Save on Patricia Nash Italian Leather Handbags

Italian leather handbags

This cold week is marching right along, everyone, so let’s keep talking style and discuss how you can Save on Patricia Nash Italian Leather Handbags.

Regular readers know that I am a huge fan of Patricia Nash from handbags to scarves, and also a fan of beautiful Italian Leather.

When the lovely reps at Patricia Nash offered to send me an Italian leather handbag, of course I jumped at the opportunity.

As well as, the opportunity to offer you some savings on the handbags.

I own five Patricia Nash bags and love them all.

So, let’s talk Italian leather and the talent of Patricia Nash!


Italian Leather handbags

I own so many Patricia Nash handbags for the quality of leather and the amazing craftmanship of the bags.

Here are points to keep in mind when deciding to invest in an Italian Leather bag:

  • Italian Leather Quality: 
    • All leather products are 100% leather with no synthetic or split leather components. 
    • Leather made from the finest full-grain leather sourced from Italy and countries all over the world. 
    • The process of vegetable-tanned leather uses organic materials to tan the leather called tannins. We use the bark of an Italian mimosa tree to tan our vegetable-tanned leathers just like they did centuries ago in Italy and all over the world.
  • On-Trend & Vintage Inspired designs: 
    • Patricia Nash designs her handbags based on her travels and friends. The bags are functional, chic, and fashion forward for those who are on the go. 
    • Exceptional craftsmanship 
    • Love of vintage-inspired keepsakes 
  • Sustainable Approach: 
    • Leather comes from an LWG Gold Certified Tannery – traceable leather that does not come from deforested areas and all raw materials are a by-product of the beef industry.


Italian leather handbags

I so wish I had owned this beautiful/functional North/South Crossbody Bag in the Heritage Collection.

It is perfect for those, like me, who want to carry a IPAD or writing bag on your journey.

Here are the details:

  • 100% full-grain leather, 100% cotton canvas
  • Interior: 1 zip pocket, 2 slip pockets, key clip; Signature Map faille lining
  • Exterior: 1 rear pocket with magnetic snap closure, burned edge finish
  • Magnetic snap closure
  • Signature brushed brass hardware, heavy handcrafted stitching
  • Dimensions: 10 1/4″(W) x 12″(H) x 3 1/2″(D)

Italian leather handbags

I love the pockets inside and the strap for travel.  This is a messenger-type bag that I love to travel with.

I would also enjoy a smaller crossbody from the same collection….such as:

Nazaire Top Zip Crossbody Bag

Azario Crossbody Wallet  (This is perfect for running errands and shopping)


Italian leather handbags

Every single time I go out with one of my Patricia Nash Italian Leather Handbags, I am asked by someone I do not know…”Who makes that bag?”

Texas ladies do love beautiful, high quality leather…and I am certain some of you do as well.

Patricia Nash has given me a code for you to use at checkout in order to save 10%….just type in PAMELA10 at checkout on Patricia Nash Website.

There are some gorgeous bags on sale at this site as well…I have my eye on the metallic vintage leather Consilina Crossbody Bag.

For travel or for every day life, I recommend Patricia Nash Italian leather handbags.

Ask me anything, and remember the savings code, PAMELA10, if you see something you like.


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclosure:  Product was provided to me for this review, but the words are my own.

Italian Leather Handbags



  1. Well, you made me click and look :). I’m updating my bags to smaller crossbodies, because my old working life Brahmin totes, while looking brand new, are just too heavy. I too admire Patricia Nash’s quality. With her somewhat western, yet classic vibe, I think her bags are really versatile. The metallic one is a fantastic buy! Unfortunately, any bag with a front flap drives me crazy, but I think it would be a lovely purchase for you, especially with metallics still trending hot.

  2. It is a fantastic buy and I may just get it because I love wearing gold with my warm palette wardrobe. She has gorgeous bags!

  3. I can’t wait to look more closely later today. I love my Brahmin bags, but Patricia has some beauties. I was adverse to the guitar straps at first, but they are growing on me! Always keep an open mind!

  4. That is what I try to do, Deborah. The majority of her bags do not have this strap, but I can see where I would really like it for traveling. The Heritage Collection has more classic designs in it.

  5. I have several of these bags and can attest to the quality. I prefer a thin strap and am really into the crossbody wallets as I have determined to carry less and less. I have had great luck finding this brand at TJ Maxx at greatly reduced prices. The TJM in my area has these in abundance! I’m probably an outlier here because I really wish I could find a way to get by without a handbag altogether! These are definitely good quality and seem like they will last for years. I also like how the designs are not trendy.

  6. Beautiful bags, Pam. I have found leather bags to sometimes be heavy. Then when I fill them with stuff, they are REALLY heavy. Can you comment on these bags?

  7. I am glad to hear you testify on the crossbody wallet. I could see me using that often when I run errands. At least with the website and my savings code, you can find exactly what you need.

  8. I too have been admiring her bags. Right now I have the three perfect cross bodies (zip close on top/ no flap) and somewhat smaller than the PN bags. I just find them easier to maneuver while I’m out and secure too. Plus I am shorter at 5 ft3. I think it just works better- proportions and all.

  9. The bag I have pictured here, Marcia, is heavier than the smaller bags. I have several smaller ones and I have never thought them to be heavy.

  10. I carry the smaller crossbody bags at home as well, Paulette, and I just ordered the gold one. I prefer a smaller crossbody at home and that is why I mentioned it in the post. Her bags are so nice.

  11. A few years ago I saw a Patricia Nash bag at TJ Maxx which I recognized only because of your sharing this brand with us. I did not buy it and have regretted not purchasing even if it had some flaw which I could not see when I examined it. It was a smaller bag I could have used for a crossbody. 😩

  12. There will be more and the bags at Marshall’s and TJMaxx typically do not have flaws. They are there due to overstock and not necessarily flaws. I have similar regrets occasionally too.

  13. My local TJMaxx and Marshalls always have Patricia Nash bags. I’ve purchased a few new on Ebay. Good quality!

  14. I stalked a Patricia Nash straw bag with BEAUTIFUL British tan leather trim for almost a year. Barring any unforeseen mishaps this bag will be a forever bag. 💖 At 74 I finally determined my perfect crossbody proportions and bag weight for my 5’3” body. As someone with an impulsive/addictive desire for handbags, implementing this size/weight criteria now prevents purchase regrets.
    Re: guitar straps I had no desire to have a guitar strap on a handbag UNTIL I purchased a camera style crossbody with a guitar strap. What a breakthrough who knew a crossbody could be soooo comfortable.
    BTW You look great!!!

  15. You are so kind, Suzi. You might look on the sale page and see if your bag is there.

  16. I’m afraid I’m one of those who has moved on from leather due to the weight. Thus I shall never be on one of the European street fashion videos. I have to have a bag big enough for a wallet, regular and sun glasses and a phone so it can not just be a small wallet crossbody. A must is also an easily accessible phone pocket. I didn’t know the new straps were called guitar straps. Saw a lot of them for sale individually in Europe last fall and was gifted a wallet crossbody ( for a cruise ) that came with two of them. I’m glad I’m now educated in the term.

  17. As a collector of vintage Mexican tooled leather bags, I can certainly relate to her tooled leather bags.

  18. I absolutely love Patricia Nash bags. I have a few, first one bought at a women’s resale in West Des Moines, IA. My last one I bought last year was a cross body with matching wallet. The quality is so much better than others and the prices are reasonable.

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