. 🙁

  7. Hopefully someone from brands see the suggestions. The sizes do tend to run a little large. Thanks so much.

  8. How lovely to see you out and about with Leigh. Its great that you are getting out more now. You look so happy in all the photos. Color can be such a mood lifter this time of year. Love the outfits you are modeling in the first photo. I can vouch for the “sunset” sweater Leigh is modeling. I saw it when I returned something to J Jill right after Christmas and snatched it up. The color is fabulous for most autumns and springs. I used your shopping link to order the button shoulder striped sweater. I love navy but its not one of my good colors and I can’t wear white or ivory but I have high hopes for that sweater since J Jill’s “barley” is a neutral that works for me and I really the stripes starting lower. The same sweater was available in scarlet & on sale so I took a chance on that too.

  9. I think the sweater works for an autumn, Kathie. It is not white/white, but a creamy off white and I am wearing more and more navy this days…it just works better on an autumn than black.

  10. How great to see you out, and with Leigh Ann! You will love those Affinity pants; I had several pairs before I began my weight loss journey. JJill hits a sweet spot for me in my adjectives (especially the casual) if I stay away from their forays into boho or their more shapeless pieces (which do not go with my adjective of active). It’s one of my favorite retailers. I’ve debated a denim shirt dress, because I think I could get it in a smaller size and wear it open as a duster, then wear it closed as a dress when weight loss continues. That has worked well with denim or chambray shirts. Pam, I hope that blazer came home with you. What a versatile piece. That green (and almost all green) is your color!

  11. Thanks Linda! I actually brought home this jacket in eggplant purple! I have so much green..,but I wanted to show it to everyone because I think this shade is beautiful!

  12. Welcome back and Happy New Year to Leigh Ann! I am not a petite, but love seeing the two of you having fun together. Everything is better with a friend. 💖

  13. Yes it is, Connie! I love to shop with friends…and sit down to lunch afterwards. Which we did!

  14. Yesterday I bought the shawl collar marigold top. I love the JJill slim leg pants but I do sew the pockets shut for a smooth look.

  15. I was at Jjill’s last week and tried on the yellow cardi. I was trying to figure out if it was too bright for me or not. I think it is more of a true autumn color, and I am dark. I might bring it home if they have a promotion and hang it in my closet. That is how I usually decide. It was great to see you out again and with Leigh Ann.

  16. Loved the boxwood blazer .! Im always looking for a good cream off white pant too.! . recently ordered your ez spirit gold ballet flats in 7w since they were out of med . I love them soooo.much ! Comfy padded insole. Thanks for the sale tip got them 5O% off..will be getting red ones later !
    Jjill runs big in everything i have ever bought .esoecually jackets coats tops . i now order xs instead of small in some things ..a small is more like a med to me . And i like their petites ..Im about leigh annes size. .

  17. So glad you love the shoes, Susan! I have the red ones too! Easy Spirit has great ballet flats!

  18. I just want you to know that I bought a copy of Forever Strong as soon as I saw your post. It is digital so I already read the forward and 2 chapters. It’s not totally in my comfort zone, but I am determined to do my best to keep up with Dr Lyons. Thank you for recommending it.

  19. You are welcome, Mara. I had to step out of my comfort zone too, but there will be rewards when you do anything for your health!

  20. So good to see you out and about with Leigh Ann! I’ve missed her, and I’m guessing you have, too. JJill is my number one source for clothes, and accounts for over half my current wardrobe. I recently ordered a bunch of stuff using your links, but much of it has to go back. I was really disappointed in the denim shirtdress shown on the mannequin in the center. Even in “tall” sizing it barely came to my knees, and even size “S” was very boxy and loose. Belting it would have made it even shorter so I’m reluctantly taking it back this afternoon. There’s a navy plaid shirt that coordinates with the “red clover” pieces and I loved it. I also ordered the Born flats in both gold and navy but they run a little large so I’m having to reorder a half size down. They have some good deals in the sale jewelry right now, and when I go to the store today I’m going to look for that blazer! I’d love it in either the green or the eggplant you bought. Thanks for all the fun options you showed us. As we settle into what passes for winter in Texas I’m already dreaming of clothes for warmer weather and doing a lot of shopping as new items hit the websites. My Quince and Banana Republic Outlet cashmere pieces should arrive this week and I can’t wait to see them. I’ll report back on my experience with the Quince vs. BR quality, as the price points are very different.

  21. Thanks for sharing your shopping right now. I have hit the sales and will share what I am keeping soon.

  22. I bought new white Supima towel sets for our bathroom. 40% off at LandsEnd! Our towels are 8 years old and our hard water beats them up. They still look nice, just not as fluffy as they used to be. We have high property taxes hitting us this month as well so no personal buying right now. It is great to see you our and about with Leigh Ann.

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