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Happy Wednesdays, everyone!   To begin 2024, on Wednesdays we are enjoying street style inspiration for women over 50.

Street Style Inspiration was enjoyed by many last week, and the comments were just as enjoyable as the video

Julie from Australia wrote: “I love the street videos as they give me ideas on how to style outfits and to see real women. The first thing I noticed is the confidence in their body language and the second thing is that they are well groomed eg. hair is done. I particularly paid attention to women with my body type and how they styled wider pants. I also noticed their footwear and how it complemented their outfits.
Thanks for the video and your new ‘format.'”

The large response has encouraged me to continue…at least through January. 

It is fun to see what other women wear and occasionally street style inspiration can motivate a new look for us to wear.

We have watched street style in Italy, England, and today… Paris!

So get a warm, cozy spot and let’s enjoy Parisian Street Style!


street style

Any where we roam, we do not know what we are likely see women (and men) wearing.

Today, let’s enjoy winter in Paris in a video posted about a week ago.

This time I watched the feet and some of the footwear might be a whole conversation on its own!

See if you can spot the unique coat designed in panels!

I hope you enjoy this…..

I always want to know what you learned from the street style and what stood out to you.

Last week, several comments noted the confidence of the people in the video…is it the same today?


street style

Well, of course, before any garment becomes street style, it starts on a rack or display.

I recently saw this display in Dillard’s, and it surprised me, personally.

I like the brand of cardigan, Ming Wang, and still wear some of their styles…after coming home to work.

This is the Ming Wang Abstract Print Knit Pocketed Open-Front Long Cardigan Jacket, and even on sale it is pricey.

But this display does nothing to sell it…and I am open to hearing all opinions here.

Here is what bothers me…see if you agree:

  1. The top and pants are wrinkle and not pressed out.
  2. The topper needs to be one size larger…it seems too small here.
  3. I do not like the neckline of the top…would prefer it with a simple V-neck and long necklace.
  4. I believe it would look more flattering with a slimmer leg on the bottom.

If you click on the link, you will see it over a column of black and I like that better than this display.

There is a chance I would wear this (and style it differently) if the sale price was much,much lower. 

It is a way to express the creative side of me; however, I am committed to wearing shorter outerwear on top.

What do you think??  What would it take for this cardigan to become street style in any of our cities?  Or would it not?

street style

I saw these Born flats at the same time I saw that display and I really like the shoes.

I know they look silver, but this is actually a brushed gold.  Plus they are available in five styles.

This is the Born Carrine Bow Detail Leather Slip-On Loafers.  I like it! 

For some reason, I like bows for spring….but after watching the Street Style video, I am not sure if women in Paris would wear these!

Born is typically very comfortable.

street style

Leigh Ann is wearing new Born athletic shoes for street style in San Antonio!

This is the Born Paloma Sneaker in light gold metallic (I know the image looks silver!)…it comes in six colors.

They looked great on Leigh Ann and she is enjoying wearing this shoe.

OK…friends…your turn to comment on the video or the display…remember that these conversations are interesting to other women and help them.

Stay warm, and make sure that you always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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street style


  1. “For some reason, I like bows for spring….but after watching the Street Style video, I am not sure if women in Paris would wear these!” Lucky for you (?), you don’t live in Paris so you don’t have to worry about that! And even if you did, you would rock these shoes because you would exude confidence and approachability. You love them, and that’s all that matters. These street style videos are such fun – it’s interesting to see how people in different cities dress. And I also notice that for many of the women, being fashionable is much more important than being warm!

  2. Hi Bren, LOL…I really wrote that tongue in cheek. Some of the footwear in the video was pretty out there. But it is so fun to see what people actually wear.
    Thanks for starting us off today!

  3. And yes, they are women wearing street styles in Paris, but not many of them look like Parisians to me! Well heeled tourist shoppers, mostly.
    The woman in the restaurant, the woman and man chatting outside Celine, a couple of the younger people maybe yes. But I’ve been there several times, and most of the women my age were in black with a colorful accessory like scarf, bag, or belt. Not all three..maybe a colorful coat with black or grey accessories ..
    Fun to people watch though!

  4. First of all, I love the loafers with the bow. Its not a fussy bow and all and you would rock this style. I will check these out next time I am at Dillard’s though I haven’t had much luck with the fit of that brand. Still, you never know. I agree with everything you said about the display at Dillard’s and will add that my first impression was pajamas and bathrobe. Then I saw the neckline of the top which I can’t imagine is flattering on most women. I can’t understand why they can’t take the time to select the proper size and steam the garments. I always wanted to be Rhoda and style displays for a department store. After I retired I worked at a small family owned clothing store. The manager and her assistant took a lot of time styling our windows and displays and they were quite successful. I was not as impressed with the Parisian street style as I was with the Italian one from last week. I think I was able to distinguish between the locals and the tourists so I’ll just comment on the former. I noticed very wide leg pants, not a pair of skinny jeans in sight. Lots of light colored (white?) pants and some long enough to trip on. A fair number of skirts of all lengths worn with opaque tights. Most of the coats were dark and not particularly interesting. I did think the leather panel coat look fabulous but wouldn’t want to wear it on a windy day. Saw a lot of heavy black laceup boots and sneakers. Only some of the sneakers looked fashionable and I don’t find them a great look with wide pants. Maybe I’m not used to it yet. The heeled boots looked the most fashionable. I didn’t get the same feeling of confidence from the women though the weather could have contributed to it

  5. Thanks, Kathie. I also worked retail for a time and it really does cause one to look at displays more closely. The intention is to get someone to try on the outfit and ultimately buy it…but sometimes I do not think merchandisers or associates are thinking about that. They just want to slap something up…oh, I hope I haven’t offended anyone. I would love to see more thought put into displays this year.

  6. Bows and other feminine details are trending hard for spring. I think we can rather briefly like something not otherwise in our wheelhouse because of all the places we see it, and on people whose style we admire. I’m sitting it out, but I like it on others, and an affordable little trendy update might be fun. I also don’t like the neckline of the Ming Wang top, and I sent all my long cardigans to resale last fall, after I realized they didn’t do a lot for me and that fashion – and me – had moved on. You can tell though it’s a quality piece by how the pockets are lined up with the print/texture. The street style video seemed to be mostly gawking tourists (who should watch their handbags better!), and the number of screaming logos and over chunky footwear registered to me as “tourists trying too hard.” There was one coat with the storm flap having a laced up detail that I coveted. People walking dogs were presumably locals and I thought overall much better dressed. In each of these videos, I’m impressed with the men. I would -never- get my husband into red or gold pants, or have him willing to fuss artfully draping a cashmere scarf!

  7. One thing I have enjoyed about all of these videos is to see how many people are walking their dogs. It is fun that you also saw a coat that inspired you. Thanks for the observations.

  8. I saw the paneled coat but loved the pink one! I was glad to see more casual or low-heeled shoes, and sneakers. Some strange-looking to me bare legs with both flats and boots. I noticed pants were more full and loose, and few jeans. It seems that everyone has a long coat and I did not notice any jeans jackets or short coats or toppers. Obviously it was cold weather so many scarves, many people bundled up with hats. Few bright colors which is partly why the pink coat stood out to me although I’m drawn to bright colors. I also agree with your analysis of the Ming Wang outfit. I certainly like the black underneath that topper much better than the beige, but I never wear beige. And I’m on the lookout for some gold casual shoes to wear with my winter and summer white pants.

  9. Thanks Celia…I will find some gold options for you and put them in Saturday’s post.

  10. The two times I’ve been fortunate enough to experience Paris, I noticed a lack of ‘fussiness,’ for lack of a better word, in how Parisian women dress. Nothing about the individual pieces stood out, but the total look just worked. I’ve been trying to eliminate pattern in my own wardrobe and find I feel better and more put together when the basic pieces I’m wearing are more neutral, then paired with a colorful textured scarf or a fun necklace. But that’s just my aesthetic – I love seeing other women rock bold colors or whatever is trending!

  11. I found it interesting that a majority of the women wore long coats rather than shorter jackets that we see here so often. It conveyed a very classy and long/lean look.

  12. What I learned is that people appear to be fit, not overweight, and noticed some women were wearing lighter colored pants (white included), lovely long coats, even ear muffs (like mine) and mostly flat shoes which are totally sensible in such a walking city! I will re-look in a bit to see if I missed anything but I don’t think so. These trips abroad are quite interesting!

  13. Do agree with you Pamela on all points about the mannequin. With that being said; as to the Cardi Jacket itself since it appears that the print is textured, for my climate I would most likely wear it in the early Fall and pair it with a light weight woven knit straight cut maxi skirt (in the same length, roll up its waistband if necessary for adjustment) and add its coordinated top (turtle or mock neck and long sleeved). Accessories in footwear (high shaft boots or opaque tights with the same colored shoe) and purse would be in a suede for a polished look whereas for casual wear would be in leather with jewelry in accordance. As to the Paris Street Style Video, I agree with a number of the comments as feel fashion wise there was little what one might describe as exceptional however I would give a two-thumbs up to the mature woman (at the 7.54 – 8 timeline) in the red beret/tam and navy blue coat who appeared to be one of the more stylish and better groomed. -Brenda-

  14. Good morning Pam, due to weather we are working from home so I was able to view the video a few times. Here in East Tennessee we had about 9 inches of snow and it was -2 this morning. We moved here to escape the snow and cold!
    Anyway, I agree with the other ladies and their comments regarding the video. I thought the gentleman who wore a long black wool coat with an off white puffer vest over it was an “interesting” look and one I had never seen before. I would wear the bow shoes in blue if I were able to wear flats. I thought they were very cute! Have a great day.

  15. The thing I noticed the most was how cold it looked! Nearly everyone was dressed with warmth in mind, not sure how the girl with the very short skirt would fare! I noticed the footwear and how many wore shorter trousers with socks and or boots. Lots of people seemed more conservatively dressed with one or 2 funky accessories. I like how sensible the clothes were and how most of us could acheive a similar look and then add something to suit our own personality.

  16. Thank you for the video.. I did learn a few things, I’ll never be effortlessly chic like a Parisian, most of the coats and flowy pants, though lovely would drown me. Paris at Christmas is gorgeous, I loved the window displays, and all the dogs, how sweet. I guess I’ll always be a t-shirt, or button down, jeans kind of person, works for my lifestyle, though I appreciate what I’ve seen. Also, nothing looked appealing in the Dillards offerings. I think it takes a certain type of woman to pull these looks off….what I don’t understand, for displays, is it that hard to steam out the wrinkles. When I purchase clothes, if there are wrinkles, the iron comes out and I take care to neaten up the item… what’s the next city????

  17. My youngest son has spent a lot of time in Paris and is preparing to attend graduate school there. Paulette raises an interesting point. The French love to eat, love rich food, wine and decadent desserts, yet they stay thin. Perhaps it is the quality of their food. All their walking has to help. Parians love their neutrals. They choose quality – designer labels, natural fibers, exquisite tailoring, over fast fashion. My oldest son lives in Montreal. He just became a Canadian citizen yesterday! The Quebecois street style is edgier and more colorful. Two French cities, two different vibes!

  18. The leather coat with the panels was interesting. I’m not sure how warm it would be, but as someone else noted, perhaps style was more important to her than warmth. I noticed how many of the ladies were holding their coats together with their hands. I don’t know if the coats were wrap style or just unbuttoned, but I wouldn’t want to be bothered with that. I loved the lady in the pink coat with all black.
    The display was definitely not anything that would make me stop to look. Displays can certainly make or break an outfit. Several years ago, there was a store in my area that had a really good stylist. I bought a blouse & scarf on one occasion & a jacket & necklace on another because of how they were styled. Had the pieces been scattered around the store, I don’t know if I would have purchased them.

  19. I agree with others who say many of these people were tourists visiting the Louvre and well heeled shoppers; working Parisians are not as affluent. While I appreciate these videos I think the photographer looks for fashion forward statements; a few such as the woman sitting inside a cafe may have been locals. The paneled coats made me think that the designer knew how difficult it is for a woman to move in a long, leather coat; having it paneled and split would make it a lot easier to get in and out of cabs as well as take long strides. I was tempted to tie that one woman’s shoelaces so she wouldn’t trip! I have never been a bow or frills woman; I once cut the bows off of a brand new pair of Easter shoes as a child.

  20. I think a little steaming might lead to more sales! It is worth their time. Thanks Susan! I also loved the windows.

  21. I loved my visits to Quebec and Montreal and enjoyed some street style watching. Thanks for sharing and for pointing out the difference!

  22. Good point, Becky about a great stylist. I do not know if stores even hire fashion merchandisers any more.

  23. Hi Linda…I have seasons with bows..,one year I like them, the next not as much. This year I like them!

  24. What a fascinating video.Overall, I noticed the length of the pants and how when you get that right the whole look of an outfit changes to a more balanced look.I am inspired to try wide pants now with long coats when it comes to winter here, but first I have to buy a longer coat.
    Highlights: the blue coat and chestnut brown pants and shoes combination at 4:35, as I love the colours together; the overall look of the coat, opaque tights and boots at 5:13; the bright red beret at 7:59 that changed the whole outfit for the better; the comfortable looking light coloured shoes at 7:35.
    I think the video reinforced for me the value of accessories, shoes and handbags/purses, but then I love accessories more than clothes as I am mostly a classic dresser and use accessories to stay current.
    The mannequin you highlighted looks like it was hurriedly put together and not enough care was used, as how hard would it be to use a steamer to get the creases out. I like the overall look though and I agree with you re the sizing of the top.
    Also I am glad to read bows are back as I love bows.

  25. I am late to the gate once again on the video day, but oh, how I love these. I am going to rewatch all because I am studying how I can make what I am drawn to work for me. Although I do love my new plaid coat, it is a fun look, not a luxurious look. I need to pull out my solid coats now. I would love to have the luxurious look option. I agree that the slacks, shoes, and long open coats have to be just in the right proportions in order to work well. Some of those coats look more like bathrobes, which is why I would like to try a few on to see how they look on me. (There were definitely bathrobe looks out there, as well as shoes that looked like slippers!) I found a pared down long coat on Sezane in a lovely green last week, but it was out of stock in my size. I would imagine that there is a substantial price difference in what we are seeing in those coats that work and those that don’t. I can see that I am very drawn to neutrals with a pop of color. The paneled leather coat- gosh, I would love to look that over in person just to see how it is made. The gal posing with the bouquet in front of the Louvre pyramid was a real “Emily in Paris” moment. Her red beret was adorable. So far, I am recognizing that I am drawn more to the Italian streets. Not that you can’t find it in LOndon or Paris, but it seems that MORE women and men have an understated but luxurious style in Milan. They have confidence and a presence that speaks to me. This is all a great learning experience. I had a long discussion about coats with a good friend of mine as well as my daughter thanks to these vidoes. I am on the hunt!
    The Ming Wang line has been a disappointment in color variety for me (rarely anything for autumns), but this display is really an odd way to sell what could be a lovely line of clothing. The crotch of the tan pants caught my eye immediately; what were they thinking with the wrinkles above and the lack of styling the pants below in a favorable manner. Pam, the bows on those shoes are really interesting in that they are not overly feminine. Very pretty styled up or down! I wish they had more bronze shoes. It is easier to find silver and gold, but I am always seeking bronze in a style similar to this look.
    I think I am now addicted to the street videos!

  26. There was the most incredible purse designed with straps in a round shape at about 7 minutes. Never seen anything like it. So fun to see a peek of Paris. Whether these were tourists or locals does not really matter. As others have noted, the longer dress coats elevated almost every look. I am not a fan of the lug sole boots, but a number of people were rocking that look. I noted that the woman who had belted a wrap coat did not look as chic as those who had straighter styles, but good on her to add a belt. This was fun. Thank you! Hoping for more videos of street style as the weather warms up. I have heard that Japan is pretty amazing for street style. But the video prior to Christmas from Italy with the many furs was a favorite.
    Because I am short, I find any topper styles with very bold lines overwhelm me. So, I would not be interested in the Dilliard’s display. I do not wear much black and no beige.

  27. I am also drawn more to the Italian streets. Thanks for all the excellent detail here, Deborah.

  28. The people in Paris did not look happy or confident to me. I noticed all the very long coats and the very long wide-legged pants. Even the people walking dogs seemed to be trudging along and not jolly. Maybe they were all cold. I loved the shoes with bows and Leeanne’s tennis shoes. The cardigan in the display is nice, but the outfit under it looks too much like pajamas. I love the street scene posts.

  29. Thanks Cheryll! Your observation about not smiling is important… least to me it is

  30. Watching the Street Style was entertaining. The best part is seeing the architecture and the store windows. As for the people…most of them are tourists….so lots of fun to see what they think French people wear versus what the few that live there are wearing. A couple of models tossed in for good measure and there is quite the menagerie 🙂

  31. I’m having fun with these street scene videos. I was drawn to all of the very well coiffed dogs and darling warm looking coats! I felt that these were actual French women out on a very cold day walking their dogs. I actually like the very long coats and wider leg pants but usually on very tall slim women. Which I am not! Our temperatures are all over the place! I awoke to 19 degrees today. Tomorrow will be in the 50s. Very little snow here but so glad they are getting it in the higher elevations. I have never been a bows or ruffles girl, even as a child much to my mother’s chagrin. These poorly done displays surely affect sales on those items! My first impression was of pajamas and robe. I should say slept in pajamas. I don’t wear black or beige. Long cardigans would need a taller person to carry it. Very expensive and on sale!

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