Street Style: From Milan to San Antonio

street style

Happy Wednesday, ladies!  Today is more Street Style: From Milan to San Antonio.

The street style posts have been so well received that I am going to keep it up for now. 

I hope those of you missing the Wednesday news headlines will understand….but street style is speaking to many at this time.

Apparently, I have also turned Leigh Ann into a bit of a spy….like me!

She shot this image in the airport recently because she liked the shoes…sadly, I do not know the brand…the touch of bling on the back is fun on a sneaker.

But, I like where this is going…airport street style!

So, let’s have some street style fun today and return to the streets of Italy to get us started……


street style

I acknowledge that many of the street style videos are in high end areas featuring high end shoppers.

However, we can style be inspired by their looks…and enjoy some of the dramatic styles we see.

The income levels should not affect whether we enjoy the styles or not…it never did when the fashion magazines were at the height of popularity!

This video captured my attention with some of the street styles it features…

Please share if any of these coats or winter styles captured your attention as well.

I love that orange coat!



street style

Last weekend, I headed to downtown San Antonio to a funky, eclectic neighborhood called Southtown.

Southtown is an artist’s haven…very colorful and fun.

My son and his lovely wife live there now…so we joined her mother for brunch.

I decided to go a bit more colorful and wore this SEASALT CORNWALL jacket I have owned for a few years with my colorful scarf from Skagway, Alaska.

This jacket is a little large on me now, but I still think it is fun to occasionally pull it out.

The striped tank is a past Talbot’s purchase…it is linen and very comfortable and will probably be back for spring or summer.

Street Style

I topped it off with one of my favorite thrift finds in this cuff bracelet.

I love my bronze jewelry.

street style

It was a glorious, Chamber-of-Commerce day and we dined at a new place called BLUSH.

I loved everything about the eatery…the food, atmosphere, and way it is designed with indoor and outdoor spaces.

Even near noon, the DJ and outdoor area was hopping.

street style

I do not know if you can see the wall very well in this picture…but the walls matched my jacket perfectly!  I did not do that on purpose.

I had planned to photograph some street style San Antonio, but the time with family was too rich and enjoyable…and I forgot…but will return again and do this.

street style

 The day was so enjoyable that I stopped on the way home at one of my favorite consignment stores.

I did not purchase anything, but it was fun to try on some looks.

There were many designer pieces in the store that were way out of my budget ….even second hand.

Still fun though.

street style

Because, I was wearing a fun colorful outfit and it was a beautiful day…I just wanted to do more…and this store was packed with women wanting to do more as well.

Please let us know if you see anything in the street style from Milan that inspired you!  Also, tell us…do you ever dress in a particular way to fit your surroundings?

San Antonio is a colorful city and inspires me to wear more color!

Thank you for joining us today…now go out and 


By Pamela Lutrell

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This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

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street style


  1. Good morning Pam,
    Great post this morning with a lot of different information. I had to read it twice to make sure I absorbed everything. My GF is visiting SA in a few weeks so I’ve been forwarding posts to her where you discuss SA, I will send her this one as well. I focused on the handbags that the women carried in this video, lots of different styles, sizes, colors and shapes. I admit this is one area where I have to up my game. Have a great day.

  2. Thanks for starting our day off, Betty! I love handbags and have enjoyed changing them out often in the last year! Hope she enjoys SA…we are currently having gorgeous weather.

  3. The filmmaker seemed focused on footwear this time, so I was too. There was a lady wearing an all black coat and shocking pink, feathered pumps. It reminded me how, years ago, that was something I did often, minus the feathers (in my “winter” days). It’s still a great look. Since retiring, I haven’t purchased as many colorful shoes, but this is something I need to try in my current colors. Orange? Saffron? Turquoise?

  4. Thanks for telling me Natalie. You are not alone. I will look at returning the news occasionally. I was going to do it for today, but the week got so busy. It does take time to curate it…but I will!

  5. I really enjoy the Street Style videos, even though most of these fashions are not for me. I did notice several long teddy coats that appeal to me. The light blue one looks like a bathrobe, LOL, but the faux browns and darker ones would be very wearable for a few months yet where I live.

  6. Milan…I live vicariously through the women wearing tailored coats + wide leg pants + fabulous handbags + sexy footwear. Thanks for the stroll.

  7. Great video footage. The gentleman wearing a nicely fitted green jacket, and then some plaid loafers – so distinct and a very handsome look. I was shocked by the lady who wore a full length fur that had bright flowers scattered across. Not what I would invest in for daily wear, but she was clearly in her element, and I loved that! Thanks for the Blush link – I just love these kinds of peeks into cool places. One question about your Seasalt Cornwall jacket: did you order from the U.K., or find it in a shop stateside? I have been following their beautiful clothing through e-mail marketing they send and am often tempted, but then decide against because of international shipping and the potential added cost and hassle of a return. Their dresses and sweaters always catch my eye.

  8. I love the street style videos you have posted, Pamela! I also love your beautiful city and have had the pleasure visiting a few times. Your city does inspire me to dress with a bit of flare and I am mindful of that when I pack my travel suitcase. There were a few things that I noticed in the Milan street video. Many women were wearing fur coats. Plush coats and hats and vests were very popular in many Colors. I also noticed denim was not front and centre. Many women and men were dressed in beautiful pants. It makes me want to go for a visit! Thank you for this little morning highlight!

  9. I think it is fun to see what women wearing…even if those styles are not in my closet. Thanks Sharon.

  10. Seasalt Cornwall contacted me a few year ago to do a post for them. The sent this coat from UK. I not purchased from them, but I do like their clothing. I think I hesitate for the same reasons, Connie.

  11. You are welcome, Darlene. I wish I had saved a couple pair of trousers after my office building life.

  12. I was surprised by the number of fur coats and the very low percentage being faux fur. A lot of simpler styles were uplifted by the wearing of a fedora like hat. I wish I had the confidence to try one. What I will go back to look at are the many different ways those in trench coats tied their belts. I have a long trench in my closet that I think I could update just with a scarf and a new way of tying the belt. I think Leigh’s photo shoes may be Remonte, a Reiker line. They are not online at the moment but they have had shoes with silver or gold heel pieces like that in the past few years.

  13. Updating our older coats with accessories is a great idea and makes us feel like we have something new. Thanks for the info on Leigh Ann’s shoe mission!

  14. The people seemed a bit more casual in this video. Maybe it was all the jeans, boots and sneakers. Lovely coats. My favorite is the photo near the top with the pleated coat and light wash jeans. I love the busts with the plants growing from their heads. In 2021 I went to the Carlsbad Flower Fields in California. I saw many such busts, except they all had masks on. You were my favorite street model today!

  15. I too am enjoying the Street Style videos and have been watching a few on my own as they pop up- Milan, London or Stockholm mainly. After the video you shared with Paris highlighted I def noticed several differences between Milan shoppers vs Parisian shoppers. The Milan ladies sported coats and outerwear with more fur and more design in their coats and jackets. There were more high heels shown in Milan compared with the Paris women who were wearing mostly flat heels in that one video, even with their boots. Milan styles were eye-popping!
    I found the London and Stockholm street styles most traditional with less color than either Milan or Paris. So interesting!
    To your question- yes there was one fur jacket with an orange target like print that I just loved! Not sure I’m daring enough to wear this beautiful and unique fur.

  16. What I enjoyed seeing was how the people being filmed were also noticing what the people around them were wearing. Like the puffer coat man (@7.06) noticing the man in the purple fedora. I’m not sure whether he is impressed or amused! Or the (comparatively) older woman eyeing the younger woman’s outfit from head to toe (@14.41), probably wondering is she herself would look good in that coat and those boots. I’m sure many of us do exactly the same thing when out and about, and draw inspiration from those we see. As you pointed out, high end or not, it’s fun to see how other people put an outfit together. Thanks for sharing these!

  17. Love these street inspirations posts. Someone else said what I was thinking; you were a great street inspiration!

  18. As mentioned in one of your very earlier posts; I have been enjoying YT Street Style videos for some time now with those from Milan being my favourite for inspiration. (My son after receiving his degrees both in fashion and haute couture design, interned there for a few months and claimed Milanians had style even back then which was many years ago.) On that note; I do envy them as they don’t require snow footwear or heavy coats like where I live which can present a challenge giving reason why I am bit adamant about giving up my tapered or slim cut pants for flared ones …. lol! As to what appealed to me today was as follows at timelines indicated: a) 12:27 – 12:32 — Structured well cut ‘n tailored camel colored coat/ black hat/sensible shoes (not sneakers). b) 4:36 – 4:46 — Black AW Coat etc. with black patent leather/lower heeled/mary-jane shoe all of which bespoke to me tonal dressing using neutrals, quiet luxury and classic in style. Last but not least; regarding the sneakers with bling they can be easily achieved with the many notions (ranging from pearls/glitter/studs/rhinestones etc.) now on the market for those who are into creative crafting plus for those who are artistically inclined, they can also be custom painted using techniques of airbrushing/free-hand drawing ‘n brushing/ stenciling etc. (The latter being a lucrative business for those who do it professionally.) As to your question, ‘do I dress in a particular way to suit my surroundings?’ I certainly try as dress for occasion that IMHO comes under the umbrella of surroundings. Looking very chic Pamela and do love your bracelet. -Brenda-

  19. Pam, I love your outfit for Southtown. It is very much my vibe for particular places that I visit. I passed up a dress from Sea Salt while visiting Dublin that I just can’t forget. Sigh. I do order from a Briitish company that has free shipping for over 100$ in merchandise plus free returns with all the duties taken care of. I wish Sea Salt did that.
    I am FASCINATED by these street videos. Although I do not aspire to wear a fur coat, I am amazed at the craftsmenship, the fluidity, the colors, etc. of the fur coats from the young to the older, both men and women. Italy is associated with fine paintings, architecture, and such. Even the motorcycle is a work of art. Loved the dog trotting along with his coat! The regions are all so distinctive in their cultures. It is so interesting, particularly in Milan, that the Milanese want to present themselves in their best way. In re-reading my old book, Italian Chic, the author mentions that quality and style equals elegance; style and elegance equals STRENTH. I know that we don’t all have a budget for these pictures, but I am learning so much about what I might put my $$ on when it comes to purchasing a fine winter coat. I now know the length I would like, the vent opening, welt pocktes, not patch, buttons, not just wrap, etc. I may not ever find the coat but I love the hunt and the imagining. I loved the window of handbags, all the same style but different colors. I know what I would pick for each of my fashion girlfriends! I liked Linda LM’s comment about the shoes. I love colorful ones when still working also and have added in a few in recent years. I painted an old pair of penny loafers terra cotta last year. New life! I loved the orange coat worn with the teal hat. If Linda D reads this, try a fedora or brimmed hat! I added a brown one to my winter wardrobe and wear it all the time with a plaid coat. I started last summer with a straw one, after finding the correct style for my face shape and I live at the beach ,so it was natural. I started wearing it everywhere, to the mall, the museums, church. When I found the wool one, it felt just right. I get a lot of compliments on it. Try it! Thanks, Pam, not only for your content but for promoting safe discussion.

  20. I did not notice that, Bren! I am going to go back and look again! Good observation.

  21. I love how specific and helpful you always are with your comments, Brenda. I love to wear that bracelet…it is a fun one.

  22. Wow…loved your comment about quality and style equals elegance, style and elegance equals STRENGTH! Love today’s comment, Deborah!

  23. You might step out just once in it, Paulette and then decide if it is done. I wasn’t sure after the brand sent the green coat if I would wear that shade of green out and about…and I did…and it was fun.

  24. Love the street scenes. In Milan I noticed the number of long coats, fur coats, hats, boots and nice handbags. Even the men were more dressed up than we see. Love your colorful outfit in SA, too.

  25. I saw a handsome man with a trim white beard in a plaid fuzzy looking coat, the buttoned up young man with the maroon is fedora and scarf and many women in winter wool fedoras. I liked the look of the long coats with fitted waists and fuller bottoms over wide leg trousers and boots. I definitely liked the longer pants versus the high water look. Yes, too many real fur coats. I’m not a fan. Faux furs are done really well today and there were some nice warm looking ones. The woman at the beginning really liked animal prints and fluffy fur looks with leopard print hat and stockings, fluffy coat and fluffy handbag. She owned her style and that is what it is about. Confidence, good posture and feeling good in your personal style.
    I liked your SA style, more to my taste and perfect for your color palette. You rocked it!

  26. Pam, the Seasalt jacket looks wonderful especially with the scarf. It may seem too large but I notices that a lot of the coats worn by the fashionable women of Milan were oversized. I thoroughly enjoy the street style videos. (While I looked at the Wednesday news post I rarely clicked on more than one or two links.) It seemed to me that half of the women featured wore traditional trench coat style overcoats and the other half wore fur (real and faux) or fuzzy teddy coats. I was happy to see bright orange coats at 2:22 and 3:15 and bits of orange elsewhere. I hope this is an indication we will be seeing more orange in the stores. The interesting patterned faux fur at 15:53 really caught my eye. I also enjoyed seeing fashionable men, something I don’t wee often around my neck of the woods. I love to look at footwear especially in Italy where they make the most gorgeous shoes & boots and was no disappointed in the styles worn in this video. I noticed more than a couple of women in slingbacks. The temperature was posted at 7C (45F) so you’d like their feet were cold. Trousers rather than jeans predominated and there was a lot of white again. One look I won’t ever copy is the lace/mesh skirt with faux fur jacket. Overall its a reminder to elevate my style a bit when I’m out & about rather than walking my dog in the woods. I think I may look for a fedora. Thanks for a fun video. I so enjoy reading everyone’s observations.

  27. I liked the orange jackets too! There are so many little ways to elevate our casual. It’s fun to play.

  28. I liked seeing so many women wearing brimmed hats. I’m reminded that I should wear mine more often! The teal hat with the bright orange coat was particularly striking. I also liked the elegant simplicity of the navy maxi coat at about 14:00.

  29. Loved watching the video. People watching and the shoes to uncomfortable platforms where I always feel you clunk along. Tennis shoes on so many, looked like some of the women had trouble walking I the shoes. Lol. Some of the Italian high fashion I can’t get into. Lots of colors from bright to muted.

  30. What a fun video!I loved seeing how the men dressed too! I remember wearing wide pants when I was young.The snow would stick to the bottoms but I love the look.

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